hug for jill

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“I belive that Piers deserved better, Excella is…alright-ish, Chris is that dad friend we all wish to have, Claire and Jill are badasses, Ethan is pure and hates bugs just as much as I do, AlBeRt WeSkEr is NoT dEaD, Sheva was 10/10 , Alex wesker was a weeaboo, Birkin should have been in the series longer tbh, Leon is secretly afraid of p much everything that is going on, b.o.w.’s lives matter, Sherry was probably behind everything in RE 2, Alfred has the gayest laugh, and 95% of the other characters (and ones I stated) deserve a hug. Like just a nice supportive hug. Because by now if I was around that shit I would be not only mentally disturbed but also physically, and for most of them to be able to survive this nightmare…true mvp’s”


Buckle up kids it’s rant time.
Today’s topic; People who say his relationship with Chris is toxic and try to bash him for the way he treats Chris.

[If people will request, or if it’ll get too long, I’ll just put it under read more. But I intend for it to be short and to the point.
Also excuse me, English is not my first language and I also have speech problems.

*Clasping hands together, inhaling*

I know that Piers is being very harsh on Chris, trying to force memories on him, basically kidnapping him on a mission, scolding him when he has the chance and going as far as saying “It’s good that Finn isn’t around to see you like this”.
Chris is suffering from PTSD and survivor’s guilt, then picked up drinking. He lost his team which he counted as family, and at Chapter 3, beginning to lose his men one by one with “Ada” just waving with her presence. He doesn’t need Piers to yell and remind him that he is fucking up. Right.

But they don’t have time for that. They don’t have time to sit down and collect their thoughts, Chris can’t afford to have a breakdown in the middle of the mission, they need to act, they need to work, and Piers put his relationship with Chris at risk to make sure they do it.
You can’t always comfort a person. Sometimes a person doesn’t need comforting. Sometimes a person needs a good slap in the face with reality. It’s not a new concept. Hell, Chris ADMITTED that Piers was right after he cooled down for like half a chapter.
Piers didn’t play a “I told you” card or “I’m always right”. He moved on like an adult should do.

After Marco’s death, when Piers was “bashing” Chris for his behavior, no matter how angry Chris got, going as far as to almost raising his hand on the other, Piers didn’t show any fear and you know what?
It was easy to see how Chris realizes that Piers was right.
He couldn’t beat him, not only because he has [Some] self-control, but also because he was right. It’s also shown further when after each stare-down with Chris, Piers only allows himself to express his shock only after the point has been taken, and Chris isn’t watching.

Piers’ role in the game was to put Chris back on track after what happaned in Edonia. He’s supposed to be his moral compass, his sense of duty. As soon as they reached Chapter 5, where Chris begins acting more and more like his old self and their conflict is over, Piers realizes he’s not needed anymore and allows himself to stay behind after he did everything he could.

Piers would do anything for Chris, and that’s exactly what he did. People act like he wasn’t affected by any of the shit happened in Edonia, that he wasn’t affected by losing Alpha Team again, but the man was on a mission. He wasn’t as emotionally invested, but he did have to drag his unconcious Captain from B.O.Ws which were his F R I E N D S and T E A M, while Chris couldn’t even do that. He HAD to. He couldn’t hesitate because Chris would die. He dragged him out and likely put his friends out of their misery, and then he had another team for six months. A team that HE was their Captain, HE leaded them, for SIX MONTHS, until Chris came back and killed them on his first night.
After all that he still believed in Chris and put his own life in his hands, trying to set him back on the right path and going as far as to sacrifice his own life 

Also don’t say that Piers was flat out shit to him. He tried to approach him gently more than once but he saw that it isn’t working, that Chris is stubborn and that vengence is eating at him and that’s when you’ve gotta take the big guns.

Screencaps of this below the cut because it’s too long already and I’m sorry everyone for having this block on your dash. It just bothered me.

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Tyler Bate - Meeting the Family

Prompt: “I think you forgot who wears the pants in this relationship” + “I’ll just tell your mom on you.” With Tyler Bate?
Requested: by anon
Warnings: None
Words: 900+

“I regret this” you said as Tyler held the door open for you to get into the car. You were in England with NXT and Tyler’s family were having a little get together because he hadn’t been home in a long time. So after 10 months of dating, Tyler thought it would be a good idea to introduce you to his family. And you did too. Until the day actually came. 

“You’ll be fine, they will love you” Tyler smiled closing the door and getting into the driver’s seat. It was a just over a 2-hour drive from London to Tyler’s parent’s house in Dudley and you thought that would give you time to prepare yourself but it just made you more nervous. “We’re here” Tyler smiled turning the car off. You sighed leaning your head back against the headrest. “Gorgeous, don’t worry they will love you” 

“I’m not good with parents” You sighed as Tyler grabbed your hand walking towards the house “Oh god, we should have brought something, like a bottle of wine or some food. oh god why didn’t we bring anything?!” 

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Tom Cat


Y/n POV:

I sat on my sofa watching the TV not doing much till my cat jumped up and say on my stomach “hey tommy? You okay? Or do you just want to sleep on me” I ask I do love Tommy he’s my little Cat I’ve had him as long as I can remember he’s a thin cat but unbelievably lazy he spends 22 hours a day asleep and the other two eating how he’s so thin I don’t know but I love him he just meows “what? What do you want I’m not a mind reader Tommy” I say he then gets off me and within seconds comes back pushing his food bowl then sitting and meowing, “right, why didn’t you just say that you silly cat” I sat getting up and feeding him up Once he’s eaten I sit on the window sil with my book and Tommy comes and snuggles up beside me As I read the book till it’s time for bed I laid in bed and Tommy laid by my stomach cuddled up into me as I feel asleep…

When I woke up I felt odd I felt a arm on me I sat up and sore a tall thin blonde boy laied in my bed naked bundled up with a arm draping over me “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!” I scream falling out of bed
“What’s up with you this morning?” He says sleepily streaming his arms and legs but not opening his eyes
“Who the hell are you?” I ask horrified finding a naked guy I don’t know in my bed, nothing I haven’t been though before but I didn’t even like to out last night
“What do you mean? You’ve known me forever love” he says sitting up in the bed and crawling towards me
“No, no I have no clue who you are” I say terrified buy this guy
“Y/n it’s me, it’s Tommy” he says
“Uh.. Tommy is a cat” I say
“Yeah” he answers looking confused “what’s up with you anyway, tour never this talkative with me, you normally just ask if I want food and ignore what ever I say” he asks
“Are you trying to tell me, your my cat” I ask
“Yeah I am your cat, why is this different today?” He asks
“Becuase your not a cat!” I yell
“Yeah I am I have been since I was born, what’s the Matter love? You seem flustered” he asks
“My cat has a human body, okay, I need a Drink” I say going to the kitchen  and getting a bottle of vodka and drinking some before looking back to the guy laid on my sofa still naked batting one of the little cat toys with his hand the way Tommy would with his paw “so if your my cat? Why are you human?” I ask
“Human?” He asks
“Yeah” I say
“ I’m Not human I’m a cat, I’m your cat and your my human love” he says crawling across the floor and moving around my legs
He’s not noticed? Oh  my god he’s a stupid cat sometimes
“Look at yourself Tommy” I tell  him
“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Im!-im-im-im-im-im human” he says looking at his body very confused “what did you do to me, I was lovely and fluffy, what did you do to me?” He asks sounding mad at me before just hissing and snarling at me running off into the bathroom,
“Oh no.. Tommy don’t you dare” I scream running after him
“You can’t stop me” he yells back
“Oh yes I can” I say but as I open the door he’s just sat in the floor looking anoyied" ha can’t fit in your crawl space anymore can you" I giggle
“ no” be sighs “what have you done to me, I was lovely, why did you do this to me” he asks as I sit beside him on the floor
“ I didn’t I just feel asleep with you as a cat and when I woke up you where human” I answer “ I guess we will have to live with it for now” I sigh
“ I guess so” he sighs and we stay quiet for a while confused what to say to each other what do you say to your cat?
“Love?” He says
“Yeah?” I reply
“ thanks for finally answering me” he says
“ your welcome Tommy"I answer he then just smiles and licks my cheek "that not how humans do that Tommy” I say
“Oh…that’s what I normally do” he says
“Yeah but not humans” I laugh kissing his cheek
“Oh thats what that is” he says
“Yep,now can you please out on pants the fact your naked is kinda creeping me out” I say
“Why? I’ve never worn pants before? Whatever even are pants?” Be asks me
“Oh God we have a lot of work to do” I sigh

Tommy laid on the sofa in a pair of boxers as that’s all I could get him to wear luckily him clawing and hissing at me does little anymore he’s still all bundled up like you would imagine a cat to but takin up all the sofa and a lot sexyier, WAY WOW WHAT!? Am I attacked to my cat? I look at him till there’s a knock at my door and I go get it luckily not waking him up and it’s my best friend Jill “hey y/n” she smiled hugging me “where’s Tommy ? Makes sure he doesn’t climb on me again this is a new dress” she says stepping into my flat and instantly stoping “uh y/n?” She asks
“Yeah?” I ask
“Who’s the gorgeous man Candy on your sofa?” She asks with a smirk looking him up and down “and why isn’t tommy clawing his eyes out Tommy hates people in his spot” she asks
“That is Tommy Jill” I answer
“Uh, Tommy is a cat y/n ” she says
“Was, was a cat, is now a human” I sigh
“Can I date your cat?” She asks
“No” I reply as we go sit in my kitchen
“I normally hate the idea of Tommy crawling around in my lap but now I just might let him” she smirks
“Jill, that’s still my cat, he onced tried to eat your hair remember” I tell her “ and he peed on you, several times” I add
“Yes I did” Tommy says poking his head up from under the table giving us both heart attacks “it was tasty, can I eat more of your hair Jillian?” He asks her
“If you stay like this Tommy I’m sure you can” she smirks “ I heard cats are very skilled with there tongues, maybe I won’t object to you licking me all over now your like this Tommy” she says slyly to him making his eyes go wide
“I like being a human” he says to me
“ Jill you are not ever taking Tommy home” I tell her and they both look disheartened
“Don’t worry Tommy, I will house sit while she’s at work” she whispered to him winking at him
“Know one is going to be doing any of that kind of carryings on” I tell them both
“Fine” she sighs after a good chat she left leaving me and tommy alone as I make dinner and he’s sat on the floor looking at me with his food bowl in front of him so I smile and pick it up and putting a serving of my food in it then putting it the other side of the table from my plate “come on” I tell him as I sit down
“I can eat up there?” He asks and I nod making him smile a lot before sitting on the chair across from me “so here’s some issues I have discovered as a human” he says eating his food and I eat mine he is fairly good at basic human consepts and activity’s seeing as he sees me do them so much,
“Okay, like what?” I ask
“I vet looked at like I’m crazy if I try to climb on the roof, I can’t get in my crawl space anymore, I can’t just wonder around naked, you can’t lift me up and give me hugs and kisses anymore, Jill seems to be very friendly when she normally hates me, I’m alot slower, and I can’t lick my junk anymore” he explains and the last one makes me choke
“You shouldn’t be doing that anyway, human or cat” I answer
“Then how am I ment to clean it?” He asks
“Have a bath or-” I reply
“BATH!!!!” He screches hissing and hissing under the table
“Tommy you will have to have a bath or shower as a human else you will stink” I tell him “ an know one will want to give you love and cuddles” I tell him
“Fine but I still won’t be happy about it” he says eating still as the night went on we went to my bed I sat reading my book with Tommy’s head in my lap as I lightly stroke his hair he just likes this maybe just a over hang from cat institution “I miss it you know” he sighs
“What?” I ask
“Licking down there, and my little crawl space” he sighs
“Yeah well your lucky, I was actually getting you neutered next week” I tell him
“Getting me what?” He asks scared
“I was gonna take you to the vets and they where gonna cut your bits off” I tell him and be looks terrified


REmake vs REmaster

Many of us had already noticed there were some alterations done to the animation of some sequences. For example, Jill’s reaction to Yawn approaching her.

In the scene displayed here, I had noticed a while back that, Chris had a total lack of facial animation, as Jill ran to hug him, and when he said, “You’re okay?” Literally no expression at all.

Much to my surprise, in the REmastered version, not only did they animate Chris opening his mouth, they also have him smiling as he and Jill hug, and they altered the position of their arms a bit to fix some collision.

Though it doesn’t change some issues the game has in the new version (at least on PS3), it was nice to see they fixed some overlooked/ignored mistakes in the motion captured events.

The finale of Teen Wolf had just aired, and the audience of Wolf Watch were in pure awe. “Did that really just happened?” “Did she really come back?” “Did Allison really do that?” “Oh my God, Dylan looked so hot.” Hushed whispers of pure excitement ran across the studio audience, mostly consisting of teenage girls with a love of hot, shirtless werewolves. Jill Wagner introduced the show, looking flawless as she sat with her legs crossed, and her body facing the camera. She introduces the show the same way she does every week, and wastes no time in showing off her guests.

Dylan O'Brien, Tyler Posey, and Tyler Hoechlin sat quite closely on the couch, waving towards the audience as each of their respective names were announced. Jill couldn’t help but laugh at the excitment the audience is evidently feeling; “three hots guys in one room?” She teases with a laugh, resulting with a wink from Hoechlin.

“So, boys, season three finale. Three years of Teen Wolf and working with one another. How does that feel, now that it’s over for a little while?” She asks, jumping right into the questions. The three answer the question the same way (“it’s weird, but it’s not like it’s over forever. We’ll see each other for season four and everything, and you know we’ll see each other in between that, too.”) When asked about season four and what it’ll bring to the table, Hoechlin’s the only one who answers.

“I like to think we’re bring a new romance aspect to the show. I mean, this season, you couldn’t really focus on it, because, ‘holy shit, Stiles is, like, weirdly evil-y hot, but still, you know, evil.’ You got glimpses of it, sure: Lydia and Aiden, Stiles and Malia, even Scott and Kira, but I think it’ll definitely step up a notch this season.” This answer pleases Jill, who grins as if she had just caught Hoechlin in a trap. His eyebrows furrowed, knowing that look in Jill’s eyes: she was onto something.

“Speaking of romance…” She trailed off, eyes locked onto Hoechlin. “Tyler and Dylan, here, informed us before the show that you, Tyler, have a new lady friend.” An 'awe’ from the audience echoes in the room, and Tyler already knows where this is heading. He’s thankful for the beard he was sporting, which hid most of the blush he felt rise onto his face. “How’s that going?”

Looking down, Tyler thought about how he was going to answer this without sounding like a complete idiot. He knew Y/N watched Wolf Watch religiously, as she watched Teen Wolf, and knew that his girlfriend would certainly be watching. “Well, Jill…it’s amazing, actually.” His words were slow, careful, but he couldn’t hide that grin that found it’s way to his lips. “Y/N's amazing. We haven’t been together for very long, and it’s always hard to maintain a relationship when you’re an actor. Between interviews and filming and auditions, Y/N and I aren’t like a normal couple. We can’t just drop everything and hang out because we miss each other, and most people can’t handle that. That’s why so many couples in Hollywood fail. But Y/N handles it like a troop. She comes to visit me when she can, I go out to her when can, and we make the most of the time we get together. She makes me happy, and I hope I do the same for her.”

He feels Dylan and Tyler’s eyes on him when he finishes, and turns towards his cast mates with a raised eyebrow. “What?” He asked, confused by the teasing smile’s on their faces. Without warning, they launch themselves at Hoechlin, and wrap their arms in one big group hug.

“Tyler’s in loveeeeeee!" They chorus, despite Hoechlin trying to push them off of him. Eventually, he caves, and let’s the two idiots he calls friends hug him. Looking towards Jill, Hoechlin sighs, but yet, maintains that dopey grin.

"I don’t get paid enough for this.”

  • jill: *hugs lauren holiday*
  • jill: what a send off!
  • me: ....
  • me: what
  • eric wynalda: tobin, are you gonna take a sip of that champagne? i know lauren isn't
  • me: ......
  • me: ....wait....
  • me: waIT a MINute
  • me: BABY CHENEY????