hug of the year tbh

Among The Stars

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Summary: All he sees is you and he can’t resist the urge to hug you, ignoring the fact that his action would be witnessed and photographed by thousands of fans.

Word Count: 3,273

Genre: Fluff

A/N: Inspired by that fancam of Jungkook and Yugyeom hugging after BTS won Artist of the Year (still not over it tbh).

His heart was beating sporadically while his clammy hands were still shaking, as he and the rest of the members joined the artists on stage. The initial stages of confusion were now replaced by disbelief and shock as Jungkook still can’t grasp the fact that Bangtan had just won the Artist of the Year award.

After receiving the award, the members had made their way to their waiting room backstage, stopping momentarily just beneath the stage to decipher what just happened. They gathered around each other, still in utter disbelief, as their gaze fixated on the golden trophy held by their leader. Their eyes flickered back and forth between the trophy and each other, as if they were watching a game of table tennis, trying to make sense of the situation and waiting for someone to reveal that it’s all a hidden camera. Which, would be the cruelest prank in history, topping the elevator prank back during their debut year.

As they returned to the main stage, they were bombarded with numerous amounts of congratulatory messages from their seniors, friends, and other idols. With each pat on the back and hug they received, it only solidified the fact that this was indeed reality and what just happened moments ago, when they were announced as the winners, was not a dream.

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happy birthday Olivia ♥ (◕◡◕)

Hide and Kaneki hugging and Kaneki holding onto him really tight, not wanting to let go. Hide comments about their hugs aren’t soft anymore because Kaneki (and probably Hide) are all muscly now, and Kaneki says he’ll swear thicker and softer sweaters if he has to. No one, not Banjou, Touka, Hinami, Shuu, Amon, Akira, NO ONE is able to pry these two out of their hug for the next 40 years tbh