Produce 101 as Classmates
  • Jisung: Borrows some paper from you just to put his gum into it. Knows the students’ attendance better than the teacher.
  • Jaehwan: Makes a competition out of everything and cried when he only got that B+ that one time. Has an annoying laugh.
  • Seongwoo: The one sitting in the back making strange noises and blurting out random comments, but always manages to get an A somehow.
  • Daniel: You’re so close that you think you’re best friends, but turns out he’s best friends with literally everyone since he's REALLY popular.
  • Jonghyun: Everyone thinks he’s kinda cute. Until they find out about how obsessed with anime he is. Most find him even cuter through this tbh.
  • Minhyun: Looks kinda cold but reads Twilight in secret. Hides in the boy restroom during breaks from Seonho.
  • Sungwoon: Is terrible at art class but his doodles are true works of art. Always has like 100 pens in his bag (just in case).
  • Jihoon: Was really popular with the girls in middle school. Really hates the fact that high-school girls not necessarily prefer „cute“ guys.
  • Jinyoung: Rarely talks with anyone outside of his clique. His mother drives a really cool car though.
  • Hyungseob: Has all students of his school added as friends in Facebook but noone actually knows anything about him. Sometimes brings shady stuff to school.
  • Woojin: Never sais a word and only hangs out with that exact one friend. Surprisingly good at sports and winning in general.
  • Daehwi: That nerd kid that looks kinda not cool but after that one time you have to work on a project together you’ll realize he’s actually quite cool.
  • Lai Guanlin: Borrows everything. Never has a pen. Never has paper nor books. Gets a heart attack everytime the teacher calls his name.
  • Seonho: Gives the best answers. Clings onto different groups. You hug him once, you have to hug him forever. (#ripminhyun)
  • Samuel: Exchange student. Says Oh my God a lot during tests. Actually has no idea what’s going on.

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1/2 I'm like you, I'd rather analyze what is not to be seen. Yesterday I saw this gif where Liam is embracing Louis. You can see that he is being held by Lou, and a man moves behind Louis. Harry instantly looks at him and follows him with his gaze, straying after seeing that he just passed by Louis. This is a kind of reaction that we only have with whom we love. A feeling of protection.

2/2 Another thing. Liam said that “Louis came in”, but seeing the position of all, it seems that Harry entered with him, bc Harry is being greeted by Lou and is in the center as well as Louis. That by the look of Liam, it is precisely the moment in which he sees Louis, and all the others are in the extremity.//


I’m assuming you mean this video from the JHO performance on X-Factor?

It’s so fast, I’m not sure what to make of it. Harry does turn his head to look at something to his left side, but I’m not sure why.

What I saw:

1. The boys were comfortable in each other’s presence and were there for Louis. You could see in all of their body language.

2. The room had people they consider intimate: Lou, Lottie, Tommy.

3. No Danielle (incorrect– see addendum)

4. They may not have been aware anyone was filming them in the first part of the video. It seemed to be the moment when they all first met up backstage– Liam’s look said it all.

Niall didn’t look at the videographer even though he turned around to face them. Likewise, Harry, who is always so aware of cameras, did not look toward the camera at all. They were dealing with the emotions of the moment, and the videographer realized this would be a memorable moment to capture.

5. They knew they were being filmed in the next shot, the jumping sequence. This moment was for the public. That was when Harry stayed out.

Shortly after this video, Steve started following Harry on IG and liked his rainbow photo.

Bless Steve for his friendship with Louis. I could hug him forever.


Addendum: multiple asks saying the brunette on the right could be Danielle. She seems a bit tall, but I could be wrong. Addendum again— just looked at a group photo and I think the brunette is Danielle. Sorry for the mistake!

Don't Leave Me Again

Harry Hook x Reader

Warnings - blood, lanuage and fluff

It’s been 3 months since you first started dating Jack, son of Dr Facilicer the shadow man. As you walked to Jack’s house you noticed his bedroom light was off but green lights flicked throu his window. Once you climbed up his fire escape you saw him performing some sort of voodoo.

Your knocking on the window grabbed Jack’s attention. “(Y/N) your here early” he mumbled placing a soft kiss to your cheek.

“I know I’m sorry I just wanted to know if after we do this can we go out on a date? It’s been weeks since our last one” you tried to make sure that you where carefull with how you worded it to prevent him from getting angry. Everyone knows that has a short temper when it comes to what he wants.

He sighed “only if you brought the stuff and I finish this potion” letting a smile spread over your face you grab your shoulder bag and tip out it’s contents.

“One frog, a glass of sea water, a bottle of whisky and a lock of a young girls hair.” Smilling in joy at what you achieved, Jack picks up the items and carefully place them into the potion following his farthers book.

“(Y/N) Thankyou for getting this stuff for me babe but before we go on our date I have to get something else.”

Nodding your head Jack grabs your hand and pulls you out the window. As he interlocks your fingers he leads you to Ursula’s fish a Chip shop.

“Stay here please. I’ll be back in a moment” as he gives you another kiss on the cheek, he leaves you out side the chip shop sitting on the edge of the dock.

You slowly swing your legs back and forth looking at the black cloud over you. You shiver at the cold air that nips at your skin as the sun sets. After twenty minutes you start to get impatient.

Going against his wishes you walk into the chip shop. Looking around you can’t see the short hair boy in dark leather clothing anywhere. You spot Gil your childhood friend and hug him. “Gil! It’s been forever” Gil returns the hug and smiles down at you “have you seen Jack? He came in here about twenty minutes ago.”

Gil sighs and shakes his head “he was here talking to Uma but they disappeared out the back. You know he doesn’t deserve you right?” Gil has always been like an older brother to you. He never liked Jack and wished to kill him but couldn’t because he didn’t want to hurt you.

You let out a sigh “Thanks Gil. I better go look for him. See you later.” As you drag your feet along the ground you hear voices coming from behind the back door.

“Why do you stay with her? She’s useless and she can’t please you like I can.”

“I know but she’s the only one who knows where to get the special pixie dust that I need. Once I’m done with this potion we’ll get rid of her. And we’ll control Auradon together! The stupid girl is still sitting at the dock waiting for me.” The voices started to laugh.

You peek through the small circular window in the door and your heart breaks. Jack has his arms around Uma and is kissing her. You take a deep breath before slamming the door open.

“So your a lier, asshole, user and a cheat. I can’t believe I fell for you and I believed you!” You stomped over to Jack and kicked him in the shin. “I hope you rot in hell.” Just before you walked out the door you turned around and held up a small glass flask of glowing gold powder. “I’m sure you know what this is Jack. Pixie dust. I’ve had it the whole time and I was going to give it to you. But you know what I’m going to keep it for myself. See you in hell… babe.”

As you slam the door behind you, Uma laughs “How pathetic. Who needs her?” Jack chases after you calling out your name.

You see Gil and grab his shoulders “please buy me some time I have to hide the pixie dust” Gil doesn’t question why your crying and shoves Jack away from you. While Jack is on the ground you slip the dust into Gil’s pocket and nod at him before running off.

“(Y/N) RUN!” Gil struggles to hold Jack back.

You make it if of the Chip shop before one of Jack’s shadow men grab you. “Let me go! Please” they all laugh and pull you towards the edge of the dock.

“Well, well, well. Getting rid of that oaf was easier then I thought.” Jack appears from out of the shadows and whipes blood of his knuckles. “Did you honestly think that a monster like me would love someone like you” he lets out a low chuckle as he takes a step towards you.

He reached out to touch your face but you take a step back. “Awe why are you running from me (Y/N). You love my touch.” Jack grabs your wrists. “Now tell me where is the Pixie Dust!” You smirk and whisper in his ear “I don’t have it anymore. Your so stupid to think I’d keep it on myself”

Jack let’s out a deep growl as he digs his fingers into your arms “Where is it! TELL ME NOW (Y/N)!” You smile at him but before he can say anything else foot steps approach you.

“Now tell me what have we h'er?” Harry Hook smirks at you as he approaches you. His accent filled with mischief along with his smirk. Jack pulls out his sword and puts you infront of him with his sword to your throat.

“I wouldn’t do that if I where you Harry.” Jack challenged Harry and held the sword closer to your neck. “Ye'r always been so hot headed Jack. I’m h'er because ye beat up my best matey.”

You and Harry haven’t spoken to each other since you where eleven. He was a quiet boy who always stole your toys and flirted with you. He’s so much different to the Harry you knew.

“You mean Gil? That air head had it coming. He didn’t even put up a fight.” You see Harry clench his jaw and let out a growl. “He isn’t an airhead like ye!” Harry attacks Jack pushing him to the ground. He punches Jack multiple times. You stumble back with new tears falling from your eyes “sstop.” You try to pull Harry of Jack before he kills him. “No Harry stop he’s not worth it.” He stops and steps away from Jack who is now coughing up blood.

You feel something dripping down your arm. You look down at your shoulder to see a giant gash running from the base of your neck to your shoulder. You try to stop the bleeding with your hand but start to feel light headed.

Grabbing Harry’s hand you pull him away from Jack “common lets go” Harry refuses to move. You sigh realsing your arm. Blood covers your hand and you try to wipe it off. Before you realize Jack is up again and pushes you off the dock into the water.

As your falling you hear Harry yelling and a loud thud. Your body sinks into the water and the pain in your arm intensifies.

Living on the Isle you were to afraid of the water to learn how to swim. You slowly start to feel your body go numb when a pair of arms wrap around your waist pulling you up to the surface.

You wrap your arms around your savour as you take big breaths. You lay your head in the crook of there neck as they carry you to shore. Once your feet are on the ground you look at your savior “Harry? You saved me?” Harry looks down at you with a smirk “The one and only Princess.”

He bows at you before walking away. “Wait” you grab his hand to stop him “How did you know that I couldn’t swim?” Before he could reply pain shot through your arm making you fall to your knees.

You grab your shoulder trying to stop the now bigger cut on your arm from bleeding, holding back tears.

Harry sits infront of you and takes off his blue headscarf. “Let me help” you flinch away from his touch but let him look at the cut. “I’m gonna have to wrap it up to stop the bleeding so I can treat it back at me ship.” You nod your head and he starts wrapping his scarf around your shoulder.

Once he’s finished he picks you up and carries you to his farthers ship. “What about Jack?” Harry stops for a second “I beat him up. He will never threaten ye again love” you blush at him calling you love and lay your head on his chest.

Once he sneaked you past Uma’s crew and got you to his chamber he layed you down on his bed. Still soaking wet from the ocean you protested, but he wouldn’t listen “I’ll be back I have to get the first aid kit. I promise” nodding your head you watched him leave his room locking it on his way out.

After a few minutes he returned holding a dusty wooden box and a glass of water. “Drink this” taking the drink from his hands you watch him arrange medical supplies next to you.

“Thankyou for all this” Harry stoped what he was doing to look at you. “I saw what he did, what me Captain did. I’m sorry.” He looks away from you and continues to gather medical supplies.

You place a hand on Harry’s shoulder “It’s okay” he sighs and nodds his head. Inspecting your arm again he let out another sigh.

“For me to be able to clean this wound properly your going to have to take your shirt off” Harry’s cheeks turn a light pink as he looks away from you. You carefull remove your shirt leaving you in your bra.

He tries not to stare at you but couldn’t help himself. He mumbled “Wow” before he started to clean the wound. You flinch before he applyed a bandage being careful not to hurt you.

“Try not to get it wet or apply pressure” he wouldn’t stop looking at you. A cold breeze comes throu the window making you shiver. He walks over to his cardboard and grabs a black singlet and a pair of track pants.

“I’m sorry it’s not much” he walks out the door letting you get changed.

Once your done you open the door letting him back in. You look to the ground digging your feet into the floor “Harry can I stay here please? Just for tonight. I..I.. don’t have anywhere to go. It’s ok if yo…” He cuts you off by pulling you into a hug being careful of your injury “I’d love ye to”.

He lays down in his bed patting the space beside him. “No it’s ok I’ll sleep on the coach.” Before you can protest he pulled you under the covers wrapping his arms around your waist. “Please don’t leave me again.”

Noding your head you start to drift of with a smile on your face.

You finally got your best friend back…Your crush

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can we get some jeremy x reader headcannons?

★ You became friends with Jeremy in his senior year, after all the shit with the Squip

★ You’re new in town so you’ve heard literally none of the shit about it 

★you just wanna stay under the radar but one day you’re scootin through the halls and suddenly this sTRING BEAN OF A GUY COMES OUT OF NOWHERE AND RUNS INTO YOU

★he’s so apologetic and so almost freaking out and you’re just kinda stunned bc???? tol and cute???

★you two are super fast friends after that

★you’re good friends with michael too and you hang out with both of them a lot y’all

★honestly you’re probaby the voice of reason in all three of them 

★ “i could probably fit like twenty marshmallows in my mouth”

★ “jeremy nO”

★ you only tell him no bc your record is 19 and you don’t want him to break it

★ whenever michael can’t hang out you and jeremy go to his house or he comes to yours and you stay up late watching 80′s movies

★you’re really comfortable around him honestly???

★like you can talk about anything

★when he breaks up with christine he spends so much time with you bc he’s afraid you might leave him too

★you promise you never, ever will

★ he tells you about the squip 

★ you just hug him forever and make sure he feels loved and he knows its okay

★you, he and michael spend a lot of time together so you can take care of your baby bOY

★over the next couple months, you start to get much more cuddly with jeremy

★he’s soft sO WHAT

★late night binge gaming

★you’re player 3 and it’s the beST because you’re terrible

★you sit with him in his bean bag because hes ‘teaching you how to play’


★maybe you fall asleep on him

★he might have definitely has a picture on his phone of you with your head on his chest that michael took