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That’s the really disappointing thing about doing Star Wars. […] I was walking around with George [Lucas] when I got the part and he was showing me the art department. There were guys with chainsaws carving this huge submarine out of blocks of polystyrene, and as we walked around I said, “Will we go under water?” And he went, “What?” I said, “Will we go under? —the water, in it?” He went, “None of it is real.” And a little part of me died. [x]

tbh i feel like americans dont get exactly how engrained ABBA is in Australian history. Everyone I know likes to ABBA. Two of our most iconic movies (Priscilla and Muriels Wedding) are both ABBA based, music wise. ABBA Maina was like the Australian version of Beatles mania. Countdown and Molly M single handledly carved a huge piece of our history by introducing us to ABBA and like……….Our culture is steeped in it. it’s fascinating.

”Why did you kiss me?”

Okay now a cheerier story! @gray-blackegg
About 7 years ago, Hunny and I met and immediately ended up on our first date, which lasted nearly 3 days straight. Started out with seeing the sunrise, then after hooours of walking the boardwalk up and down, then all around Center City in a huge overlapping loop, the lining part of my flip-flop tore and started scratching the bottom of my foot raw.

We were just a few blocks from my apartment again, so the night finally was really going to come to a close, cuz damn my foot hurt. I stopped in front of a UArts building with a collection set up in the huge glass window. They were huge carved-wood pieces. I sat on the ledge to check my flip-flop and my foot, and commented, “Oh, hey. Check it out. That one looks like a giant Flute of Summoning Dragon.”

And suddenly he kissed me.

For 5 years after that, any time I asked him why he had chosen that moment, while I was rubbing my foot, he would look away while he gave some weak “spur of the moment” excuse.

About 2 years ago, I was cracking a joke at something, and I mentioned Flute of Summoning Dragon. Hunny made a cartoonishly suggestive noise and face. I stopped cold.

“Did you first kiss me because I said Flute of Summoning Dragon?!”

He turned bright red, and said that was exactly why, and why he never answered.

Last week, he of course got the itch to duel. He put together a brand new dragon deck though. Naturally, at some point, he played Flute of Summoning Dragon. With all the shippyness and innuendos abound, I got a very strange thought.

“When you first kissed me, were you thinking you just liked that I was nerdy and knew what Flute of Summoning Dragon was, or were you thinking YOU WANTED TO DUEL ME?”

He blushed again. “Both.”

The exterior of the Night Vale library looks like a standard stuccoed small-town library (though often without doors or windows).

The interior is huge and gorgeous, with carved wood shelves reaching up to the high arched ceiling, sliding bronze ladders, and archival wings where the hallways stretch to the horizon. Not even Tamika Flynn has managed to explore the entire building.

It also has librarian-blinds, hidden stockpiles of weapons and food, hideouts (or “book nooks”, each well-stocked with pillows, snacks, and steel walls) on every shelf, and multiple levels of makeshift walkways from shelf to shelf, which let book-lovers avoid the non-winged, non-wall-climbing librarians.


Sueno’s Stone.
You can see by the clouds how stormy the day was when my mate Andrew took me out to Findhorn, stopping off at this  the tallest remaining sculptured stone  in Scotland made during during the medieval period. It is one of the most magnificent pieces of Early Historic sculpture in The Brittish Isles, standing 7 m high, and dating to the ninth century AD. The west side bears a huge ring-headed cross carved in relief and containing long panels of interlace. On the sides of the stone small animals can be seen in the curling vine scroll. The east side is an immense battle scene shown in 4 panelsA total lack of decent light on this day meant not getting the greatest shots.

Storm dumping under the full moon

A passing cloud chose the spectacular backdrop of Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah to drop its load of moisture amid the hoodoos carved into the sedimentary rocks by frost weathering breaking up the rocks, accompanied by stream erosion carving out huge amphitheatres as it cuts the river upwards through the rocks, and the action of the endless winds that ply across the Colorado plateau and remove the pulverised waste. Not only is the landscape lovely, it also is part of a much larger geological history, that of the Grand Staircase, exposed at various levels of its stratigraphy in various national parks of the American west.

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1″ (25mm) Guatemalan Jadeite Plugs with 1-1/4″ (32mm) Front flares

Very pleased with this pair! Absolutely love carving huge front flares!!! It’s always nice to be able to accentuate a top notch material

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New Blood // Go Go and Deejay


The way the boat swayed in the choppy waves made Go go’s stomach turn. She had a weakness for motion sickness. But their journey (by boat at least) was almost at an end.

Go go was 21. It had been four years since it had all gone to shit in Tokyo. Four years since the death of Oren Ishii. Four years since her sister Yuki had disowned her. She might have been a killer her whole life, but Go go was now even less innocent than she had once been. Life had broken her and everything she believed in. She was scarred, inside and out.

But through it all Deejay had been a constant friend. This had been his idea - and Go go had agreed. She couldnt wait to put an ocean between her and Tokyo. It was time for new blood.

Looking up, she noticed the huge Buddha carved into the cliff as they approached the port. Clinging to the rail, she made herself stand straight. She looked over at Deejay with a slightly wry smile.

      “The way you described it…I didnt imagine Roanapur to be all that pious…”