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"Yami!" he runs up and gives the other a big hug and a kiss to his cheek, nuzzling against him lovingly. "Happy Birthday! You're the best partner I could ever wish for, and I wanna make today super special for you!"

Today was supposed to be a day like any other. But it wasn’t. The moment Yami woke up, he remembered today was his birthday. It was probably a sign he was starting to get more memories back again. It was confusing, but also a relief. The pharaoh decided to tell the others. Though some already knew, but didn’t say anything out of fear forced memories would have a bad effect on him. He didn’t blame them at all, he did have bad experiences with that before.

Yami smiled warmly when Yugi ran in to hug, kiss and nuzzle him. He hugged back, slightly flustered from the sweet words. “Thanks, aibou, I appreciate it. I’m glad we’re met, I’m glad we’re partners and… I’m glad we can spend this day together. Any day is special with you, aibou, so I’m curious what you have in store for this super special day!”

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Seb posted a message on ig, you can see on his tag on tumblr. He feels much, but had to cancel because he will be in Ireland for the filming of a new movie. So, who are the lucky ones who live in Ireland?

Aww. I saw that. My friends have actually met Seb, and I have seen him interact with so many fans in person. I will tell you that he truly does not phone it in when it comes to giving his fans some love. He was very sweet, and did a lot of things like give poses and hugs when con organizers said no. He was even doing free selfies for some lucky fans at his table. He’s been to WWCC in Chicago before, and I’m sure he will do everything he can to make it back there. He’s been the one Marvel guy who has consistently tried to get to as many cons as he can, and he doesn’t do that VIP only bullshit like some people. He tries to be as accessible to his fans as possible. Most of the Marvel guys don’t even bother to speak to their fans on social media, but he does. I just don’t understand the people getting so mad at him, when he truly gives more than he should ever be expected to give to his fans. He’s a doll.

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Can I tell you my Richard Speight story? I was at the Pittsburgh Convention early July and my friend and I went up to do 2 photo ops with R2M (I got 3 out if it because I screwed up yay) First we did a Matrix themed photo where Rich was shooting me and I did the Trinity jump. After that we went into a big hug pose. I was crushed so tight against Rich that when Matt and my friend backed off, I stumbled and accidentally grabbed Rich on his boob whoops. I apologized and he said it was no big deal😂

Okay so I specifically waited until I had computer access to answer this.

OH MY GOD. That’s so awesome and I’m really glad Rich was so chill about it!!

I’m also super jealous that you got to meet them all!! It’s one of my dreams. Even if I just meet Rich, I’ll be a happy camper.