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Hug0: Mm yes hello. I.A.N is it? Well, my name is Hug0, you know, Lore's creator. aND I CAN'T HELP BUT NOTICE YOUR BOTS ADVANCES AND IM JUST HERE TO SAY THAT I CAN DISASSEMBLE BOTS WITHIN SECONDS AND SO HELP ME KEEP YOUR BOT UNDER CONTROL OR... YEAH. I'm sure you get it. Good talk good talk.

“Really now? Vell i shall have za conversation with him about these so called advances and ‘unacceptable’ behaviors. ja?" 

lnkie-deactivated20151208 asked:

Hug0: Hey... It's been a while. How've you been..?

I.A.N. seemed to freeze at the familiar sound of that voice, slowly turning and facing Hug0, a piece of sketch paper stuck to a clipboard in one hand and a pen in the other.

His expression became cold, his eyes glossing over in slowly building anger, glaring the robot down as he spoke with a rough, agitated tone.

to distract myself from the emotional torment that is underway in today’s rp, have some Hugian (THAT I REALLY SHOULD COLOR BUT EH IM LAZY)

i have a NSFW version of this that im not particularly sure if i wanna post, idk spam me if you wanna see robot dick and ill post it on doodlefucks