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Dear Artists-

I love you so much, you work hard to create beautiful things, but I have a question, (or maybe it’s a request.) Why are there never drawings of girls with broad shoulders? Not the super buff ones, or the really tall ones, but broad. Where are the drawings of girls posed showing off how wide their shoulders are (like we frequently do with drawings and pictures of guys) girls with short hair, looking over their shoulder, showing off a thick arm. Girls with long hair, stretching out and making their top half look even broader. 

Where is the art of girls with top halves that scream masculine, and the bottom halves that are curved and feminine? The girls with muscle filled arms and shoulders, with collar bones showing with every move, but with chubby legs, a cute little puff of a tummy. 

Where is the art of girls that don’t fit the mold? With androgynous bodies that don’t fit into the basic body shapes of apple, pear, square, or hourglass. I want to see drawings of girls whose arms are a little too long, feet a little too big. I want to see art of the girls like me, 5′4 with a size 2 waist and shoulder so broad that I have to wear men’s shirts, with hips all in turned and set too high, with boobs a little too big and hands too small, with huge feet but tiny calves. 

Where is the art of the girls with small shoulders and waists and hips, but thick legs toned from being active. With muscular legs but no abs and no arm muscle.

The disproportionate girls, the androgynous bodies, the ones that don’t fit the molds of normal, the girls whose sleeves are always too short, but pant legs too long, who squeeze their thighs into their skinny jeans but constantly tug the waistbands up, the small chested girls who have amazing figures. 

I love you artists, I just want to see more art of the girls like me, and more than what I listed above. You guys are amazing, thank you.

(And to the girls who are like me, it’s okay, I know, clothes are hard to find and we will always feel a little disproportionate, it’s okay.)

do you like Pink Floyd or The Smiths
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(BTW, I’m not really skinny, I’m actually chubby with big huge thighs and big calves, I’m serious. I just look really look good lol)

Inner Strength

Billy loved watching the strongmen on TV. There was something about it that just made him so envious. It was probably the fact that he still looked like he was in middle school despite almost graduating college. His body never seemed to gain the ability to gain muscle. Despite all his tries to gain it in the gym.

Sure he wasn’t the best at working out but he still tried moving the weights a few times a week. But somehow he knew that wasn’t really enough to do. He stared off into the TV at the gym as the muscular giants threw over the heavy tires and awkwardly shaped weights.

“Like what you see?” a voice asked from behind him.

Billy practically fell off the treadmill he was running on. He quickly caught himself on the bars. “Uhhh… What?” His voice shook from feeling so stupid almost falling off the gym equipment.

The man laughed. “Like what you see up there?”

“Yeah…” Billy trailed off. “They’re awesome. I can’t believe there’s guys like them. It’s just…”

“You wanna be like them?”

“What?” Billy almost fell off the treadmill again. “I couldn’t. I don’t have the genes. Or the work ethic. They spend so much time working out. I can barely find time to get on this thing.”

“Nonsense my boy!” the man pat him on the back. “All you need is a coach and then you’ll be fine. Coach Larson’s the name,” he stuck his hand out to shake.

“Uhhh… Coach?” Billy wasn’t able to question the man. He’d found himself lifted into the air and brought outside. Completely disoriented he stared at the equipment in front of him. “Uhh… Coach? I don’t think I can lift any of this…”

“Sure you can!” Coach was so excited to see Billy standing next to the large tractor tire. “Go ahead and try.”

Something inside Billy really didn’t want to disappoint Coach. He bent over and put his hands beneath the rubber. Deep grunts came from his mouth as he tried to lift the tire. He strained his body trying to move it. To Billy’s surprise it actually started to lift.

“Lift with your legs!” Coach shouted at Billy.

“I know that!” he shouted back. His legs were his best part. He made sure never to skip that day. His thick quads and huge calves were some of his favorite body parts. He’d been working on them for years to make them as strong as possible. He felt great in his body.

Sure he didn’t have a thin waist with a six pack but he didn’t want to look like those pussy fitness models in magazines. He was built for power. Flipping these stupid tires was supposed to be easy. Coach must have done something to this one. He had to of. Billy’s thick arms and legs could easily handle this weight. He pushed himself even harder. There was no way he was going to let one of Coach’s tricks stop him.

“RRRAGH!” he screamed as the tire reached its peak. The tire flipped over. “C’mon Coach! I thought you were going to give me something heavy!” Billy shouted. “This is way too light man!” He tossed his arms up in a flexing pose. His testosterone was filling him with energy. He quickly made his way back to the tire. With one hearty grunt he flipped it over like it was nothing.

Coach couldn’t help but laugh, “Will do. Next time I’ll make sure you can’t lift it.”

I want more fat girl representation. Not “thick girls”. Not “curvy”. Not “little waist but big ass and boobs”. Not “a little chubby” I want to see women with big round bellies, flabby arms, back fat, double and triple chins. I want girls with huge calves and love handles and cellulite. Fat girls smalls boobs and a flat ass. Fat girls with chubby hands and cheeks. And I want them to love themselves and be 100% comfortable with their bodies. I’m so tired of the one overweight character in a movie/show having to be the sad one that has to overcome body image issues to makes the show ~relatable~ for 3 minutes. I just want fat characters without plots centered around their size.
Antarctic iceberg quarter the size of Wales splits from ice shelf

The massive berg, calved from the Larsen C Ice Shelf, is about 6,000 square kilometres in size and weighs about a trillion tonnes.
“We will continue to monitor both the impact of this calving event on the Larsen C Ice Shelf, and the fate of this huge iceberg.
"The calving of this iceberg leaves the Larsen C Ice Shelf reduced in area by more than 12 per cent, and the landscape of the Antarctic Peninsula changed forever,” the scientists said.
“Although the remaining ice shelf will continue naturally to regrow, Swansea researchers have previously shown that the new configuration is potentially less stable than it was prior to the rift.
Writing on the Project Midas website, which covers Antarctic research, scientists said: "A one trillion tonne iceberg one of the biggest ever recorded has calved away from the Larsen C Ice Shelf in Antarctica.

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