hug a squirrel

We don’t need a Destiel sex scene. After all, Destiel isn’t about sex, it’s about love. We just need to confirm they’re together, for example like hand holding, maybe a forehead kiss, hugs,i love you/i need you’s. That’s all we’re asking for. Is that too much?

The way Cas closes his eyes while hugging Dean:

Dean’s face tho :D. People usually look like this when they’re jealous and trying not to show it:

Dean is just like no homo
Sammy’s face like: really Dean?

And Sam looks so happy he got a hug

And the way Dean hugs Cas tightly and the smile on his face when he found him an finally could hug him


You stared at Dean, quiet for a moment until he met your eyes.

“What?” he asked.

“How can you say that? How can you have that much faith in me after everything?”

“Are you kidding me, Y/N? It’s because of everything I’ve seen you do that I believe in you. And you’re going to kick it in the ass. Just like always,” he said, and his words were fervent, adamant, with his personal truth about you.


Five Years Ago

Request- Hi! This might be a bit of an odd request. But could you write a one shot where Sam and Dean’s younger sibling basically vanished off the face of the earth five years ago- when Sam and Dean run into the reader again (and she reluctantly takes them back to her place) they find out why the reader left the hunting lifestyle. She was pregnant with twins when she left (boy and girl– personally it’d be adorable if the twins names were John and Mary) Cas was the only one that actually knew why the reader vanished, and he visited the reader every time possible to help her raise the twins since she’s a single mom…Thanks- @3fangurls

Word Count-1073

A/n-Here you go my lovely I hope you enjoy! <3

Five years ago. Five years ago you left your two best friends…your brothers. All because you stupidly got pregnant with a one night stand. You thought the birth control pills would work but clearly they didn’t. This left you to now. A single mom with two twins. Of course you loved them both to death and made sure they were always protected thanks to Castiel but you missed your brothers more than ever. Castiel was amazing he acted like a father to those kids (of course you two were just best friends.) He always sensed when you needed help or a bit of time to relax. You knew your brothers would be mad and make you give them away as they would be at risk but you just couldn’t do that. So wiping your phone you packed your bags and never looked back. Five years go you disappeared.

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The Only One I Want (Part One)

Summary: When you have been called back to Supernatural because they wanted your character back, Jensen sees you again in new light and he realized that you were the one he wanted.

Pairings: Eventual Jensen x Reader

Warnings: a single swear word

Word Count: 2107

Jensen is of course single here as I don’t want in any other way

Gladly (Part Two), Just Stay Here (Part Three), I’m Ready (Part Four)

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

“Move your chin just a little to the right –perfect!” The photographer mused and you did all that he said. “Okay, move you hand to your thigh,” you did so, “and part your lips just a tiny bit.” You licked your lips first then opened them a little. “Gorgeous. Alright! I think we’re good!” He said and he went to you. “Pleasure working with you, Miss (y/n).” Eric, the photographer, said, smiling widely at you. “GQ’s regular.” You said, chuckling. “Definitely.” He said and you left to go home and rest for the whole evening.

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Why Auggie wasn't born in the Halloween world?

I haven’t watched the final cut yet, but from what I remember from the taping it was heavily implied that Cory & Topanga never had another kid because Riley was such a developmentally stunted mess. (Scene with Topanga in the apartment when Riley comes in after hugging a squirrel or whatever it was.)

The first half of 2015 was rough for me, and I wasn’t always sure that I would make it through. But in May I came across the hillywood supernatural parody, and their parodies became the thing that I ran to when I was upset. In October, I drove ten hours down to Alabama to meet the girls, and they were just as kind and wonderful as I imagined. They have taught me to be more kind, more adventurous, a better artist, and a better Christian. I can’t imagine my 2015 without the hillywood show, and I thank god everyday that these girl came into my life this year. I love you guys! I hope I can see you again in 2016!!