Losing Glasses?

This is the first time EVER that I write Datoru and yes..there’s smut in there O_O but be gentle!!! Wrote this mainly for Carrie and V

“Sat? What are you doing?”

Drew looked at his boyfriend wide eyed. The vial in his hand slipped slightly. Because the sight that Satoru presented to him was quite…fetching.

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The AO3 needs to catch up to, so if you happen to have the version there bookmarked, you might get the alerts.

Wanna thank Judith for spending so much time with me on the new one too, she’s been my rock and been wonderful the whole way, I honestly don’t know how I would’ve managed. I also want to thank the indefatigable hufflebecks2 who has kept up with my crazy and maintained the indispensable . There was this new website thing where you could make an archive for your original characters and things and I bonked myself on the head when I remembered I didn’t need to do that because warblerland is there. Although I think no one has seen more crazy from me than Daria, who needs special mention because the extent of my crazy she’s seen and put up with should be rewarded by a medal of some kind.

Before the simultaneous post, I’ll edit the first part of 28 that was already posted here in Tumblr before–it would have gone through a bit of change. According to Judith, it’s one-fifth of 28, so I guess yeah. O_O Also, the playlist will go up. I’m not sure if the last one can be called a mashup, because it basically just transitions instantly into the next song.

It’s been a long time (vast understatement?) so I wanted to make sure to apologize and thank each and every single person who helped me the whole way, like the ones IRL who made sure I was emotionally, mentally, and physically fit (for anything, really, not just for a job or writing–more like a day-to-day thing), who are mostly my family and IRL friends (with love to particular members on ManikaManila, the local ball-jointed-doll organization, through whom I met the most amazing people). Also wanted to give my love and thanks to the people in Plurk; I was there a lot more often because I’m better company there than on tumblr. Thank you for putting up with me and my hysterics and my random drabble bursts, about my talking about IRL so much, and the weird things I do. Thank you for all the ideas and the support and the love when I was in serious downtime–you guys make me whole again.

Of course I also want to give my love to the wonderful people of tumblr. I might not post on this blog, not a lot, but I still keep watch of the ongoings on the dashboard–no one actually leaves tumblr, do they, you’re kind of like stuck in there forever XD–and I also get told (surprisingly quickly, I might add) about things people say or send out to me and I wanted to thank everybody who has ever done that because it’s still amazing that it’s reached that point. I’m sorry for the chaos of changes my blog went through also now that it’s been redesigned a bit. I’ve met quite a few new amazing people on tumblr and dipped my feet into a lot of other fandoms too and everyone is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

I’m not going to say tumblr is Tahiti, it’s a magical place; although given recent revelations about Tahiti, I’d say it’s both the good and the bad and the everything in between. XD

The people on facebook have also been amazing. :) Some extremely nice people (and many RPers) have been so good on facebook. Speaking of which, I wanna say sorry to the RPers because I randomly pop in and squee like a giddy little girl when something particularly squee-worthy happens in their RPs. XD You people make me ship things I wasn’t supposed to ship. (I’M LOOKING AT YOU, DERIAN PEOPLE. I KNOW I WAS YOUR BIGGEST OPPONENT BACK THEN, BUT YOU BROKE ME DOWN AND I’M STILL TRYING TO DEAL WITH THAT. special mention: Phantom and Amber over at Plurk, YOU MADE THINGS WORSE)

While it may not be this grand magnificent thing, especially after it’d been so long, in the end, I’m happy with it (as much as anyone can be in something they pull out of their head, honestly), and what I probably love most is that it’s fitting that such a big plot-event would have so many involved. It’s like when someone gets married in a Marvel comic, every superhero comes out of the woodwork to support (is Deadpool really getting married, though because WOW :D). Which is good, because given the event, they need the big crowd. Everybody goes back to regular programming right after, though, so it’ll be fun to mess around with just the boys again. :)

2:46 am in Manila, the AO3 catch up continues. :)