hug people not toilet bowls


Hi friends, I know I haven’t be so active lately, as some of you know I’ve been at the hospital interned but I am back and I want  to change and be an active tumblr again! So, please be nice!  


  • Must be following me (calm-and-restful) 
  • Must be following my current botm (hug-people-not-toilet-bowls)
  • Reblog this post (you can also like but it won’t count)
  • Any type of blog, but lest be honest, black and white blogs have 99% of winning.
  • Be nice please because I want a friend.

What you’ll get:

  • Follow back (if not already)
  • A place on my blog for all month or more (depends when I decide make another botm)
  • Promos, but you can also ask for them whenever you like c:
  • Reblog your edits/posts
  • Votes in polls
  • Fansigns
  • If I do a next Botm people will have to follow you in order to enter
  • Advice, help with html, etc…
  • My love and friendship (provided you want it)
  • Basically whatever you want

This must get 30+ notes, if not I’ll pretend this never happened :c

And I’ll pick my 5 or 10 favorite blogs and use a randomizer to pick the winner. This 5 or 10 favorite blogs will be promoted in a list!

You have till the June 30 to reblog!

That’s it, I think. If you’ve any questions feel free to ask ^-^

Good luck!
have a wonderful rebloging ♥