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Sherlock characters Hogwarts houses (Opinion list)

Always that disclaimer of “disagree If you must, just don’t think I care enough to argue about it”. Enjoy.


Sherlock: I’ve gone over this many times but I guess I’ll go over it once again. A lot of people assume that he is a Ravenclaw because he’s smart. False. Sherlock Holmes is a textbook Slytherin. Yes he’s smart, but he’s smart about what HE likes to know. In the books for example he doesn’t care to even know that earth revolves around the sun & he even goes as far to say that he doesn’t care to even remember the fact. A Ravenclaw would NOT act like that. Sherlock is just a snarky, sarcastic, SOB who has very singleminded goals and aspirations. He isn’t a bookworm if the book doesn’t pertain to what he’s doing at the moment.

Mycroft Holmes: He’s fantastic for a sarcastic one liner. He’s like Sherlock but he’s even more of an asshole in my opinion. He and Sherlock constantly try to one up each other, but they don’t have similar goals necessarily so it never gets too rough. Totally a Slytherin.

Mary Watson: Two words… DECEIVED EVERYONE. She’s fantastic. Also very resourceful and has straightforward goals / aspirations.


John Watson: He’s brave, daring & it takes a bit of recklessness to follow after Sherlock. Absolutely brilliant friend. I just feel like Gryffindors would do the John thing and just make faces if they disagreed 😂

Greg Lestrade: Also a very obvious Gryffindor. Courageous and daring. He’s very friendly and seems like he would be popular with other humans.


Mrs. Hudson: She’s just a cute little puff. Ya gotta love Mrs. Hudson. Fave. PLUS she just kind of loves Sherlock & that’s just a cute little like family Slytherin/hufflepuff thing ya feel ❤️

Mixed houses…

Molly Hooper: This is only based on the show BECAUSE THERE IS NO MOLLY HOOPER IN THE FREAKING BOOKS. Anyways… she’s like a mix between Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. She’s absolutely brilliant at what she does so I’ll credit that to Ravenclaw. She’s got hufflepuff traits too though like she’s loyal (even when Sherlock is awful to her lol), she’s a hard worker, she’s V PATIENT (with Sherlock again lol). Like idk she’s both in my mind. She doesn’t fit in just one house.

Jim Moriarty: This is gonna be an unpopular opinion to many because he’s the bad guy… but I wouldn’t say he’s 100% Slytherin. Like yes his goal is to beat Sherlock, but he’s kinda brilliant and he’s got the cocky thing from Gryffindor. So like he’s a Gryffindor/Slytherin/Ravenclaw. He’s so calculated and ingenious, but again he’s a cocky bastard & he’s very straightforward with his goals aka he has one goal in a sense.


Anderson and Sally: I loath them. They don’t deserve to go to Hogwarts.

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Hi dear! ^o^. Since you've asked for more interaction from your followers, here I am! :D. Could I ask for some gifset of some Hufflepuff characters?. I mean characters from series or movies that you think they belong to Hufflepuff :D x3. Love to Hufflepuff! ^o^ One hug!!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Hello! im so, so sorry this has taken me so long! i’ve been so bloody busy in my real life!

Confession time i have absolutely no idea how to GIF at all. So i can’t fulfil this request properly, BUT! i can just make a list? (also an open invitation to anyone with those mad GIF skills to use this list…providing they share it with me so i can marvel at their brilliance 💛🖤💛)

With that being said ON TO THE LIST 

  • Deadpool - Marvel (canon, so idk if he counts, but I love him very much)
  • Lily Aldrin- HIMYM 
  • Sam Tarly - GOT
  • Master Gibbs - Pirates of the Caribbean  

Others who I’m in two minds about

  • Dean Winchester - Supernatural
  • John Watson - Sherlock
  • Mrs Hudson - Sherlock
  • The Doctor - Doctor Who

from you guys 

(i’ve tried to go with more obscure characters, just to make it interesting, I’ll continue to add to this list {everyone feel free to send in suggestions})   

Sorting: Sherlock Characters
  • Ravenclaw: Sherlock, Irene, Magnussen, Anthea
  • Gryffindor: Molly, Greg, Mrs. Hudson, Donovan
  • Hufflepuff: John, Sarah, Anderson, Mike
  • Slytherin: Mycroft, Jim, Mary, Janine
BBC Sherlock

Sherlock Holmes - Ravenclaw

John Watson - I can’t decide between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff

Mycroft Holmes - Slytherin

Jim Moriarty - Slytherin

Molly Hooper - Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff

Mary Watson - Slytherin

Mrs. Hudson - Hufflepuff

Greg Lestrade - Hufflepuff

Irene Adler - Slytherin




sorry no offense but sherlock is a ravenclaw i don’t make the rules

sherlock is a ravenclaw and john is a gryffindor and mycroft is a slytherin and lestrade is a hufflepuff and that’s how it goes

who else… molly is a hufflepuff, mrs. hudson is also a hufflepuff, mary’s a slytherin/ravenclaw I think, moriarty’s clearly a slytherin

nah man hudders is deffo a slytherin

Hufflepuff problems.
Helga was a bitch to her students, making them crawl through tunnels to get into their common room. This is what happens when you talk about Hufflepuff tunnels too much. :I I get bored when I should be finishing requests derp derp.

It was beginning to look like Finn Hudson didn’t belong anywhere. From getting stuck nine times a week trying to climb out of the tunnel, to turning around the entire row of students behind him because he had forgotten his quill, he is starting to think his peers mildly dislike him. (That’s as far Hufflepuff hatred goes, luckily for Finn.) Most of his fellow students have been avoiding him since that time last week when he had gotten sick in the middle of the tunnel during the early morning commute to breakfast. He can't apologize enough for that one. The chocolate frogs he had found at the bottom of his trunk from last Christmas didn’t look that bad.