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HELLO! i’ve met some people who have wanted to stan shinee, and asked for information on them, so i decided to make this huge post for anyone who wants to know more about shinee and/or potentially stan!!! all are welcome!!!

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There won’t be a stream on the night of Friday June 2nd because I’M GOING TO SEE RISE AGAINST LIVE IN CONCERT AAAAAAAAAAAAA

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Today’s an important personal day. I know you really like seeing updates, so here’s a important one for me.

Today, I’ve been diagnosed with “Dysthymia”. What’s this ? It’s a chronic depression close to bipolar disorder but the mood swims between “normal” and “not okay” (sometimes not okay at all).

All my life, whatever I did, my mood wanted me to sink and be trapped in bed crying. That’s mega frustrating when I achieve something and I can’t really be happy. Because of dysthymia. After I saw my dream band, I depressed for days. Like my life had no longer a purpose. I couldn’t fucking believe I saw them live. I wasn’t happy for it but was sad it was over. I saw them 5 more times, hoping I could feel the bliss. But I didn’t, even if that remains incredibly positive memories with my friends. My mood was in the “normal” at this time, and I’ve always done the best I could to keep my mood in the normal without even knowing I was fighting a mental illness by doing so. I played music, launched my online shop, drew a lot, had amazing time with my friends, went to tons of huge concerts, won prizes with my Forsaken Star project, worked with a band I love, talked about my work at the senate in Paris, even apparently saved lives with my drawings, and so much more. My psy was amazed to see all the things I was doing to fight. That seemed like normal things to me.
All that is helping me to feel normal before my mood makes me sink. Then I go normal again, and sink again, and again.

It’s incredibly comforting to have a name to put on the madness in my head. That proves it’s real. That I am not crazy.

You are also helping a lot with all your beautiful messages, comments and likes.

And to finish, if you’re not okay, do not stay alone. Talk about it. I waited years to start reaching for help and even if the “mental ghost” is my life partner, knowing he has a name and that I’m not alone against it is maybe the best thing I could expect about my future.

Soulmates AU (12)

part one, part two, part three, part four, part five, part six, part seven, part eight, part nine, part ten, part eleven

a truth so loud you can’t ignore (ao3) - snsk

Summary:  day three: soulmates

A World in Colour (Soulmate AU - Phan) (ao3) - thegingercowphan

Summary:  The world is monochrome- black, white and gray, boring and awfully frustrating. Until you meet your soulmate, that is.

Blue and Black - Local_Queer

Summary: Dan Howell has finally found his soulmate after six years of searching for them. Over the course of roughly sixty years, Dan and his soul mate, Phil, live happily.Idk. I suck at summaries.

Colour Blind (ao3) - Kylo_Rens_9_Pack

Summary:  You are colour blind, a world of greys. Until you meet your soulmate. Colour is suddenly introduced to your world, and hopefully theirs.

Genuinely Happy (ao3) - phantastictronner

Summary:  In a world where everyone is obsessed with soulmates and love, Dan finds himself unable to find his. He grows tired of looking and gives up. Until he turns 25, and he’s the only one his age left that hasn’t met their soulmate.
Phil, on the other hand, is the opposite. He doesn’t really care about the whole ‘soulmate’ thing and he would rather just spend his time watching anime than walking around questioning people about their love lives.
When they run into each other and both of their worlds change, Phil seems to finally see the true beauty behind this system of soulmates.

Grey (ao3) - MEOW_I_am_a_cat

Summary:  This black and white world with its black and white days is all Dan Howell has known. He resents it.
Soulmates AU

I’ll Find You Again In Another Time (ao3) - Malteaser24

Summary:  'I never believed in fate, or destiny. If something was supposed to happen, you had to work for it. If you met someone you liked, if you fell in love with them; that’s just chance, coincidence. If only I knew how wrong I was…’

It’s written in the stars of our skin (ao3) - orphan_account

Summary:  they may write your future but you still get to live it. [soulmate au where the letters of your soulmate’s name appear gradually, burned into the skin on random parts of your body]

In Color (ao3) - brerediddy

Summary:  The world is in black and white until you meet your soulmate, and Phil is surprised when he finds that his in hospital with an ED.

in this reverie (ao3) - fssociety

Summary:  dan doesn’t know why he keeps running into phil but he wants to blame it on the universe.

Life Would Be Funny (If It Weren’t So Damn Tragic) (ao3) - lucipherer

Summary: Demons and Angels being soulmates is unheard of; blasphemous even.In which Dan just wants to love and be loved, and Phil supposes it was never going to work out for them in the first place anyway; You can’t stay warm forever.

Orange (ao3) - MEOW_I_am_a_cat

Summaray:  Sequel to Grey

Love isn’t always perfect. Sometimes it is, but sometimes it’s not. Sometimes it’s messy, sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes it’s… orange.

“Let’s go color the world together.”

Red String of Fate (ao3) - phanxfob

Summary: “There’s an old story in Chinese folklore about a magical connection between two people that are destined to be soul mates, called ‘the red string of fate,” In which Dan doesn’t really believe that he has a soulmate and people get a tatto of a red string on their hand when they meet their soul mate.(Written for Phan Week 2015)

Scribbles (ao3) - PansexualPhancakes

Summary: “Yeah.” Dan nods, but inside he’s choking because he’s just found his soulmate, but thanks to his crappy handwriting, his soulmate doesn’t know.(Aka a soulmate au fic where when you turn 18, the first words your soulmate will say to you in their handwriting are tattooed on your body)

the phantom menace (ao3) - clxude 

Summary:  “He couldn’t remember who the party was for, or how the night breeze felt as it caressed his cheek; he could only remember how his skin heated up and the room brightened the first time he saw his smile.”

The Window To His Soul (ao3) - ctrlphan

Summary:  for the 2015 phandom big bang
artist: quartzphan art here
beta: phan-happily-ever-after
summary: Phil’s hope has always rested in a soulmate he’s never met, but when he moves to a new town and his eyes change from black to blue, he embarks on a mission to find his soulmate with the help of of his new friend, Dan, that has him questioning everything he’s ever wanted.

Three Strikes, You’re Out (ao3) - DarkEyedDreamer

Summary:  Dan doesn’t believe in love. Never did. Love was a gamble and he didn’t want to be left with nothing but a scar. When he met his college roommate, Phil Lester, things change. Phil Lester, the boy with two marks against him. The one who falls fast and hard. The one who Dan is sure this new tally mark is for… (AU where whenever you fall in love you get a tally mark on your wrist)

We’re Far Too Young To Die (ao3) - Ashytn Wolfe

Summary:  Dan really needs to wake up and get out of bed. After all people don’t wait forever.

You Caused It (ao3) - jeonjvngkook

Summary:  Based off this prompt by punkpixel on tumblr that I couldn’t stop thinking about: 'soulmate au where you see in black and white until you touch your sm, and Dan starts seeing in color the morning after a huge concert and he’s freaking out because he touched his fave band members hand.’

You Were Always Mine, Even If I Didn’t Realize It (ao3) - SnorlaxToTheMax

Summary:  “Au where you have a stripe of your soulmates haircolor on your skin and if they dye their hair your stripe changes color”- A prompt from tumblr which inspired me

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It kind of unnerves me that NQS has so little of Usagi actually in her character. Like manga!usagi can't hold a candle to anime!usagi imo but like. Even in the anime NQS gave me such a bad vibe and that made me feel rotten since I adore Usagi but I just find it hard to think Usagi would be a neglectful of Chibs, maybe not the most observant parent at times i'd buy into, but neglectful to the point Chibs is so starved of affection? Like at that point, is there any shred of Usagi left in NQS??

Let me kick off by saying that I hear you. I’m actually upset about m!Usagi to a ridiculous degree. It was easy to dismiss Crystal, but it’s less easy somehow with the manga, which means there’s an Usagi I don’t like, and this is not a situation I REMOTELY enjoy.

But man, everything about Neo-Queen Serenity’s characterization makes NO SENSE to me. Let’s set aside for the moment everything we know and can infer about her from Chibi-Usa, and focus instead on what we directly SEE.

And from that, what’s the actual difference between NQS and Usagi? I’ll be damned if I can find one. I mean she literally was like “Fuck the consequences and all the lives sacrificed in this bloody brutal war that killed millions including one of my  loyal Senshi, I’MMA GO SAY HELLO.” Does that sound like an unthinking emotion-driven act by a fourteen year old, or a woman who’s lived and ruled for a thousand years?

For me, both are such extremes (CONTRADICTORY extremes, at that), that it actually makes me cranky. But if you’re looking to do more than just say “fuck everything about this” like say ME, there’s plenty of evidence of Usagi in NQS by virtue of being functionally identical. So long as you don’t think too hard about how she hasn’t hugged her daughter in nearly a millennia.

just a daily reminder that wherever bangtan goes please, respect their privacy. some ppl are always talking about how much they want the boys to rest and all that, and yet, ppl insist in crowding all the places they visit when they go to a country. let them rest, eat in peace, enjoy the country they are visiting, roam around the city, take pictures, treat them just like you would treat someone having a vacation, they want to not only go to a country to do a concert but to get to know more about its culture, just like anyone else would do! they are not animals nor objects to be treated like this, let them rest! if it’s a day before a huge concert, mental and physical preparation are both needed. they don’t owe fans anything when the fans are the ones stalking them, they are in another country to enjoy and have a great time so they can make nice memories when they do a concert. it’s not about “the fans made who they are today” oh yes we did, but that doesn’t give us the right to stalk them when they have at least a little bit of free time. don’t disturb their privacy because guess what, they are human beings just like us, they don’t like being treated like this, we are not close to them and we are not their friends, we gotta know our boundaries. and most important, don’t encourage those armys behaviour.


I know both new and old AROHA are frustrated and sad that ASTRO are not promoting “Again” (unofficially called should’ve held on to you by fans) on any music shows. You’re disappointment is valid. But the longer we are sad about it the more disappointed we will feel. We need to look to the positive side ! (focusing on the sad only makes you sadder !!! life lessons from ani)

1) The reason ASTRO are not promoting on music shows. 

ASTRO didn’t perform on music shows because they were busy performing overseas concerts. That’s huge. It’s amazing that they are only about a year old and already holding several showcases overseas! 

Some people make the point that they could’ve just waited to release the album later and promote after the overseas concerts. They probably had lots of discussions over what to do about it. I think wanting to release the album before their anniversary along with wanting to perform the song at the 1st ASTRO AROHA Festival were the reasons they released it when they did. 

2) ASTRO not promoting on music shows still has positive sides

I understand that lots of you see “again” and the song itself in combination with the choreography had potential to gather new fans and possibly win on music shows, and I agree. It’s disappointing that they will not be promoting on music shows, but there’s still positive sides to this. 

It isn’t like ASTRO was a declining group and this was their last comeback to try and gather new fans, and they needed to win on music shows. ASTRO has time. They have yet to come out with a full album. There’s so much more ASTRO is going to bring us, this isn’t going to be the only song with potential to win. They are only going to come back with more than before and we’ll all be surprised again. 

Performing on music shows aren’t just a 15 minute show up perform and leave kind of deal, idols spend a long time waiting around when they film for music shows. ASTRO are able to rest right now instead of spending every day going to perform on music shows. 

3) School !! 

Rocky and Sanha are still in high school! The new term just started for them, so they can actually go to school right now instead of doing the promotions. (They recently posted a few selfies on them in their uniforms). Rocky even had enough free time to go bowling with his friends (Saeron(actress), Suhyun(Akmu), and Seungkwan(Seventeen))

4) Future concepts.

Think of this era as a “sneak preview” of what to expect from ASTRO in the future. ASTRO have clearly shown their growth from hide and seek to breathless, from breathless to confession, and from confession to again. “Again” is not ASTRO’s peak. It isn’t like this song is ASTRO’s only chance to become known. Their growth has proven that they keep working harder to improve for the next comeback, and that we can expect them to grow even more between now and the next comeback. 

People who don’t know about Again will have “Confession” ASTRO as the last thing they came out with. People who didn’t see Confession as something worth getting into ASTRO for yet don’t know about Again. You could take this in a negative way and think they are missing out (which they are) and that ASTRO are not able to promote and get as many as fans using this song. 

However, this just means that when ASTRO does come out with their next album, people will see an evolution from confession to next comeback, rather than how we see an evolution from again to next comeback. They’ll be double shook. 

5) The “Lost” Era

When future AROHA get into ASTRO, because there is no music video for this song, it’ll just add to the mysteries of ASTRO. The fan song on Winter Dream, the dance practice without an MV, the Confession MV that doesn’t have a dance practice. ASTRO is so capable and they are showing it to us. 

Winter Dream will by no means be a forgotten era: the seasons concept ensures that. The seasons concept is really hard to miss: Spring Up, Summer Vibes, Autumn Story - just because they did not promote Again on music shows doesn’t mean people won’t search for the Winter album. 

6) Allowing them to build on their skills

I’ve talked about this before, but ASTRO showed from their Rising Star stages that they are fully capable of “darker” concepts. They even said themselves they were shocked that they debuted with such a fresh concept. The entire seasons concept has allowed them to build their experience with performing in the music industry, connecting with audiences, appearing on variety shows, lyric writing, and choreography making. ASTRO have shown intent and desire to write their own music, their own choreographies, etc. The seasons concept is over - and it is only uphill from here. 

Yes it is disappointing that ASTRO are not performing “Again” on music shows, but let’s focus on the happy parts!

To me, I think the venue plays a huge role for the concert itself. Sure it’s all about the musician as well. But if you are in a crappy venue, then the concert won’t be as amazing as it possibly can be.

Location: Red Rocks Ampitheatre in Colorado

Osomatsu-San Extra Stories Translation ‘Karamatsu of Dreams” Part One

Another translation from the Extra Stories (Bangaihen) novel. This time about Karamatsu and his dreams of putting on a live concert. Quite a lot of painfullness, as you would expect. Doing it in two parts this time.

Cultural note: The Nippon Budokan is a big indoor arena in Tokyo that was originally built to host martial arts contests. It’s also a well known concert venue, and it’s considered very prestigious to play here. An artist or group playing here is a sign that their career is on the up.

Karamatsu of Dreams - Part One

Beneath the blue sky –

Karamatsu was sitting on the roof of the house clutching his guitar.

“Heh… the Goddess of Music is fickle.”

He wasn’t playing the guitar, and he certainly wasn’t singing. From the outside, he didn’t look like he was doing anything other than basking in the sun.

His whole body was bathed in sunlight. He felt as if he were shining like the sun itself.

“Oh, Sunshine! What are you trying to do by heating me up even more? After you’ve lit my heart on fire, you’ll only end up burning yourself, aha?”

He faced the sun and put on his sunglasses.

“I’m dazzling, aren’t I? You can use me, Sunshine!” 

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Red flags in Takarazuka

I’m late getting to this, but @zukanerd asked me to explain the science behind my foreshadowing abilities regarding things like taidan, transfers, etc. This is by no means REAL or OFFICIAL, just a collection of signals that have tended to fit into some kind of pattern over the years. Feel free to add your own if I forget something!


  • For top otokoyaku/top combis who are definitely going to leave together, sometimes they hit you over the head with a big flashing neon TAIDAN!! billboard by putting references to the star’s name in the title of the production. The most recent example is Dramatic S; it came right at Chigi’s 3 year mark and they tend not to name shows in that way unless it’s a sendoff. Sometimes it’s less obvious or they use/reference one of the star’s kanji somewhere—for example, Misty Station (the “Kiri” in Kiriya Hiromu means mist). References to eternity/things ending or starting over are also sometimes a tip off (”Twilight” in the title of Soragumi’s next show, Phoenix Takarazuka, Takarazuka ∞ Mugen, Forever Love, etc). That one is not as reliable but can spell taidan around the 3 year mark. Solo shows can also be an indicator. A Motion in Umeda main hall (which is huge), Chie’s Budokan concert. Masaki faked us out by taking two.
  • Bonus top otokoyaku NON-TAIDAN sign: only 23% of top otokoyaku have ever retired on a 2-act performance. So while it’s not impossible for a top star to retire on a 2-act, the odds are definitely against it. There was speculation that Mirio might announce her retirement after Yamataikoku wraps up in Takarazuka, but before that Poe no Ichizoku, a 2-act, was announced, so chances are she will not be retiring until the FOLLOWING Grand Theater performance at the earliest.
  • For top musumeyaku who leave separately, it’s harder to say and sometimes there isn’t a clear sign. It’s reasonable to look for this to happen when a top musumeyaku is on her second+ partner and gets an iconic role that would boost her OG career opportunities (for example, Ranno Hana and Otori Rei both left on Elisabeth and Misaki Rion left shortly after). I also don’t know a single top musumeyaku other than Chapi who has ever gotten a music salon and NOT retired.
  • For non-top stars, it’s not really about signs so much as it is categories of candidates. Anyone ken-10+ with no star track potential is a candidate to leave with any Grand Theater show, and their chances increase a bit when a top star is retiring and the new top star is their junior. A lot of forever background types choose to leave early to pursue families/other careers before they get “too old.” 


It’s really hard to predict exactly who will transfer where, but there are indications that transfers might happen. For example, here are some things I see currently: After Bakumatsu Taiyouden, Yukigumi will have 8 fewer people than Tsukigumi, the next smallest troupe, and 15 fewer people than Soragumi, the largest troupe. Soragumi has too many people who appear to be star tracked. Hoshigumi has kind of a messy hierarchy after Coto. It just makes for a general feeling of instability, and I think a shuffle is going to happen this year. 

Generally if someone is obviously star tracked and blocked, there is a good chance they will be transferred. Daimon was a perfect example; she was Mirio’s nibante, but they’re in the same class, and waiting on Mirio would have made Daimon a very old top star AND pushed back the timeline on everyone else in Hanagumi. Now she’ll be top at the end of next month and Mirio probably still has over a year in her. 

Also when a young musumeyaku who has had some shinko leads and/or is heavily sponsored transfers, often it’s to become the next top musumeyaku of that troupe. 

All of this just covers patterns! It doesn’t account for special circumstances (like injuries) or general rumors surrounding specific people, which definitely also happen (will we see a curveball named Miya Rurika????), but it’s a starting point!

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the number of concerts japan got is so unfair...while there are tons of countries that have so many armys waiting for them, they decide to do 13 concerts at just one place :( I'm so disappointed and annoyed 😣 do you know why japan?

Let me start off by saying I don’t blame you if you think it’s unfair, though I hope you know it’s not bangtan’s fault or anything. where they go for this tour isn’t up to them or just bighit, there are a lot of factors at play. AND ALSO~ we’ve always wanted bangtan to be successful and this huge concert tour in japan is one of the results of their success. It shows exactly how successful Bangtan has become and I think on the positive side of things it’s also something to be proud of. I just really hope they’re not pushed to their breaking point ;_; their health should be a priority.

As what I’ve always emphasized before, it also has something to do with the events company that manages these tours for each country. In my opinion, the Japan concerts are possible because Bangtan recently signed with Japanese Management Company Digital Adventure. It’s an affiliated Japanese company of KeyEast. KeyEast is the management company of a lot of successful Korean actors and actress. So like it’s a bit of a huge thing and also a result of bangtan’s success. KeyEast founder is Bae Yong Joon, the photo below is when he attended their HYYH on Stage in Japan.

All these ji’s abs talk gives me headache lol

Shoutout to all the people with a bunch of talents, but isn’t the Beethoven of any of them. To the people who love to to what they do but don’t make it their lives.

To the kids in band that don’t play huge concerts, or march, or practice every day.

To the kids who can knit scarves but not sweaters, or only know one pattern.

To the kids who love to draw or paint but can’t draw realistic people, or cars, or can’t shade or draw backgrounds

To the kids who can sew but can’t make a prom dress, or complicated stuffed animals, or embroider masterpieces

To the kids who don’t dedicate their lives to writing with deadlines and 50k stories

To the kids who sing but don’t take lessons or preform in bands or concert halls

To everyone who loves their talents, but don’t master them

Daveed’s, Jonathan’s, and Will’s music is beautiful so please go check that out!

So I’m going to list my favorite one’s

First is ‘Tonight’ by Clipping It is about sex pretty much, but Daveed is to handsome to not listen to

Second ‘Back up’ by Clipping It’s just has the best hook ever and others in the song really make it great.

Then ‘Story’ by Clipping. Their story series is the best thing you will come by, each one of them is it’s own story,but this one interests me more. I highly recommend

Forth is probably ‘Dominoes’ by Clipping because I just love how much it sounds like a huge concert. I don’t really know how to explain other than it’s wonderful.

and last but not least, 'Air 'em out.’ By Clipping It is one of their more popular songs. I would say 'Work Work’ by Clipping but this song is easier to rap along with. I find myself singing this daily.

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From Enemies to Lovers

Member: I.M || MONSTA X

Genre: Fluff, Romance, Angst

Short Summary: Him having enough and just confessing to her after one of their show, backstage, but then having to hurry back to his van as they have something else on on that evening.

Words: 1.1k

| Part 1 || Part 2 |

He found her soon after he ran out of his group’s changing room. She was sitting on the stairs that led to the second floor of the huge auditorium where their concert was held an hour ago. Her mascara was smudged as she aggressively rubbed at her eyes to get rid of any tears that threatened to fall.

Seeing her like this, all curled up and angry at him, he felt his heart crack for a second, before the guilt had consumed all of him. While looking for her, he prayed that the damage that he had done was a small one, and with a quick talk- everything would be resolved. Right now, it seemed far from that hope.

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The band dating an S/O who is a famous rapper? Sorry for being so specific! Thank you!

I’ve… never received a request before???? This is awesome!! Thanks, anon! Just a reminder that everyone is free to do this whenever they like! That’s what this blog is for, after all. 


-His face lights up when you rap some intense lyrics during a jam session

-Literally hollers when you finish, which is a big thing considering his quiet nature

-Wraps his arms around your shoulders and says “The world deserves to hear that.” 

-Spends weeks with you coming up with a whole tracklist of songs, which he helps you write and compose 

-they’re fucking fIRE 

-sends it to his producers anonymously, because he doesnt want to use his reputation to get you extra credit with the industry because he knows the quality of your music is enough 

-when you’re signed to his label, he throws a huge party for you. 

-always telling you how proud he is and always offers to help with new tracks. very supportive and always, ALWAYS watches your live performances. Even when he has other commitments and can’t be there in person, he’ll watch a stream or get someone on the crew to record it just for him

-so chill on the outside, but always has this dumbass grin on his face when you perform he loves you so much hes so proud 


-W H AT 

-when you start rapping to her strumming a rif on her guitar, she stops playing to just stare at you for a moment 

-then a grin cracks her face and she just beams at you, and keeps playing 

-you two spend hours jamming together, coming up with new songs and shes blown away by every one 

-when she asks why you never told her about your talent and tell her that you thought you weren’t good enough to show anyone, she gets upset

-shes like “did someone tell you that you were not good? They’re very very wrong, you should be incredibly proud.”

-always compliments you when you spit a new verse 

-offers to introduce you to some people in the industry, but when you say no she understands and supports you in whatever way you’re most comfortable with 

-until you’re ready, you both have frequent musical sessions together. 

-hides her blush under her bangs when you rap a verse about her aw

-when your’re ready and your music gets big, you start touring. she’s the nerd that takes huge posters to the concerts. 

-always front row. will kill a man to get to front row

-when you’re apart for long periods of time, you skype call to have jam sessions together 

-she sometimes falls asleep in a call while you’re composing new lyrics and they often end up being about her whoops 

-owns every piece of your merch possible 


-no words come out of his mouth for a solid thirty seconds

-oh shit 

-hes just staring at you, bass in hand

-puts down his bass

-grabs your hand 

-oh shit he seems pissed oh shit oh shIT

-pulls you against him, hands against your waist

-leans in close 

-”if i had known your mouth were that talented, I would have put it to much better use a long time ago” 

-jesus fucking christ

-takes you to the car and fastens your seat belt for you (sneaks a little peck on your cheek he’s a sweetie ok)

-”where are we going?” 

-he doesn’t reply wtf 

-takes you to the best agent he knows 

-”don’t be a sod, sign them right now or you’re gonna be kicking yourself for the rest of your life”

-murdoC NO

-you’re a huge hit immediately, and you’re grateful to him for taking you to that agent, but he always says that you would have gotten to that same point eventually without him 

-believes in you sO HARD 

-he’s always side stage at your concerts with arms folded and a smug grin on his face 

-constantly says “that’s my s/o” and will find any excuse to do so 

-when paparazzi start following you around, he’s exceptional at dealing with them so he’s always with you when you go out in public 

-before your first concert, when you were incredibly nervous, he gave you his favourite pick and told you that it’s good luck. 

-you take that pick on stage every single show 


-he hears you rapping in the shower

-it takes him a second to process 

-”that sounds like…”



-”IS THAT YOU?!?!?!”



-commence stare sequence

-the bathroom is getting steamy 


-before you can even open your mouth to say anything, he rushes over to you and steps under the rushing water to pull you into his arms

-he’s hugging you so tight 

-”That was amazing. I’m so proud of you.”

-aw, ‘D

-when he pulls away he gives you a quick kiss and smiles at you 

-hes soaked now what an idiot 

-sets up an extra mic in his studio for you 

-you’d had some low key albums released prior to meeting 2D, but they’d never gotten huge. you had a minor fanbase, but when you and stu had started dating you agreed to put work aside for the most part

-then he listened to your album on the down low and spread it like wiLDFIRE

-holy shit where did all these sales come from

-he’s so fuckin happy for you

-asks for your autograph at the most inconvenient times 

-keeps a stash of things with your autograph on them because he likes the way it looks

-whenever you rap the goofiest smile crawls across his face 

-what a dork 

 I hope this is okay!!

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So a bunch of host/hostess quit at the restaurant I work at and we have been so short handed. Luckily it was slower tonight but there's a huge concert tomorrow and I just know we will struggle up front with two of us.. fml