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Summary: A one shot when the reader starts hanging g out with the Marauders all the time and becomes one of their best friends and the whole school is speculating and spreading rumours that she’s dating Sirius, but in order to set the record straight​ she kisses James square on the lips at the end of a Quidditch match and asks him out infront of everyone.

Flashback-1 year ago
I was on my way to the Gryffindor common room; when I stumbled across four boys, I recognised them; they were the four boys that were always pulling pranks on students…and teachers. They were Sirius Black, James Potter, Peter Pettigrew and Remus Lupin.
“Peter, you had one job to do…how could you mess it up,” Sirius sighed, running a hand through his hair.
“Ugh.. guys,” Remus said, pointing at me,causing the rest of the group to turn around and look at me.
“What are you doing here, Y/N?” Sirius asked.
“Well, I was on my way to the common room, but then I saw you guys, seem like you guys could use a hand with whatever prank you’re pulling.” I chuckled.
“How did you know we were pulling a prank?” James asked, raising his eyebrows.
“You’ve got a reputation around here,Mr Potter, you all do,” I said rolling g my eyes, seeing admit smile appear on James’s face.
“So I take it you guys need some help,” I stated pointing to the mess that was on the floor.
“Depends,reckon you can handle it Y/L/N?” James asked as he walked closer to me.
“Just you watch, Potter” I said cockily.
End of flashback

And from that moment on, I’ve been hanging out with them; we all quickly became best friends. But I had a secret that no one (except Sirius knew because I just told him, because he was the only one that untrusted because he’d become like a brother to me),and that secret was that I have a huge crush on James.
“Y/N/N” he began, sitting next to me, “are you gonna tell him?” He asked. I quickly shook my head, as I did I heard Sirius sigh.
“Y/N, you’ve gotta tell him,” Sirius quietly said.
“I can’t just tell him,Sirius, he’s one of my best friends,if I told him and he rejected me it’d be so awkward…I’d lose him as a friend,” I argued as I stood up from my seat beginning to pace back and forth in the room. I noticed that Sirius had also stood up and he stood in front of me.
“Y/N/N calm down.” He said, looking into my eyes, he could see the worry and fear in them.
“Come ‘ere,” Sirius calmly said, pulling me into a hug. I looked behind me to see that a group of girls had entered the common room, all of them glaring at me, I mentally sighed in frustration but decided to ignore them.

Time skip- two weeks later
“Where’s your boyfriend, Y/N?” One of my fellow Quidditch players asked.
“Sirius isn’t my boyfriend,” I said as I rolled my eyes.
“Sure he isnt,” James chuckled.
“Honestly, James he’s not,” I said in a serious tone, noticing how serious I was he just nodded and muttered an apology to me.
The group of girls that had seen me hugging Sirius decided that they were going to start a rumour about Sirius and I dating, which created a white awkward atmosphere for the two of us because whenever we’d be together people would either ask us if we were together or they’d just mock us.
But this was not the time to be thinking about any of that, because today was the day of the Quidditch finals. This was the last time before we left Hogwarts that we could play Quidditch. I was a Chaser, James was the Seeker. My job was to build up points until James caught the snitch.
(Skipping the playing of Quidditch)
James had caught the snitch. I couldn’t believe it. We’d won the Quidditch game! As I lowered my broom to the floor I looked over at James who had a huge smile plastered across his face. After the rest of the team had congratulated him, I felt this surge of bravery run through me and I walked over to James and kissed him…and to my complete surprise he kissed me back, dropping his broomstick so that he could put his arms around my waist. I couldn’t believe what was happening; as we both pulled away from the kiss there was a huge applause from the crowd and I couldn’t help but blush as I heard James chuckle.
“Well, I definitely believe that you’re not with Sirius now” he chuckled as he tucked a strand of lose hair behind my ear.
“So-uh-James…do you wanna-um, maybe” I stuttered,mentally slapping myself. Causing James to laugh.
“Y/N/N, are you trying to ask me to be your boyfriend?” He asked.
“Yes James…that’s what I’m asking,” I answered and before I knew it he had placed his lips back on mine, causing a huge cheer and applause to be heard from the crowd and the Quidditch players.
“Does that answer your question, Y/N/N?” He chuckled, a huge smile appeared on my face as he pulled me into a tight hug.

I just really wanna say I hope you all get the chance to hug Taylor this upcoming era and understand what it feels like to hear her tell you that she loves you back. I hope you get to finally give her that hug you’ve been saving for years. I hope you get to tell her the things you’ve always wanted her to know. I just want it to happen for you, okay? You all deserve that, each and every one of you.

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XDD ERA-SENPAI!!! *hugs*

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Missouri, December 7, 1908

If anyone doesn’t know, a masher was a man who you’d find loafing, usually on street corners, making unwanted advances towards women (catcalling, and sometimes even getting physical - trying to hug or kiss).

Marauders Era Preference: Hugging

Request: Hey I know you do moodboards and stuff but if you’ve ever thought of writing, maybe you could do like an imagine or something? Marauders?

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