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*poking little Tony's smol belly and fluffy cheeks* Aww who's the cutest here you are😚

“Tony of course is the cutest! But don’t touch my Tony!”

Sorry but it seems that our Supersoldier gets possessive and protective so let’s leave them alone before he smashes us with his shield :D

Since people liked the DR1 bloops/backstage happenings, let’s go 2 for 2 for SDR2/DR 3!

-Kazuichi taking Gundham’s scarf and running around with it, laughing when Gumdham starts chasing him

-After Peko’s trial, Kazuichi sings ‘Lonely’, replacing 'Nobody’ with 'No Peko’ until Fuyuhiko leaves

-Ibuki and 'Byakuya’ prank-calling the first cast when they film their cameos
-Bonus points if one of the OG’s calls back and pranks with the fury or 1000 suns

-Ibuki hanging onto random cast members like a koala
-Bonus points if it’s almost always 'Byakuya’ or Chiaki

-Hajime and Chiaki both crying during Chiaki’s monologue about the Neo World

-When Chiaki dies in DR3, everyone actually crying and Hajime’s in the back like 'My waifu, no!’

-Nagito making BDSM jokes when he’s being tied down for his death scene and Hajime blushing bc Nagito’s looking at him while he says it

-Akane doing sit-ups backstage with her motivation being chicken wings and Nekomaru’s kisses while Peko films

-Junko hitting on Mikan backstage

-Ibuki scaring people with her hanging 'body. She mostly gets controlled reactions, but she almost a few times (Hiyoko slapped her, Nekomaru and Akane both almost kicked her in the face, Fuyuhiko actually punched her, Genocide Jack tried shanking, and Peko almost hit her in the face with her bamboo sword)

-Both Byakuyas fighting over who has the cuter partner, with Makoto and Ibuki recording it in the background

-Yamaceles and Kazuson fighting over whose the cuter peasant/royal couple
-Bonus points if Naegami gets dragged into it just bc they’re a similar relationship

-When Seiko dies in Future Arc, Kyouko just goes 'Aww, I liked her!’

-Kizakura running around the set shipping everyone in the three arcs (Which includes pinting at random couples while screaming 'YOU TWO ARE MARRIED NOW!’)
-Bonus points if he even points at himself and Jin and says 'We’re married now’ with Chisa and young Kyouko dying in the background

-Chisa basically doing the same thing except instead of screaming about her OTPs, she basically just watches them like a hawk

-Teruteru actually being really shy irl, and him at first blushing and refusing to say some of the more perverted lines (irl Nagito and Chiaki are more perverted tbh)

-Hiyoko hugging everyone she makes fun of in the show backstage bc she’s not that mean irl

-The DR1 cast (Excluding Junko) watch the episodes and decide who they ship

-On Valentine’s Day, the cast recorded Fuyuhiko hugging Peko and screaming at the camera 'I lOVE HER MOTHER FUCKER!’

And that’s all I got (Sheesh this was long!) Hope you like dis dank!


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Could you do one where readers parents where abusive and so FP took her/him in when she was younger so Jughead is like her brother and Fp her father. (Same age as Jughead) they are both kinda outsiders and jug teases reader about liking Reggie saying it would ruin her reputation of badassery. Reggie gets jealous when reader starts spending time with someone else. Idk fluff. I’m really terrible at descriptions. 💕

Pairing: Reggie x Reader

Description: You grew up in a family that wasn’t the best, your parents were abusive towards you almost everyday. FP overheard yelling one day coming from your house, only to see them hurting you. Ever since that day FP took you in, making Jughead like a brother towards you. You two grew up together, and Jughead did tease you like a sister. Especially when it came to you liking Reggie but having it conflict with your reputation.

Warnings: Mentions of abuse

Word Count: 2,052

A/N: If you have a bad home life situation, please contact someone to get help so you can be safe! This was really interesting to write, this is my first Reggie imagine so it was fun to create. Hope you like it! :)

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Each day that went by you didn’t know how you managed to stay happy, or even alive for that matter.

Your parents were alcoholic drunks, who ended up being extremely abusive towards you.

They weren’t always like this though, before you moved to Riverdale your family was happy, if they did drink it was only at dinner.

However, since you moved to the small town they became heavy drinkers, then lashing out at you.

You went to school almost everyday with bruises, but you did your best to hide them with makeup.

One day when you came home, you were in a good mood for once, you did well on your midterm paper.

“Mom, Dad guess what!” You smiled proudly, holding up your paper with an A marked on the front.

“An A? That’s it?” Your dad huffed, taking a swig from a whiskey bottle.

“You’re supposed to be a genius, you’re such a disgrace to this family.” Your mother scolded, grabbing your paper and ripping it.

You stood there in fear, you thought they’d be proud of you for once, you actually thought that maybe just maybe they’d say something nice.

“Why’d you rip it? I worked so hard on it.” You whimpered, looking at the pieces on the floor.

“What did you just say to me?” Your mother spat, grabbing your arm tightly, her nails digging into your skin.

You avoided her eyes, looking at the ground.

“Answer me when I’m talking to you!” She yelled, slapping you across the face.

Your skin burned, but you’d never let her know that.

“My paper..” You mumbled, motioning it towards the floor.

“Your paper is a disgrace Y/N, just like you.” Your father joined in, throwing his bottle at you, which hit you on the leg.

You freed yourself from your mothers grip, running to the living room.

“Y/N! Get back here and face your punishment!” Your mother shouted.

“Stop being a little bitch and own your mistake!” Your father yelled, storming after you.

What happened next was the most fearful part, they’d start beating you.

This was one of the worst ones yet, you weren’t sure if you’d live through this one.

You were going in and out of consciousness when suddenly you were pulled off the floor and carried out.

All you remember was a man taking you somewhere far away from your parents.

You soon awoke in a different house, you heard talking from another room.

You had no idea where you were, just that you were in tons of pain.

You groaned as you tried to sit up, this made the two guys rush over.

“Hey take it easy..” The one said, he looked to be about your age but a bit older.

“How are you feeling?” The older guy questioned, making you groan again.

“I hurt.” You mumbled, clutching your ribs.

“I’ll get her some asprin.” The guy said, getting up and rushing to their kitchen.

“So, you’re probably wondering who I am, and why you’re here.” He spoke, as you nodded.

“My name is FP Jones, and that’s my son Jughead Jones, and the reason you’re here is because I overheard your parents fighting yesterday when I was walking home. It sounded pretty bad so I decided to check it out when I noticed you.” He smiled sadly, looking at you.

“You were barely conscious when I got to you, if I hadn’t I don’t know if you’d be here right now.” He sighed, making a tear fall down your face.

It was all coming back to you now.

Your parents nearly killed you, and FP saved you.

“Where are they?” You questioned quietly, still hesitant around him.

“I called the police, and right now their down at the station, going to jail.” He admitted, watching how you’d react.

At first you felt upset, but then it slowly faded, and to FP’s surprise you hugged him.

He gently hugged you back so he wouldn’t hurt you.

“Thank you.” You whispered into his shirt which only made him hold you closer.

Since that day FP took you in as one of his own, Jughead became the older brother you never had, and your parents were in jail for child abuse.

Life was finally good once again, now that you had a whole new family.

“Y/N did you take my muffin?” Jughead questioned, peaking over the counter to look at you.

You quickly hid it, shaking your head innocently.

“Me? Psh. No.” You smiled, making him laugh.

“You thief! You took my muffin!” He ran around the counter, making you get up and run.

“It’s so good! I couldn’t help it!” You laughed, trying to escape, but Jughead was too quick.

He picked you up, grabbing the muffin from your hands.

“You are so sneaky.” He laughed, setting you down.

“It’s a good muffin.” You laughed, making him roll his eyes.

“I wouldn’t know.” He chuckled, walking back into the kitchen.

You made yourself a bagel instead, while Jughead ate his muffin.

You really had become a part of the family, you were a part of the Serpents family now.

You had a bit of a reputation, which you enjoyed.

But you did however have a massive crush on Reggie, the football player.

You and Reggie had a few conversations here and there, you felt like something could happen, but Reggie was hard to read.

Sometimes you’d walk close together, shoulders would brush along with hands, but that was it.

Nobody really got to see the goofy side of him only you.

One day you two were at Pop’s, Reggie was trying to show you how he could balance a spoon on his nose.

You found it extremely funny, making him laugh and the spoon to fall off his nose.

That was one of the best nights you’d had in a long time.

Until Jughead ruined it by teasing you the second you got home.

Ever since then Jughead teased you about liking Reggie.

You would always threaten to hit him in the shoulder, but he’d always run away smirking.

You despised it when he did that, even more when it was around Reggie.

You were sure he knew that you had a thing for him, but like before, you just couldn’t read him.

“You know you should do a test to see if he likes you back.” Veronica brought up one day at lunch.

You looked at her with curiosity.

“Okay, like what?” You asked, taking a bite of your sandwich.

She looked at Betty, who was already in deep thought.

“I have a brilliant idea!” She smirked, looking at Archie.

“Oh no, no, no, no, no,” Archie shook his head, making you laugh.

Jughead instantly included himself in the conversation, you might not be related but he became your older brother who protected you at all times.

“You’re going to hang out with Archie around Reggie and see how he reacts.” Betty grinned, making Veronica clap her hands.

“Brilliant!” Veronica cheered, laughing.

You glanced at Archie who sighed and eventually agreed.

Jughead gave Archie a look, making Archie laugh.

“She’ll be okay bro.” Archie reassured Jughead, patting him on the back.

After lunch you all went to the lounge area, Reggie and a few other football players were already there.

You took a deep breath, before walking in and going up to Archie.

You both started talking and laughing, catching Reggie’s attention.

He watched you both intently, making you smirk and Archie roll his eyes and laugh.

“The things I do for you.” He laughed, making you laugh too.

“Hey bro, can I borrow Y/N for a moment?” Reggie jumped in, looking at Archie with a death glare.

“Sure bud, see you later Y/N.” He smiled, walking off to find Betty and Veronica.

“What’s up?” You questioned, looking up at him.

“Why were you talking to Archie?” He blurted out, making you laugh.

He was confused at first, not understanding what was so funny, until he started putting the pieces together.

“You are a little sneak.” He laughed, picking you up and twirling you, making you laugh.

“I had to know, and man did you get jealous.” You grinned, making him roll his eyes playfully.

“I did not.” He huffed, but smiled anyways.

“You’re such a bad liar.” You laughed, poking his arm.

“Okay fine! Maybe I did get a tiny bit jealous, but it was only because I like you and I don’t want you to like Archie.” He admitted, making you smile.

“Of course I like you, you goof, why do you think I gave Archie so much attention.” You laughed, shaking your head.

He only laughed, pulling you in for a hug.

“Well for the record, you did capture my attention, and it was worth it.” He laughed, grabbing your hand and walking with you to class.

Sure Jughead might tease you for the rest of your life, and it might lower your reputation but it was worth it, you were finally getting attention by someone who liked you for you, and it was everything you could ever want.

But you were incredibly thankful for FP, if it wasn’t for him, you wouldn’t be here today and for that you were grateful you had captured his attention.

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apparently because of the era mulan was in she should've spoken cantonese (or at least not mandarin) so why is mandarin the default chinese now?

hoo boy, this is a major misconception that i’ve heard a lot, especially from Cantonese speakers, who somehow believe that all people in pre-1000 AD China would’ve been speaking Cantonese ahahaha. I think this is an urban myth from some pseudo-linguistics rumours making its rounds in Cantonese-speaking communities over the last couple generations, probably stemming from the fact that Cantonese phonology is more conservative than Mandarin in terms of our syllable-final consonants, and the preservation of the voiced/voiceless distinction in Middle Chinese by extending our tonal inventory. A lot of people think that that automatically makes Cantonese the “pure Chinese language”, which makes me cringe really hard tbh, bc that’s not how languages work LOL. 

The problem with the Sinitic languages is that we have no exact way of knowing when and how people spoke back in the day, and the characters give no 100% explicit phonetic clues, so the best we can use as reference are the rime tables that some smart Chinese linguists compiled way back in the day. The most famous one is the book of Qieyun rime tables, which helped modern linguists re-construct Middle Chinese forms. Middle Chinese is said to generally have been spoken around the 6th-11th century, or somewhere around that range, and the Qieyun tables were published sometime in the 6th century, so they would’ve reflected an early Middle Chinese variety that functioned as a standard language in that time period. The problem is that outside of this standard language, people in China were already speaking their own Sinitic languages like they are today, some of which were already mutually unintelligible from one another. Unfortunately, there’s no way to track exactly what languages were spoken because all we have are the rime tables.

The early forms of the modern varieties that we know today as Mandarin, Cantonese, Hakka, Wu, etc all split off from Late Middle Chinese presumably sometime between the 12th and 13th century, some languages later than others ofc (except for Hokkien and the other Min varieties, who had a bit of a special development, but that’s a different story). Mulan (who btw was a legendary character; we’re not even 100% sure if she actually existed) apparently lived during the Southern and Northern Dynasty period, which lasted from 420–589, which would fall into the Middle Chinese period, more specifically in the Early-Mid Middle Chinese period, so she probably would not have spoken anything close to Cantonese OR Mandarin in her time. 

Another problem is that Mulan is said to have been from the Northern Wei Dynasty (北魏), which would’ve taken up the area north of the Yangtze River. Cantonese was historically spoken in southern China, particularly in the general regions of modern-day Guangdong and Guangxi. Guangzhou was always a very successful port city, even 1500 years ago, and became a very important cultural center even in the Southern Song Dynasty (particularly in the 12-13th century). In this time period, an early form of Cantonese had already developed, and it was also around this time that it gained a literary level to read the Chinese Classics. Therefore, it seems highly highly highly improbable that Mulan was a Cantonese speaker, considering that her time period and general geographical location did not even come close to matching the timeline of Cantonese or any other modern Sinitic variety. 

Also to answer your question about why Mandarin is the standard today: it comes from a place of political power. Nanjing and Beijing (lit. Southern Capital and Northern Capital) were always the place of political power, and in courts they would use a standard language so that there could be communication between officials from all over China, hence the formal name for Mandarin: 官話 (lit. ‘official speech’). And that continued throughout history, simply because Beijing was always the source of political power, and made decisions for the country. However, the implementation of Mandarin as the ‘national language’ in all parts of China was a relatively recent event (around the mid-1900′s), in comparison to the entire history of the Chinese languages. Before Mandarin was heavily implemented in almost all parts of China, most people were still speaking local varieties, which would have mainly consisted of developing forms of modern Sinitic varieties. 

TL;DR - Nope, contrary to popular belief, Mulan most likely did not speak Cantonese, and neither did a lot of early famous Chinese figures like Confucius, Mencius, Laozi, etc. 

Voltron Actor AU

- Hunk is actually the one who curses the most in the outtakes because he keeps forgetting his lines with Shiro close behind. 

 - Lance and Shiro are best buds. 

 - Keith likes taking videos of his cast members. 

 - Pidge and Allura’s relationship is like Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams’.

 - Zarkon being the oldest of the cast along with Coran would often end recording sessions hugging their castmates to keep them from freaking out (it often fails.) 

- Shiro’s laugh is infectiuous 

- Shiro and Keith are childhood friends.

- Pidge and Lance would exchange games in the trailer while waiting for their scenes to come up. 

- The cast says acting while in their lions are the hardest because they’re just looking at green screens and often has to rely on their facial expressions. 

- Zarkon and Sendak needs to wear green suits for CGI. 

-Shiro actually likes wearing his prosthetic arm. According to him, it makes his arm look cool even though it could get uncomfortable as the day progresses. (He’d like to take it home once the project ends). 

- Keith likes playing the guitar and is an actual sweetheart. 

- Hunk, like his role, likes making food for the others and is a real nitpicky person (most of his lines are adlibs).

- Pidge (Katie) cried when her real hair was cut off for her role as Pidge and was comforted by Hunk’s desserts. 

- In a lot of video outtakes, Lance would often trip even without reason earning himself the title “flat-foot tripster”. 

- Shiro, Hunk and Lance were seen in one outtake to be dancing in sync. Keith and Pidge followed afterwards.

- Lance is shy around girls and in an interview wishes that he could be as much of a ladies’ man as his role. He also thinks he’ll probably be bawling his eyes out if he gets stranded in space and be homesick.

- Allura says her favorite part about her role is her wearing elf ears and her least favorite part about her role is the wig. “It’s hot and heavy”, she says.

- In the first episode, Shiro was supposed to be half-awake when Keith and the others saved him, but the directors said to make Shiro sleep because Keith ends up laughing after both of them went to hysterics saying “I saw myself in your eyes.” and jokingly made out. (With Shiro still tied down the gurney).  

Monster Watch Chapter 4: A Disaster

[symbra, widowtracily, pharmercy]

[trigger warning: anger issues, arm-related injuries, animal attack, loneliness]

Nine days later
Angel Falls, Washington


Lena woke up to her alarm ringing. She groaned and got up. “’Nother bloody morning,” she mumbled, yawning and scratching her tousled mass of hair. “Em, wake up.” She turned to her right when there was no response. “Em, wake u-”

But Emily wasn’t there. Her spot on the bed was empty. Could she have woken up earlier? No, there wasn’t an impression on her side of the bed. She hadn’t been in bed at all.

Lena jumped up and dashed into the living room, theories running through her head. Maybe she was kidnapped. Maybe aliens abducted her. Maybe she decided she’d had enough of me and left.

But none of that had happened. Emily was crashed on the couch, curled up with Amelie, laying sideways with her head resting in a popcorn bowl. There were empty cans of coca-cola strewn about everywhere and several empty and half-full bowls of popcorn. A right proper mess, that.

Now that Lena thought about it, the two of them looked really cute there, lying on the couch together. She almost didn’t want to intrude.

Nevertheless, Lena put on a smile and shook Emily awake. “Em. Em, wake up.”

Emily blinked her eyes and slowly got up, mumbling something about Jason Voorhees. The left side of her face was covered with popcorn, and her hair was festooned with the stuff. “morning.” she mumbled.

Lena burst out laughing. “Love, you’re a mess.”

Emily raised an eyebrow and ran her fingers through her hair, pulling out two decent handfuls of popcorn. She shook her head back and forth, showering the general vicinity with popcorn but effectively cleaning her hair. She mumbled, “We were watching movies and I had a kip.”

Lena sighed. Of course. “Alright, I’ve gotta go to work. Clean this up, love. Glad you two had fun” She walked over to the door, far more stiffly than usual, yanked it open, and almost slammed it shut.

As she closed the door, it dawned on Emily that she hadn’t apologized for leaving her alone in the room. Ach, it’s probably alright. She probably understands. She reached over to where Amelie’s head was resting.
She poked Amelie in the cheek. “Wake up.” She poked her a couple more times.

Amelie’s eyes fluttered open. “…stop that.” she hissed.

Emily continued to poke her cheek. “Nope, you’re squishy.”

Amelie chuckled. It was an odd sound, both a “honhonhon” and a weird clicking noise. Emily laughed upon hearing it.


In the library attic, Satya was rearranging books in her foyer while Sombra explored one of the side rooms. It was full of random stuff; an unsettling little puzzle box, a very impractical breastplate, a pair of red pauldrons, a screwdriver-sized tool that made a buzzy sound, an eye pendant, and an inordinate amount of bottlecaps were among the things collected in that room. Eventually though, Satya found something that caught her eye. It was an old record player; but not just ANY old record player. She recognized the gilding on the side, the dent on one corner, and most of all the little purple skull painted on the bottom by a very precise hand.

This was HER record player. Her old record player. From when she was alive.

Seized with inspiration, she searched the rest of the room. Finally, she found some records… and yup, it was her handwriting on the backs of all of them.

And this one. OH this one. Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You, by Gloria Gaynor. Her favorite. Their favorite. She had even scrawled “OUR SONG” on the back, with hearts surrounding it.

Sombra hugged the record tight, overcome with nostalgia. She grabbed all the records and her record player and float-dashed into the main room where Satya was. Six baseball-size, eye-shaped wisps floated around, levitating books around and sorting things.

“Mi amor! Guess what I found?” Sombra said, placing the record player on a mostly empty table and gesturing to two of the wisps to set it up.

Satya didn’t look up from her diagram. “What is it?”

Then the music kicked in.

Satya slowly turned, a smile widening over her face. “I-is this…?”

“Satya…,” Sombra said as she floated up to her and extended a hand, “may I have this dance?”

Satya blushed. “I-I-I…o-of course.” She curtsied awkwardly and took Sombra’s hands in her own.

They danced, stiffly at first, but slowly loosening up, becoming more natural, until it seemed like their two shattered souls were one whole, and they danced a dance of flowing love and partnership.

And so they danced for hours, watched on by nothing but six prying eyes.


Another hockey game ended. Fareeha walked through the locker room, skates in hand, on the way to her locker. She played well this time, scored a goal, nearly checked another player but the ref wasn’t looking. They had won 6-3.

As she hung up her gear, she noticed a reporter for the local news walking up to her with a cameraman in tow. Fareeha enjoyed being interviewed; she had always loved sharing things about herself.

“So, Amari,” The reporter asked, “i’m sure the people at home would like to know; do you have some special someone out there watching tonight?”

Fareeha could feel herself blushing. She would have answered “yes” immediately… but did Angie consider herself her girlfriend? Come to think of it, they hadn’t ever dated… Hell, they haven’t even kissed! She didn’t want to come off to Angela as overeager, and she didn’t want to force her into the spotlight…

Fareeha stammered out, “Um, well I… that is, we… I think? Wait no… or… but she, uh, well, uh…”

As she stuttered incoherently, the reporter rolled her eyes and moved on to another player. Her moment gone, Fareeha decided to collect her thoughts later. She needed clarification.


Fareeha was sitting in her house with a mug of coffee, absentmindedly playing fetch with her dog, a siberian husky ironically named Anubis, while she brooded about her and Angela’s relationship, when she got a phone call.

She sighed and heaved herself off the couch. If it was Angela, maybe she’d be able to sort some stuff out.

She picked up the phone and held the reciever to her ear. The voice on the other end was not Angela’s melodious Swiss tones, but a cockney accent that she recognized as belonging to Lena. The happiness so everpresent in her voice was gone however.

“Oi, Fareeha. Glad you picked up.”

“Lena? Is something wrong?

“Well I… It’s just that I think I might be losing Emily and I need some advice. How can I win her back?”

“Lena, I’m sure that-”

“LOOK MATE you don’t know her as well as I do, just answer the bloody question!” Lena shouted angrily.

That startled Fareeha. Lena hadn’t yelled at her like that in years. She felt something serious hinged on her answer. “W-well, ake a big romantic gesture, eh? Something she’s notice. Something she can’t possibly ignore, ya know?”

Lena’s voice perked up considerably. “Brilliant! Why didn’t I think of that before? You’re the best, mate!”

“You betcha!” Fareeha said. Lena hung up. Fareeha knew she had said the right thing, but she still felt uneasy. Something was wrong with Lena, and that’s not good. Lena caused enough destruction when there was nothing wrong at all.


Fareeha puled her motorbike into Angela’s driveway. She parked it and checked her watch as she removed her helmet. 6:30 P.M. Angela was definitely home from work. She drew in her breath and steeled herself. This had to be done carefully.

She knocked on the door. “Angela? It’s me.”

Angela opened the door. She had a look of concern on her face. Fareeha never called her Angela unless it was something serious. “Ja, Fareeha? Is something wrong?”

“Angela… it’s about our relationship.”

Angela opened her mouth to respond, but Fareeha verbally barreled over her. She needed to say this, now.

“Are we… together? ‘Cause I know we’re more than just buds, but you’ve never called me your girlfriend, we haven’t kissed, and I know we haven’t even gone on a date yet. So what I’m asking is… uh, well… yeah.” She hung her head, waiting for the ‘no’, waiting for the door closing in her face.

Instead, she felt Angela’s fingers brush against her sides, hesitantly at first. She stood dumbfounded as Angela wrapped her arms around her and pulled her into a tight embrace.

“Yes,” Angela said. “Yes, yes, a thousand times yes, Fareeha! I thought you’d never ask.”

Fareeha smiled and returned the embrace, overjoyed.


Lena felt herself being shaken awake. She looked up groggily and saw Emily looking over her.

“Guuhhh… Em? Wha’s goin’ on?” Lena muttered groggily, rubbing her eyes. It was obviously night out, and the only light came from the desk lamp. She looked over to the clock on her bedside table. “Eleven thirty-five P.M.? What’s the bloody rush?”

Emily smiled. “Top o’ the mornin’ to you too, love. Got a call from Fareeha.”

Lena grinned back, suddenly feeling much more awake. “Cheers, love.”


The five compatriots stood on a hill on the outskirts of town. Amelie was staring into the distance.

“Something big, heading this way. By its speed, I’d estimate we have about a minute before it gets here.” She wrinkled her nose in disgust. “Mon dieu, I can almost smell it from here.”

Angela, already in her angelic form, announced, “Good. We have time then. Fareeha?”

“Gotcha, Angie. Alright, team, we got a sentient paranormal on our hands here. Werewolves are uncontrollable in frenzy, sure, but they’re still people, so we can’t kill them. Amelie, Sombra, you two and I restrain them and help me drive them back. Lena, Angie, Emily, you guys stick back and provide some aid if they’re stronger than they look.”

Everyone nodded, but Lena looked thoughtful, as if she wasn’t listening to the orders.

Suddenly, a slavering beast emerged from the treeline. Its wolflike visage and its loping, semi-bipedal gait marked it as a werewolf immediately.

Now’s my chance, Lena thought, I can show Em that I’m still important. She took a running start down the hill.

“Lena! What in God’s name are you doing?” Angela shouted.

“I’m doing this myself. I don’t need help from any of you wankers,” Lena shouted back. “Amelie, protect Em. You’re better at that.”

Emily and Amelie looked sideways at each other for a second.

“Qu'est-ce que c'est censé vouloir dire?” Amelie said.

Fareeha stared at Lena with a look of dawning horror. “LENA!” she shouted, “I didn’t mean do this!”

But Lena didn’t listen. She rushed towards the slavering wolflike creature, which charged at her, fangs bared. At the last minute, she dodged left and gave it a right hook in the back. It lumbered past before turning and charging again. Again lena zipped to the left, throwing a left hook this time, and the wolf turned again in the same pattern.

To Lena, it was going great. She was zipping around the wolf, it couldn’t touch her in a million years. She was in her element. She knew that she looked amazing right now. Why was this supposed to be so hard again?

“Haha! I’m on FIRE!” she shouted jubilantly, looking back towards Emily and the others. Surely this’ll impress her, right? She dodged left again, readying an uppercut…

…and suddenly, pain shot through her arm. She cried out, stumbled, and fell head over heels, tumbling for several feet before stopping.

Lena could feel herself losing consciousness. NO! She thought. I need to do this, I need to get up, come on! She pulled herself up slightly before another flash of pain wracked her arm, and she lost consciousness.

Back over on the hill, Emily saw her girlfriend fall to the ground, gushing blood from her arm… and from within the redheaded pacifist, something snapped.

“LENAAAAAAA!” Emily screamed, and rushed down the hill, brandishing her umbrella and staring at the werewolf with an expression to match the fury of a thousand dying suns.

The wolf turned towards her and snarled, only to take an umbrella hit to the teeth. And another to the head. And again, and again, Emily rained down savage blows with fantastic rage and accuracy.

Amelie had a different reaction to seeing the werewolf’s attack on Lena. She rushed in behind Emily, skittering as fast as she could, and made a beeline towards Lena.

She picked up Lena’s unconscious body with her strong arms and cradled her delicately, tears shining at the corners of all eight eyes.

“…cheers, love…” Lena moaned.

“Oh, ma cherie,” Amelie said. She tried to think of something to say to reassure her, but the words wouldn’t come. All she could do was hold her as gently as she could and carry her to safety.


Several hours later, in Angela’s house, Lena was lying on the couch, unconscious, while Amelie and Angela treated her wound. Emily sat on the floor next to the couch, whispering reassurances to Lena and crying softly. Sombra had even dragged Satya over to help, which ended up being Satya hiding herself in a corner of the room with her copy of Pet Sematary and avoiding eye contact. Amelie was busy spinning webs, bandaging Lena up wth her upper arms while her lower arms were engaged in a bizarre, fidgety process resembling some sort of finger-knitting with spare web strands

Why did Lena do that? Emily thought. She’s reckless, always been, but she’s never been suicidally so before.

Emily felt a finger tapping on her shoulder. She turned and saw Fareeha behind her. Fareeha didn’t look right. She looked… scared. The emotion seemed somewhat wrong on her normally calm, stoic face.

“Emily? We need to talk.”

Emily sniffled. “R-right. What’s the p-problem?”

“All right, I’m going to give you the full truth.” Fareeha took a sharp intake of breath and blurted out, “Lena thinks that you’re falling out of love with her but she wants you to be happy so she told me that she’s either going to win you back or just ‘fade away’ and leave the two of you behind and I told her she could impress you with a big romantic gesture which she apparently took to mean that she sould fight a werewolf with her bare hands.”

Emily was shocked. Falling out of love? Lena? Why would she think that?  She was struck absolutely speechless; all she could do was stutter incoherently.

Sombra popped through a wall and said, “Hey, puedo agregar algo? Lena appears to be exhibiting a lack of self-confidence, insecurity, and some emerging anger issues. She puts on a cheerful facade to protect you, I guess, but I can tell that sometimes she’s faking it. I don’t have enough data to make a proper diagnosis, though. My best advice is that you and Amelie make sure that she knows she’s appreciated.” She paused for a second and scratched her head quizzically. “Why do I know all this?”

Satya looked up from the book she was reading. “Sweetheart, you have a bachelor’s degree in psychology.”

Sombra turned around excitedly. “¿Realmente? Mi alma, does that mean I’m a doctor?”

Emily ignored Sombra for now. Her advice rang true, though.

“Lena was always the selfless type,” Emily said to no one in particular. “I remember, back when I lived up in Ireland and there was a fecking ocean between us, right? I’d planned to move over here and be with her, got me passport and everything ready, but I ran out of money. Rang her up and told her that we’d have to wait another month or so. ‘Bout two weeks later, she got a letter in the mail from Lena. A first-class ticket to the Seattle airport, and a note reading ‘See you soon, love! -Lena’.” She laughed. “When I got off my flight, there she was waiting for me. Ran across half the airport and bowled me over, she did. Cryin’ with joy.” Emily sniffled. “She’s always been so nice ta me, rarely gives a crap about herself s’long as I’m happy.  Can’t tell ya how many times I’ve had to stop her from doing some loony thing or another, though,”


“…and last year for my birthday we went skating even though she’s horrible at it but she loved it anyway they sold these corn dogs I didn’t want to try but she made me and it was bloody gross like I thought but not nearly as bad as that time we got food poisoning but even then she was there for me in between chundering her guts out and getting to the pharmacy and…”


“…and she’s just so stubborn and stupid and cute and stupid and reckless and stupid and I love her so much,”

Emily plopped down next to Lena’s unconscious body, sobbing, and continued, “Lena, sweetheart, love, please don’t go, please stay here, I love you, I love you, I love you so much, please wake up”

One of Lena’s eyes slowly opened. She whispered, “…was wondering when you’d get to that…”

Emily looked up, a smile appearing on her face.  “Lena?” She hugged Lena tight,as if if she let go lena would slip away again. “W-were you listening the whole time?”

“…yeah…thanks, Em…i love ya too…” Lea whispered, tears shining in the corners of her eyes.

Angela looked towards Fareeha, smiling, and mouthed “we should go”. They both walked into the other room, Sombra faded into invisibility, and Satya snapped her fingers and disappeared.

Amelie clicked her tongue and looked down at the two of them. “I… I am glad you are both safe. I will leave you both to each other now.”

Lena looked up at her and smiled weakly. “…nah, spidey…” she whispered, “…you can stay…”

Amelie smiled confusedly. “Really? O-okay… thank you.” She sat down on the floor and put a hand on Lena and Emily’s shoulders and watched as they stared lovingly into each others’ eyes.


Angela and Fareeha stood in another room, holding hands and listening to the rain.

“Seven days.”

They both jumped, and Fareeha turned around quick as a whip. Satya was standing behind them, staring off into the distance.

“…what?” Fareeha asked.

“Lycanthropy usually sets in in four days. Full moon is in three.” Satya elaborated, still avoiding eye contact. “Then the first transformation comes. A lycanthrope’s first time transforming is painful, traumatic even. Lena will go so feral she won’t be able to tell friend from foe. Something will have to be done to restrain her. If not…”

Satya didn’t have to finish. Fareeha was already filling in the blanks in her mind.

This was shaping up to be a disaster.



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My 3 Year Old Sister Reacts To: BTS - War of Hormone MV

Well, this is what a text reaction to a music video would look like~ And, as you can see, her bias changes every video though I mean honestly who can blame her for stanning V in this video??? So, which do you guys prefer? Or should I do a text post, and then have a video accompanying it of her cutest moments? Just tell me what you want to see and I’ll try to get it done~

Also, I hope I’ll be able to get another post up tonight? My computer is freezing as I’m typing this, so I don’t know, but I do know that two regular posts are going up tomorrow~ Sorry to those of you that have been waiting for a while, I got lazy over spring break and didn’t get as many posts up as I’d expected >.<

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