hug tackle

let's play "phan or victuuri"

- younger boy idolised the older boy and saw him as a role model
- wanted to meet irl because of a video
- takes “notice me senpai” to a whole new level
- moves in together
- older boy inspired younger boy to try new things and believe more in himself
- have matching accessories
- boy in glasses seem innocent and cute but can be dom af
- inseparable since they’ve been together
- shares clothes
- dog people
- performs in sparkly af clothes
- everybody ships them
- sht became real with a tackle-hug
- “born to make history”


3rd years Nishinoya as the new Vice Captain, and Tanaka as their Fiery-tempered Ace

Bonus: University-attending Asahi being smooched by an excitable V.Captain when he comes to visit


Half thought out idea that I felt like rough doodling.

I was thinking about how since Arthurs been looking for Lewis, how different things might have gone in Ghost if Lewis hadnt used a disguise. Arthur probably would have been tackle hugging Lewis before he even got his spooky threats out. Then he’d take him to Vivi, cause he wants Vivi to be able to remember Lewis and maybe seeing him will help. Arthur is just so happy and excited and Lewis is just lost.

So Mycroft Holmes has two siblings several years younger than himself, one of whom used to give hugs like rugby tackles whenever the opportunity arose, and parents who possibly weren’t the most observant people on the planet where their children (and wells on their land) were concerned.

Headcanon: Mycroft knows exactly how to give a bottle, burp the baby, change a nappy, how to read The Tiger Who Came to Tea out loud, 10 fun things you can make out of folded up newspaper and what it feels like when a toddler falls asleep against your chest on a rainy afternoon.

He doesn’t dare look properly at Sherlock’s photo of Rosie. One tiny glance and he can tell she’s on the 25th percentile for weight and not quite ready to start weaning. If he closes his eyes he can imagine exactly how the smell of her hair combines with John Watson’s fabric conditioner and aftershave where she has been nestled against his shoulder before being proudly passed across for a cuddle.

Don’t get involved, Mycroft, he tells himself firmly. Say something glib. Move the conversation on.

Malasadashipping Headcannons

• Whenever Hau comes to challenge Moon, they go out for malasadas afterwards

• They have a running bet that if Hau beats her, then she’ll have to buy him as many malasadas as he wants.

• Sometimes Moon will come home from the league for the day and climb through the window and crash at Hau’s place when she wants to get away from the reporters

• The first kiss was initiated by Moon because Hau is oblivious af

• Moon greets Hau with a tackle hug

• Hau loves to kiss her on her forehead

• Whenever somebody is hitting on Moon, Hau will run in, sweep her off her feet, and run away yelling “Sorry! She’s mine!”

• If somebody’s hitting on Hau, Moon will destroy the poor soul in a Pokémon battle.

Starters without words (just actions)

*slaps cheek*
*snuggles next to you*
*pecks on cheek*
*pats head*
*pinches cheek*
*grinds on*
*stabs back*
*steps on foot*
*throws baseball into crotch*
*takes hand*
*spills water on your face*
*throws snowball to your face*
*hides from you*
*pushes on the bed*
*brushes hair*
*nibbles earlobe*
*bites lip*
*caresses cheek*
*gifts flowers*
*hug tackles*
*feeds with cookies*
*blows air kiss*
*slams head into wall*
*cries in the corner*
*calls you*
*proposes to you*