Dating Remus would include…

-lazy sundays on the couch in the common room
-him smiling and helping you if you don’t understand your homework
-so much cuddling
-hot chocolate.. actually everything that contains chocolate
-staying awake the whole night during a full moon and waiting until he gets back save in the morning
-kissing the new scratches and scars that accure everytime
-him telling you random stories until you fall asleep in his arms
-Sirius, James and Peter calling you Mrs. Moony
-dates in the library
-forehead kisses
-him pulling you to his chest from behind and resting his chin on your head
-SO MANY forehead kisses

James and Lily Potter, the day they found out Lily was pregnant

- taken by Sirius Black, December 1979

when you accidentally write a tragedy instead of a sin

After breaking up with Sirius Black, Marlene started dating a muggle boy she met in the summer.

- taken by her sister, who hid behind a tree to take a picture, August of 1975

I just really wanna say I hope you all get the chance to hug Taylor this upcoming era and understand what it feels like to hear her tell you that she loves you back. I hope you get to finally give her that hug you’ve been saving for years. I hope you get to tell her the things you’ve always wanted her to know. I just want it to happen for you, okay? You all deserve that, each and every one of you.

Peter Pettigrew and Mary MacDonald on a night out

- taken by Lily Evans, circa 1978

I want a hug like that from honey bear (ಥ﹏ಥ)