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Aaaand more triforce voyage AU, now with colors.

Expect a comic soon.

Her Skeleton Will Lie In The Chamber Forever…

Too late…

Dedicated to certain members of the skk discord group (you know who you are) who have been screaming for crying Dazai since weeks ago

p.s. I made my own insta (yulicechan) so don’t repost my art without permission anymore T_T

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Oooh loved your voltron!!! Would you consider writing more sneezy lance??

(definitely considered!! this really should’ve gone up on his birthday but what do u know I fail at life!! anyway here’s more lance bc I love Voltron and I’m still pretty new pls forgive me!!)

Lance felt like he had bonded with Blue pretty well.

As much as he missed home, Blue allowed him and his friends to go beyond Earth and discover alien life they had no clue had existed. Growing up Lance always wanted to save people and be a hero, and Blue helped him do that. Blue felt extremely connected to the water, thriving the most when she was in it, and Lance felt the same way. He had grown up by the water, and had obtained his fondest memories by the ocean, with his family and friends back home.

However, one thing him and Blue did not necessarily connect on too well, was the cold.

Blue had ice capabilities, which Lance found cool and useful to saving the day, but the cold was something Lance just simply wasn’t accustomed to. He had experienced snow for the first time at the Garrison, and it truly was an enchanting experience, but shortly after he took ill with a cold and couldn’t perform to his best standard. He absolutely loathed this, because of course due to his impaired performance, he’d be compared to Keith again, and how much lesser he was than him.

Needless to say Lance absolutely hated this past mission.

They had received a distress signal at the Castle from a planet about a galaxy away; and of course they had to go check it out. That was how the Paladins ended up landing their lions on an icy, snowy planet the equivalent of Antarctica, but an entire planet of it. There had been a Galra ship forcefully taking some resources from their land; scaring the innocent civilians away into the shadows.

While the mission was a success, Lance did not have a good time in the slightest.

Lance did not like the cold at all. He preferred the glorious warmth of the bright and blazing sun, the sunshine that reminded him of home and the people who loved him. The cold was a harsh, bitter cold (ha) reminder that he was far away from his home and family, that they were many many galaxies away from him.

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I still don’t believe Michael is dead, at all
This is a telenovela
And the swore up, down and sideways that Rose was dead
Now he is going to come back in some dramatic way after many years, probably with amnesia, a new name and a new family (who have no idea who he really is so it’s an actual pure relationship which makes it so much harder)

Rose somehow faked his death, she knew she couldn’t come back if Michael was still around
He would figure it out
But she also promised Luisa she was done killing, so she did the next best thing to get rid of him (because she does really love Luisa but she can’t leave things up to chance, that’s not who she is)

But in the season finale I believe he will be back, Jane will of finally moved on and then she will see him

And seeing Jane will make Michael start to remember again

Straight out of a telenovela right?

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my cat doesnt use cat language like a cat?? i know cats pretty well so we we first got her i would listen to her when she started wagging her tail and stop petting her but she would rub on me and purr while VICIOUSLY wagging her tail, she also purrs when she is upset sometimes, for example, she will purr while clawing at you to let her down if she doesnt wanna be held !! its really strange, we have had her for 10yrs (since she was a tiny baby) and i dont know why but shes always done it !!

to be honest, that IS typical cat language!

wagging tail = highly stimulated. 

it means that energy, excitement, or frustration is building, & that all that energy COULD be released as a hiss/bite/swat. that’s why it’s best to leave twitchy cats alone, if you don’t know their particular mannerisms. however, stimulation isn’t necessarily bad or uncomfortable, & it sounds like your guy quite enjoys it!

purring = a multifaceted gesture. 

cats purr to express contentment, but they also purr to soothe themselves when stressed/in pain, and to socially communicate. this last type’s used when they’re uncomfortable & want something to be changed - instead of purring to self-soothe, they’re purring to appease YOU (examples would be: purring to be fed, or purring when trapped in a carrier)

you can discern a contentment-purr from an appeasement-purr based on other body language. like, if a cat’s melting into your arms & purring? contentment. if a cat’s trying to wriggle out of your grasp & purring? appeasement.

Too tired

Originally posted by shawnthecutest

Summary: Shawn stays up late to finish one of his songs and a very sleepy y/n comes to check on him.

Fluff (may give you some feels)

A/N: It’s just something short and i hope cute enough to give you some feels bc I’ve been really into Shawn lately and wanted to write something but I had this huge writer’s block so yeah, hope you like it :)

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   Shawn was sitting on the couch in the living room of his flat in Toronto, which he now shared with y/n, his girlfriend. It was almost 2am, he had his favourite guitar on his lap, scattered papers covering the floor and the couch. You see, Shawn had this amazing idea for a song and he’s been sitting like that for the past 4 hours, coming up with new lyrics to accompany the melody. 

    He has finished writing another line and was about to try it out with some tunes, but let out a long yawn. He shook his head slightly and run a hand over his face before getting up and walking to the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee, to keep him awake for some more time. 

    He switched on small lights that were placed underneath the cupboards, so that he can comfortably maneuver around the kitchen, without stubbing his little toe. He took out one of his favourite mugs, that you got him for your first anniversary, and quietly placed it on the hard counter. Then he took the right capsule and popped it into the coffee machine. As he waited for the drink to be made, he lifted up his arms above his head and stretched. He slightly bended to the sides and then moved around his shoulder blades until he heard a not so pleasent sound, but that little pop from his spine made him feel much, much better. Sitting for hours hunched over his guitar and notes weren’t doing his spine any favours. 

       The noises coming out of the machine made him close his eyes and take a deep breath, hold it in and then exhale. Then a strong smell of coffee filled up the room, immediately making Shawn feel more awake.

      While taking the first sip, which just burned his upper lip, he heard footsteps and a soft voice calling his name, “Shawn?”

      “In the kitchen, love.”

       A few seconds later y/n came into the room, dressed in one of his t-shirts and some underwear hidden underneath it, as it reached her mid-thigh. 

      “It’s late. Shouldn’t you be asleep?“

      “I’m just finishing a song, I’ll be done so-”

      “Shawn, it’s 2am. Baby, you’re overworking yourself again.” She run her hand up and down his back, his free arm wrapping around her shoulders, pressing her smaller form into his body. 

         Shawn pressed a gentle kiss at the top of her head, “Go back to bed, I’ll come to you soon.”

         Y/n opened her mouth to say something, but a yawn escpaed her mouth instead so she shook her head. “Nah, you’re coming with me. I can see you’re tired, Shawn. Please, take a break and get some rest.”

         Now it was Shawn’s turn to shake his head, taking three sips of his coffee. His hand was now resting on her hip and she wrapped her arms around his waist, sleepily resting her head against his broad chest. 

      “I can’t, it’s almost finished, I promise. Just one more hour and I’ll go to bed.”

       Shawn heard a sigh leave y/n’s lips and then she stood on her tippy toes to press a little kiss just underneath his jawline. 

      “I’m too tired to argue so I’m gonna go back to bed. Come cuddle whenever you’re done, rockstar.” Shawn couldn’t help but smile and placed one more kiss on her lips, she hummed in agreement against his mouth, and then left the kitchen with Shawn following closely. He stopped in front of the living room when he saw y/n open the door to their laundry room.

      “Love, that’s not our bedroom.” He bit his bottom lip, trying to stifle a laugh, watching y/n stop in her tracks, pure confusion written over her face. 

      She mumbled a “what?” and quickly switched on the light in the room to, in fact, be faced with a washing machine and a dryer.

      “Dammit,” she said before switching off the light in the laundry room, closing the door and going now in the right direction.

      “Goodnight, baby. I love you,” Shawn called after her, a smile on his face, a warm feeling spreading in his chest. 


She had been born on Dragonstone nine moons after their flight, while a raging summer storm threatened to rip the island fastness apart. They said that storm was terrible. The Targaryen fleet was smashed while it lay at anchor, and huge stone blocks were ripped from the parapets and sent hurtling into the wild waters of the narrow sea. Her mother had died birthing her, and for that her brother Viserys had never forgiven her.

Scarlet Envy (m) | one

Pairing: Vampire!Jungkook x Soulmate!Reader
Genre: angst / eventual smut
Word Count: 6.1k
Summary: Jeon Jungkook is one of the most powerful vampires in Aether. He holds the literal keys to the world and never in a million years, would you have imagined to find him bloodied and barely conscious in a back alley.
Author’s Note: I proudly present the first part of Scarlet Envy! Buckle up, ‘cause it’s gonna be a wild ride. By the way, let me know if I should do a glossary, I’ve been toying with the idea. As always, no set update schedule because I suck at time management lol Enjoy!

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The Ekstase is a swank place, with its chandeliers, upholstered seats and tasteful decor. The ongoing theme of gold and leather makes it look timeless, despite just being about 2 years old and the oak furnishing accentuates the fact nicely. You’ve been employed at the bar and lounge for quite some time, having stumbled upon the job opportunity through a friend of yours. Everything about it seemed perfect, you were being well paid and the environment was respectful, definitely a nice upgrade from being a cashier at your local convenience store back home.

It’s the owners, who make it a foul place to you now. They treat people with lesser means as inferior, laughing and sneering at anyone who hesitates and blanches at the sight of the outlandish prices required to buy any of the beverages being served. You hate the pretentiousness of it all, but you luckily did not have to witness a scene like that unfold too often, as anyone who earns under 120,000 gemmae usually does not enter anyway.

As a result of Paul and Katya’s elitist beliefs, security is of utmost importance to them, though. Their fear of being stolen from went so far as to have defence charms prevalent in every corner of the Ekstase, leaving you dizzy whenever you walked by. They affect you very badly with their aggressive magic, the owners, of course, opting for the pugnacious kind when presented the various kinds of defensive wards.

It is no surprise, then, that the backdoor is also ridden with defensive magic, leaving an unpleasant tingle on your skin as you push against the cold metal. The door is also heavy, which ultimately leaves you breathless when you finally step outside into the stormy night after your very last shift at the Ekstase. Raindrops hit your face harshly and you pull up your oversized scarf as to assure that the cold will not penetrate you through your clothing.

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“She had been born on Dragonstone nine moons after their flight, while a raging summer storm threatened to rip the island fastness apart. They said that storm was terrible. The Targaryen fleet was smashed while it lay at anchor, and huge stone blocks were ripped from the parapets and sent hurtling into the wild waters of the narrow sea. She did not remember Dragonstone either.