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I heard there was a Hogwarts/Mad Max AU floating around? 

Here’s my two cents for that. *throws* This is what happens when I decide to marathon the HP movies over the week and also have a “Little Witch Academia” anime poster in front of my work space.

*lies down* I have spent too much energy and time on this.

I wonder if there was ever a year in Hogwarts history where Every. Single. First year was sorted into one house. Like, maybe they didn’t even all belong there. But after like, the tenth kid was sorted into Hufflepuff (for example) The would-be Gryffindors are like, “hah, this’ll be a great joke let’s all ask the hat to be puffs. And the would would be Slytherins are laughing cos going into Hufflepuff would means no one suspects their pranks and plans and how very devious. And the would-be ravens go along because it would be an interesting experiment to see how this changes the school dynamic. And Snape is just like, FUCK they’re all Hufflepuffs help me and sprout is just BEAMING and also more than a little confused and McGonagal and Dumbles figure it out right away because they see those kids who are wearing remarkably Marauder-esque faces laughing over their brilliant seven year joke and Flitwick is confused because everyone keeps figuring out the riddle and all the lil puffs study in the ravenclaw common room when they want peace and quiet. And Hufflepuff always wins the house cup because there’s so many of them now. And over seven years all these kids that would be divided figure out that they even each other out and kids who would have been in four different houses are all best friends.

why the houses need the other
  • slytherin needs gryffindor: they're great thinkers, but fucking hell, they pussy out. they overthink all their decisions. they need someone to help them just push the button to their amazing plans
  • slytherin needs ravenclaw: just to calm the fuck down. both of the houses stress their butts off, they get annoyed by ravenclaws when they stress, forgetting their own stress and realizing that, now they see the ravenclaws stress, their stress is not gonna solve anything
  • slytherin needs hufflepuff: guys, i dont wanna follow the stereotype, but F U C K, slytherins are just way too mean and rude and need a little positivity nd genuinely nice people
  • gryffindor needs slytherin: 1) sexual tension 2) s e x u a l t e n s i o n 3) they can make the best plans ever, but a gryffindor seriously needs a slytherin to help them with like, take over the world
  • gryffindor needs ravenclaw: just to keep their feet on the ground & their head on their shoulders when they dream TOO big
  • gryffindor needs hufflepuff: to keep their heads orientated. when idea's & thought become one big blur, they need a hufflepuff to help them sort it out
  • ravenclaw needs slytherin: to talk about feelings. slytherins can be very understanding and good at listening, and a ravenclaw can really need this sometimes
  • ravenclaw needs gryffindor: to have a stubborn opponent. they like a tiny bit of challenge sometimes and the slytherins are just TOO determined to win, the hufflepuffs not determined enough & the gryffindors are just perfect; fun and stubborn
  • ravenclaw needs hufflepuff: to have someofun. i'm really not saying that ravenclaws aren't fun, just that their fun is 10x better when with a hufflepuff. they also make sure you stay healthy in stressfull periods of time, a must for a humon body
  • hufflepuff needs a slytherin: to realize fun isnt everything in life, to keep them out of their dreamworld back to reality sometimes. also because sometimes you kinda really need to get to get things done
  • hufflepuff needs gryffindor: because of all the challenges they bring in hufflepuffs life and their bolder qualities allowing hufflepuffs to be less shy & more comfortable in their skin
  • hufflepuff needs ravenclaw: to help them focus on little things & help them see beauty in things like WHY the stars move and how it comes the sky is bluer in spring than in summer
Oh, Captain! {James Potter x Reader} *SMUT*

FINALLY. I FINISHED IT. Fucking hate random writer’s block but I hope y'all like this one. Sorry if it’s not as detailed or as intricate as the other smuts I’ve written (lol you naughty readers ;)) ) but i did my best. Also, I might not open requests next week ‘cause it’s Holy Week from where I am but mainly because my parents will be home. 

Anyway, here you go, my sweet children!


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(Y/n) kept her eyes focused on the approaching Hufflepuff while trying to guard the hoop. Gryffindor was now on tie with the rivalry team and both only needed fifty points in order to determine who wins the game. As she swatted the quaffle with her broomstick, her team captain, James Potter, cheered; thinking they had succeeded in slowing down the opponent’s chances of winning. However, it was only a distraction as the other Chaser zipped to one of the hoops that (Y/n) was supposedly guarding and threw the quaffle perfectly through the ring.

The crowd roared and applauded at the sight before the game commentator could announce the team’s victory.

“Hufflepuff wins!”

Gryffindor students all groaned in defeat as their own team flew down from the cloudless blue sky and landed on the ground to properly congratulate the opposing house. James was the first to approach the Hufflepuff captain and shook his hand with a firm grip before turning away, leading his teammates towards the exit quietly. He had scheduled the field for Quidditch practice almost every week and yet all their hard work were put to the garbage bin, losing more luck to win the house cup this year. He couldn’t accept this defeat at all. As he calculated every single movement that he made during the game, his mind began to retrace its steps and wonder what went wrong.

Or rather, who went wrong.

The team was all appalled at his silence, having been used to hearing him brag or attempt to motivate them when he finally spoke in a deep voice.

“Get changed and come back here for practice tomorrow morning. That’s all,” he was normally not this serious but his expression shook everyone so they decided not to delay and immediately went to the locker room.

(Y/n) was about to slip away to the dormitories to avoid facing her teammates or worse, her own team captain. She didn’t want to see the disappointment written on his face nor did she want to hear him tell her she was going to be replaced especially since she had worked twice as hard just to please him. She took her broomstick with her and made way to the opposite direction when she heard someone clear their throat.

“May I ask where you’re going?” James asked, his hazel eyes on her.

She turned around and looked down, refusing to meet his gaze and mumbled a seemingly believable excuse, “I-I’m going back to the dorm. I left my clothes there and my broomstick needs repair.”

James walked closer to her and inspected her broomstick before smirking, “It looks like it’s in perfect condition. Pity it’s not quick enough.”

“Look, James, it wasn’t her fault-” one of the teammates tried to defend but James glared at him before he could continue.

Everyone was definitely scared now. Famous James Potter and his jokes and pranks, now completely furious over a game. He had every right to be. They were supposed to play against Slytherin and winning against them could only mean championship but now they had to lay back and watch from the benches in agony.

James dismissed the whole team except (Y/n) who shuffled her feet before finally looking at him. Once they were alone, she tried to speak to him in a small and gentle voice but he backed her against the wall with both his hands on each side of her head.

“J-James…what are you doing?”

He leaned in close to her, his forehead pressing against hers before whispering to her lips, “Tell me, do you still need to leave?”

He kissed her softly and ran his other hand down to her waist, slipping them beneath her shirt to feel her skin and moving it to her lower back. He kept his kisses teasingly light and gentle.

She kissed him back and entangled her fingers through his messy black hair when he pulled away and moved close to her ear, hot breaths down her neck.

“Worked so hard for me now, didn’t you, love? Such a sweet girl.”

He planted small kisses down her neck while she moaned pleasingly.

“Unfortunately for you, it wasn’t enough..,” he leaned in close to her ear once more, “But luckily for me, I get to punish you,” he breathed before adding,

“After all, naughty girls ought to be punished now, don’t you think so?”

James smirked and in a quick flash, his lips went back to hers, now harsh and rough. He sucked onto her bottom lip and held her by her thighs, carrying her and allowing her to wrap her legs around him. She was his addiction and all his pent up frustration and sexual desires went straight to her delectable lips, tasting them vigorously. His tongue pried her mouth open, meeting hers halfway, unafraid to show the lust they felt towards each other. He ripped her robe open and peeled it off of her while she removed his, discarding them onto a pile on the floor. He grinded his hard tent against her clothed core, an indication that he wanted her now. His lips left hers immediately and began to trail down on her throat to her collarbone where he nipped and sucked onto her precious skin.

“J-James…Want you now…,” she moaned, making him stop and look back at her.

“You don’t make orders here, (L/n),” he demanded, “Now, take off the rest for me. Wanna see you, dear.”

(Y/n) obeyed and removed her clothes in front of him. James could not keep his eyes off of her the entire time, watching the last bit of fabric fall down to the ground. He took off his sweater as well, revealing his white undershirt that stuck to his muscled body before he walked towards her, pressing her against the wall once more.

“Let’s see how wet you are, doll,” he reached down and trailed his fingers down her underwear, feeling her wet entrance. Without another word, he knelt down slowly and raised her leg over his shoulder, pulling her panties aside and sliding his finger up and down her soaking slit. (Y/n) gasped and did her best to balance as he continued teasing her with his finger. He slipped inside and attached his mouth onto her clit, his finger now moving in and out of her smoothly, all soaked up with her juices.

It was a heavenly feeling to have him down there, finally playing with her and going as far as licking her slit. Apparently, he was not only talented in academics and Quidditch, but he was also talented in combining both his finger and tongue on her. James licked her hungrily and even went as far as sticking his tongue in to taste her, eyes staring right back at her. She grabbed his hair in an effort to get him closer but all it did was make him moan against her slit, sending vibrations that made her call his name desperately.


He pulled away and gave her one long lick before tugging down her panties, exposing her fully to him.

“Sorry, darling. Can’t cum yet. You’ll have to wait,” he smirked while removing his pants together with his boxers, his length all hard and ready for her. He carried her once more in his arms and pressed her against the wall, teasing his tip on her wet entrance.

“Captain…please, I want you,” she moaned, clinging onto him.

“Captain, huh? I like the sound of that,” he said before placing a soft kiss onto her lips and finally entering her in one quick push. He was certainly bigger than she had anticipated but she was definitely not complaining. She loved every hard thrust he gave her, his hands squeezing her ass as he persisted in hitting that glorious spot. Her walls were already tightening around his length and he could almost sense that she was about to cum once more.

He moved her up and down onto his member quickly as he chased his climax, both of them moaning.


“Louder!” He shouted, slapping her ass hard while continuously thrusting into her wet core. His glasses were already fogged from the intensity but he did not care.

“Oh, Captain!” she moaned louder and felt his cock throb inside her, making her release all over him with another moan of his name, nails scratching onto his back.

James pushed inside one last time before he finally came, painting her walls with his seed. He panted heavily and kept her in his arms until they came down from their high.

The two got dressed afterwards and left the room together, their teammates waiting by the door, all of them shocked at what they heard.

“Tomorrow again?” (Y/n) asked James with a smile on her face.

“Certainly. Just don’t practice without me,” he winked before kissing her once more.

slytherin/hufflepuff relationship

• cute moments all the time, seriously, they’re the cinnamon roll couple
• the slytherin protecting the hufflepuff fiercely
• the hufflepuff trying to get the slytherin to befriend other hufflepuffs, but ‘no joanne, I do not want to bake more cookies’
• the slytherin ending up baking cookies after all, because ‘darling, they threatened to die all my clothes pink’
• when the slytherin is sick, the hufflepuff will cook for them and make herbal teas for them to get better soon
• the slytherin getting jealous very quickly, their hufflepuff is just too precious
• the hufflepuff always wins games, and anyone who tries to beat them, will find themselves hanging upside down from a tree (kudos to the slytherin)
• the slytherin trying to bake for the hufflepuffs birthday, and even though the cake is horrible, the hufflepuff will love it
• flowers woven into the slytherins hair, and a dark frown on their face, because who could say no to a hufflepuff when they want to make you look pretty
• just the cutest damn relationship ever, okay ?

[please do not send in more relationship requests]

- Céline

Harry Potter AU - BMC Headcanons

Pls don’t be mad if u don’t agree w/ me

(Also please read this it took me a while ;;)

(dw I also have boyf riends hcs at the end of this lol)


-his parents are muggles
-seeker in quidditch (cause he’s player one and good at games ok he’s got skills)
-good at potions
- likes chocolate frogs and collects the cards


- Slytherin
- good at spells
- doesn’t play quidditch cause he’s scared of getting hurt and also of embarrassing himself
- Michael helped him making a potion for the squip


- small but fierce
- got scolded for going into the forbidden forest like ten times cuz he wanted to see unicorns
- knows everything abt magic creatures
- bad at potions (everything goes boom boom and he loves it)
- Jakes bf and proud


- good at spells
- “Rich pls I want to sleep u can tell me all about dragons and how cool they are later”
- seeker and hella popular


- Slytherin
- can turn into a cat
- walks around as a cat and gets all the gossip
- “nobody knows I’m a lesbian”
“Chloe ur shirt literally says u are what u eat and everyone knows u can turn into a cat and we all know the word pussy it’s not that h-”
- Brooke’s gf


-small, gay & ready to play
- good w/ plants
- brags about Chloe all day
- can’t eat chocolate frogs cause she feels bad for them (secretly takes Michaels chocolate frogs and ‘releases’ them (she does leave him the cards tho)


- Slytherin
- good at spells cause she can memorize stuff rlly well
- most girls gossip in the bathroom when they think nobody’s there but Jenna has contacts (myrtle) and she gets aaall the gossip


- loves bertie Botts beans cause u never know what u’ll get
- reads alot cause “she has so many interests” ya know
- knows the weirdest things
- good at nearly every subject wth
- night owl like she’s hyper all day and all night but in a good way somehow
- pulls allnighters but it works


-Michael gets high in the room of requirement and also goes there when he’s super sad and the walls are full of pictures of him and Jeremy (that’s where he hides at that one ball where Jeremy is being a bitch to him (aka the ball is the equivalent to the Halloween party and the room of requirement is the equivalent to the bathroom) it’s also where he burns the photos n stuff until dumbledore comes AND THEY SING THE FUCKING PANTS SONG YEET

- Rich gave Jer the recipe for the potion that activates the squip in u and Michael helped him make it cuz Jeremy’s shit at potions (it’s a green potion ofc)

- the squip told Jeremy how to make those love pralines so he could give them to Christine but Michael ate them and u can guess what happened (Jeremy secretly found him cute tho)

- Once Jeremy watched Michael play quidditch and Michael got all excited and waved at him and all and was so distracted he got hit in the face by a bludger and lost the snitch
(that’s why Hufflepuff never wins at quidditch guys)

- they once made Amortentia in potions (the love potion thing if ya don’t know) and Michaels smelled like Jeremy but when he got asked what his smelled like he just said smth like “wEED!!!! 4/20 BLAZE IT AMIRITE”
and got send to dumbledore (and then michael tells him abt jer and now dumbledore is always there for michaels gay love problems cause he knows abt stuff like that himself)

- Jeremy’s smelled like Michael but he just thought smth like “woah Michaels deo is strong today I smell it from here” (the squip is so done w/ him)

- When Michael looked in the mirror erised he always saw Jer with Christine cuz his biggest wish/desire is for Jeremy to be happy but one day he’ll see him and Jeremy in the mirror, not because his biggest desire/wish has changed, it’s just that Jeremy finally starts falling in love with HIM now so he’s there instead of christine and it takes Michael a while and a meet up gay talking session with dumbledore til he realizes AND HE’S SO HAPPY

- the harry potter au squip is the bmc version of a dementor (it just looks and behaves like a ghost more ?? Like it can talk n shit) (it can stay inside ur head but it can also come out so it’s visible to everyone; that also just randomly happens sometimes, for example when it’s really powerful ATM) so one time that happens the squip is telling Jeremy horrible things again and how terrible he is (especially for developing feelings for michael) and then MICHAEL MAKES AN ENTRANCE and he performs a spell that’s quite similar to the patronus spell but it’s red (get it cuz mnt dew red) and he kills the squip (I mean it’s always gonna be there but it’s hella weak it’s like nothin) and then Jeremy is safe and they finally confess and become bfs WOHOOO

(sorry if I made typos he)

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I just don't understand why Hufflepuff never won the house cup. Sure, they are not those kind of people who love competitions too much, but hard work is really important if you want to achieve something. Maybe they didn't care too much and didn't put enough effort in it? I just find it weird that it's all about Gryffindor vs Slytherin. Hufflepuff is the best house from many aspects (I'm a Gryffindor), they possess all the qualities to won that damn cup. :D

Because at its core Harry Potter is a childrens series, particularly the first few books, and so some things get simplified

I can guarantee that 80% of kids under 12 will say they’d want to be in gryffindor and 15% would say slytherin because they’re #rebels. It makes sense and I was exactly the same! Until Goblet of Fire, we hardly get to see the ravenclaws or hufflepuffs and as a kid you tend to root for the protagonists and want to emulate them. I wanted to be a gryffindor until I was about 12 because that’s where all my favourite characters were and the only house we really got to know 

So imagine you’ve got all these kids rooting for Harry and then at the end, hufflepuff wins the house cup and ravenclaw wins the quidditch cup. To all those children, who the books are aimed at, it would be incredibly anticlimactic and a bit of a let down

JK Rowling is an incredible story teller and knows her audience. Yeah it’s unrealistic that hufflepuff and ravenclaw didn’t win the house cup for at least 14 years, but it’s a story about a wizarding school I don’t think realism is the biggest priority here


a/n: i miss all the dreamies so dearly ㅜㅜ

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  • first thing he thinks when he sees/meets you is ‘ohmyg0sh she’s pretty’
  • he starts getting super red and embarrassed because he doesn’t even know who you are but his hands are sweating already
  • instead of being normal by starting a conversation like jeno is telling him he decides to casually bump into you and be like ‘oOps i’m so sorry!’
  • and jeno’s just in the back facepalming himself
  • he introduces himself to you with his dazzling and handsome and charming and bEAuTIFuL smile i’m-
  • and you’re just there thinking to yourself ‘this kid’s smile is brighter than my future-’
  • then jaemin starts getting super awkward not knowing what to say as he starts feeling his hands sweat again
  • trying to break the awkward tension he lowkey yells ‘SO can i get your number????? hahha??????’
  • cause that’s better than nothing amirite
  • you both get each other’s numbers
  • he doesn’t end up texting you that day because he doesn’t even know what to say so you start getting worried like ‘am i supposed to text him??’
  • so you do 
  • ‘hey! it’s y/n, we bumped into each other today at school’
  • and he’s been holding his phone for quite a while now staring at your number but then a message suddenly pops up so he jumps and accidentally presses the ‘send’ button of the message he had typed
  • ‘hey, it’s jaemin. you seem really kind and sweet, i would love to get to know you more! do you want to go on a date tomorrow? there’s this new horror movie that just released :)’
  • then he’s like nO NONONONOO i wasn’t supposed to send that!
  • but all is good when you immediately respond that you’d love to
  • on the first date he’s the typical school-sweetheart, yanno? he pays everything for you, lets you cling onto him during the movie, and then your hands TOUCH when you both reach for the popcorn 
  • ooOh ;)
  • anyways moving on
  • suddenly at school he’s always asking to borrow a pencil from you, partner up with you for projects, and eat lunch with you
  • he buys you a cupcake one day awe
  • during break as he’s talking to you one of your close guy bestfriends comes up and steals your attention for a moment and jaemin’s just there like ???
  • as soon as your friend leaves he hints at jealousy but tries not to show it
  • ‘uh, so.. y/n, are we like… a thing?’
  • and you’re like ‘what?’
  • ‘you know… boyfriend girlfriend’ he’d ask as he rubs his neck and looks down
  • you’d start giggling at how cute he looks and then tell him ‘only if you want to’ with a super sweet smile so he’s all OF COURSE I WANT TO AFGHFSDJFI
  • further into the relationship he’s so freaking clingy like is this real???
  • when you’re studying for finals he comes over and your mom lets him in cause let’s be real, she loves him
  • ‘na jaemin such a handsome kid who knows his manners y/n@@!!@$’ your mom would constantly tell you
  • as you and him study your mom would come in with snacks and drinks and he’d just shove all of it down his throat
  • i could not have worded that in a more articulate way ofc seoi 
  • he’s always somehow trying to make his hand brush past your’s as he hints at what he wants but you’re just too oblivious so he ends up just tackling you in a hug
  • though you guys are lovey-dovey, you’re also the perfect pair of best friends
  • sitting together in the back of class and you guys are always whispering and laughing
  • the teacher ends up making you two stay after class to clean the classroom but that also isn’t necessarily a good idea cause you end up using the brooms to reenact harry potter
  • ‘and na jaemin catches the golden snitch! hufflepuff takes the win!!!!!!’
  • since you guys are still young, typical dates would be what to go for: such as the carnival, movies, mall, etc
  • he prefers hugging and holding hands the most, kissing doesn’t really happen until a couple months into the relationship
  • even then the kiss isn’t too serious, it’s from you two being super flirtatious and playing around- you both would be smiling and giggling during it
  • honestly, jaemin is such a dream boy who’s capable of making so many girls’s hearts to flutter, let’s appreciate this handsome nana ❀‿❀
ACOTAR Hogwarts Headcanon: Feyre

*Houses based on this post where Sarah J Maas states which house her characters belong in*

- Feyre is a muggle-born Hufflepuff and is not afraid to get down and dirty.

- She is extremely loyal as her house suggests and goes above and beyond for her friends. Even going so far as to sacrifice herself if the need arises.

- She excels in transfiguration, but struggles with taking tests due to her inability to read as well as her classmates.

- The day she meets Rhysand is during a party at the Gryffindor tower when she was visiting her boyfriend (who quickly became her ex-boyfriend after they drifted apart)

- Feyre was warned about Slytherins, but she soon finds that their company is not terrible in the slightest. In fact she joins Rhysand and Amren for dinner on multiple occasions.

- Rhysand also tutors Feyre in her subjects. During this the Slytherin is a relentless flirt, but Feyre makes sure to tease him back as well.

- They even have a magical note that enables them to write to each other in their classes without the professors being aware. Though one time Feyre wrote an extremely provocative note to Rhysand that resulted in the Slytherin almost ruining his potion during class!

- Rhysand gives Feyre the last needed push to join the Hufflepuff quidditch team. 

- Azriel, one of Rhysand’s closest friends, teaches Feyre how to fly on a broomstick.

- After a couple of practices Feyre becomes an efficient flier and leads Hufflepuff on a winning streak. To celebrate Rhysand plans a party with the Inner Circle and the group enjoys watching shooting stars falling from the top of Hogwarts after curfew.

- Feyre and Rhysand’s first kiss is under the stars that night.

- Feyre also begins to to paint again and her artwork is better than ever. She still paints without the use of magic, but that doesn’t make the paintings insignificant.

- She paints all sorts of magical creatures that she never saw in the muggle world. Her paintings sell out quickly too all sorts of wizards and witches. But one anonymous buyer in particular purchases a good amount of paintings. Feyre doesn’t charge much, but this buyer gives her MUCH more money than she ever asked for.

- If possible Feyre would return the money, but she has no idea who the buyer was. That is until she goes on summer vacation to Rhysand’s house where she finds that the halls are lined with her paintings.

- Feyre and Rhysand become a powerful couple. In magical duals they are an unstoppable force, yet they never abuse their power. They even become the most well-known Head Boy and Head Girl of their time.

- For once Feyre feels as though she belongs. She thrives amid the magic and is determined to help others. Just as Rhysand and the Inner Circle helped her in her greatest time of need.

Vernon x Hufflepuff!Reader
  • You’re a Hufflepuff at hogwarts and it’s almost time for the Gryffyndor vs. Hufflepuff qudditch match, and this year your two houses are the final two (this match decides this year’s winner)
  • And gryffindors are naturally competitive… but y’all hufflepuffs are like “Hey, it’s a game, let’s not get too aggressive here”
  • Because some Gryffindors are taking it too seriously and acting like this is the final battle in a war *cough cough seUNGcheOL*
  • So you’re like “heck yes I know what to do to resolve tensions between our houses”, and you decide that you want to bake a bunch of baked goodies like cookies and brownies and stuff for both the Gryffindor and Hufflepuff houses.
  • Because if your two houses can sit down together and have some sweets then maybe everyone will just chill a little bit
  • You tell Hufflepuff!Seungkwan of this plan and he’s like “First off- yes, because free food, but second off, won’t the Gryffindors think you’re up to something?”
  • Soonyoung: “Yeah what if they think you’re trying to poison them before the match”
  • And of course you’re like “I would nEVeR”, but before you can get too worried, Seungkwan is like “Wait wait, I know just the guy” and runs off
  • And you don’t see Seungkwan again until he marches up to you in the library the next day, dragging some poor kid with him
  • Seungkwan is like “This is Vernon, he’s a Gryffindor. If you two do all the baking together, there’s no reason for your houses not to trust one another”
  • So far the kid that Seungkwan introduced as Vernon has been looking at his feet after taking one glance at you and you were like “wow what did I do to you”
  • But at the mention of you two being together, Vernon is like “!!!”
  • “If it’s too much trouble you really don’t have to help me, I just thought it would be nice…” you tell him, not wanting to burden him
  • “No, it’s fine!” he says quickly, his head snapping up to look at you. “I want to help”
  • Your mood gets 1000x better just at him saying he’ll help because you’re like “mY pLAn wILL wORK, yESSS”
  • Next thing you know, you and Vernon are elbows deep in dough and sugar and icing and it’s. a. Mess.
  • You’re having fun though, like you two are chatting and getting to know one another and talking about your interests and things
  • At first he seemed like he didn’t really wanna talk, but after about 5 minutes of you asking open ended questions that he would HAVE to give a detailed response to, he figured he might as well just talk to you freely
  • The baking was a mess, but an organized mess, because after about 5 hours straight of baking, you two finally finished making all the goodies.
  • After cleaning up, you brought all the baked goods to the dining hall and asked Gryffindor!Mingyu and Hufflepuff!Joshua to get everyone to come
  • Joshua: “What if people don’t want to come?? Should I try and persuade them?”
  • Mingyu: “It’s free food. Literally no one would say no to that”
  • You intentionally put all the baked goods at one table so that the Hufflepuff and Gryffindor kids would have to sit together lmao
  • And this worked, everyone came in, ate together and had a good time. By the end of it, there was no more tension between your houses, and everyone was still looking forward to the match
  • You were so freaking happy that this worked because you hated seeing tensions rise between friends.
  • In all your excitement, you grabbed Vernon’s hands and jumped up and down like “We did it!!”
  • And this boy. He gave you the cutest and most sincere smile.
  • The kind of smile that catches you off guard and makes you think “wow I adore this person”
  • So you’re here thinking “wow I adore this person and i’m holding their hands and what iF I MAKE THIS AWKWARD OH GOD”
  • You shyly let go and smile back at him, pretending like you didn’t almost explode from over thinking things
  • The two of you clean up all the remnants of cookies and brownies that your housemates left behind and then say your goodnights, making your way to your individual dorms
  • Little do you know that you both are thinking the same thing, which is “oh my god they’re so great, what do I dO”
  • You’re like “hey, it’s might be too soon to see if I’ve caught feelings, let’s just be friends first”
  • But Vernon makes this…. difficult
  • It seems like whenever you see him in the hall and wave hello, he doesn’t seem to see you
  • And whenever you walk into the same room as him, he leaves
  • This goes on for a few days until you think about it and are like “oh my god, did he work too hard baking with me?? Did he get sick???”
  • Naturally, your next move is to go to Seungkwan and ask him what’s up with Vernon, and that’s exactly what you do
  • Seungkwan tells you the scoop and is like “yeah he’s been acting pretty weird for the past couple of days. It doesn’t seem like he can concentrate and he’s not talking a lot. Like more that his usual amount of not talking a lot”
  • You’re like “my suspicions are confirmed, he must be feeling sick”
  • You hit the books that night looking up herbal remedies to heal illness and fatigue and end up making a couple of vials of medicines that should work
  • The next day you walk in the library, and Vernon’s looking at some books. If you could even call it looking, he seems pretty spaced out.
  • You approach him and are like “Hey Vernon, I know you’ve been pretty out of it recently, and I talked to Seungkwan-”
  • But before you can even finish he’s like “yOU whAT?! Oh my gosh Seungkwan is the biggest blabbermouth, I shouldn’t have told him that I like you, especially when you two are in the same house and-”
  • Your eyebrows are raised so high they could hit the ceiling because did he just say that he likes you??
  • Vernon: “Seungkwan didn’t say anything about that, did he”
  • You: “Not even a little”
  • Vernon: “Well damn”
  • You’re like 1.) how freaking adorable, this sweet boy just accidentally confessed to me and 2.) I had an original purpose for coming here, maybe I should explain
  • “Well the reason I came to talk to you is because you looked like you weren’t feeling too well so I made some remedies that should help”
  • And he’s like “lol what no I’m fine. The only reason i’ve been out of it is because i’ve been thinking about you”
  • You can’t take any more of his cuteness so you just wrap him up in a hug, to which he shyly wraps his arms around your waist
  • Vernon: “So can I take this as a ‘oh my gosh Vernon of course I like you back, you’re the best’?”
  • “Something along the lines of that”, you say with a huge grin on your face, still in his strong embrace
  • After this adorable accidental confession, the word gets out that you two are now dating, because Jeonghan happened to be “asleep” at a table in the library just close enough to you two to hear everything. Jeonghan told Joshua, who told Soonyoung and Seungkwan… and you can imagine how the word spread from there
  • Seungcheol is the proudest dad and like “LOOK AT MY GROWN BOY, GETTING HIMSELF A SIGNIFICANT OTHER” and Vernon’s like “can you not plz”
  • You two are really compatible because if he doesn’t feel up to being social then you guys will just hang out together and watch movies or sit in the park and people watch. But if you two decide you’re going to, for example, go to the final match between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff, you two go all out. House colors on all clothing, face paint, little hand made flags, the whole get up.
  • Vernon: “If Gryffindor wins, you owe me a kiss”
  • You: “If Hufflepuff wins, you owe me 100 push ups”
  • Vernon: “hOW is thAT fAIR”
  • And guess who wins?? Hufflepuff.
  • Vernon’s like “please don’t make me do this” and whines enough so that you end up reducing it to ten push ups
  • “Can I still have that kiss though?”
  • “I don’t see why not”

Eggsy isn’t meant to be at Hogwarts. 

Well, he is, technically. He did set Dean on fire. With his mind.

But really, that was a tiny accident and shouldn’t have him on a train to the middle of nowhere, while his mum and sister have been Obliviated and left with the remains of Dean’s gang. Eggsy should be there, helping his family get out of that damn house.

But no, he’s fifteen, four years late to start, and on his way to Hogwarts as his alternative to prison time.

Which, very unfair that he would have gone to prison for lighting Dean on fire when Dean had never even faced the consequences of beating his mum.

Other than the consequence of being burnt to death when he hit Eggsy too. That was too quick a death for what he’d been doing to the Unwins since Lee’s death.

“Unwin?” a smooth voice interrupted his thoughts. Eggsy looks over his shoulder, head still leaned up against the train windows, to see a boy (slightly older than him maybe?) staring down at him with a piece of parchment in his hand. “Are you Gary Unwin?”

“Eggsy,” Eggsy corrects, straightening up to size up the newcomer. “What’s it to you?”

The boy (tall, dark hair, dark eyes, fucking fit, so hot) blinks before rubbing his temples and sighing. “Eggsy then. My name is Harry Hart, I’m Head Boy this year. I’ve been tasked to get you sorted out and tested for your time here at Hogwarts.”


“We need to see what classes to put you in,” Harry explains, “as you would normally be a fifth year, but this will be your first year at Hogwarts.”

“Ya gonna have to put me with the first years,” Eggsy yawns, checking out of the conversation even though Harry was fucking fit. “I don’t know shit about nothing.”

Harry is silent for a moment before sitting across from Eggsy in the otherwise empty compartment. “You’re a Muggleborn then?”

“Don’t even know what that means bruv.”

“Your parents don’t have magic,” Harry clarifies. Eggsy shrugs.

“Don’t know about my dad, he’s been dead forever. Mum definitely doesn’t though.”

“Muggleborn or half-blood,” Harry notes, scribbling the words onto the parchment he’d been carrying. “Do you know anything about Hogwarts?”

“I read a few things,” Eggsy says nonchalantly. “Know I don’t wanna be stuck in Slytherin.”

I’m a Slytherin,” Harry says. Eggsy smirks as he turns to him. 

“Exhibit A then.”

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Hogwarts Houses As West Wing Characters

Gryffindor - CJ Cregg (tries to do the right thing even when it’s hard, bold, takes chances and risks, can be impulsive)

Ravenclaw - President Bartlet (values knowledge above almost everything else, quotes scripture and philosophers and historians constantly, loves to impart knowledge and information)

Slytherin - Josh Lyman (willing to fight dirty to win, has strong values and strong ambition, competitive to the point of losing sight of the cost of winning)

Hufflepuff - Sam Seaborn (human version of a puppy, loyal always to a fault, will go to the mat for his friends and beliefs, but supportive and kind)

  • <p> <b>Ravenclaw:</b> You're like the League of Nations in '36 just hoping the Abyssinian Crisis resolves itself.<p/><b>Slytherin:</b> That's the lesson you draw from the fall of Addis Ababa? Ravenclaw, you sound so naïve.<p/><b>Ravenclaw:</b> And you sound like Victor Emmanuel III.<p/><b>Hufflepuff:</b> I have no idea who's winning.<p/></p>
Sirius Black Imagine: “Bets - Part 1”

Can you a SiriusXreader imagine, where the y/n is the Hufflepuff Quidditch captain so James and her has this kind of friendly rivalry going on. Sirius has a crush on y/n because she’s very fierce, funny and flirty and they start dating in the end?

Requested by anon

Notes: hufflepuff quidditch captain reader

“We are winning this match, Potter. Gryffindor doesn’t stand a chance. Stop fantasizing,” you bragged.

James pretended to be hurt by your comment and answered in a dramatic way, “I am so sorry you believe that, [y/l/n]. You’re gonna be soooo disappointed when you realize how wrong you are.”

You raised an eyebrow and challenged, “Wanna bet, Potter?”

Your hands were placed on your hips and your [y/e/c] eyes held a mischievous twinkle. By his expression, you could easily tell that he was taken aback. However, his shocked face soon turned into a cheeky one. Nothing in the world could erase the sly grin his lips had formed.

“You know what? Let’s do this.”

“Excellent. If Hufflepuff wins, you are going to leave my friend Lily alone. She doesn’t fancy you, for Merlin’s sake!”

He couldn’t help but sneer at that. “You are horrible at this, [y/l/n]. Even if I leave Lily alone, she will come to me. You are right. She doesn’t fancy me; she loves me, although she still is too damn proud to admit it.”

You rolled your eyes at his arrogant behavior and controlled the urge to face-palm.

“Whatever you say, Potter… What happens if Gryffindor wins?”

His smirk enlarged. “Why? This is the best part. If Gryffindor wins, you will go on a blind date.”

You narrowed your eyes. “Blind date? That’s all you got? Fine. Be prepared to lose, Potter.”

“Likewise, [y/l/n].”

You were cursing inside. The seeker of your team had been ill this week and she hadn’t been at her best during the match. Hence, Gryffindor had won. Why the hell did you think it was a good idea to make a bet with that conceited brat in the first place? Anyway, there was nothing you could do now. Potter had teased you to no end and told you that you should be in the Three Broomsticks for lunch for the blind date. 

A blind date. You had thought that it couldn’t be that bad, but who would come? Would you know him? Would he be a complete stranger? All you knew was that whoever he was, he was late. You had been waiting and looking at the menu for so long you had memorized it. What if it had been a trap? What if Potter just wanted to make fun of you? It wasn’t normal to wait for more than thirty minutes, was it? You were about to leave and save the little dignity you still carried with you when a voice stopped you.

“Really, [y/l/n], I thought that hufflepuffs kept their promises. You lost the wager, remember?”

You suppressed the need to groan.

“Well, Black. I have been waiting for my date for more than half an hour. I am tired. Tell your friend Potter that it wasn’t funny to make me wait for a ghost.”

Sirius raised an eyebrow and joshed, “Well, gee, [y/l/n]. Last time I checked I wasn’t a ghost. I am alive, thank you very much.”

Your eyes widened as your cheeks heated up. “Pardon me?”

There was a smug look on his face as he replied in an amused tone, “I am your date, [y/l/n].”

Now you felt butterflies in your tummy. Just what you needed. You opened your mouth, desperately trying to articulate a sentence, anything, but it was worthless.

“Shall we take a seat?” he inquired, barely hiding his amusement.

You could only nod. Once you sat down and ordered your meals, you couldn’t help but wonder, “Why were you late?”

The animagus blushed deeply and confessed, “Remus was sick and I stayed with him in the infirmary. I didn’t realize the time until it was too late. I am sorry, [y/l/n], I didn’t mean to make you wait.”

You smiled softly at that. Everybody believed that Sirius was an egotistical boy, but the way he cared for his friends told you otherwise.

“Don’t apologize, Black. You were looking for your friend.”



“You are my date. You can call me by my first name.”

You smirked and replied, “Call me [y/f/n], then.”

The grin that he offered you made you melt, even though you wouldn’t admit it.

You and Sirius were walking back to Hogwarts. The chilly wind from December made you shudder. The boy must have noticed it, since he put his jacket over your shoulders.

“There, [y/n]. You don’t have to act strong all the time and pretend you aren’t cold.”

“I’m not cold,” you countered back, but your fingers grasped the material tightly around you as a freezing gale blew.

He looked at you with an arched eyebrow, clearly not believing a word you said. Trying to dissimulate, you kept clumping, leaving footsteps on the snow. His hand snaked around your waist and for a moment, you couldn’t feel warmer, despite the icy weather.

“You liked the date, didn’t you?”

“What makes you say so?” you teased, playing hard to get. 

“I am a Black. Everybody loves me.”

“You are so full of yourself,” you said shaking your head.

“I wanna make a bet…”

You had the impulse to refute, but then you remembered than even when you lost the last wager, you had ended up winning. The date had been great, even though you wouldn’t confess it.

“A bet about what?”

“I can beat you in a snowball fight.”

You burst out laughing. Really? Now he wanted to behave like a six-year-old?

“You better laugh now, [y/n]. I will win.”

“Just you wait, Sirius,” you retorted. “If you lose, you’ll have to stay silent for a week.”

His eyes widened. “What?! How do you expect me to do that?”

“What’s wrong, Sirius? Are you afraid? Maybe the sorting hat was wrong…” you joshed with a mischievous smile. He was a boastful and talkative person, it would be fun to see him struggling.

He narrowed his eyes. “Fine. If you lose, you’ll let me kiss you.”

Your heart stopped beating. Damn this boy. Why did he have this effect on you? Now you couldn’t help but imagine what it would feel like to taste his perfect lips, to cup his face as his hands settled on your waist. All of sudden, you wanted to lose the bet.


And so the battle began. He was playing hard, and there was a part of you that didn’t want to surrender so easily, no matter how much you wanted that kiss. You flung snowballs at each other for a few minutes, filling the wintry landscape with gurgles of laughter and squeals. Your bodies were covered in slush, but you didn’t even feel it. You hunkered down to scoop up another handful of snow, when you were pushed on the white blanket under your feet. 

Sirius was on top of you, his hands on each side of your head. His nose was red from the freezing breeze, and you found yourself thinking that he had never looked so handsome. You lifted your fingers until they touched his rosy cheek. He shivered, even though you weren’t sure if it was for the cold of your hand or for something else. He bent his head down to the point that your noses were brushing. His breath was hot and it mingled with your own. Before your brain could process what was happening, his lips landed on yours, firmly. He was in no rush, and neither were you. For a moment, the world disappeared. Only Sirius existed. 

The kiss ended sooner than you would have liked. There was a goofy grin plastered on his features which made you simper. You waited for him to say something, for you were still assimilating that this was real.

“I won,” was all he said.

You rolled your eyes at this and he chuckled. “[Y/n], don’t make me bet again so that I can finally become your boyfriend. I’m tired of pretending.”

You smiled softly, your heart was fluttering. You batted your eyelashes, feeling flirty, and teased, “Well, I’ve discovered that I quite like bets, even if I keep losing them… I don’t know. Maybe we should really make another and-“

His lips were on yours before you could finish the sentence. You couldn’t help but feel thankful for losing that Hufflepuff vs Gryffindor match.

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I’m a proud Slytherin, but I’d be lying if I said the Hufflepuff common room doesn’t sound like the coziest place ever. Yellow/earth tones, plants growing everywhere, it probably always smells like flowers or musk, round windows around the room that let sunlight in at all angles with a view of grass and blue skies (even if it is looking up at it from a basement), creatures and pets that will cuddle up with you, wooden furniture with lots of cushions and pillows and blankets, being sheltered from all severe weather conditions, a little fireplace… yeah, hufflepuff definitely wins best common room.

anonymous asked:

are there any kiri hc's you've always wanted to talk about

So I’ve never really been asked anything like this before, so sorry for taking so long to get to this ask!! Now let’s see…

  • When Kirishima was a kid, he was big into cartoons and anime and pro-heros, and he heard ‘manly’ thrown around a lot in this media, which is why he uses it a lot. But, because he was so young and didn’t understand the social construct of gender, he literally thought it just meant ‘cool’, and the habit has stuck with him. So, if something is ‘not manly’ (ie: not cool), that doesn’t mean it’s feminine, nor does it mean that feminine things are uncool because they are not masculine. Kiri doesn’t think of masculinity and femininity as being in opposition of each other. Using ‘Manly’ is just a habit that he can’t seem to break.
  • Kirishima is a MASTER at dance-dance-revolution, and is surprisingly competitive about it. Although he enjoys it most when everyone is just having a good time.
  • While it’s not his favorite movie, he’s watched The Notebook at least 4 times and cries every time.
  • I’ve always liked the headcanon that he has siblings, younger ones who he has to take care of and set a good example for. This might explain some of his more…. nurturing or protective behavior I guess?
  • He used to be a huge fan of Endeavor, until recently. He can just… tell that something is up between Todoroki and his dad, and he always wants to be there to support his friends regardless of how famous their parents are.
  • Sometimes if a friend does something especially cool, or kind (like when Mina complemented his fighting style during a training match-up, or that one time Bakugou gave him most of his dessert) he gets overwhelmed with happy emotions and starts tearing up because gosh darn it he loves his friends so much and he would do anything for them
  • If Kirishima were to take a Hogwarts house quiz, he would be pretty even between Gryfindor and Hufflepuff. He is incredibly brave and not afraid to take risks to save the day, but he is so extremely loyal to his friends that Hufflepuff would win by a smidge every time.
  • Has always wanted to start a band but doesn’t know if he has the musical talent for it (he doesn’t). 
  • (Except for dancing and rhythm, if his DDR skills are anything to go by, so he reckons he could learn to play the drums and wants to ask Jirou about it at some point.)

There are probably a ton more that I can think up, but I think this is a good start! If someone wants to message me about a few of these, or if you have some of your own, please please shoot a message! I love my boy Kirishima!!

Yoon Jisung Hogwarts Au

I know I did Daniel as a Hufflepuff as well, but I can’t see Jisung as anything other???

• Hogwarts had always seemed a mystical place that you’d never get to visit,

• You’d been home schooled for a good 5 years,

• But there’s only so much someone can learn about potions in their kitchen,

• And you’d turned your sofa into a dog house by accident and your family had decided maybe Hogwarts was the place to go,

• Finally,

• I mean yeah home school could be cool but hOgWarTs!!!

• At this point you’re not even embarrassed to turn up and get sorted with the 1st years,

• You show some of the Muggle Born’s a Patronus on the boat trip to the castle and they loose their s h i t,

• Anyways,

• You get sorted into Hufflepuff, and boy are you glad because you feel they’d be the most welcoming to a complete newbie,

• And no offence to the 1st years but you kinda want some friends your own age,

• The first lesson the next day you are definitely lost,

• Why is this castle so big and why does it’s staircases move?

• Health and safety?

• And you swear you watched a room disappear, how is that practical?

• But nothing will get you down because you’re finally here,

• You spot a boy around your age walking past, and he just so happens to be Hufflepuff as well,

 • It’s not like you waited in a corner for 10 minutes to pic out a friendly looking target,

• Pfffft.  . . 

• “Heya, I’m new and totally lost, would you mind showing me where transfiguration is?”

• The boys soft brown hair and shiny eyes relax you enough to smile brightly,

• “That’s where I’m headed, you can walk with me,”

• You where not expecting this boy to have a smile to totally melt your heart,

• You’re taken back,

• How rude of him,

• His smile seems to trigger a reaction in you where you can’t help but smile back,

• “ I’m Y/N,”

• “ Jisung,”

• And just like a mama bird, he totally takes your vulnerable little self under wing,

• Jisung is actually a huge dork and a walking meme,

• (No matter how hard you try to explain, hardly anyone in Hogwarts understand what a meme is and it’s a s t r u g g l e),

• And he helps introduce you to your first ever proper friends :’)

• You learnt how to ride a broom and you knew of Quidditch before, but have you really lived if you haven’t gone to a proper Quidditch match?

• Hufflepuff wins although a Slytherin girl falls off her broom and almost nearly dies but gets saved and you hope every match is filled with this much excitement,

• A whole new world opens up to you and it’s all thanks to Jisung,

• And he just never stops showing you around?

• Everyone is 100% sure you know your way around everywhere but Jisung will be like,

• “No this way is a short cut,”

• You start to wonder how Jisung Knows even secret passages or knacks for getting things in the castle,

• Then you realised it’s Jisung he probably either asked nicely or made people so at ease with him that they’d just tell him,

• You’re normally sat in the Hufflepuff common room doing some work and he just appears,

• Takes your hand in his extremely soft ones and gently lead you away,

• And boi if you don’t LIVE for those moments, 

• He’ll take you a little into the forbidden Forrest or to a secret corner of the lake,

• He’ll find the highest window in the castle so you can watch the starts from it,

• Constantly wrapping his robe around your shoulders because you always forget yours,

• Haha, ‘forget’, nice one,

• But really why is his robe so much softer and warmer than yours?

• He always looks you in the eyes to speak to you so you feel as if you have his whole attention,

• Okay it’s been 3 months and you’re head over heels,

• Just when you think there can’t possibly be another secret place,

• The room of requirement,

• Jisung looks a little nervous when the door appears and he leads you inside,

• You figured it must be quite personal to him,

• oOps there goes your heart again,

• The room is small and quaint and colourful bean bags sit in one corner and bookshelves in the other and a hammock and the place looks so cozy you’re not sure you’re ever going to leave,

• You guys are sat on the bean bags and chatting but Jisung is half out of it and you start to worry,

• Is this the bit where he says that he was just being nice and showing you around,

• But then you remember his dorky smile and your open-heart conversations by the lake and when he went out of his way for you all of those times just to see you smile,

• You remember all those witty comments that always made you giggle, maybe just because Jisung said them,

• No one is purely that kind to people they don’t like, not even Jisung,

• “Hey Y/N, I kind of sort of like you?”

• While Jisung starts sounding confidant he drifts off at the end in an adorable raise of the eyebrow and uncertain tone,

•You can’t help but laugh a little at it,

• But you quickly stop so he doesn’t think you’re being mean,

• “We that’s awful lucky, because it just so happens I Like you too,”

• Neither of you can stop your little grins,

• Jisung lips are soft, just like his actions and both of you make slow lazy movements, almost as if trying not to frighten each other,

• Although a car could crash through a wall and you wouldn’t be startled,

• (Which is almost as dangerous as those stairs),

• From them on in it’s all gently taking each other hands when next to each other,

• His carefully slipping an arm around your waist in corridors,

• You tentatively slinging you arms around his neck as he places his hands on your hips when you’re alone,

• The highest your PDA goes is carefully wrapping yourself around each other,

• You’re both so sly though hardly anyone notices,

• Should of been a Slytherin,

• He loves it when you play with his hair so you’re forever running the soft strands through your hands,

• He almost seems to purr like a cat it’s kind of adorable,

• It’s awful though because if one of you starts to cry the other does as well and you become a group mess,

• But better be s group mess than a mess alone, right?

• You two have definitely been found in some corner somewhere crying about stupid things,

• “You got full marks on your defense against the dark arts test, oh my god," 

• Everyone just sort of leaves you to be emotional,

• Jisung always brings you little flowers he finds or snacks from the kitchens or manages to smuggle little gifts from Hogsmeade  to you,

• How does he do it though you’re always with him at Hogsmeade???

• How do you not see???

• You decide it’s better not to ask,

• Jisung is pure blood so he doesn’t know much from the Muggle world, so you get him little gifts and it makes his day,

• A rubix cube wasn’t a good choice though, he was addicted to it for an entire week,

• The two of you are combined a ball of sunshine and wit and it’s really damn cute,

• Overall Jisung is special to you on a whole different level- not only did he show you a new sort of love, he showed you a new sort of family,

Thanks if you’ve read till the end, I hope it’s satisfied all you Jisung Stans, heh.

an introduction (again)

Hi! I’ve had this blog for I think over a year and a couple months ago I made an introduction however, it didn’t make sense, I didn’t like it and I took it down. So here I will tell you a bit about myself. 

fun facts!  

  • I am 16 years old and going to be a junior in high school.
  • I live in California.
  • I go to an arts high school where I dance.
  • I always struggle between choosing art and science because I really love both.
  • As you can tell from my user, I love Harry Potter and I am a huge nerd! (Hufflepuff for the win!)
  • I’m taking AP Biology, APUSH, English 11, French III, and Trig/ Math Analysis (I also plan to self study for the AP Lang Test)

studyblrs that have inspired me!

@studyquill@theorganisedstudent , @studybuzz , @acadehmic , @studyign!

I’m going to try to commit myself to this because I would love to be able to inspire other people and give advice.

P.S. feel free to ask me stuff anytime!