They deserved to reunite in s2!!!! like wtf were they not back on the balmera planet together in s2??!?!?!! @ dreamworks… explain

This is me coping with the fact that it did not happen lol <333


in which Genji hasn’t changed as much as it seems

Hanzo probably looks vaguely uncomfortable/guilty every time Genji hangs around him and makes brotherly gestures now bc he’s still riding the “oh my god i tried to kill my baby brother i cannot be forgiven for that” train that returned with a vengeance when Genji reappeared.

Hanzo has a lot of stuff to work through.  Genji’s had 10(?) years to look back on the event and what happened and who he is now and come to terms with it and forgive.  Hanzo was basically hit with a feels truck + paradigm shift when Genji reappeared into his life so he’s pro ba b ly reliving the consequences of what he did pretty hard all over again.

Anyways, I’m p sure Genji just aggressively wants his big brother to be his big brother again

thoughts after watching the BTS drama

-wtf happened to all of jimin’s game
-yoongi was waaaay too into his role
-kim taehyung: actor
-whoever thought jin was normal i am deeply sorry
-vhope hard carried that shiet
-kim namjoon truly cleanses the burdened soul
-jeon is…such a freaking loser oh my god.
-everyone should have a crush on jung hoseok
-seriously. where is all of park jimin’s game (it like he don’t need it anymore…)
-jin should be the new lead vocalist