huge calves


I want more fat girl representation. Not “thick girls”. Not “curvy”. Not “little waist but big ass and boobs”. Not “a little chubby” I want to see women with big round bellies, flabby arms, back fat, double and triple chins. I want girls with huge calves and love handles and cellulite. Fat girls smalls boobs and a flat ass. Fat girls with chubby hands and cheeks. And I want them to love themselves and be 100% comfortable with their bodies. I’m so tired of the one overweight character in a movie/show having to be the sad one that has to overcome body image issues to makes the show ~relatable~ for 3 minutes. I just want fat characters without plots centered around their size.

strawberryblondeyoungjae  asked:

Post 10 facts about yourself and pass it on to 10 faves 💜


- i have my master’s degree 
- i am a librarian (yes you need a master’s degree to be a librarian)
- i have a younger sister who is my best friend and i’ve been trying to get her into kpop but you know how that goes 
- one feature of mine i like a lot is my hair
- one feature of mine i do not like is my huge muscle man calves
- i’ve never had braces
- but i’m hellllaaa nearsighted and wear glasses/contacts
- i’m not super well-traveled but some countries i’ve been to outside of the us are: spain, the philippines, ireland, and england. 
- i really really really really really like disney world. 
- i play the piano professionally 

thank you for the fun! ILY BYE