• Sister: *Gives me a Hufflepuff necklace* HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  • Me: *Squeals in delight* Thank you SO MUCH!!!
  • *looks closer at the writing*
  • Huffle....puee?
  • Sister: What?
  • Me: It says Hufflepuee not Hufflepuff...
  • Sister: ....
  • Me: *Starts grinning*
  • Sister: What...?
  • Me: Hehehe I bet Hufflepuee is a secret organisation that are like spies! And they accidentally mixed up the shipping!
  • Sister: *looks at me like I've gone insane*
  • Me: I'm not a Hufflepuff... I'M A HUFFLEPUEEEEEEE!!!!!
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: Put Your Trust In Me

By @huffle-what

2775 words

Albus is absolutely horrid at keeping secrets. Even if he’s convinced this one will destroy him.


Albus has a secret he’s been keeping. From his siblings, his parents, even Scorpius… his best friend. But he’s not doing a very good job at keeping it. Don’t get me wrong, no one knows it, they can just tell something’s wrong. Albus isn’t a very talkative or loud kid when he’s not around Scorpius, but for him to be this quiet and distant, something’s going on.

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eeames  asked:

um um um, sterek in any harry potter setting??? with the bonus of his many many older sisters making an appearance????? perhaps a yule ball????????? and his sisters trying to find him a date?????????????????? and making a case for each of the guys of their choice?????? (derek is hufflepuff, non negotiable)

Classic Eeames. Um, this kind of grew wings and got away from me, as Harry Potter fills are wont to do. Still accepting prompts!

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Life With Father {closed rp with pcsitivevines}

“SIR. THE TABLE IS READY FOR THE MEETING.” General HiTech told his master. Lord Vringath Dregg,the most feared warlord in the galaxy,was currently preparing for a meeting with the other most feared force in the galaxy:The Kraang. Dregg was currently cleaning his throne room.                             

“Have you made the roast Huffle Pig? What about the Triceraton wine!?” Dregg has always been a perfectionist. Suddenly,a ring was heard at the door. Dregg screeched internally as he raced for the door. “Kraang SubPrime! It is such an hon-” He stopped talking instantly. There,standing in the doorway,was…his father. Lord Tonyuss Dregg. “F-f-father?! You’re alive!?”

The older alien just looked down at Vringath. “Yes. I am alive. No thanks to you.” The 10 foot monster scoffed. “Our species has a healing factor remember!? It just took me a few hundred years,idiot boy.” The old alien let himself in and surveyed the palace. “This place is a mess.” He turned to Vringath “Is this what you’ve done since i’ve been gone!?”

“Well…uhm…I mean…” There was another ring at the door “Please have a seat,sir. I’ll get the door!” Dregg quickly ran up to the door yet agian “Kraang SubPrime so good to-” It wasn’t the Kraang.