hug me backpack


Wow, I didn’t think the last doodle of my forces oc would get so many notes! It makes me really happy to know that people like her <3

I’ve updated her a little bits with blue shorts instead of bike shorts, and she’s got a name now. Assuming we’re allowed to name our characters in forces, she’s Rudey the Rabbit!

one of the most amaze parts of going back to school, is watching teachers bring box after box of supplies to their classrooms.

in our school district, every classroom gets; student desks & chairs, one file cabinet, and one shelf, and one set of textbooks- anything and everything else, must be found/bought by the teacher themselves.

each teacher receives a grand total of $0 dollars towards their room.  All of our paychecks are abysmally low (a single 2% raise in a decade), yet our teachers make these purchases out of their pockets and the kindness of their hearts. 

warms my cockles!