I’m finally back!

And I want to say – I’m really sorry for the sudden, brief disappearance there. A huge opportunity was given to me, and it came much more quickly than expected so it required all of my attention. Things are still being sorted out, but…I think I’m here now.

And, I see there’s been some newcomers! So, to all of you new here:

Welcome, welcome! To this…crazy blog. I hope you enjoy it ^^ Mun is a very shy potato, but please feel free to spam the inbox with whatever nonsense you can think of. Seriously, I love it~ (And bug Jack. Please, just…bug the heck out of Jack.)

Finally, a message to everyone else: I’m expecting to get back on replies here tomorrow, if not the next day! I know I owe a lot, and I for that I greatly apologize ; ; These past few days have been a roller coaster ride for me emotions-wise. But, I’ve also really missed the amazing rps that we have, and I can’t wait to get back into writing with you all :>

Have a wonderful evening, everyone~ ❄