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Call of repentance || Part II

Part I

Summary: reader is a member of the Golden Path. Under Amita’s command you have to sneak to the Royal Palace to kill Pagan Min. But when you’re about to fulfill your mission, you find youself unable to – under charm of king Min, you decide to switch the path and stand by the side of the Royal Army, becoming one of the leaders.

Word Count: 2211

Warnings: strong language

A/N: Part 2 of the story.

Author: Rouge

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Teamiplier Coraline/Others AU (Part one)

Thanks to @turquoisemagpie and to @northeast-artist98 for the idea! I used a mix of the book and movie for this so yeah! (Sorry for not tagging you earlier northeast!)

~Part one (You are here), Part two, Part three (coming soon!)~

 Amy ran her hand against the railing as she left the house, camera in hand. She was very excited to explore for a bit and get out of the new house. She, Mark, Ethan, Tyler, Kathryn, Seán, Robin, and Signe had just rented this house for a year, maybe more, to make filming easier. Teamiplier had all come together but the others were going to be here any day. Amy and Mark had one apartment with another room for Seán and Signe since it was decided the couples would have one apartment. Tyler and Ethan had the bottom apartment since they were used to living together. Kathryn was staying upstairs. Everyone’s rooms, expect the couples, would probably change since they all had no idea where Robin might stay. He ‘just wanted something easy’ (There was another apartment in the house but they did not rent it ). ‘Course the easiest one was Chica. She just floated around the rooms and around the house.

 Amy did not care. As long as she was with Mark and her friends, she was happy. However, Mark had been a bit snappy with her. The moving put a lot of stress on him and sleepless nights, so she understood. Still, she missed the happy, energetic Mark. He could use some space at the moment.

  That’s what brought Amy to explore the grounds. With her trusty camera in one hand and her stylish outfit on, she was for anything. 

   She walked around the house, getting different angles of the house. However, it still looked menacing from every angle. She gave up on taking pictures of different places on the house’s property and moved onto the forest. 

   Amy spotted Chica a few times. She called out to the cute fluffy dog, but Chica seemed too distracted by something. 

   After a while, Amy’s camera’s short battery life ran out, so she went back home. So far, she found an apple orchard, an old tennis court that had weeds popping through and a decaying net, the old well the owner told them about, and an old garden that was dead and lifeless. Amy walked into Mark and her’s apartment. She walked into the kitchen to grab a drink and saw Mark, who was doing something on his laptop.

   “How’s it going, Mark?” She asked as she pulled a water bottle from the fridge. Mark responded with a grunt. 

   “Hmm. Have you talked to Seán and the rest yet?” She asked, opening her water bottle.

   Mark let out a frustrated sigh and said, “No. Why don’t you go see how the others are? I’m busy.” Amy frowned.

   “Mark, if something is wrong, you can talk to me.” She tried a sad smile.

   “Nothing’s wrong. Just busy.” He said, not looking up at her. Amy frowned and left the kitchen.

   “Sure.” She mumbled. 

   Amy decided to fully check out their apartment before checking on the others.

   Her search led to nothing interesting, at first. Then, she found a locked door. It was a huge, oaken, carefully carved door that, she felt, lead to something interesting. She was not sure what would be on the other side. She went back to Mark.

   “Hey, what’s on the other side of the big, locked, wooden door in the room with the fireplace and old furniture?” Amy asked, with one hand holding onto the door frame. Mark lifted an eye to her.

   “Um, we shouldn’t have a locked door. Hold on.” Mark said, getting up to grab a key from the large key drawer. He shifted through the keys, decided that the oldest, black one, who’s top resembled a button would be the right one. 

   “Let’s try this.” He said, following after Amy to the room. She showed him the door. Mark took the key and unlocked the door to reveal a bricked up wall. Amy frowned. 

   “Really? I thought it would lead to someplace cool!” Amy looked over to Mark. He shrugged.

   “It probably once led to that spare apartment. Some doors, like this one, were probably bricked up when they divided up the house.” Mark turned on his heel and walked back to the kitchen. Amy took the key out of the door and closed it. She put the key back to where it went.

   “I’m gonna go check up on the others,” Amy said. Mark nodded. She grabbed her camera and left. 

   Amy left their apartment and stumbled upon a few packages. She looked down and saw a bunch of packages addressed to Kathryn. Amy collected them in her arms. She smelled something funny. It couldn’t be the packages, right? She thought. Amy brought the packages to her nose and took a quick sniff. She pulled them away from her face and gagged. Amy quickly ran to Kathryn’s apartment and knocked on the door. Kathryn opened it and smiled. 

   “Hey, Amy. Those mine?” She asked. Amy nodded and handed out the packages. 

   “Jeez, Kathryn! These smell horrible! What did you get?” Amy said, her face twisting to disgust as she remembered the smell. Kathryn laughed. 

   “Well, I’m not gonna say but this is gonna be funny for us and horrible for the boys,” Kathryn said, taking the packages from Amy. 

   “In that case, buy all the weird stuff you want. Hopefully, they won’t try to rope us into whatever it is.” Kathryn took the packages and smiled them, before doing the same as Amy. 

  “Yep! This is just as bad smelling as they said. I’m gonna go put thesis away. See ya around dinner.” Amy nodded and smiled. 

   “Till then.” Kathryn closed the door, leaving Amy to check on the blue boy and the stone-faced man. She quickly went down to their apartment and knocked.  

   When they did not answer after a minute, she knocked again and called out, “Are you two decent or not?” She heard footsteps and then the door opened. Ethan was there. 

   “Sorry, Amy. We are still not done unpacking. It’s been a bit hard for us to adjust to this timezone. I was taking a nap and I think Tyler fell asleep in the kitchen.” Ethan said. Amy smiled. 

   “I feel that. Mind if I help? I need something to do before dinner.” Amy asked. Ethan eagerly nodded.

   “Please!” He said, taking Amy’s hand and pulling her into the apartment. Amy saw boxes upon boxes. She cringed. 

    “Jeez! I knew you guys had a lot of the equipment but I’m sorry we gave you most of it.” Amy said. Ethan shrugged, letting go of her hand. 

   “It’s cool. We don’t mind. It’ll be easier when the rest get here. Speaking of which, do you have any idea when they are getting here?” Ethan asked. Amy shook her head.
    “I asked Mark the same thing. He said any day now.” Ethan frowned. 

   “I thought they were already here, like before we came, but no one was here.” Ethan went to the kitchen to wake up Tyler, who was indeed asleep, leaning on the counter. Amy looked puzzled. 

   “What? What make you think of that?” Amy asked, but Ethan was trying to wake Tyler so he could at least move to his room. 

    “Oh, Amy’s here?” Tyler mumbled. “Hey, Amy.” He came into the main room, rubbing his eye. 

   “Hi, Tyler! Maybe you should take a nap?” Amy suggested. Tyler shook his head. 

   “Nah. I’ll only mess up myself more. I’m not used to getting up this early, ’s all.” Tyler said. 

   “Yeah. It’s been taking a toll on Mark, too.” Amy internally cringed think about the toll it seemed to take on everyone. 

    “Alright. Want any coffee, guy?” Ethan called out to them. 

   “Yes, please!” The two responded. 

    After they all sat around, drinking coffee for a they, they started to unpack. They decided not to touch any of the tech equipment, since they could be moving the tech rooms around. So, they moved the boxes of clothes into they boys’ rooms. Next, they moved the boys’ stuff, like lamps, into the right rooms. Amy helped them organize the tech in separate sections, based on cords and monitors and everything in between. Soon, Kathryn came down to tell them that dinner was ready. The three stopped unpacking and organizing and went up. Tonight was Kathryn’s night to cook. 

   They all gathered around the table Mark was once working at to eat. Tonight’s dinner… something. Kathryn scooped some onto everyone’s plates. The stuff seemed to be stingy and kind of goopy. 

   “Um, does this have any peanuts?” Ethan asked. 

   “Why would I poison you like that?” Kathryn asked, frowning. 

   “Just checking. I can’t really tell what’s in it.” He shrugged. Kathryn rolled her eyes and smirked. 

   “Okay, yeah. It is kinda mushed together. It’s a casserole. I promise it’s good.” Kathryn said, sitting down. The boys started to dig in. Amy took a bit and decided it was not that good. She tried to eat half, before giving up.

   “I think that’s all can eat, tonight. I’m just not hungry tonight.” Amy said. She pushed away from the table and cleaned her plate, before placing it in the dishwasher. 

   “Is it not good, Amy?” Kathryn asked. Amy shook her head, no.

   “I have no idea what’s up with me. Sorry. I might be coming down with something. I’m gonna take a bath. I’m sure I’ll feel better after that.” Amy shrugged. 

   “Good night, if I don’t see you later.” Tyler said. Ethan nodded. 

   “Yeah. Sweet dreams.” Ethan said. 

   “Good night!” Kathryn said. 

   “Good night, everyone. See you guys tomorrow.” Amy waved, before leaving. She climbed up the stairs and into the master bathroom. She drew a warm bath and added a bath bomb before soaking in it and her thoughts. 

   After the bath, Amy did feel batter and went down to check in on Mark. He was back at work. Amy sighed and leaned against the door frame. 

   “Hey, Mark. Are you gonna stop working?” Amy asked, frowning. Mark shrugged. 

   “Yeah.” He said, as if was not sure. “Be in bed soon. I promise.” Amy sighed.  

   “Yeah, sure. I miss you, Mark.” She said, looking down. Mark looked up at her.

   “We just had dinner awhile ago.” He said, confused. 

   “Yeah. We did.” Amy left the door frame and got ready for bed, easily stinking into sleep when she cuddled into the blankets.

   The sound of squeaks woke Amy up from her sleep. She opened sleepy eyes to hear the sound of squeaks and claws against the wood rang out in the silence. Amy leaned over to see Mark asleep. No need to wake him up, she decided. Amy slipped into her slippers and pulled on a robe, walking after the squeaks to see what kind of venom they had.  

   The sounds seemed to always be just in front of her, until the soft footsteps turned away. She followed them to the room with the old door. The door was opened slightly. This puzzled Amy as she remember shutting. The sound of the creatures came from behind the door. She opened the door, thinking she had them caught, but she was mistaken. 

   The door opened to a dim-lit hall. Amy was curious. She walked down the hall, noticing the hall was the color of her old room in California and the floor was a rug that they had to leave behind. It made Amy feel happy and calm, plus it added to her curiosity. She quickly walked down the hall and opened the door.



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Well This Was Unexpected

Don’t ask. I’m not sane. And I really needed a Will-meets-Hades fanfic like this

Meeting his son’s significant other on Halloween didn’t seem like a very good idea, but Hades thought it was a wonderful one. For instance, he could blend in with no problem. The several demigods hustling and bustling and moving around was a sign that that, at least, was definitely true. Hades learnt that although most demigods didn’t stay year round, several actually stayed over for Halloween. It must have been an interesting holiday.
Hades felt, as usual, out of place. His hair was as dark as tar and his eyes were the colour of coal, like his human disguise often was. He appeared to be around eighteen or so- just young enough that it wouldn’t be unnatural for a half blood but old enough that no one would mistake him for anyone else (namely, his son).

And oh, the sacrifices Hades made for his son. He had snuck onto Persephone’s tumblr blog in search for something fitting to wear, a true sacrifice because not only was the wifi in the Underworld unreasonably shitty that day (he would see Daedalaus about it later), but Hades did not know how the Tartartus one used Tumblr.

At any rate, there he was, in a suitably dark costume (that is to say.. disguise. Not a costume. Damnit).
Half-bloods wandered around in their several, colorful outfits, chattering and discussing things of no interest to the lord of the underworld. Some sat at a huge table, carving pumpkins (or occasionally chucking them at their cabinmates).

Lanterns. There were lanterns everywhere- not even the mordern ones, just the classic, candle-lit old ones that could set the entire camp on fire and send all those demigods to his realm if someone knocked one down accidentally.(He really hoped that wouldn’t happen- he’d been having enough dead people for the past few years, and it was annoying to have to sit through the judgements of mortal souls all day. He’d really rather just watch Netflix.) They lit the camp with a dim, unearthly and eerie glow which seemed to put everyone in an appropriate mood. The tables were decorated and coloured with trademark signs and symbols, which made it easy to recognise which table was which- there was so much colour and creativity, it hurt his eyes. And here he thought Halloween was supposed to be gloomy.

Hades drew his dark cloak around him, and pushed through hoards of demigods, moving toward the infirmary.

It was a modest building, but was impeccably clean. So much so that Hades almost felt self conscious stepping into it. Almost. He didn’t really care about making work for someone, but he didn’t want to blow his cover by dragging in a few specks of dust into the Infirmary. Maybe it was a camp no-no?

Thankfully, his entrance didn’t seem to disturb any order of events. The Infirmary was, unlike the rest of the camp, relatively free of decorstion. A few pumpkin paper designs hung from the wall, and the lights were replaced with lanterns, but that was it. Only two other demigods were inside; the younger one sniffling. He was obviously a son of Hephaestus; young, maybe eight, with calloused and rough hands and a bandage wrapped around arm. He wore a green mask and suit with a white symbol in the middle, and a boy stood tending to him.

Will Solace.

Hades didn’t know what he had expected. Throughout his long life, he’d met several sons of Apollo, and he thought he had an idea of what most appeared like. Will had the golden hair, like rays of sunlight. He had the tan, sun-kissed skin, the bright azure eyes like Egyptian lapis lazuli, but he wasn’t buff and muscular and the height of the Empire State building. In fact, he appeared rather young; fifteen at most. He wasn’t that tall either - perhaps the height of his son, or an inch or so taller. He was well toned; lean, but not muscular. A healer and not a fighter. Hardly as flashy as his father.

Will finished wrapping the bandage and stuck a small smiley face sticker on it. The son of Hephaestus’ eyes lit up and he hugged Will with his uninjured arm. Will smiled gently and ruffled his hair.

“There ya go, Harley. Be careful, all right? The pumpkin carving knives are for the pumpkins, not your skin. I’ll advice you not to play with anything sharp for a while, OK?”

Harley nodded and hopped down. “Thanks, Will!” He beamed.

“No problem,” Will said easily, his smile seeming to brighten the room. “Be careful. And tell Nico I’ll be back in a bit.”

Harley nodded enthusiastically and scampered off. On his way out, he froze, glanced at Hades, and then hurried off on his way out.
Will Solace turned to Hades. His eyes held no fear or worry, so he must not have recognised Hades.

Yet, Hades thought, eyes gleaming as eerily as the lanterns in the room. He couldn’t wait to see his reaction, as sadistic as it sounded.

“Is something the matter?” Will said, tilting his head with a hesitant smile of concern.

Hades opened his mouth- to spew threaths, to reveal his identity, to say gods knew what. But that was before Will Solace crossed the room and put the back of his hand against Hades’ forehead. Hades was effectively silenced, his jaw snapping shut. Will hissed and drew back his hand.

“Cold!” He said, frowning slightly. “Cold and pale,” he said, giving Hades a look that made him feel as if he were being scolded. The son of Apollo grabbed his hand and pulled him forward toward a bed before Hades could protest.


Hades sat. He wanted to protest- he, the Lord of the Underworld, would not take orders from a mortal son of a stupid sun god, but he wanted to see where this was going.

“Honestly,” Will sighed, ruffling through the medical supplies in the cupboard at the end of the room. Hades took in his outfit as he did this; he was dressed in dark robes, and a yellow and black scarf was wrapped neatly around his neck. A badger brooche that said ‘PREFECT’ was stuck to his chest.

“You probably have anemia. Gods all mighty, does no one care about their health nowadays? You also obviously haven’t been getting proper exposure of Vitamin D-”

Hades wanted to snort. There wasn’t much Vitman D down in the Underworld.

Will came back with a jar of pills and a glass of water.

“Swallow this, I’ll go search for some pills I might have and give you a prescription- Holy Dad, your immune system must be terrible! I haven’t had a case this bad for a while.” He shook his head disapprovingly and fixed Hades with a look that made him feel like his physical state was all his fault.
He was very bewildered- he hadn’t met someone who fussed over him and didn’t cower away for quite a few centuries, and he honestly wasn’t sure he liked being fussed over and told off for not having enough Vitman D or WBC in his godly system.

Hades cleared his throat. His dark eyes looked up to meet Will’s

The door of the Infirmary flew open. Nico di Angelo looked grumpier than ever. His eyes were narrowed in scowl, and the robes he wore dragged across the floor in an indignant fashion; the green and silver scarf around his neck was ruffled and clumsily tied.

“Nico,” Will greeted as he stuck a thermometer in Hades mouth. Hades felt a bubble of embarrassment and sudden anger; at himself for being led around, and the son of Apollo for making him obey. He attempted to spit out the device; Will shot him a sharp look, which he ignored.

Whatever words Nico was about to utter melted into on the tip of his tongue. His eyes widened as he took in Hades.

“Father?!” He said.

Hades gave him an apologetic, sheepish look. “I didn’t plan for it to go like this.”

Nico groaned into his hands. Will blinked.

“You knew?” He asked Will, sounded exasperated.

“Yes,” Will said, at the same time that Hades said, “No.”

They stared at one another. Will Solace was still not screaming around in fright. In fact, he appeared still very calm.

“You knew?!” Hades sputtered. “And yet you- you’re not scared? You took my measurements and talked about giving me a prescription and-”

“You what?” Nico said incredulously.

Will shrugged. “I could feel Lord Hades’ aura. Death doesn’t intimidate me; I’ve worked with patients on the brink of death several times. And plus- will all due respect, Lord Hades- the Underworld is your realm.” Will stuck the thermometer back in Hades’ mouth.

“The Camp Half Blood Infirmary,” Will continued, picking up a notepad and a pen, scribling some notes on it as Hades and Nico stared in shock and surprise respectively, “is mine. Anyone who enters is automatically my responsibility; be it a demigod, a saytr, or my boyfriend’s father. I’m sorry, but I’m just doing my job.” He squinted at Hades. “And before you leave, Lord Hades, you really need something warmer to wear. It’s cold out.”

“So how did it go?” Persephone asked, plucking the leaves of the seven thousand petaled lily she’d aquired as a gift from her mother.
Hades gulped down a blood replenishing pill and downed it with a glass of water. “Rather well, I suppose. He gave me a prescription, a scarf, a jar of Nutella, and an appointment next week.”

Persephone smiled. “So he’s worthy?”
Hades held up the jar of Nutella. He popped it open and stared at the chocolatey depths.

“He’ll do,” Hades replied, feeling strangely content.

Bundle of Joy

Requested by @satanicedition

Hey babes. I was wondering if you’d write a fic where Bucky really wants kids and (y/n) isn’t sure yet. So they move in together and set up their lives. Then (y/n) finally caves in and they try for a baby. Then they get invited over to see the avengers because they haven’t seen them in a while and everyone’s really shocked to see (y/n)’s pregnancy belly. And the avengers are just really shocked because they didn’t announce the pregnancy, they just showed up. Please and thanks xoxoxox.

Bucky x Reader. SUPER FLUFFY WITH SOME SMUT. Word count: 4.1K (I liked this request and got a little carried away)

TW: sex, childbirth

“Bucky, I just don’t know, okay? I love you, it’s just that kids don’t really seem like a good idea. Not considering your line of work,” you said, washing the dishes as Bucky dried them. It was Sunday, which meant ‘family dinner’ with the team, and the two of you got stuck on dish duty.

“I know, which is why I’ve been thinking…” said Bucky, his sentence trailing off as he paused and turned to you.

“Thinking about what?” you asked.

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First and foremost a mining planet, Montressor is known for two things: industry and bleakness. And while these are undeniable about the planet, the reality is a little more subtle.

Montressor is a mostly land-based planet with most of its water dispersed in smaller lakes or entirely underground, lacking any major oceans. Its tilt is negligible, resulting in understated seasons around the planet. Closest to the equator, the major biome is steppe shrubland, cool and dry, while regions closer to the poles become temperate deciduous forest biome, close to environments like Durham, Yorkshire, and Appalachia. In rare places, untouched by the vast mining efforts that have carved huge gouges in the environment or the widespread logging that’s increased the shrublands, you may even find temperate rainforests, especially under the windward side of the rare mountain. Lower latitudes can encounter tornadoes, while higher latitudes often encounter supercell thunderstorms. Snow is rare, but not unheard of, though frost is more likely. Farming is difficult as a result, with dry, rocky land and low precipitation. 

As a result of these climates and the harsh nature of the predominant industries, Montressorians are known for being a little rough around the edges, but also hardy and survivalist. Much of the planet’s population are blue-collar workers and manual laborers, with the upper class preferring to oversee from pristine homes in the spaceport of Crescentia, where the well-to-do are considered to live. Civilization is sparse, spread out and mostly rural to to semi-urban villages. The largest cities are mostly villages, away from industrial areas. 


We just bought SO MUCH STUFF! Theres going to be a small shop update on Friday with these brand new items.

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-ocean jasper tiny spheres
-plus all the stuff we got on Monday which is a ton of different spheres, sphere stands, selenite lamps, cluster skulls, rose quartz freeforms, blue calcite palmstones, quartz and amethyst wands, and so much more

Can you tell how excited I am? 😂

Please let me know in replies or in a message which of the items you’d like to see in the little mini preview update on Friday!

This is so exciting 😁

You Don’t Have To Look Any Further

13 Days of Halloween:  October 19th: Jack-o-lantern carving!

So I’m working on a longer “Dex is a werewolf” fic that I will post later on!! But I am going to try and do a bunch of one shots that will kind of all go together, and I will keep them all in this tag (that is currently not working wtf) on my blog. Tags: Fluff, pre nursey/dex, canon typical alcohol, descriptions of pumpkin innards (in case that grosses anyone out), also Chowder being snarky. Title from Bite Down - Bastille + HAIM

Derek Nurse has never been a huge fan of pumpkin carving. Sure, the end result is pretty nice, but pumpkin stems are prickly, and the pumpkins themselves are heavy and dealing with the guts is more than gross. Not to mention the fact that his designs never come out as cool as he imagines them. He sighs and tips back in his chair, purposefully ignoring the way Chowder tenses and follows his movements with his eyes. He’s not that clumsy, he’s not going to tip the fuck - The back legs of the chair wobble and he grabs for the table, mentally apologizing to Chowder for ever doubting him. His pumpkin’s lopsided smile mocks him and his internal dialogue. 

God. He hates carving pumpkins.

Nursey reaches for his can of PBR, trying to pretend like the chill in the air doesn’t make him want to go burrow under the blankets in his dorm. Instead, he’s sitting out in front of the house in a rickety folding chair, hands freezing from the nasty pumpkin goop, and not wearing nearly enough warm clothing for the circumstances. When he was a kid, his mom used to let him carve his pumpkin at the kitchen table, but after the Pumpkin Gut Incident of 2015, Bitty had banned pumpkin carving from his kitchen. Nursey had tried to protest, but since he might have been the instigator of PGI-2015, his opinion was not valued whatsoever. So he sucked it up and helped Dex and C move the pong table outside, and maybe stared a little when Dex carried three folding chairs up the basement steps with one arm. You know, the usual.

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5/4 Mt. Nokogiri [part 4] 

Eventually we did find our way to the temple grounds, and the huge buddy carved into stone… In the end we didn’t get to stand on the scary bit of stone sticking out, because the line to get there was most likely longer than an hour… and that’s just not worth it to me.

The rest of the grounds were just… Buddhas! Buddhas everywhere. Most of them damaged though. I guess some earthquake caused all the heads to fall off? And you can see they tried to glue them back on, but many couldn’t be saved anymore. (So, there’s just a whole lot of headless Buddhas too…)

Aside from that it was a pretty impressive temple complex…

@yuramec There was another cemetery across town, where the grass was green and trimmed, but this one reminded me of the colors in the Necropera background practice. I had to hop a wall to get in, and the state of decay was both sad and quite beautiful. Note that the figure in the background is missing her head.

This is the second attempt to carve Leopold’s amulet. The first one was the wrong size and shape, I feel like this one is a huge improvement. 4x3″ hand carved/burned wood, with pink Swarovski crystal eyes. <3

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What a Trump Administration Could Mean for LGBTQ Rights

We know that the LGBTQ and allied community are deeply concerned about the results of Tuesday’s election - and we are too. We’ve heard from many of you with important questions about what a Trump Administration could mean for LGBTQ people and our families, our marriages, and our service to country.

HRC’s Legal Director Sarah Warbelow and Government Affairs Director David Stacy, along with HRC Senior Program Specialist, HIV Prevention & Health Equity Noel Gordon, sat down for a Facebook Live to answer some of your questions.

Will marriage equality be overturned?

It’s not impossible, but it’s not likely. It’s a binding decision by the U.S. Supreme Court. Congress and Donald Trump cannot unilaterally undo marriage equality. Currently, all five justices who ruled in favor of marriage equality are still on the bench, and that’s not going to change anytime soon. It’s hard to imagine how we lose marriage equality.

Will my parental rights be challenged?

Most adoption law is set at the state level. The U.S. Supreme Court’s marriage equality ruling makes clear that legally married same-sex couples should be treated the same as every other married couple. We think that listing both parents on a birth certificate should be sufficient to establish parentage. However, if you are a non-biological parent you may want to take the extra step of also adopting your child - simply to make sure you have every legal tie available.

What if my same-sex spouse was born in another country?

The only concern is if your spouse has not come to the country with necessary documentation, isn’t now documented, or hasn’t applied for a green card. You should as quickly as possible ensure your spouse has a green card or legal documentation in place. If that is in place, there is no reason to believe your spouse would be deported.

Will protections for transgender people be undone?

One of the big things that the Obama Administration has done through the Departments of Justice and Education is issue guidance protecting transgender people and students. That guidance is at very grave risk; there is a good chance it will be withdrawn. However, that doesn’t mean underlying law protecting people from discrimination is going away. For example, school districts have a moral and legal responsibility to provide every student a safe learning environment. There likely won’t be the same level of enforcement from federal government under a Trump Administration, but people are still protected.

Can Don’t Ask Don’t Tell be reinstated?

As a technical matter, the new president could say that LGBTQ people can no longer serve in the military. That would be exceedingly unlikely. Openly LGB service in the military has been phenomenally successful. Military leadership feels good about it, and LGBTQ servicemembers have skills and expertise our military needs. That being said, transgender military service has just begun, and it is a little more at risk. But once the military implements something, it takes a lot to change course. If you’re in the military, if you’re openly LGB, you’ll have a lot of support. If you’re transgender in the military, this is a time to decide what’s best for you in regards to coming out, and we encourage you to speak with transgender military advocacy organizations for guidance while making your decision.

Will the healthcare I receive be affected?

There is nothing stopping hospitals and doctors’ offices from doing their best by their LGBTQ patients. Our concern is that a Trump Administration and the incoming Congress may push for huge carve outs allowing religious hospitals and healthcare facilities to discriminate against LGBTQ people by not recognizing same-sex marriages, for example, or not treating transgender people equally and with the dignity they deserve. We will be watching this like a hawk, and pushing back at any effort seeking to allow discrimination.

Will restaurants and places I do business be able to turn me away?

Unfortunately, both federal law and many states laws lack provisions preventing discrimination against LGBTQ people in places of public accommodation, including businesses and restaurants. If you have such protections under your state or local laws, that is certainly not going to change in the short run. Federal agencies and the courts will continue to accept employment discrimination complaints, but we do have concerns that the new administration will very likely not enforce these as vigorously as the Obama Administration has.

10. You’re my Arkenstone.

This is a fill for the WinterFRE.

Fíli barely listened when his uncle ordered them to search for the Arkenstone. Instead his eyes wandered to his brother, leaning against a column and trying to appear as if it wasn’t to keep the weight off his bad leg. Kíli had a habit of belittling his own needs in order to appear grown. It made him look only younger in his mere need to prove himself and he cursed Thorin for putting these thoughts into Kíli’s head since they had been called the heir and the spare for the first time. Granted, their uncle had never used those words himself, but he’d never done anything to stop them.

So when the other’s got to work in the huge hall filled with what seemed to be endless mountains of treasures, Fíli marched to his brother’s side and pulled him along wordlessly. The confusion was obvious in the brown, wide orbs, but Kíli was smart enough to wait with questions until they were out of sight and earshot.

“Where are we going? We are supposed to look for the Arkenstone,” Kíli protested meekly, but stumbled along instead of fighting against the blond’s grip.

It encouraged Fíli in his decision, knowing that the archer would be less compliant if he was feeling well.

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its the end

you say the waves are stormy
yes they are
the water looks scary
yes it does
it might just drag me under and sweep me away
it already has
you dont look at me when you speak
your eyes dont dance with mine
they linger around the 
outliers of my 
and maybe around my fingers
as they intertwine around
my own hand
you don’t give me your hand
let alone your heart
but then i assumed just as much
and its fine really
the waves are stormy yes
but i know just where to step
i know where to tread and where to avoid
i am good with land.
but humans,
or human like people
where does one begin
the process of
extracting their heart?
because my dear
i suppose thats all i 
really want
i’d like to take a sharp pointy knife
the kind that you would find in the
carpet bag of a 
shady self proclaimed 
who has higher chances of 
being a
shady self proclaimed
serial killer instead,
and carve a huge gaping hole
in the middle of your chest
I would sit in that cavity
and rock myself to sleep,
or maybe i would
take your heart out
and pour anything else I can find inside
into my own self
i feel empty
i feel cold
the waves are stormy 
the water looks scary



That’s the really disappointing thing about doing Star Wars. […] I was walking around with George [Lucas] when I got the part and he was showing me the art department. There were guys with chainsaws carving this huge submarine out of blocks of polystyrene, and as we walked around I said, “Will we go under water?” And he went, “What?” I said, “Will we go under? —the water, in it?” He went, “None of it is real.” And a little part of me died. [x]

fialleril  asked:

Okay prompts: Write me a thing about giant dweeb Vaderkin attempting to woo Padme.

WELL OF COURSE. for reference, an attempt on padme’s life was made, vader was assigned as her guard, because palpatine’s a shitty person who wants to make vader’s life worse. this is the period directly after they part ways. (in the actual fic, the scene will probably change - but enjoy the draft of it for now! i apologize for any mistakes in advance)

Red Roses, Too |read on ao3|

Seetoo had layered on the various silks and cloths thick, making movement difficult.

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The exterior of the Night Vale library looks like a standard stuccoed small-town library (though often without doors or windows).

The interior is huge and gorgeous, with carved wood shelves reaching up to the high arched ceiling, sliding bronze ladders, and archival wings where the hallways stretch to the horizon. Not even Tamika Flynn has managed to explore the entire building.

It also has librarian-blinds, hidden stockpiles of weapons and food, hideouts (or “book nooks”, each well-stocked with pillows, snacks, and steel walls) on every shelf, and multiple levels of makeshift walkways from shelf to shelf, which let book-lovers avoid the non-winged, non-wall-climbing librarians.