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For those who don’t know, I actually made another BnHA oc! (Jing is more of a bnhasona) I rather came up with her with impulse after watching and studying video of pandas. Mao is fiercely loyal and protective, she’s like a panda big sister! She’ll give you hugs or teach you how to chew bamboos :> 

The only drawback to her quirk is that if she doesn’t receive enough affection for an amount of time (be it a hug or a pat on the head) she’d turn feral and stop thinking rationally, in turn it pushes to her wild instincts. Who wants to hug a feral panda to stop her from being angry?

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This Panda wants to give some Love, Peace, and Joy today, Please take a cookie and pass on the Love to those that may really need it today. ❤ Life is sad sometimes, please share some Love, a hug, and a cookie. We have Gulten-Free and Oreo’s as well!

(p.s. sorry my posts are a little more emotional lately, thank you all for supporting my friends, I Paw-mise to make art as happy as you all make me feel ^ω^)


Chester Zoo - Red Panda Baby by david evans
Via Flickr:
Tight Hugs Red Panda Baby Cub at Chester Zoo 24th July 2010.

anonymous asked:

hello!! can u pls draw piper/frank friendship? :) i just love your art <33

Thanks, Anon! ^__^

Nico accidentally shadow travels to China with Frank and Piper and they get separated.Pips mistakes a panda bear for Frank and tackles it into a hug and the panda doesn’t appreciate it.

Guys, pandas are still, you know, BEARS. (like not just cute and cuddly) So no random hugging, ‘kay?