hufflepuff house points

  • Muggleborn Ravenclaw: Hey, wanna know something cool?
  • Pureblood Slytherin: No, not really.
  • Muggleborn Ravenclaw: Sonic the Hedgehog’s full name is actually Ogilvie Maurice Hedgehog.
  • Pureblood Slytherin: What the fuck is a Sonic?

Hufflepuff(about Slytherin): He makes me feel things.

Ravenclaw: What things?

Hufflepuff: Feelings.

Ravenclaw: He makes you feel feelings?

Hufflepuff: Yes.

Ravenclaw: What a bastard.

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Slytherin : it is a murder only if they find the body. Until then, it’s just a disappearance !

Ravenclaw :

Slytherin : just sayin’!

Ravenclaw : well then what the fuck are we waiting for ? Let’s go kill this bitch !

Slytherin : Ravenclaw, neither one of us is a skilled serial killer. We gotta start small, kill people unrelated to us first, and then kill him. No rush.

Hufflepuff : *just arriving*

Hufflepuff :

Ravenclaw :

Slytherin :

Hufflepuff : I’m calling the police.

The interesting thing about the Hogwarts Houses personality theory, from where I’m standing, is that it seems to be based on motivation, rather than what’s strictly considered by the academic world to be personality traits. (It’s interesting because motivation is considered fairly changeable by personality researchers, while traits are more fundamental/biologically based and hard to change. Makes Dumbledore’s I sometimes think we sort too soon that more plausible. And painful.)

Anyway, let me give this a go:

Gryffindors are motivated by what they believe is Right. They’ve got a very clear idea of justice, of the way things should be, and if that isn’t the case they are willing to fight for it. Gryffindors have principles. They will go to war over the things they believe in. But this also means they might just as well become fundamentalists. As someone put it, a gryffindor will happily fuck you up if they believe they’re doing the Right Thing.

Huffepuffs are motivated by loyalty. They put personal relationships above abstract ideas. Huffelpuffs will follow you into battle not because they believe in what you’re saying, but because they are your friend. On the other hand, this may also lead to a my master right or wrong kind of situations, where they stop thinking about moral principles and just trust the person they’ve chosen as a friend. 

Ravenclaws are motivated by rationality. They value cold logic and hard facts, and are unlikely to be swept along by passionate speeches or emotional pleas. They’re the type to consider the benefits and disadvantages for all when making decisions. Again, this can be potentially scary, because -for example- Ravenclaws would kill you without any hesitation if they believed it could prevent the death of others.

And finally, Slytherins are motivated by self-interest and ambition. They’re moral relativists, who don’t believe in the great Right or Wrong (the way Gryffindors very strongly do) and wouldn’t hesitate to do things others would consider morally wrong as long as it’s in their advantage. Sounds evil, but it isn’t necessarily so: it means just as much that a Slytherin can be charming and loyal - being hated and despised isn’t exactly a good thing, is it? It all depends on what kind of ambitions they have - and how smart they are, of course.

Seen like that, Ravenclaws and Slytherin are quite close to each other, both being cold rationalists, with the difference that Ravenclaws think firstly of the good of all, while Slytherins think firstly of the good for themselves. And Hufflepuff and Gryffindor are quite close too, both led by their emotions, but while Gryffindors are loyal to ideas of right and wrong, Hufflepuffs pledge their allegiance to people they believe to be worth following.

Put shortly: Gryffindor: belief in ideas; Hufflepuffs: belief in people; Ravenclaw: belief in rationality; Slytherin: belief in themselves.

A Taste of Your Own Medicine (Draco x Hufflepuff!Reader)

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Request:  Draco imagine where Hufflepuff reader stands up to him and yells at him, much to his surprise, and he begins to form a crush on her because she’s more intriguing than he initially thought? - Anon

The reader is a straight up savage in this

L/N: Last name

H/C: Hair color

E/C: Eye color


As everyone at Hogwarts knew, Draco Malfoy was definitely not one to be nice to people unless they were at his so-called “status.”  Hufflepuffs in particular.  He saw Hufflepuff house to be the ones that were too kind and weak to fight back, which is why he, Blaise, and Goyle picked on them the most.  The professors had also basically given up on trying to stop Draco and his gang.  None of them wanted to deal with the wrath his father, Lucius, knowing the power he held.  Most students that were victims of his bullying got used to it and didn’t bother to do anything about it.  You, however, were getting sick of it.

Today was one of those days where Draco felt like making fun of an innocent person in hopes it would raise his low self-esteem.  To his luck, everyone was being assigned new seats in potions.

Snape was towards the middle of the list.  “Mister Weasley and Miss Brown,” he said in his usual colorless tone and pointed to a table.  Ron shuffled to his seat, with Lavender all giddy very close behind him.  “Hmm… Miss L/N and Mister Malfoy.”

You internally groaned.  Perfect.  Just perfect.

You slumped into your new seat, Draco now next to you.  In the corner of your eye you could see he was looking at you.  You turned around to meet his glance.  He smirked.  You stared at him for a brief moment as to say “try anything and you’re dead.”  

The first half of class was okay.  Neither of you spoke to each other.  Draco had his chin resting in his hands, clearly not interested in whatever Snape was talking about.  Eventually his boredom got to the point when he knew exactly how to cure it. (Or so he thought).

“Hey, L/N,” he whispered.

You rolled your eyes.  You knew what was coming next.  “Leave me alone, Draco.  And my name is Y/N to you.”

“Ooh, feisty one, are we?”

His highly obnoxious games continued for the remainder of class.  He insulted your house tie, friends, Hufflepuff in general, all stuff you had expected.  But then he took it one step too far.

“Your family, all filthy muggles, correct?  Disgraceful.  Mud–”

The sound of your chair screeching backwards interrupted his sentence.  The whole class got even quieter than it already was.  Snape stopped talking.

“Alright, Draco, it’s about time you get a taste of your own medicine.  Just because your Daddy’s boy and you live in a huge mansion does NOT make you better than anyone else here.  You think money can buy happiness, you think just because a witch or wizard is related to a non-magical person that automatically makes them a piece of garbage.  When in reality, you’re the piece of garbage that thinks he can go around making others feel bad about themselves hoping it will make you feel better about yourself.  You think everyone is supposed to love you and bow down to you but the truth is everyone is sick and tired of the crap you give them every single day!”

The whole class stared at you, including Draco.  This was a first for everyone.

“MISS L/N!” Snape yelled.  You were already prepared for what happened next.  “Fifty points from Hufflepuff and detention!”

“Gladly, professor,” you replied smugly and sat back down.


Class ended not too long after that.  You were greeted by Gryffindors, Ravenclaws, Hufflepuffs–and even a few Slytherins–praising you for standing up to the Draco Malfoy.  Word got around Hogwarts quickly.  When McGonagall got wind of it, she slipped Hufflepuff house those fifty points back–with an additional five.


That night while all the Slytherin boys were sleeping, Draco lay awake, thinking about what had happened in his potions class earlier that day.  That L/N girl had the nerve to speak to me that way?  What a git.  Nobody speaks to a pureblood Malfoy like that.  We’re partners in potions for the rest of the year, I’ll make sure to ruin her reputation.  Maybe get rid of all that beautiful H/C hair… Wait.  Draco, you idiot, it’s not beautiful.  More like a disheveled frizzy mess… Regardless of the way it accents her cheekbones and matches perfectly with her E/C eyes and flows down her neck like a graceful waterfall… Oh God.  You bloody idiot you’ve fallen in LOVE with her!  No… no I can’t let that happen.  A MALFOY NEVER APOLOGIZES!  Well in that case… it looks like you’re going to be the first.

Please let me know what you thought of it! 

Well Yeah
  • *Gryffindor and Hufflepuff shopping*
  • Hufflepuff: Hey, Gryffindor look! This bumper sticker has your name on it!
  • Hufflepuff: *Grabs bumper sticker with "Gryfindor" on it*
  • Gryffindor: It's missing an f.
  • Hufflepuff: Oh, yeah it is...
  • Gryffindor: That's all the f's I give in life.

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Aromantic Hufflepuffs who have squishes on everyone and they all have huge sleepovers and cuddle. -H

Those aro Hufflepuffs have the best pyjamas. They get the most interesting ones they can find just for these sleepovers. Fun prints and patterns (that move of course), socks pre-charmed with heating spells, and pyjama bottoms that can change from shorts to full length with the flick of a wand.

They sneak in friends from other houses. If the house elves see someone tiptoeing past the kitchens they turn a blind eye.

It’s not uncommon for the whole common room to become a blanket fort.

Platonic sleepover cuddles. <3

- Ravenclaw Mod

Putting the members of the Host Club in Hogwarts houses.

Haruhi Fujioka - I think Haruhi would make a great Ravenclaw. She’s creative, practical, hard-working and independent. All in all, she’s a pretty smart cookie, in other words, she’s perfect for Ravenclaw house. (I also totally wanna see her with the robes and glasses combo. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see that?)

Kyoya Ootori - I was debating on whether to put Kyoya in Ravenclaw or Slytherin since he could fit in either one, but in the end, I decided on Slytherin. (This may seem like an obvious choice but bear with me.) Like all Slytherins, he’s crafty and resourceful and strives to become the best. Additionally, just like Draco, Kyoya comes from a line of important people, with his father owning the Health care company. 

Tamaki Suoh - This little goof-ball would, without a doubt, be a Gryffindor. Like most Gryffindors, he’s always the first to jump to action; making fast, albeit rash, decisions. He’s also the most popular member of the Host Club, just as Gryffindors have the most popular students. 

Hikaru Hitachiin - Hikaru would also be a Gryffindor. I say this because he’s always the first person to get behind Tamaki’s plans, which leads me to believe they have similar ideologies. He’s also not afraid to speak his mind and be honest with people. (He’s also a little reckless and immature but you didn’t hear that from me.)   

Kaoru Hitachiin - Now, if we were to go with the rule that people who are related are to be set in the same house, Kaoru would, of course, be in the same house as Hikaru. But because they’re so different I actually ended up putting him in Hufflepuff. When he’s away from all of the “Host Club shenanigans,” he’s a very humble and mature person, very fitting for a Hufflepuff.

Takashi “Mori” Morinozuka - I’ll be honest here, Mori is the character I know the least about, so forgive me on this but… I think he could be a Hufflepuff. Not only does his loyalty know no bounds but he’s also a very hard working chap, he won’t find any loop-holes to get what he wants. He’s also not very competitive, which is one of Hufflepuff’s traits. 

Mitsukuni “Honey” Haninozuka - I think Ravenclaw would be a good fit for Honey. Despite his outward appearance, he is highly intelligent and clever and sometimes even seen as a mentor, if that doesn’t scream Ravenclaw I don’t know what does. He’s also creative and unpredictable at times.

(And finally… Just for fun…)

Renge Houshakuji - Her overall strangeness and wacky personality would definitely lead her to Hufflepuff house. Even though she’s a very loud girl, she’s quite unpopular and outspoken, just as most Hufflepuffs are. 

Another Ghost in the Halls

Request: “I really love your stories!!! Can I request a Newt Scamander x Reader using the song "If I Die Young” by the Band Perry? Really angsty please?? I don’t mind what you come up with, I just need angst!!!! Thank you! ❤️❤️😀"

Word Count: 3,072

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by Anonymous but also tagging @caseoffics @red-roses-and-stories @dont-give-a-bother @myrtus-amongst-the-stars @ly–canthrope

Newt sits next to the Black Lake, knees pressed to his chest, glasses slipping down his nose. He doesn’t bother adjusting them, though, doesn’t move a muscle even as the sun begins to set and stars begin their show for the night. He doesn’t move until an unfamiliar hand tugs on the sleeve of his arm, telling him to get up before they get the nurse.

Only then does he stand and tear his eyes from the Black Lake. It slurps, teasing him, calling him back over and over, cries growing fainter as he stumbles up the path.

“Yer lucky yer roommates let me know you were missing when they did. The grounds are no place to be when there’s a storm coming.”

Newt doesn’t respond to the comment. He doesn’t care what the professor has to say or if he’ll lose Hufflepuff house points.

“Not to mention the trouble yer already in will be compounded if yer caught outside yer common room at this hour.”

Newt once again shrugs off the comment, not worrying about any sort of repercussion. He deserves what Dippet has been threatening. Deserves that and more for what he has done.

The professor is heavier set, and he grunts as he guides Newt up the path. “I know ya’ say ya’ don’t want ta talk about this, but ya’ should find someone. Far as I understand it, you’ve another friend to talk ta?”

The words are sour in Newt’s mind. Yes, he had another friend. She’s gone, now, and he’s alone. “No.”

The professor squints down at him. “Ya’ sure? I’ve heard yer friendly with that Slytherin girl.”

Newt shakes his head, jaw clenching. “I don’t know any Slytherins.”

“Well, I coulda sworn.”

“You’d be wrong, then.” Newt says, words icy as they cut off the man’s sentence.

The professor seems to understand now as he falls silent, offering Newt an escort up paths that are all too familiar.

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hogwarts houses based on my friends


  • seems cool but is actually a big nerd (still seems cool even if you know they’re a nerd)
  • stay up late with you to shit talk people you mutually dislike
  • is probably judging you even if you’re best friends (they love you though)
  • constantly mentions that they love their family (might occasionally rant about them or lovingly make fun of them but it’s always followed up by “i love ___ so much though don’t get me wrong.”)
  • very reassuring and encouraging friends. if you ask them for advice they will either be a truth bomb or baby you.
  • the morals of (most) everything is debatable
  • WILL cheat at board games
  • you find yourself looking up to them
  • salt sponge
  • their favorite character is probably the villain, outcast, or troubled one. (loki, draco, snape, kylo ren, etc.)
  • ‘are you fucking kidding me’ face on point
  • private person even to friends. tend to be careful about sharing their inner thoughts and feelings


  • will make sure you don’t make a dumb mistake
  • “drink some water.” “are you wearing sunscreen?” “you forgot ____ again? just take mine i brought extra.” “am i the only one in the room that has common sense? *slytherin opens mouth, ravenclaw shoots them a pointed look* stop lying to yourself.”
  • always there to lend you some clothes or good advice. able to detach themselves from a situation in order to see potention solutions.
  • book recs out of this world (tend to read a great variety of genres)
  • so creative? i wanna know what goes on in their mind
  • has at least one artsy interest (but probably has more)
  • humble
  • likes to make and keep memories ( put together photo albums, keep a record of memorable quotes from everyone in the squad, etc)
  • either a bit out of touch with the internet or they never leave it
  • loves space
  • is weirdly similar to one of their parents


  • regularly bakes things and brings it to school to share
  • happy and bubbly all the time but also constantly jokes about being trash and wanting to die
  • the embodiment of the color yellow
  • probably has a funny laugh or a loud voice (or both)
  • is very kind to everyone! sees the beauty in everything
  • probably loves cats (probably is petting a cat right now)
  • bright, warm smiles
  • get irritated when people halfass something because they can’t be bothered to do work
  • accidentally says dirty things and then realizes what they said after it’s too late. (slytherin never lets them live it down.)
  • asks friends to take fake candids of them, takes fake candids of friends
  • very touchy and loves cuddles
  • probably owns a ukulele


  • blunt.
  • impulsive af. probably an impulse buyer. probably has touched a cactus without a second thought
  • thinks they rarely cuss but they do it regularly
  • like attention but are probably also uncomfortable with it
  • e x t r a
  • super funny without meaning to be
  • suck at keeping their room clean (but can clean it super fast when they need to)
  • doesn’t think before they speak. (actual quotes by myself and other gryffindor friends: “didgeridoo me.” “i was a good noodle.” “if i look like a potato you look like a moldy one.”)
  • either wears their heart on their sleeve or locks their emotions up until they can’t take it anymore. you can see everything they’re feeling in their eyes.
  • probably happy cry really easily (thinking about a fav celebritiy, thinking about a pet, etc.)
  • everything is a competition
  • mischievous grins. grins of pure happiness. smilling from cheek to cheek, laughing until your ribs ache.

Hufflepuff: So now im supposed to do everything that Gryffindor does? What if he jumped off a cliff?

McGonagall: If Gryffindor were to jump off a cliff, he would have done his due diligence regarding the height of the cliff, the depth of the water and the angle of entry.

McGonagall: So yes, if you see Gryffindor jump off a cliff, by all means jump off a cliff.


So, tomorrow is Harry Potter day for band camp and I’m so pumped. I’m so pumped that I sorted each section into the different houses and I’m going to award them house points for every good thing they do tomorrow.

Aren’t I the best drum major?


when she was at hogwarts, tonks had a sideline in changing herself to look like different professors then standing in the middle of the great hall and loudly giving hufflepuff house points just to see if it worked

it never did

House Points

As you complete activities and such you earn your house points! We know it’s a little unfair seeing as some houses have less people, so if you report to us that you did something productive like taking a shower or cleaning your room, or even being nice to someone, you can earn your house points!

❤Gryffindor- 435 points❤

💚Slytherin- 1,110 points💚

💙Ravenclaw- 960 points💙

💛Hufflepuff- 1,265 points💛

Here is the updated House Point. Way to go little wizards, keep up the good work!! All the perfects are so proud of you!!

~Ravenclaw Prefect Maddy🔮

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I just saw your tags and now I really want you to write a sanvers HP AU, haha

heyyyyoooo, so this is far later than I thought it would be, but this has been my first real chance to sit down and think this one through. it feels like the first of a series, if there’s interest, but i make no promises. also, i know house sorting can be a real contentious issue, but i’m happy to talk and debate and show my reasoning for where i’ve put everyone! 


i feel like the entire supergirl!hp universe i’ve created in my head can be sumamrized by one sentence, and it’s the following: 

it takes maggie sawyer nearly five years to truly understand why the sorting hat put her in hufflepuff all those years ago. 

and if we’re going for follow-up sentence: 

[to realize, really, that it had an actual purpose beyond what she deemed punishment for her commentary on it’s shoddy stitching] 

or to put it another, slightly longer way: 

maggie sawyer holds a few records for hufflepuff house: 

first, most house points lost due to violent encounters both magical and otherwise. 

second, most saves of the quaffle made without using her hands - also in general, but that’s hardly the point. people don’t understand how she does it, she’s so…tiny…but the students know better than to say that outloud. 

third, the only person in any house to have voluntarily stepped in front of the bat bogey hex just to protect a slytherin. 

and that is how maggie sawyer really meets alex danvers. 

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