hufflepuffs can be cool

Hufflepuff: How are you doing? Oh wait you’ve got headphones on I’ll let you be.
Ravenclaw: *grabs wrist of Hufflepuff while sliding off headphones* It’s cool we can chat.
Hufflepuff: I thought you were listening to music?
Ravenclaw: I discovered a great big pair of headphones can dissuade unwanted conversations when you are studying. It stops people I don’t care about from asking me for last minute answers before going in to an exam. The real beauty is that the headphones aren’t even plugged in to anything. The cord just ends in my empty pocket.

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Am i the only one with a punk Hufflepuff au? Like short punkish looking girl that looks like she'd be sorted into Slytherin or Gryffindor but secretly just a huge cinnamon roll of pure sunshine!!

holy crap okay

  • A smol mugglep-born girl on her first day of Hogwarts listening to Fall Out boy and Green Day in her headphones on the train
  • Everyone giving her sideways looks on the platform because of her pink hair
  • “Is she a metamorphagus????” 
  • McGonagall calling her name and eyeing Dumbledore as this girl with bright pink hair and her sleeves rolled up sits down on the chair
  • Everyone being so smug in thinking for sure she’s going to be a Gryffindor or perhaps Slytherin
  • The sorting hat yelling “HUFFLEPUFF” and everyone being like ???? um 
  • while the hufflepuff table erupts into cheers of ‘HOLY SHIT WE GOT THE PUNK CHICK” 
  • people being quite intimidated by her throughout the years because of her forever changing hair colours and her cool-aura she gives off
  • but then when they talk to her they realise she’s the cutest and sweetest person ever 
  • her introducing all the puffs to her muggle punk music and everyone being like “alright i can dig this” 
  • “i thought, being a hufflepuff, that I had to look as nice as my personality but fuck that I want green hair” 

sfkljaslkjafsl tary walks onto the quidditch field with the intent of trying out for the hufflepuff team so he can be Cool and bring glory to himself and his house because he’s a Hero

except he immediately turns on his heels and walks back off when he sees grog hit a quaffle so hard it flies clear across the field

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I'm Slytherin, both my parents are Ravenclaw, & everybody else in my family (including my sister) is Hufflepuff. Can we just talk about how weird/cool that is? 🐍

yesssss. I’m slytherin, my older brother is hufflepuff. my little brother and dad are Gryffindor and my mom is Ravenclaw. I love multi house families

Gryffindor: We need cool nicknames.
Hufflepuff: Agreed.
Gryffindor: Okay you can be The Sunshine, Slytherin can be The Storm Cloud, and Ravenclaw can be The Lightning.
Ravenclaw: What about you?
Slytherin: Gryffindor can be The Wind because they are full of hot air.

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Submitted by: hannah-elizabeth-j

Dan Howell: Dan and Phil are actually both Harry Potter fans and Dan identifies as a Gryffindor. He owns a Gryffindor Quidditch sweater that he wears in a few of his videos so he can’t really be sorted.    

Phil Lester: Again in one of his videos Phil said that he came out as a Hufflepuff. 'I can make Hufflepuff cool.’-(Phil Lester)  

Seven Striped Ties (BTS Hogwarts House Preference)
  • (A/N: This seems a lot shorter than it should be but I feel like there's not a lot to explain. Someone asked for it and my mind went reeling on the idea, so here ya go. -Tanisha<3)
  • Rap Monster/Namjoon: Hufflepuff. He seems like a hat stall, a swinger of the bunch, but I settled on Hufflepuff for him. He is fluffy at his core no matter how many sex lines or how much gangsta shit he talks in his raps. He also has that habit of breaking things; Hufflepuffs may be particularly good finders, but I also feel like they'd do this. He can be awkward and clumsy but he can also be confident and cool; Hufflepuff all around, and he would wear it with great pride.
  • Jin: Slytherin. He is the number one queen and he slays, and that just says Slytherin to me. He carries himself with the greatest attitude, greatest confidence, and the only reason he's not in charge is because he lets people think he's not in charge. And that is Slytherin sneaky. No one feels himself as much as Jin feels himself - and the Slytherin common room is probably full of mirrors, so. He is also loyal. A lot of people say that loyalty is a specifically Gryffindor trait, but they just get it mixed up. Gryffindors are loyal all around, but Slytherins have a special kind of loyalty; loyalty to their family, and to those that have deeply proved themselves. Also not afraid to beat ass and keep the kids in line. So Slytherin Jin is now my new favourite thing.
  • Jimin: Ravenclaw. This one was actually stunningly obvious to me. He has such great artistic talents, whenever I see his drawings circulating around, they impress me so much. He is very intelligent, even if it's not in your face obvious. He's the more subtle Ravenclaw type. But he is very 'cute' and dorky, which in my mind also places him as a Ravenclaw very obviously.
  • V/Taehyung: Ravenclaw. This little shit is the eccentric, bold, excited about everything Ravenclaw that would fill the halls of Hogwarts with his personality. I don't even think I need to say anymore about that.
  • Suga/Yoongi: Slytherin. I feel that if Yoongi and Jin had a child it would be Draco Malfoy. So the other half of those traits are here. The grumpy, sleepy, doesn't give a fuck about anything or anyone else. "Min Suga, genius - those two words should be enough." Having plenty of confidence and easily voicing when he is annoyed with others. He would be the perfect Slytherin and we all know it.
  • Jungkook: Gryffindor. The older he gets, the more his Gryffindor is showing. Confidence to the point of cockiness, being into his looks, but at the same time being gentle and shy and a little awkward. He is not afraid to follow, and that can also be a Gryffindor trait. Soft, cool, and not afraid to have fun. International Gryffindor playboy.
  • J-Hope/Hoseok: Hufflepuff. The brilliant ray of sunshine is made to wear a yellow (and black) tie. He is caring and kind, and of course, happy all around. The perfect Hufflepuff to light up Hogwarts like a Christmas tree.

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OMG yes!!! Okay cool! So can I request hufflepuff bokuto crushing hard on a Slytherin reader and everyone thinks it's a bad idea that he likes her (because of the stereotype) but she's actually super nice and sweet!!!

My last request was about a misunderstood bad girl so let’s continue the trend, shall we?

Female pronouns used

“You’re making a big mistake, Bo,” Kuroo warned. The seventh year Slytherin and Hufflepuff resided in the courtyard, leafing listlessly through their textbooks. Bokuto set down his quill with a frown. “What do you mean? _____ is in your house. Isn’t there anything you can tell me about her?” 

Kuroo groaned, throwing his head back towards the sky. Bokuto would not stop pestering his friend about a girl in Slytherin after he gained quite the massive crush on her. “Hear me out, Bokuto. _____ is the epitome of a Slytherin. She’s the most conniving and sneaky chick I’ve ever met. While she’s cool around me and other Slytherins, I bet she won’t act as peachy around any other house.”

The Hufflepuff dropped his gaze to his lap, disappointed. “I mean, can’t I try and talk to her? You and I managed to befriend Tsukishima his first year despite his nasty nature at the time. I think I can manage her.” 

He thought back to seeing the girl in the hallways, imagining her carefree laughter as she guffawed with her fellow Slytherins. Then again, perhaps she was laughing at the poor first year girl who had tripped and dropped all her belongings but Bokuto disregarded that fact. 

The tower bell disrupted his thoughts with its usual loud bongs and Kuroo lazily shut his book. “Well, I’m gonna get the answers for this homework from Tsukki back in our common room. You headed back to Hufflepuff, Bokuto?” The seventh year Hufflepuff glanced down at his similarly unfinished homework with a frown. 

“Nah, I don’t think I’ll be able to finish this back in the commons. Maybe I’ll head to the library? I just don’t want Akaashi on my case again.” Kuroo nodded, briefly imagining the look of disapproval on the sixth year Ravenclaw’s face. The two friends parted ways, Bokuto heading straight for the school’s massive library. 

Upon settling down at a table and setting up base, he stopped and noticed that _____ was seated only a short distance away from him. She had her fair share of books propped open around herself. The girl was occupied in her studies, her nose scrunching as she scribbled with her quill. Bokuto felt butterflies flutter in the pit of his stomach at the cute sight but they immediately gnawed at the walls of his gut when he caught himself staring. 

Suddenly flustered, he grabbed a book and held it upright in front of his face. He peered quickly over the top of his cover to check if the girl had noticed but thankfully, she did not. Trying to calm himself, he blindly reached for his quill but in his lack of attention, he failed in dipping the tip in ink and knocked the bottle over. 

The glass tinkled unpleasantly as it careened over and emptied its black contents onto his papers. “Gah!” He dove to save the important documents from their inky despair. Looking up from the mess on his table, Bokuto was devastated to see that his fiasco had attracted the attention of the girl. 

His heart nearly jumped into his throat but it settled back down upon seeing not an annoyed scowl but a concerned look. _____ rose from her seat and swiftly made her way over. Bokuto clutched the papers to his chest, not minding the small stains of ink left over, and watched in shocked silence as the girl stopped short of his table. “Here, let me help you.” 

_____ fished out her wand from her cloak pocket and waved it, muttering a spell under her breath. The bottle straightened itself up and the wand’s tip directed the ink back into its container like an enchanted, inky snake. Bokuto’s work space was spotless once again and the girl turned to him with a small smile. “I’ve done the same thing countless of times.” 

The Hufflepuff’s mind ran blank at the sight of his crush smiling. “W-Why are you helping me? Not that I mind, thanks and all for that..” The girl shrugged, her nose quirking. “What? I can’t be nice because I’m a Slytherin?” 

Bokuto quickly hopped to his feet, waving his hands to dispel the thought. “No, not at all! I’m grateful you did. In fact..” He glanced over to the girl’s abandoned schoolwork. “Would you like to sit with me and work together? We might not have the same homework to do but work is more fun with other people.” 

_____ followed his gaze to her papers and nodded, remembering what she had came to the library for. “Sure, I’d like that.” As she excused herself to gather her things, Bokuto had to resist doing a happy dance and pumping a fist. “Take that, Kuroo!” He mentally roared. He also had to fight the smile that tugged on his lips as the girl took her seat next to him.

getting kind of ticked off at all the slytherin posts with snape and tom riddle as focuses

like we don’t use pettigrew as a representation of gryffindor or zacharias smith when representing hufflepuff, so can we not?

there are legit cool and/or at least not fucking awful slytherins even in the books, why is regulus never mentioned, what about pansy, blaise, millicent, andromeda fucking tonks was a slytherin, why is it only ever draco + snape + voLDEMORT

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I think you all are absolutely amazing and hilarious! Though I have to say, Remus is my favorite. :) Your opinions on Hufflepuff House? (Anyone can answer. I'm curious.)

James: Hufflepuffs are cool, I guess.

Sirius: Not as slimy as Slytherins, not as nerdy as Ravenclaws. But not as cool as us.

Peter: I agree.

Remus: Again, you cannot generalise people. I like some people in Hufflepuff and I dislike some people in Hufflepuff. It’s about the person, not the house.