huge collage

Jfc it’s saddening to see teenagers in HUGE debts because of collage education, it shouldn’t cost so much to be well educated smh

On October 11th 2016 it’s national coming out day. We’re on a mission guys. We want you all to submit something to show your pride within the LGBTQA+ community. It can be photos, drawings, words, anything!
You have total creative freedom all the way from little sticky notes to drawing your otp. The goal is to make one huge collage with all these wonderful things to show off your pride, to celebrate with those who can and give hope and confidence to those who can’t. Everyone will be credited who wants to be, feel free to send something anonymous. The deadline to submit will be the 10th of October, have fun and have pride! -Cas and Kai

polaroid collage project!

hey everyone, i’m finally thinking of kicking off this project i want to do and i’ll need your help!

okay so i know polaroid film is expensive, and when a photo doesn’t come out the way you wanted, it sucks, right? you don’t want to throw it out but you also don’t want to keep it?

so what i want to do is make a huge collage of “rejected” polaroid photos!

if you have any photos you have taken that you don’t want anymore and don’t mind donating them to this project, send them to me with a note telling me about the moment behind the photo! 

i’ll give you my shipping address - and if you send any photos i’ll write you a thank-you letter back!

the goal is to share that even if the photo isn’t perfect, the memory is beautiful. so even if the lighting didn’t work out, everything is blurry, or there was just a mistake while taking it, i’d love to hear the photo’s story!

karlie kloss is that adorable friend who has like 5458 pictures of you and 409825 embarrassing snapchat photos of you and when its time for your birthday she makes a huge collage of funny photos of you :( im :( so sad :(