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Common, the National Announce Huge Planned Parenthood Benefit Concert
The night before the inauguration, Common and the National will headline a "call to action" and benefit for Planned Parenthood.

“Common and the National will co-headline the Planned Parenthood benefit Show Up! on January 19th. The event, billed as a “concert for reproductive health, freedom and justice” will take place the night before the presidential inauguration at Washington D.C.’s 9:30 Club.

“We plan to send a clear message to the incoming administration that millions of people across this country are prepared to fight attacks on reproductive health care and abortion services,” Planned Parenthood’s president, Cecile Richards, said in a statement.

While Common and the National are on the bill as the only musical performers, the show, hosted by the All Access music and comedy series, will also feature activists, elected leaders, celebrities and more who support abortion rights and widespread access for women to reproductive health services. 

“Women should be able to make their own decisions regarding their bodies and health,” the National’s Matt Berninger offered in his statement on the event. “This is a basic human right, and we’re at the very beginning of a long and tough battle to defend these basic rights. A concert in D.C., inspiring people to take action, seems like a pretty good way to kick it off.”

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just a daily reminder that wherever bangtan goes please, respect their privacy. some ppl are always talking about how much they want the boys to rest and all that, and yet, ppl insist in crowding all the places they visit when they go to a country. let them rest, eat in peace, enjoy the country they are visiting, roam around the city, take pictures, treat them just like you would treat someone having a vacation, they want to not only go to a country to do a concert but to get to know more about its culture, just like anyone else would do! they are not animals nor objects to be treated like this, let them rest! if it’s a day before a huge concert, mental and physical preparation are both needed. they don’t owe fans anything when the fans are the ones stalking them, they are in another country to enjoy and have a great time so they can make nice memories when they do a concert. it’s not about “the fans made who they are today” oh yes we did, but that doesn’t give us the right to stalk them when they have at least a little bit of free time. don’t disturb their privacy because guess what, they are human beings just like us, they don’t like being treated like this, we are not close to them and we are not their friends, we gotta know our boundaries. and most important, don’t encourage those armys behaviour.

This is going around facebook:


You may have heard that the Trump people are freaking out that the performers for the Inauguration will be limited to Kid Rock and Ted Nugent. So….You know what would be really smart? If there was a televised “FREEDOM CONCERT” with huge celebrities like: Phish, @beyonce​ and JAY Z, Madonna, Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake, Dead & Company., Lady Gaga, Bruce Springsteen, etc. that aired at the EXACT SAME TIME as the inauguration. TAG THEM!

Imagine how mad “Tiny Fingers” would be. He would totally lose all the ratings no matter how many Tweets he fired off.And what if all the proceeds of the concert went to: Planned Parenthood Action, the ACLU Nationwide, Lambda Legal, NAACP, CAIR, @IRAP, Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), Union of Concerned Scientists, Environmental Defense Fund, etc, etc? TAG THEM! 

I would add that Alec Baldwin should absolutely MC the event playing Trump as he does on Saturday Night Live. 

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Secret Letters to My Heart (Alexander Hamilton x Reader) 

Word Count: 3,867

Disclaimer: modern, You are the musician, Alexander is the fan


Racing through the heated lot, your friend finds the booth for the both of you to pick up your backstage passes for the huge concert venue you just arrived to. You were planning for this day since for months even before you knew you were going. You were lucky that your best friend and your band’s manager, Angelica Schuyler, landed you a place on the tour. Putting the lanyard around your neck, you stare at your friend in awe and pure happiness.
“Angelica! You’re the best! Thank you so so so much!” A smile breaks out on her face, embracing you while gazing over the lot with the five stages, trying to find the van with our merchandise and instruments. Breaking the hug, you check the messages on your phone. As you pressed the button to wake up your screen, a message from your only band mate, Lafayette, and the merchandise tent worker. Reading his text, you respond with a simple okay as Lafayette says that the drummer who Angelica hired was helping set up the tent and unload the van. He also told you what stage you were going to be performing on. Grabbing Angelica’s hand, you drag her throughout the lot to see the other bands who were going to perform.
Spotting familiar band names or company merchandise tents, you loop your way back to the area where Lafayette was putting up the tent with the band logo on the top. Waving at the three people working, you skip to where your friend was and leaned your arm on his shoulder which caused him to slink under the small amount of pressure in a dramatic fashion.
“Laffy Taffy, how have you been buddy?” you ask jokingly while looking towards the morning sky.
“Well (Y/N), you petite asshole, I am peachy keen.” Lafayette’s french accent was thick as he lazily scrolled through his phone, finding and liking the posts from fans who wee excited to see you perform.
“We have two hours until the venue opens up the doors. Let’s finish setting up the merchandise and find out our set time.” Angelica ordered as the group complied. Finding a worker, you get a sign with the time of the set. Handing it to Angelica, she looks over it then hangs it up.
“You guys go on at five pm sharp. Be back here at 4:45 to help set up your instruments and warm up.” We all took a mental note as you go back to pinning up shirts and the correct prices. The set up was finished but then you remembered that the instruments had to be backstage. Sighing, you open up the back of the truck and start to unload.
After an hour and a half of setting up the needed instruments backstage, you dab sweat off your skin with a wet rag. Lafayette casually strolled over to you and pulled out his phone again. He took a photo of you, making you roll your eyes at his action. Going over to you, he leans next to you having a crate support his weight.
“You know,” Lafayette spoke to you happily, “John, Herc, and Alexander are coming today! I promise Alexander won’t be pissed off as much as he is when we are all around.” He jokes, singing Alexander’s name while wagging a thick eyebrow at you.
“He only gets pissed when the three of you find the liquid courage and chug it down then flirt mindlessly with me.” Rolling your eyes, you think back to when the whole group hung out at a bar in the city and within the first hour or so Alexander was pouting, clearly pissed, and John, along with Lafayette, start to flirt with you. Always ignoring the comments, you have become more concerned for the short tempered, curly haired man who was sulking which was out of character for him. However, if it was just the two of you together Alexander would have long debates that would last hours.
Sighing, you pop out of the memories. Fans start to slowly pour in the lot filled with band and company tents who are on the tour or sponsor the tour.
“(Y/N)!” Three male voices call out. Looking ahead, you see three figures that you’ve been so comfortable with come rush over to you. Running in their way, Lafayette intercepts the hug and smirks. The three of the guys roll their eyes and break out of their French friend’s grip then run up to you.
“Alexander! John! Herc!” You laugh happily as you finally embrace them one at a time. While John and Herc quickly parted, Alexander’s hug was long and even lingered after we part. Grinning at you like a goof, John perks his eyebrow which signified that it was time for your secret handshake.
“Up, up, down, side, slllllide, turn, twist, jump over, duck under, up slap, center slap, bottom double slap, bird, double center slap, hook arms around the neck, lean, chill, and SNAP!” The two of you chant while going over the motion. The words quickly spill out from your mouth as you finish the signifying handshake from when the both of you were children finishes within thirty seconds. People surrounded the two of you, gazing in a mesmerized way.
“Record timing!” Alexander high fives the both of you and winks at you. Meanwhile, Lafayette notices a small box in Alexander’s drawstring bag. Poking it, the cocky Frenchman smirks which caused the shorter man of the group to squirm.
“Mon amie, what’s in that box? Actually, who’s it for? Is it for moi?” He asks his loud-mouthed friend who was becoming an angry, flustered mess as his comrade mercilessly interrogates him. Rubbing the back of his neck, Alexander looks over to Hercules, his big brown eyes begging for help. Chortling a loud, hearty laugh, Hercules rubs Alexander’s head which pulled hair out of his perfectly maintained man bun.
“It’s nothing of your concern guys. It’s just a gift for a band member I like.” Alexander confesses, making everyone in the group to ‘ooh’ flirtatiously except for you. It made you upset to think of Alexander crushing on anyone else though you don’t know if he likes you like you do. You couldn’t deny that over the few years he has been with the group, you have fallen for him. 

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“ Maddies has nothing going on” 

Really having 2 movies coming out, plus one in pre-production, a booming clothing line, 3 books coming out, plus  a meet and greet tour on the horizon. All the while just getting off a hugely successful concert tour and being the youngest judge on sytycd. Is nothing. Wow, I really wish I could have Maddies version of doing nothing. 

Shoutout to all the people with a bunch of talents, but isn’t the Beethoven of any of them. To the people who love to to what they do but don’t make it their lives.

To the kids in band that don’t play huge concerts, or march, or practice every day.

To the kids who can knit scarves but not sweaters, or only know one pattern.

To the kids who love to draw or paint but can’t draw realistic people, or cars, or can’t shade or draw backgrounds

To the kids who can sew but can’t make a prom dress, or complicated stuffed animals, or embroider masterpieces

To the kids who don’t dedicate their lives to writing with deadlines and 50k stories

To the kids who sing but don’t take lessons or preform in bands or concert halls

To everyone who loves their talents, but don’t master them

All I See [Mingyu Fluff]

Genre: Fluff

Summary:  “In a sea of people my eyes will always search for you.”

The purple lights shining in the darkness of the huge concert hall gave a magical vibe as everyone swayed their diamond-shaped lightsticks to the rhythm of the intro music that was playing softly as all the fans waited for the boys to come up on stage.

You were in the fifth row, quite a distance away from the stage but close enough to possibly catch the attention of your boyfriend. That was your first time going to Seventeen’s concert because certain things kept you away from bringing yourself to attend one despite Mingyu’s constant pleads for you to see how amazing he rapped and looked on stage.

There was the fear of seeing him interact closely with hundreds of other girls during hi-touches or even if it was just a passing wink. You knew that he would never mean it but there was just no way that you wouldn’t feel a slight tinge of jealousy which was something you didn’t want to feel and so you stayed away.

Then, there was the money problem. Unlike other idol groups, Seventeen members weren’t given the opportunity to invite other people to their concerts which meant that you had to fork out the money to go. Sure, you could buy the cheapest of tickets but you saw no point in seeing the boys as tiny specks. Being an eighteen-year-old student with your savings kept in the bank with your parents, you didn’t have the money to pay for a good ticket.

But one day, during dinner, your mother took out an envelope and handed it to you.

“Here, it’s your savings over the past ten years. I remember when Mingyu was just a small little kid, the boy that liked to play with you at the playground. I’m amazed at who he grew up to be and I’m even more amazed that he loves you so much and that the two of you managed to stay together despite his hectic life.”

You clutched the envelope and looked at your mom, wondering where she was going with this conversation.

“I think he needs your support, and I think that you’re old enough to take responsibility for your own money.” She smiled, patting your shoulder as you grinned.

“They’re having a concert at the huge concert hall down the road soon,” you wiggled your eyebrows and your mother laughed.

“Go give him a surprise.” You nodded, picking your utensils up to continue eating, heart racing with excitement but a slight fear at the same time.

The volume of the music started to increase and the rhythm became faster. Beams of lights shot out onto the stage from the spotlights above and you could tell that they were about to come out. At the center of the stage, the tiles looked different and you remembered the time when your school brought you to this concert hall for an excursion.

“Why aren’t they coming out?” You asked Mingyu and he sighed, pointing at the circle of browner tiles at the center of the stage.

“You see that circle there?” Nodding your head, you squinted to see the patch of brown clearer. “That will open up and the performers will emerge from underneath.”

When you tiptoed, you could see the same brown opening and you knew that Mingyu’s head would be the first to be seen, considering his height. Turning around, you saw the sea of purple from the very front of the standing section to the last seating row. Will he even notice me?

At that moment, screams erupted throughout the entire stadium and you looked up to see the thirteen boys slowly emerging from under the stage. The girls beside you were chanting Mingyu’s name and you frowned, about to blurt out some mean words when you realised that you couldn’t possibly keep him all to yourself and get angry at his fans. 

Mingyu was waving enthusiastically with a beautiful smile on his face but at the same time, his eyes were scanning the entire concert hall, trying to see whether you were somewhere in the crowd, cheering for him for the first time. He knew that you never really liked the idea of going to his performance and that it wasn’t a small sum either but he never lost hope and always searched for you everywhere he went.

Seventeen greeted with cheerful voices and wide grins and soon, their first item was up and you hoped that Mingyu would turn to you and somehow spot you among the thousands of screaming fans. You saw him walk nearer to you to get into position and you jumped up and down, trying to grab his attention but it didn’t work, simply because everyone was trying to get his attention as well.

This isn’t going to work. You stopped jumping desperately and held up your lightstick, deciding to enjoy the performance whether he saw you or not. Throughout the song, you were amazed at his presence on stage and how he had the right expression for each part but there was something about his eyes that you sort of noticed. It was as if he was determined to take a good look at every single part of the hall, as if….looking for someone.

Just then, it was his part and you knew that it was normal for fans to scream whatever they wanted when it was their bias’ part and so you took a deep breath and shouted in the loudest voice you could, hoping to drown out all the other screams.


You always had a habit of dragging the ‘u’ sound at the end which was so distinctive and so familiar that his ears perked up when he heard that someone call his name. It was somebody from the front few rows, slightly to his left and he turned his head slightly, thankful that the choreography was suitable for a slight turn.

And you were there, holding up a self-made banner and a lightstick, waving madly and jumping up and down. Thankfully his body was so used to the dance moves til a point where his legs and hands seemed to move on their own, if not he would definitely have made a mistake at the point where all he saw and all his mind could think about was you.

His gaze met yours and your heart started beating faster when you realized that he finally saw you. You stuck out your tongue, proud that you managed to surprise him and you swore that a small tear escaped from his eye before he turned away and carried on with the dance. He knew exactly where you were and even more important than that, that you even came in the first place.

The concert carried on and Mingyu snuck glances at you here and there, careful not to make it too obvious if not some eagle-eyed fans might come up with something to say about him having a connection with the girl in a black shirt standing at the fifth row. Time passed so quickly and the concert ended off with the boys descending back into the stage and some wails here and there.

You whipped out your phone and sent Mingyu a text, knowing that you wouldn’t be able to see him anytime soon.

Aww you did great! I’m so proud of you~ You managed to spot me in the crowd? Hmm, good eyesight :’)

Mingyu grabbed a towel and cleaned away his sweat, taking a seat next to Jeonghan as his manager passed them their phones. “A quick ten minute break before we head off!” He said and they all nodded, still feeling energized from the lively concert that had just ended. The first thing Mingyu saw was your message and he was quick to reply, so eager to talk to you like always.

You felt your phone buzz and you chuckled when you saw his reply.

It’s so different when I know that you’re there, watching me perform. I just have a drive to do better because I want you to see how great (hehe) I’ve become (maybe always have). This is the first time you’ve came to my concert and it means so much to me, really. Ah, I almost cried when I saw you. And of course I managed to spot you!

And his last sentence meant the world to you.

In a sea of people, my eyes will always search for you.

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wish me luck today i have a huge band concert which we barely fucking practiced for cause we had a power outage that lasted for 2 days

Luck wished, I’ve been to a concert where the sounds just ALL OUT I can’t imagine myself in that situation best of luck omg

funny story!

Okay, so at the end of every year my school holds a huge concert where the teachers & students get to show off their talents and they sing and and dance and stuff. Last year one of the teachers, like every other year, got on stage and started to sing.

As the song was ending, my friend and a few other people started daring each other to shout things really loudly, but of course people were cheering and there was music and everything, so they weren’t heard very easily. But they were getting rather loud, shouting things like “GO, SIR!” and “I LOVE YOU!” and it was getting kinda out of hand.

When all of a sudden, at the EXACT moment my friend shouts “MR. _______, HAVE MY BABIES!!!” (bare in mind, he’s a dude,) the song finishes and everything goes quiet; thus, everyone turned around and just looked at my friend like

i saw @hayleykiyoko in brooklyn last night and let me tell you it was the best concert i’ve ever seen. she’s such a talented performer and she cares so much and so obviously, about the music and the fans, it made the show such a joy to experience. the band was also having such a great time (and holy shit can someone get me the keyboardist’s number she’s so pretty and talented?) and that’s a huge bonus for a concert. basically what i’m saying is hayley kiyoko is an incredible artist and a charming nerd and an inspiration for queer girls everywhere and you should all see her show.

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Ames did you watch the STAR season finale? Omg shook!! Ps. Normani looked fab tonight on DWTS ! But serious question... did val really "surprise" her at their rodeo concert ? Did she not know he was there already ??

watching soon!! and no he didn’t. they traveled there together and it was all planned out. the show just came up with that because i guess they thought it would be cooler to have their audience think that they first met at a huge concert (which isn’t too bad since most of their demographic probably isn’t invested in 5h enough to know that that was fake).


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Hey guys, I am really happy with this fic and I hope you are too :3 This toom me a while to write and it’s the longest one I have done so far.

Prompt: soulmate AU where you see in Black and while untill you touch ur sm, and Dan starts seeing in colour the morning after a huge concert and’s freaking out because he touched his fave band member.

Dan opened his eyes to see a ray of yellow light streaming in from the windows, he knew he should have closed the blinds after the concert last night- wait, Dan was seeing yellow!

Dan sat up within seconds and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. He looked around the room to see various colours illuminating it.

Dan couldn’t believe he was seeing in colour, after 21 years of seeing in black and white. He blinked a couple times to fully take in what was happening. How?Who? As the tiredness slowly drifted from Dan, memories of the night before came flooding back to him.

Dan was standing at the front of the crowd at a concert. Not just any concert though, a Screams in the streets concert, his favourite band of all time. He was ecstatic to be finally seeing them live. Screams in the streets had been his favourite band since his best friend PJ introduced them to him, two years ago.

The melodic tunes coming from the instruments accompanied by the angelic voice filled his ears. Dan had to admit that he formed some-what of a crush on the lead singer, Phil Lester. Phil’s beautiful voice was always there with reassuring lyrics. During the concert, Dan and PJ managed to shove their way to the front. Dan looked up at Phil and was memorized by his beauty. He looked even better in real life.

Phil looked down and locked eyes with Dan. He smirked and winked and Dan swore his heart skipped a beat.

Through out the concert, Dan and Phil kept meeting eyes and every time Dan looked down to hide his blush. Dan swore he almost passed out when Phil touched his hand. A tingling sensation went through Dan’s hand and all the way to his body. 

Dan was leaning against the stage and had his hand held in front of him when Phil bent down and grabbed it.

Dan put his hands to his chest to help slow down his breathing. This couldn’t be possible, could it?

“PJ?” Dan shouted across the flat, waiting from a reply. He picked up his phone to see it was only 9:36 am. He knew PJ wouldn’t be up but this couldn’t wait. Dan pulled his bed covers off and slipped a pair of trackies on before making his way to PJ’s room.

Dan knocked on the door before opening it. He walked over to the bed and sat next to a growing PJ.

“Go away” PJ mumbled, pulling his sheets over his head.

“PJ this is important” Dan said pulling his covers from his head.

“Well it can wait till breakfast-” PJ was cut off by Dan shouting “ I can see in colour!” PJ sat up straight and looked Dan in the eyes.

“What? How? Wait, who?” PJ stuttered.

“Well the thing is we were at a concert. It could have been anyone. But my mum said that when you meet your soulmate you go all tingly. Well that happened last night… when i touched when I touched Phil…” Dan said blushing.

“Wait, you’re telling me that your soulmate is the guy you have drooled over for the past two years? Phil- fucking- Lester! Dude, this is amazing!” PJ exclaimed, wide eyed.

“Yes but Phil Lester is a famous singer. I am just boring Dan Howell. Even though we are soulmates, he doesn’t know me” Dan said sadly.

“Dan, yes Phil is famous but he is your soulmate. He is ment to be your lover for the rest of your life! If you got that tingly feeling, then he would have as well. He doesn’t know who you are but you know who he is. There are ways to contact him” PJ shouted.

“Yeah but how?” Dan asked. He knew he had to contact Phil.

“We will tweet him. I mean, he just started seeing in colour. He is gonna be on the look out for his souldmate, right?” He reached for his laptop. Dan nodded and watched as PJ brought twitter up. He typed something out and turned it around to show him the screen.

@AmazingPhil This is my friend. look familiar? ;)

Dan scrolled down to see the attached image. It was a picture of him from a couple of weeks ago.

“Thanks dude” He said, pulling PJ into a hug. They pulled away when PJ’s laptop made a noise,

@KickthePJ very! seems I can see in colour now!

@AmazingPhil @Danisnotonfire is the one this belongs to.

PJ pressed tweet and smirked at Dan. “You’re welcome” He said before closing his laptop and throwing it to the end of his bed. He lay back down and pulled his covers back over his head. “Now get out” He mumbled. Dan got up and walked back to his room. He picked his phone up as he sat on his bed. Dan turned his phone on the see his notifications that read;

@AmazingPhil followed you.

Message from @AmazingPhil 

Dan smiled to himself as he unlocked his phone. He went strait to his messages.

Hi your friend PJ, is it? tweeted me saying this was where I could contact you :3- P

Dan clicked the reply button and typed.

Hey, Yeah that was him. so… we’re soulmates huh? - D

Within seconds Dan got a reply

Yeah I guess were are. so ur a fan of my music then? ;)- P

Nah, i have no idea who you are ;p no srsly i love ur music! :3- D

Hahaa, would have never of guessed :p- P

yep, u guys guys helped me through a lot really…- D

really? like what? if u dont mind me asking?- P

its fine ur my soulmate after all. uni dropout- D

oh wow. well, im glad to have helped :)- P

Yes u did- D

so Dan would u like to meet for coffee? - P

Dan stared at the message for what felt like hours. Phil. Phil- fucking- Lester wanted to meet up with him.

uh sure. where?- D

today? 1 ish? Starbucks?- P

sure. can’t wait! <3- D

Dan replied only to realise what he had send moments after.

see u there <3 xx

He sighed in relief to see Phil wasn’t freaked out.


Around 12, Dan decided to take a quick shower. After he was done he spent way to long according to PJ, choosing his outfit. Deciding on black skinny jeans and a black tee. Dan straightened his hair and was out the door, walking to Starbucks at 12:48.

When he finally arrived he looked in the window to see a nervous yet attractive Phil. Dan walked slowly over to the door and opened it. He made his way over to Phil and stood behind him.

“Is this seat taken?” Dan asked, laughing when a small squeal came from Phil. He turned around and blushed when he saw it was Dan.

“That was mean” Phil fake pouted. Dan sat down in the seat next to him. He turned his head to look at Phil, almost bumping their heads from how close they were.

“Hi” Dan whispered. 

“HI” Phil smiled back.

5 Years later

Phil was never usually this nervous when it came to preforming, but it’s not like he proposes every time he does. Dan noticed how nervous Phil seemed and gave him a hug. “Don’t look so nervous. You have done this many times before. You’ll be great as always” He said giving Phil a kiss before pulling him towards the stage. “Good luck. I love you!” Dan shouted as Phil walked on stage.

The concerts went by as per usual. After singing the last song, Phil was shaking from nerves. “Before we leave tonight their is something I want to do. Dan will you come out here a sec?” Phil extended his hand and waited as Dan walked onto the stage and took his hand. “ As you all know this is my soulmate Dan. Me and Dan have been together for a long time and I want to be with him forever more. Dan, I love you so fucking much and it would make me the happiest person alive if you would do me the honour in becoming my husband. Will you marry me?” Phil got down on one knee and pulled the small black box from his pocket. 

Dan’s hands flew to his mouth as tears fell from his eyes. He quickly nodded and Phil slipped the black ring onto his finger. He stood up to be tackled in a hug by a crying Dan. “ I love you” Dan sniffed.

“I love you too” Phil smiled.