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Anyone Else Notice These Things??

-Watch closely when someone gets in Max’s face/ swings at him (examples: those two times David yelled at him, when Preston yelled at him, when Pikeman swings at him, ect) he flinches. Badly. He just doesn’t give a short jump, he closes his eyes and he backs up.

-He’s kind of immune to pain??? Throughout one single episode, he gets stabbed, punched in the face, slapped multiple times, and he gets tangled up in a bunch of ropes. In another episode, he gets thrown off the Flowerscouts’ “proper walking/ posture” course thing. And he doesn’t really land in the liquid/ acid shit like Space Kid does. He actually gets thrown off. And I know a lot of detail isn’t put in this specific show, but that could’ve really hurt him. But everytime he gets hurt no marks show up on his body (the only reason I’m pointing this out is because when DAVID gets hurt, he gets bandages and scratches/ scars afterwards) and he kinda just walks off all his injuries. (But! In one episode he does get effected by one of Harrison’s magic tricks, and he points out that he doesn’t feel well… Three times??? In that episode.)

-He doesn’t eat a lot. He’s shown drinking coffee in… I’m p sure four different episodes, and he’s shown eating breakfast in one (EDIT: I watched the episode again cuz its one of my favs, but I noticed he doesn’t even eat any. He’s just playing with it with his fork, and he leaves for the shower before he eats). And while everyone else is in line for breakfast (season 1 episode 11) he wants coffee. Hell, even in the theme, he has nothing on his plate while Neil and Nikki have… Food?? On their’s.

-Max has admitted to crying himself to sleep (S1 Ep8)

And before you all come at me, yes. I know. It’s 110% canon that the a majority of the other camper’s lives are pretty fucked up, too. I’m just saying, like?? The other campers sometimes mention their life at home, but every time “home lives” are brought up, to me it feels like Max was scripted (purposely) to not respond.
I dunno.. This has all been on my mind for a while aofbakfjanf


2.05 // 2.16 // 3.13 // 4.13

I just realized that this is the first time bellamy is the one reaching out for clarke and not the other way around. Like all the times they’ve hugged before, she has been the one who hugs him first and puts her arms around his neck, now she just rests her arms shyly around his body. She is the one being caressed, she is the one being protected and bellamy is the one comforting her and letting her know how much he cares







sorry for the all caps i just was not emotionally ready for any of this… i just have a lot of feels and a brain that likes to torture me by coming up with angsty theories…   

Thoughts from a Mini Thrones-A-Thon

So I just spent the better part of the last hour torturing myself by watching clip after clip of Sansa Stark being treated horribly in Game of Thrones, starting with Joffrey showing her Ned’s head and ending with The-Scene-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named that happened on a certain wedding night in season 5.  It was awful, but there’s a method to my madness, I swear.  I wanted to get a sense of how Sansa’s troubles have changed her and made her perceive and interact with Jon differently from how she may have done had they been reunited after many years in which nothing bad in particular had happened to her.  

Instead, I found myself focusing on the different ways the various men in Sansa’s life treat her, and I’m not just talking about the differences among rape, creepy groping, and sweet hugs and forehead kisses.  I noticed right away how different Jon’s body language and tone of voice are from those of the other men.  From Joffrey to Petyr to Ramsay, and even Tyrion to some extent, all of them step into her personal space and take charge, leaving her with little to no agency or choice.  Joffrey bullies her and has her beaten; Petyr gropes her and verbally strong-arms her; Ramsay, even before he starts raping her, uses his torture and domination of Theon to show Sansa that he, and not she, is the one in charge; and Tyrion, while he treats Sansa very decently, guides her around within the perimeter of the gilded cage in which his family has imprisoned her.  (Granted, she was very young at the time; had she been older, the dynamic between them may have been quite different.)

Jon, however, is the opposite.  From the moment they meet at Castle Black, he (literally) steps back and lets her have the agency she’s determined to recover.  He even lets her approach him when they first hug!  And during both of their disagreements later in the episode, he argues with her from a distance; he doesn’t touch her or step up in her face, so to speak.  She’s actually the one grabbing his hand at the breakfast table and insisting on taking action, rather than the other way around.  And throughout their journey around the North, he respects her and her boundaries, especially her physical boundaries.  Even when they argue, even when he raises his voice, even when he’s annoyed as heck with her, he never lifts a hand to her (not even to within a foot of her); he never grabs her arm; he never tries to force his own opinions on her “because I’m the man”; and he never pulls a Petyr by trying to gaslight or manipulate her.  The one time, as many other Tumblrs have pointed out, when he initiates physical contact with her, it’s to give her a very gentle, non-threatening kiss on the forehead - i.e., positive physical contact, which she hasn’t had with another man since she lost her father. (Just to be clear, I’m talking about positive physical contact in general, not in a sexual context.)  In short, he treats her with utter kindness, gentleness, and respect.

Which brings me to the last part of my theory.  I haven’t seen all of Season 6 yet, but I’ve watched most or all of Sansa’s scenes in it, and I’ve observed that she acts markedly different with Jon from the way she acts with other men.  She puts a mask on around them that she loses when she’s with Jon.  With other men, she’s the shrewd strategist (i.e., council scene with Davos and Tormund), the brittle, wronged ward (i.e., the Mole Town scene with Petyr Baelish - and notice how she shows almost no emotion when she first rides to the battlefield near Winterfell with Baelish and his army in “Battle of the Bastards”), or the commanding Lady of Winterfell (i.e., the disastrous attempts to get Houses Mormont and Glover to aid House Stark).  But with Jon, she loses the mask.  She lets herself do what I did a very long time ago, when my parents and I had left a destructive cult and the therapist they had me see advised them to give me free rein to express the anger I’d been bottling up for years, so I could get it out of my system.  Well, I let loose (verbally, not physically), and so does Sansa.  She yells at Jon; she questions his judgment; she disagrees with and once or twice even ridicules his decisions - because she feels safe enough to do it.  At some level, she understands that he won’t retaliate with violence or gaslighting or putting her back in her cage, as the other men would have done.  She probably has faith as well in his willingness to forgive her for it because he’s done so once already, back at Castle Black when he told her there was “nothing to forgive.”  Yes, she goes a bit overboard at times, but then so did I in my anger, and once I’d gotten it out of my system I began to stabilize again.  And I think we see signs of Sansa’s stabilizing in “The Winds of Winter.”  I don’t mean that she’s mentally unstable, just that she was suffering from the sort of emotional instability that could be expected of anybody who has gone through what she has.  And, unlike many of those people, she has a gentle, kind, loving person waiting for her on the other side.  When she apologizes to Jon (and it’s a true apology, not one such as the men before him have forced or manipulated out of her) and says he is a true Stark to her, I think she’s showing him true gratitude for sticking with her and being so incredibly kind to her.  I think that she values the gentleness and freedom and safety she gets with him far more than she’d value being named Queen of the North, and that’s why I don’t think she’d betray Jon in a million years.  It’s also why I think she’ll fall in love with him once they find out about his parentage and open herself up voluntarily to the vulnerability of sex and marriage.  I don’t think anything short of what Jon offers could ever make her do that again.

Sorry, way too long ramble.

TL;DR Sansa has suffered unbelievable cruelty, manipulation, and other forms of mistreatment throughout Game of Thrones at the hands of men who take away her agency and violate her boundaries.  Jon treats her with kindness and love and never infringes on her agency.  She won’t betray him.  She will eventually fall in love with and even voluntarily marry him. 

Stepping aside (Langst theory)

Okay guys, now it’s time to talk about something important, a theory @lonelyoutsider​ and I came up with about Lance (thank you again @foxsmo-lder​ for the corrections!), about the fact he thinks he’s a deadweight to his team. We’ve got proofs of that in season 2 and 3, but there was a very important foreshadowing in the very first episode and I want to show it to you…
Don’t worry, there are pictures under the cut.

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That Malec’s scene at the end of 2x10.

When Alec went outside the institute and still couldn’t find Magnus he was so devasted. You can see him starting to panic really hard. Then fortunately Magnus came and Alec pulled him into his arms so hard. He was so relieved to see him alive and okay. He was panting so hard. It broke my heart. And then he started to talk about how he never was that scared. He said that he was terrified. And the way he said that “Magnus…” I remembered how casts told us that Matthew’s acting will broke our hearts and I thought that it will be in sad way. After Alec’s conversation with Aldertree, that “now I know that shadowhunters can’t be with downwolders” or something like that I started to get worried. Like I was SO worried that he is going to say to Magnus that they can’t be together, no matter what they feel, because he can’t take that non-stop fear. That he is so happy that he is alive and not hurt, but they have to stop their relationship. But then Alec said “I love you” and I don’t think I ever loved some character or scene more. The way Magnus had to take a moment to process that Alec really told him that. That he really felt the same way he did. Their kiss was full of emotions and it was beautiful. But that second hug, that is what killed me for good. They just had to feel each other, know that they are safe. Alec looked like he was about 3 seconds away from crying on Magnus shoulder. 

This scene was one of the best I ever seen on TV, and I still don’ t understand how could be Matt and Harry so amazing and talented actors. They understand their characters so much and literally bring them their soul. 

Why don’t I see anyone talking about the “We’re brothers” scene?

(forgive my crappy screen shots)

^These here are where Hunk is saying “We’re brothers man.I love you guys”

Look at Keith’s face in the first one, he’s shocked and surprised by getting hugged (as anyone might be from spontaneously being hugged) and probably also a little shocked at being told that he’s like a brother to Hunk.

Because as we learned from Keith’s vlog, he kind of expects people to leave him, and so just think how important that would mean to him.

But do you remember what Keith says right after that?

“G-forces mess with your head a little bit?” (Why is Shiro crossing the screen at this moment?? he’s blocking my shot, and also I feel like this means something for staging and stuff but i don’t know what :/)

Like, how sad is it that when Keith hears someone say that they’re like a brother to him and that they love him, he immediately thinks that something is affecting that person’s thoughts in that moment??

And then Hunk replies that “yeah, maybe (the g-forces are messing with his head) a little bit, it’s been a long day”.

Look at Keith’s face at the end. Do you think that for a moment he really hoped that Hunk had truly meant what he said? That he wanted Hunk to say that No the G-forces weren’t messing with his head, and that he could be loved and considered a brother by this group of people?

(Also look at the fact that even after Hunk releases them from the hug and puts his arms back, Keith still has his arm behind Hunk in a partial hug? Even Lance had moved out of the hug. LOOK AT HOW MUCH KEITH JUST REALLY ACTUALLY WANTS TO BE HUGGED)

But then as Keith starts to get up he’s slightly smiling again, and I bet you that he’s thinking something along the lines of “Well at least he thought I was a brother for a minute, and maybe, who knows, these people might actually stick around and care about me”.

He also probably thought that they’d have to stick around in order to form voltron and be defenders of the universe and so they CAN’T leave him and that’s why he got so upset at Pidge wanting to leave, because the people who were supposed to stick around with him are still leaving him… :’(