hug a duck

What are dreams?

Well, according to this drunk, psychotic lamp from the 6th episode, they are the movies that play in one’s mind every night when they’re asleep in bed.

One could dream of anything. Riding a horse and drowning in oil are only a few examples given by the teacher of this final DHMIS episode.

People might be freaking out at this series, going all “what the heck!? Why did I just waste several minutes of my precious life watching this!?”. But I think the entire series is a masterpiece, my favorite being the final episode, during Yellow Guy’s dream sequence.


Ok, I’m hoping that none of the people in this will kill me ; v ; it’s my way of a shout out and I did my best, but I’m sorry if it offends anyone.



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*runs away to the shame corner of bad* sooooOOORRRYYYYY!



why doesn’t anyone talk about this?