hug kiss and shake hands

Romano: The moment he saw the hand coming for you he would already be enraged. The moment the hand connected to your skin he would be in a blind fury. Pity the man who hits his love at all, pity the man even more for hitting them in front of him. Before even you could fully react, he’d be a blur, flying “claws out” and ready to enact his revenge. He would punch first and consider asking questions later. For such a small man, when enraged, he packs a wallop. Once he’s dropped the offending excuse for a human being, he would turn his attention towards you and ask if you were alright. He’d still sound angry, he’d be coming off his anger-high, but his eyes would tell you he was scared and worried. He would reach for you with shaking hands, hug you, kiss you, and remove you from the situation. He would bring you to the police station so you could report what happened.

Spain: He would make an enraged noise the moment he saw the hand coming for you. He would try to throw himself between you and the man, but would not make it in him. His own fist, however, would already be flying in retaliation before anyone else could react to what just happened. One solid punch was all he needed to land before flying into a rage of questions, asking why he had done such a thing and “who do you think you are?!” he would slip between English and Spanish, not giving the man a chance to get a word in edgewise. He would draw himself up to his full height, and when finally out of words and curses to throw at the man, he would demand an apology and explanation. Then, he would take you, kiss you, ensure you were alright, then take you to the police station to file a report, then to the hospital to get looked at by a medical professional. Perhaps a little overboard (the hospital, not filing a police report), but he wanted to make sure you were 100% alright.

Italy: He never would have thought someone would ever have the desire to hit you - it must have been an accident! The moment he heard his hand connect with your face he would scream. He would break down in tears and grab you, pulling you into his chest and then pushing you to stand behind him. “Why would you do this?” he would cry out to the man, sobbing for some sort of reasonable explanation as to why he would do such a thing. His fear and concern would turn to rage when he did not get the answer he was looking for. He would not physically act out, but he would give the man a piece of his mind, before taking you by the hand and pulling you away. Once safe, he would thoroughly inspect you to make sure you were alright, all while dropping feather-light kisses to the top of your head, your cheeks, your hands, trying to reassure you (and himself) that everything was okay. 


I told you all I would post the gifs I’ve had those 20 mins of time… LOL a rarity these days.

So for the play-by-play with stills you can refer to my post from last night here:

But in short this is what happens.
Gifs above: Cranston, after arriving and hugging and kissing everyone, including Tony and Kerry, delivers a mere hand shake to the Nnobody because of course he has no idea who he is, so introduces himself. Cranston then goes to get water for everyone, and gives it to bald dude first (apologies, I don’t remember his name) and to the Nnobody. Nnobody of course is standing there like a pole, doing nothing and not thinking of doing something for others, let alone for his supposed wife.
The Nnobody takes the bottle, and keeps it! 😂😂 Because hell, priorities. It’s ME first.

Gifs below: All the while CRANSTON points at Kerry asking her if she wants water (first gif below). Because HE worries for Kerry, and goes to get her water, while her supposed husband is playing with the bottle he just got from Cranston. While that happens, Kerry catches the attention of the Nnobody and tells him to give up the damn bottle cause he is at least supposed to play a part (second gif below).

Don’t even think about opening the bottle or you know,the doting husband stuff that Tony does, the Nnobody must be told to give up the bottle, he ain’t thinking of opening anything.

So he gives up the bottle, while Cranston who was the one preoccupying himself with asking Kerry if she wanted some water, too, goes to get another bottle and throws it at the Nnobody, who, miraculously manages to catch something other than a cold, after years. Last he tried, he couldn’t even catch rival players. Truth be told, Cranston got in touch with his inner Brady for this throw, so there’s that. 😂😂😂

Then he just stays there with his best friends… the Emmy screen and the bottle. While Kerry is struggling to open the bottle and he doesn’t ever turn an eye in her direction. 😂 😂 😂

Tony is right behind her the whole time, chatting with another colleague, not able to intervene because well… the screenplay envisages fake husband presence, so theoretically that’s HIS task.

I mean seriously… and you’ve seen the video with what Tony did. MORE from this backstage stuff coming because we have 1) the REAL story behind the “holding hand” photo and 2) for those imbecilic anons saying Tony was flirting with Anjula… Tony speaking with her (when they said she was flirting)… ABOUT KERRY. Oops.

London Spy:  7 small moments where the filmed version improves on the script

1.  Script:


At the doorstep. A goodbye. Joe raises a hand for Danny to shake. A stilted formality. Yet it isn’t disappointing or anti-climatic.  Danny finds it cute and happily shakes his hand. 


Danny walking away, with a spring in his step, as though the date couldn’t feasibly have gone better.  

Danny doesn’t look to me like he sees anything cute about the handshake, and he only gets the spring in his step when he looks back and sees Alex watching him:

2.  Script:

He goes to give Alex a hug. A kiss maybe. At the same time Alex goes to shake his hand. Suddenly Danny loses his patience.

You’ve got to stop shaking my hand. 

You can’t hear it in the gif of course I don’t see Danny losing his patience here.  He’s firm, but almost gentle, like he’s trying to help Alex learn how to respond normally in a date situation.

3.  Script:


Danny exits. And bumps into Alex. Both of them had the same thought at same time. Both relieved.

Now doesn’t this work better than a mutual change of mind?  Danny goes back and finds Alex waiting mournfully outside.

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