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Lin-Manuel Miranda Is Too Busy Planning His Oscars Date With Mom To Worry About MacPEGOTing

Miranda has always been a huge fan of the Oscars and has taped the ceremony every year since “The Little Mermaid” ― the movie that made him want to be “in this game” ― won Best Score and Best Song in 1990. Although he says it’s a “real thrill” to be attending the award show, he’s very anxious to be in the room where it happens.

“I’ll be so nervous. Anything other than just sitting in the audience nervously will be hard for me,” he told HuffPost of the possibility of being a part of a performance of “How Far I’ll Go.” (It was confirmed on Thursday that Miranda will be singing a duet of the song with “Moana” star Auli’i Cravalho.) “I’m there for the party. I’m there to really just soak it all up. You grow up watching the Oscars so to actually be there, I’m really excited.”

Despite all these goings-on in his life, Miranda hasn’t slowed down. Although his run as Alexander Hamilton on Broadway has ended, the actor is currently in rehearsals for “Mary Poppins Returns,” which he’s starring in alongside Emily Blunt.“It’s a giant ‘effing musical,” he said. “I feel really comfortable because coming from the theater, I know it’s a luxury to have a lot of rehearsal, but you don’t always get that when you’re making a movie. So for me, it feels like a theater project that we’re getting to put on film. I keep joking like, ‘When do we start previews? I can’t wait!’ I am dancing harder than I have danced since ‘In the Heights,’ because I didn’t dance that much in ‘Hamilton,’ and so getting to do that has been really fun, exciting, liberating. It’s been really good.”

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is that from the huffington post interview? bc dan looks over at phil a LOT in that one

yes kjfkh that interview is one of the best interviews out there because the interviewer actually did his research on dan and phil and youtube culture in general so the entire flow of the interview was very smooth and comfortable and entertaining and professional but still very funny and domestic with a lot of lil details about dan and phil’s lives inside and outside of youtube ranging from how they work through their creative differences to how dan gets annoyed when phil leaves his socks on the living room table :’) overall jus a really great 25 minute video

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There is no better statement of fact than what Chris himself said, that he and Darren are not in a relationship. A public statement which has his integrity at stake. Yet you stated that nothing ever will make you change your mind. This ismt the statement of a rational. Person.

Anon, I wan to sincerely thank you for coming to me with a reasoned, intelligent argument that is a statement of fact.  No one can deny that Chris infamously stated that Glee is not a documentary and that he and Darren are not in a relatiobnship during the Huffington Post Live interview August 2014.

However, that is an interview where what came out of his mouth was negated by his body language.  

And I do believe on some level he actually believes that Glee is not a documentary.  I have stated multiple times that Chris is not Kurt. Darren is not Blaine. And I will extend that by saying CrissColfer is not Klaine. As I wrote yesterday, while I absolutely think many elements of Glee are taken from real life experiences and that the writers absolutely incorporated real life experiences into the script, the core of Kurt and Blaine were much different that Chris and Darren. And again, if it were a documentary, we wouldn’t be sitting here 2 years later still talking about the closeting of Darren, as Blaine was never in the closet, and we wouldn’t be discussing a secret relationship, because Klaine never hid their love from anyone. So in that respect he is correct.  

And I think these are the relevant gifs that show that Chris agrees with what I am saying.  “Klaine does not exist.”  Again, this is true. Klaine is not real. Because Chris and Darren are actually extremely different than their on screen characters. And their relationship is not even remotely similar outside of the the physical ascetic.  

As for the statement that he and Darren are not in a relationship. That was something important to him to deny. Because the PR story is that they are not in an intimate relationship and as long as Darren is closeted and contractually bound with legal obligations (thanks for the reminder Chris in STFF), that will continue to be the stance.  But the issue is what came out of his mouth was much different than what his body language projected.

And instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, I am going to refer you to an excellent post by the much missed, but always present, Michelle, @mleigh69, who did an excellent job of interpreting his body language (X)

Interesting, a year later he seemed to have completely changed his tune.  He even had a picture of Darren and Brian that he used while doing an Interview with the Talk,  stating “Too Much Love” just like he did when he posted it on his IG. Again video clip courtesy of Michelle.

And you can deny all you want that is Darren, but we all know it is. Enough comparison pictures are out there and he was well beyond decapitating the head of the man he is in a “public PR relationship with.”

And the fact is, Darren has also denied being a relationship with Chris.  And then went on to adorably gush about their first date despite the fact that it was not really even relevant to the topic.

Anon, you can’t believe every word that is spoken. Hollywood is full of deception and many relationships portrayed are not real or genuine. Of course when they are interviewed, they are going to follow the PR story. Chris in particular is not going to out Darren. And Darren is not going to break the contract with Fox that is clearly still in place to this day.

Thanks for stopping by. I had fun putting this together on an otherwise dark and dreary day.

“Well, I realized quite recently I didn’t grow up [seeing] anyone who looked like me as a kid. That’s really sad to me. But I think it is changing, because I think now people are refusing to accept that that is the status quo. I feel quite more confident about it because there is this buoyancy to that movement. I feel more confident about not keeping my mouth shut, either. I don’t like being a spokesperson, but I think everyone has a duty of care to whoever might be coming next. I really do believe that.” [x

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You know what gets me about that (in)famous Huffington Post interview? What gets me is the fact that the interviewer tried to give Gillian an out by asking if only a friend attraction existed between her and David. I can almost sense what the interviewer was saying in his mind as Gillian dug herself in deeper and deeper, nervous hair flipping and all. He must have been thinking to himself, "Well Ms. Anderson, I tried..."

For once, someone actually tried to let deny peacefully and properly, but no… She did that mess herself!


Here’s What The Future Of Energy Might Look Like. And It’s Pretty Amazing (VIDEO)

You’re already familiar with solar power, wind power, and even water power. But when it comes to the future of energy, those renewable power sources soon could be old news. Scientists and engineers are now building mashup versions of the renewable sources we’re using today with the goal of generating power with even greater efficiency and sustainability.

“The next category is sort of putting together elements that already exist but haven’t been put together,” John Rogers, senior energy analyst for the Union of Concerned Scientists, told The Huffington Post in a telephone interview. “What comes to mind is solar and wind… or putting solar panels in places they haven’t been put before.”

That’s not all. Work is continuing on fusion energy, and scientists are also exploring ways to harness energy from space. Check out the video above, and/or read the transcript below for four promising sources of energy that may power our future. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments below. C'mon, talk nerdy to me!

Get Off The Computer And Complete This Italian Teacher’s Summer Assignment. You Won’t Regret It.

A summer homework list assigned by Cesare Catà of Don Bosco High School in Fermo, a small town on the Adriatic Sea in northeastern Italy, is currently going viral across that country.

Instead of giving his students required reading assignments, Catà gave them a prescription for how to live an inspired life, telling them that in the next few months, they should take time to admire a sunrise, dream about the future and read, because reading is “the best form of rebellion you have.”

The Huffington Post interviewed Catà, who said he models his teaching methods on Mr. Keating, Robin Williams’ character in the 1989 film “Dead Poets Society.” “Surely a pupil could consider literature, philosophy or grammar as instruments to become himself,” Catà told HuffPost in an email. “I think that the radiance of summer, especially during adolescence, could have a special spiritual influence.”

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Can you please post the interviews where she talks about her character?? X

sure! I wasn’t sure if you wanted just her talking about Lexa or Alicia, so I’ve included both here


Paleyfest panel (talks about future for Alicia a bit, filming dress up scene in FTWD s1)

Paleyfest carpet (talking about Alicia Clark S2 & Lexa)

Paleyfest carpet pt.2 (talks about FTWD s2 and conflicts on boat, also she’s adorably awkward in the first 5 seconds what a cutie)

Paleyfest (I think this is all the footage of ADC from the panel and signing autograph for fans after, INCLUDES THE MOTHERFUCKING LIP BITE AND WINK YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR DEATH)

AOL Build (by far the longest interview I’ve seen for ADC)

Huffington Post (mainly about FTWD)

Interview with FTWD producer

Young Hollywood (FTWD)

Into the Storm (hella short but cute)


SiriusXM (talks about Alicia and Lexa)


IGN (talks about Clexa and Lexa’s choices)

AfterEllen (discusses Alicia and Clexa)

Collider (compares playing Lexa vs. Alicia)

Xfinity (mainly Lexa/Clexa)

The Wrap (all the 100 related)

there are probably a lot I missed, but I’m about to go to bed so here’s what I’ve got for now :)


Aaron Sagers chatted with Evanna Lynch, Rupert Grint, Matthew Lewis and Katie Leung at A Celebration of Harry Potter in Universal Orlando last weekend. In a new Huffington Post interview, the Harry Potter cast talked about the future of their characters and if they would like to join another huge franchise.

If J.K. asked you where you’d like your character to be off to, what would you say? Swing for the fences, or go as crazy as you’d like with what you’d be doing in that universe.

Grint: [laughs] I would expect Ron has probably divorced Hermione already. I don’t think that relationship would have done very well. […] He’s living on his own, in a little one-bedroom apartment. He hasn’t got a job.

[…] Leung: I reckon Cho would probably have become a really successful entrepreneur, and really cold and ruthless […]

Matt, are you going to keep this dark?

Lewis: Oh god. Neville works at the school, right? So he’s a professor, just enjoying that. Maybe he’s trying to get Ron a job, man. And he keeps throwing it back in his face, like, “I don’t need your help, Neville; Jesus, just leave it.” And I’m like, “Come on, it’s fine, we’ll sort it out, just trying to get you back into the fold.” Yeah, him and Hermione don’t see eye to eye because I’ve taken Ron’s side in the relationship, obviously. They’ve got everyone split off, friends wise. I don’t know who you guys chose? Did you choose Hermione?

On joining another franchise:

This was very much your childhood, and your job growing up. If you had the opportunity now to enter another franchise that would consume multiple years - like Lord of the Rings or Star Wars - would you be reluctant to join that production?

Lewis: Hey, if Star Wars come knocking on the door tomorrow, I’m not going to go, “Um no, guys, I’m sorry, I don’t want to do four films, it’s fine.” No, of course not. I’d think about it, and I love Star Wars, etc. But there would definitely be a bit of trepidation in joining a big franchise again for that amount of time. Just simply because I’m really enjoying the diversity of the roles I’ve been given recently. Playing a character is great, but I love the process of finding someone, finding a character, creating and drawing it up. And trying to figure out what makes that person tick. When you do something for however many years, it can start to become - I don’t want to say mundane because it was never boring on the films. But you kind of lose that spark a little bit you get in that first day of school, or on a new job. It is exciting. And I’ve gotten that so often in the last couple years, I’d be reluctant to give that up.

Leung: I kind of agree with Matt. If it goes on for any longer than a certain period of time, you do get really comfortable and feel very safe. Having done all the projects after Potter, it has been a few weeks, a few months for a project. You do really get to know a character, and it is wonderful knowing that, once you stop filming or being on stage and being that character, it essentially dies. So I quite like that. Of course, it depends who the character is you’re going to be playing. But yeah, if it’s Star Wars …

Lewis: Star Wars is welcomed.

Read the full interview here.