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What is the average low, average, and high cost of a skating costume? And/all interesting things of mention that might pertain therein?

Skating costumes early in your career tend to be much less expensive, in the $200-$1000 range, depending on if they’re custom made, what fabric is used, how complicated the design is, and amount of beading. Younger skaters often buy gently used costumes at club-sponsored sales, because they grow so fast.

Olympic/World-class skater’s costumes range from $1000-$5000 each, depending on what designer, how complicated the construction of the costume is (fabric, mesh, weird design etc). and of course, how much beading. So, skaters are dropping about $10,000-$15,000 USD on costumes for every season (gotta have that exhibition outfit too!)

Designers often work with skaters to create a costume. After listening to the music, they sketch a few designs. Every skater has preferences (separate pieces, body suit, skirt fabric, sleeves, no sleeves, gloves etc). and costumes are constructed to fit exact proportions with seams that are reinforced to be flexible AND especially durable. 

Sometimes a designer is NOT the person/team that actually sews your costume, so if they have a team of stitches, your costume is going to be more expensive. 

Here’s an article from the last Olympics that talks about costumes and has an interview with one of the popular designers. 

Fun Costume Facts (A Lot are Ignored by Ficcers):

There are actually ISU regulations regarding costumes. And you can lose points for violating them. I wrote a post about them here. (Memo: Yuuri and Victor must be much more clothed than they often appear in some writers descriptions. Yurio couldn’t wear his exhibition outfit for a competition).

Almost all mesh is LINED to prevent it from warping and stretching when it is professionally cleaned. Men sometimes get away without it, but tend to have it anyway…it’s COLD out there. So, no, Yuuri probs doesn’t actually have his skin showing under that Eros mesh…but he might.

Men wear dance belts under their costumes to support/secure their junk. None of the male characters are going totally commando under their costumes, regardless of what you want to happen afterwards. Women are wearing tights, but often wear no underwear (or a thong), because the panty line would show and they have “bras” built into the costumes. 

Skating costumes can get wet (almost all bases are waterproof material due to those falls) but they aren’t machine washable because of the beading. Beading is applied BY HAND. And most of the money is going to the time spent by the designer/stitchers laying down your crystals. If they are Swarovski rhinestones, you are racking up a huge bill (i.e. probably Victor). 

The warm-up jackets are used to keep the skaters muscles warm, since it’s bad for you to warm up, skate and then let your muscles “get stiff” and “be cold” suddenly. But they jackets are ALSO used to protect their costumes. It’s why you rarely see a skater walking around without one at a competition before or after they leave the ice. Smelly sweat is easy to clean out…stains…not so much. Also: you really wanna have to have those rhinestones replaced?

Exhibition costume aren’t always made by designers and skaters often wear old costumes or put something together themselves that fits the routine, depending on what they are skating to. 

Gloves used to be frowned upon and considered ugly because they ruin the line of your hand (and they do and they are). They became more common with the advent of the CoP because elements with blade-grabbing earned more points. 

Hope that helps!


Don’t Break This Deal AU comic, where Wirt tried to trick Bill, the demon underestimated Wirt, and both of them ended up sharing one body! Part 9, where we find out that The Beast isn’t just a memory, he’s got a new form, and he is good at using Bill’s magic. Dipper arrives into Wirt’s mindscape in time to be attacked, so Bill has to teach Wirt some magic stuff to get them all out of there.

Comic parts: | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 

A relevant memory: I was not able to buy insurance due to a pre-existing (and misdiagnosed) mood disorder so I was uninsured when I first started cancer treatment.

I had an 8 hour surgery to remove cancer on my thyroid and lymph nodes that left my vocal nerve paralyzed. This meant I was not able to swallow, or speak well. Within a few hours in my room I was visited by someone from the billing department to ask about how I wanted to set up my payments.

I couldn’t speak clearly so I wrote that I couldn’t deal with that right now but I would later. It was both dehumanizing and entirely stressful to deal with both the unexpected complications from my surgery AND the reality of the huge bill at the same time.

The ACA is not perfect but I am constantly grateful that I am able to buy insurance and won’t be denied this right in the future due to my pre-existing conditions and continuing need for expensive tests.

Having insurance also means I am treated much more normally at hospitals. I still pay huge premiums and copays but as someone who experienced treatment before and after the ACA I can testify it made a huge and important difference.

I am all for improvement but FUCKING HELL please do not forget the very real stories of what it was like before.


The Senate healthcare bill just dropped and it’s an appalling disaster. 

If this bill passes it will:

Completely defund Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood is an essential health care provider. Not only is Planned Parenthood the primary source of health care for many patients, but it also provides health care primarily to low-income people and communities. Planned Parenthood doesn’t just help with birth control and unwanted pregnancies. Only a small fraction of Planned Parenthood’s work is with abortions. They also help millions of Americans with cancer screenings and procedures, and preventative HPV and other STD shots, and other types of birth control. 

Hurt people with disabilities and pre-existing conditions. Because of the waiver authority in place in the bill, states have the option to limit coverage given to people with pre-existing conditions. Not only that, but the bill makes huge cuts in Medicaid, worse than even the House bill that preceded it. Insurers in certain states will be able to change their plans and how much they charge people with disabilities or pre-existing conditions, which will make millions lose coverage they need. 

Take away mental health services and coverage. If this bill passes, Medicaid will no longer be required to cover any mental health after 2019. This includes counseling and psychiatric services and medicine. 

Give tax breaks and money to corporations and the wealthy. The bill repeals all ACA taxes on corporations and the wealthy that help pay for insurance subsidies





I’ve been seeing a lot of political-based explorations and critiques of that episode, which are obviously very important and necessary. However, that’s meant the character-based analysis has slipped to the side a bit. It’s also probably due to the fact that no-one seems to be 100% certain on Bill’s character yet, but I figured I’d start off a discussion by throwing some of my ideas out there and seeing if anyone else has been thinking the same thing.

- Bill’s very open with her emotions, not just with feeling them, but with showing them. Definitely a lot of that is from Pearl Mackie’s incredible face, but I know Bill’s character was informed by Pearl’s acting strengths, so I think that’s a pretty credible thread. And that kind of makes Bill vs Cybermen both an obvious and powerful match up. Of course, I only really like this if Bill wins in the end, but if definitely looks like she hasn’t lost all her emotions yet, so she’s winning that fight. 

- Another note of Bill’s character is that she seems to resign herself to the fact that shitty things happen to her. She doesn’t like it, and she’ll argue a bit, but she doesn’t seem to expect that to make a huge difference? It’s really sad, and it’s been something I’ve really been wanting to see Bill triumph over, see her say “no I don’t deserve this and I’m not going to take it”. She’s been getting better at that throughout the series - insisting on her way to the Doctor as she gets more comfortable, but we haven’t yet seen a direct mirror of the threatened mind wipe from the Pilot. A Cybermen emotions wipe though, that is a thematic repeat, which gives Bill a huge opportunity to show her growth and evolution during this series.

Both of these are very much based on Bill not just surviving but also defeating the Cybermen on a very personal level, resisting and escaping conversion, and saving herself. But given that the thematic threads of this series seem to be very much pointed towards that ending, I’m 99% sure that’s where it’s headed.

I have absolutely no clue how it’s going to happen practically, but thematically I just can’t see another option.

BTS Reaction - “I’m still mad, but just stay like this.” Part 2

Anonymous said: Hey there! :) I was wondering if i could have the same request as the last person ( The i’m still mad one) but this time with their partner doing it? How would bts react? :) Thank you ~

Hayyy sure thing!


You noticed how off he was that day. The night before, the two of you got into a huge argument about paying bills and how a few of them were late. You could see in his face that the next day, he came home extremely stressed about work. You didn’t ask why - you just walked over to him as he was standing at the kitchen counter and wrapped your arms around him. He’d only sigh, stand straight up and interlock his fingers with yours.

“I’m still upset about last night, but I’m getting the vibe that you had a rough day. Just stay like this, okay? I don’t want you to be sad.”


After fighting tooth and nail with Taehyung over how much he was working, you noticed that he was extremely upset the next day. Apparently he had received a call saying that his brother was in the hospital due to illness. So before you asked anything, you walked over to him and planted a kiss on his cheek before hugging him from behind. He only turned around and pulled you into his chest, hugging you tightly.

“I’m not mad about last night anymore. Just stay like this, I need you.”


There’s never usually a problem between you two, but when he refused to let you look at his phone, things got complicated. You felt like you didn’t trust him. But the next day, Hobi was miserable, and you could see it. He was waiting for an important call from Bang PD and didn’t want to miss it, and you were giving him the silent treatment. So you made your way over to him and lightly hugged him from behind.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you mad and I understand why you didn’t want to give me your phone. It was stupid of me. Please just let me stay this way for awhile, I missed you.”


It started out as a normal talk, until it escalated and the two of you fought like crazy over the future and what was going to happen. He was leaving for tour soon, and you hated the uncertainty. The next day, Suga came home and wordlessly went up to your bedroom. You found him looking through pictures of his mom, who had apparently been admitted to the hospital. Your eyes welled up with tears as you walked over to Suga and wrapped your arms around him, your cheek against his back.

“ I was mad but I’m not anymore. I’m sorry about last night. Please stay like this for a while. I want to be here for you.”


The night before, you were tired and had yelled at Jimin for coming home so late from dance practice. It ended up being a rough argument before you retreated to the bed and him to the couch. The next day, you got a call from Namjoon saying Jimin had injured himself during practice and that they just got to the hospital. When you got there yourself, Jimin was standing at the window looking out into the city when you went up to him and hugged him tightly from behind.

“I was mad this morning, but I’m not now. Please just let me stay like this. I was so worried about you.”

“It’s okay. I love you.”


He couldn’t seem to understand why you needed to be alone sometimes. The two of you fought over it the night before and it ended up with slamming doors and audible crying. The next day, Jungkook came home upset and with his eyes bloodshot. His mom had called to let him know that his aunt just passed away from cancer. You saw this, and ran to him, tightly wrapping your arms around his waist and whispering quietly.

“I’m so sorry. Just stay like this for awhile, okay? I want to help.”


You guys don’t even fight. This all stemmed from two bad days in a row for Jin, who was told he needed to work harder or else he’d be excluded in the next show. He was upset, scared and was working as hard as he possibly could. You walked over to him and rubbed your hands up and down on his back before winding your arms around him in an effort to comfort him.

“You are doing amazing, Jin. I just want to stay like this for a little bit, okay? You know I love you no matter what.”

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(iDk if youre taking fic requests still?) but just one to throw on the idea pile: "Clara and the TARDIS"-style multi-Bill smut with some nice foot worship and/or bondage thrown in?

okay so i wrote this without re-reading the prompt and all i remembered was ‘Multi-Bill’ so uhhh kinda fucked it. no porn, no kink, very fluff. if you’re dead-set on filth try again in a bit, you would not be the first person to tell me ‘ummm no that’s not what i asked, try again’, and i do not mind that


Bill/The TARDIS, Bill&12, ~1.2k words, rated Teen for Implications and Situations but it’s very gen lbr

[alternately on the Ao3]

It wasn’t a fight, really. Barely even a conversation, just one of Moira’s monologues (exhausting under the best of circumstances) that, tonight, included a classic throwaway line about how it’s fine they want to get married, she’s all for gay rights, but do they have to throw it in our faces like that?

Bill entertained a brief fantasy of unleashing a stirring speech entitled “I Am A Lesbian And Fuck You”, before garbling out some stream-of-conscious rebuttal that Moira absorbed not at all. And then commenced to feel completely and utterly awful, now alone in the flat, staring down at her late-night prawn cocktail crisps, vaguely thinking about her Netflix queue.

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Dream Come True

Pairing: Jim x Reader 

Word Count: 1101 

 Warnings: none 

A/N:  “One of us thinks this is a date but the other thinks it’s an informal job interview” with Kirk requested by anon for my 300 Follower AU Celebration! I had fun with this one, so hopefully you guys do too! :D Also there’s pics at the end of the dress and suit style I had in mind if anyone’s curious.

“I don’t know if I can do this,” you said as your roommate zipped up the back of your floor length dress.

“You look beautiful, Y/N. if he doesn’t give you the job, I guarantee he’ll give you his number.”

“I don’t want his number. I want the job.”

“Oh please, like you’d really say no to sleeping with the infamous Jim Kirk.” You glared at your roommate in the mirror before sighing, defeated.

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