Sharp as a Blade

Summary: Virgil shows up to a filming session with a little bit of something on his face, much to his embarrassment.

Word Count: 1990

Warnings: none! maybe some minor anxiety, but otherwise it’s pretty dang fluffy

Pairings: none, though everyone has their little moments with Virgil that could be read as romantic probably


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Title: Touch the Butts Hobbit Edition— Timing

 Summary: You were a simple office worker, until a twist of fate sends you tumbling into Middle Earth and into the Company of Thorin Oakenshield.  You don’t know what to expect, you don’t know if you will survive, but you have this feeling that there is a great love story in the making.  But who will be the one you are destined to be with?  Make your choice and Touch the Butts.  

 Warnings: Language.

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You stretched as you got out of bed, smiling as the light shone in through your window. Thank the heavens someone had the common sense to give you a room with a window, you would probably wither away without the sunlight.  Okay, so you may have let that little thought slip while talking with Oin once and he overreacted, but hey, you have a window!

You smiled as you got up, walking straight past your desk with work on it.  Not today!  Today was your day off.  As per your contract, you got regular days off for, as Balin had put it, “to maintain spirits of the party involved”.  Honestly, you thought that meant, “so she doesn’t lose her temper and murder all parties involved.”  Either way, you had a free day.  And you knew exactly how you were going to spend it.  

It had been months since everything settled down in Erebor, and life had been hectic, so today, you were going to visit all of your friends.  Each and every one of them.

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“Hey!” I greeted the guys once me and Michael enterd the gym doors.

“Brought Mike?” Ashton asked.

“Totally. So I have someone to share my failure with.” I said before high-fiving Michael harshly.

“Bitch I’m offended.” Michael said fanning his face.

“Good job on persuading me though Cal.” I said before kissing Calum on the cheek.

“Yeah don’t worry, this isn’t hard.” Calum shrugged.

“Totally not hard.” Ashton added.

“I don’t know maybe it’s not because you work out every time you’re free which is every fucking day?” I sassed.

“I need somebody to write that on my tombstone.” Michael laughed.

Calum just rolled his eyes and said, “Let’s do it ladies.”

“Oh my fucking god I can’t do this!” I exclaimed after I put the weights down.

“I can’t either.” Michael huffed.

“Oh come on guys, you just did one set!” Ashton said before propping himself up from doing push ups.

“Weaklings!” Calum yelled.

“We don’t need this. Me and Mike have fast metabolisms anyway.” I shrugged off which Michael also did.

“Hey did you put the food I told you to in your gym bag?” Mike whispered.

“Sure as hell did.” I said before fishing out grilled cheese sandwiches Luke made us.

I moaned as soon as the melted mozzarella hit my mouth, causing Calum to look at me.

“You have got to be fucking kidding me!” Calum huffed.

“Grilled cheese Fridays are the best Fridays.” Michael said.

“Luke nails on cooking them.” Ashton crossed his arms.

“Fuck it there’s always a tomorrow for this.” Calum groaned out before rushing to me and sitting on my lap, snatching my sandwhich. Ashton did the same which cause Mikey to roll his eyes.

I kissed his cheek and whispered, “You’re lucky I love you. I really don’t need to go to the gym. But you do. You’re biceps are really turning me on.” To Calum since I knew it’ll drive him crazy.

“Damn it baby girl. But grilled cheese sandwhich first before I fuck you.”

“Weakling.” I giggled before slapping his arm.

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Could you write a small Yoongi scenario? Like...where he and you (his gf) are cuddling in bed and are talking about your day and you fall asleep and he doesn't know and keeps talking till He notices (I hope this made sense !!)

so sorry about the obnoxiously long wait!!

Ignorance is Bliss

You x Yoongi

Word count: 1002

When you’ve been crumbling for so long, eventually you want nothing more than to break. And that’s exactly what you did, right onto the king-sized tempurpedic mattress. The malleable surface moulded to every curve in your back, absorbing the tension from your stress soaked muscles and bestowing a moment of stillness. It had been a hard day. You had gone through the motions in a haze. It felt like you were unmoving and the world was spinning around you in an endless lap of deficiency. Taking a piece of you with it with every rotation.

The bed dipped suddenly and you squealed in surprise, bouncing out of your short lived daze.

“Woops! Sorry.” You opened your eyes to see a porcelain angel, a smile of rosey gums and chiclet teeth.

“No, you’re not.” Mumbling as you turned towards the wall, whining when you felt 2 lean arms snake their way around your waist and pull you flush against a small frame that bordered all of your edges just right.

“The one day I have a good day, you have a bad one.” You could feel the slight elevation of his lip against your head and you turned to glare at his smirk. “Well, now you know what it feels like.”

You pushed your fists against his chest and wiggled out of his grasp. “Min Yoongi! You’re not helping!” Flopping down with your head on the opposite side of the bed, you grabbed his hoodie off of a nearby chair and held it tightly over your ears. Your body shifted quickly as your persistent boyfriend followed close behind you, crashing his body onto you with all of his weight - which these days, wasn’t much.

“That’s because you won’t let me cuddle with you!” You groaned as he nuzzled his head into the crook of your neck, clinging to your back.

“This isn’t cuddling, this is torture.”

“Ha-ha.” He laughed humorlessly, rolling off of you and pulling your unwilling body into his lap. “You know, although I always say that I’ve had a bad day, as soon as I see you, it’s a good day.” He breathed these words of love so often, but never ever, had he actually told you that he loved you. And you didn’t blame him. You didn’t want him to. Being in love meant constantly feeling in debt to someone. You knew that you felt that way about him, but you didn’t want him to know it, too.

“Spare me the cheese.” You huffed, giving up the pointless battle and leaning your head against his chest.

“Seriously! I’m just trying to do the same thing for you. Don’t I make you happy?” His voice was suddenly unaffected by his usually colourful tone. You looked up at him to make sure that you hadn’t heard him wrong. But his face reflected his words - he was worried.

You reached a hand up to his jaw, giving the sharp angle a few soft, reassuring strokes. “I don’t think I have the words to describe how you make me feel.”

“Hmmm.” He leaned into your hand, closing his eyes and inhaling deeply. You felt his torso inflate and his heart rate speed against your shoulder.

“What is it?” You asked, concerned that you had stressed him out.

“Oh, just, nothing.” Yoongi gave you a small smile, the kind of smile that you give someone when you want them to just drop it and move on. It was small, but it still told you all that you needed to know.

This time you closed your eyes, absorbing his warmth.  “Tell me about your day.”

“Ate fried chicken.” He said happily, the bright sound returning to his voice.

“So, that’s why you’re happy.” You mumbled against his t-shirt, earning waves of vibrations against your cheeks as he laughed.

“Watched Jungkook and Taehyung make dubsmash videos for a good half hour.” His hands started to move through your hair thoughtlessly as he spoke. He didn’t know what his touch could do to you. It sped your heart up, but it also calmed you down beyond belief. Putting you into a tepid state of mind where only happy thoughts stirred.

“Productive…” Your voice was thick and dripping fatigue as you yawned loudly, smacking your lips as you let the next wave of laughter shake your cheeks.

“Well, I recorded another Bangtan Bomb with the children.” His voice was so far gone now, somewhere beyond the place of unconsciousness, just out of reach. You gripped at his words with one lethargic drawl that took all of the energy left in your exhausted body.


“And then I sat in the studio. I called you remember? I had this sudden inspiration but once I got it out, I needed you to hear it. You can always pick out what’s wrong with a track, but you can always pick out what’s right, too. I could’ve enhanced it. You can hear it tomorrow, I really think you’re going to like it. Anyway, it was a great day but I missed you a lot. I still have next weekend off so we’re still going to Jeju island. Right, ______?” He sighed, looking down at the long lashes that spilled over your cheeks. You looked like you had been already been sleeping for a long time, your lips slightly parted, releasing a soft whistle every time you breathed. He had been talking to himself for a while, and thought it’d be weird to continue, but he couldn’t ignore the words stirring in his heart. And staring down at you like that… The words came to his lips for the first time in his life.

Cuddled up that close to an angel, your heart should have been beating too fast to fall asleep. But you did, the comfort seeped into your bones and granted you with the gift of rest. Somewhere in the back of your mind, you could have sworn that you heard the tired voice of a pale boy say I love you.

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Disney Days
You were currently vacationing at Disneyland with Neymar. You both wanted to escape the the hectic life in Barcelona, so you decided to come here and enjoy some peace of mind. It was a nice day out, sunny, warm, and a cool summer breeze. Today would be the perfect day.

“Alright what should we do first?” You asked while scanning the park’s map.

“Whatever it is you desire.” Neymar cooed. He wrapped his arm around you and and kissed your cheek.

“Save the sappiness.” You laughed while gently patting his cheek away.

“Why don’t we go ride that roller coasters over there?” He suggested pointing to the tall ride.

“H-hey why don’t we go ride the carousel? It’ll b-be fun.” You smiled hesitantly. You dragged Neymar away from the roller coaster and sped fast past it. Neymar grasped your hand and stopped you along the way.

“Y/n are you too scared to go on the roller coaster?” He smiled while cupping your face.

“N-no it’s just that it seems to slow to go on. I-I want something fast.” You lied. You were too afraid to go on the roller coaster, it was something you always feared. Heights were just not a good thing for you to experience.

“Babe, it’s okay. It’s just a ride.” He laughed.

“I know…” You whined.

“Let’s just wing this date, why don’t we just do whatever we see we like. We don’t have to ride all the rides.” You suggested.

“Whatever you want.” Neymar smiled. He intertwined his hand in your and you both began to tour the theme park.

“look it’s Mickey!” You pointed like a little kid. You broke away from neymar and went to take a picture.

“Babe lets not….” He begged.

“Oh it’s fine, just a guy in costume.” You reassured.

“Just a guy?” Neymar asked sternly.

You tapped the Mickey costume and asked for a selfie. Mickey replied with a two thumbs up. Mickey put his arm around your waist and made a peace sign. You snapped a picture, but it was a bit blurry.

“Hey babe, can you take the picture for me?” You asked handing him your phone.

“Alright hand it over.” Neymar huffed.

“Say cheese.” He said dryly.

“Cheese!” You smiled for the camera. After you finished taking the shot you waved a bye to Mickey and made your way to Neymar.

“Don’t I look so cute?” You joked.

“Cheeky bastard.” Neymar scoffed.

“Babe, what the hell?” You raised your brow and slapped him gentler in the shoulder.

“Sorry, it’s just that Mickey was all over you.” He explained.

“You’re being overprotective Neymar, besides I’m all yours, no one else’s.”
You smirked giving him a kiss.

“I want you all to myself…… perhaps In a bed at the Cinderella suite?” Neymar said finished his kiss.

“Damn it Ney, now is not the time for screwing each other.” You laughed hysterically.

“Let’s continue on with our trip.” He smiled, grabbing your hand and walking on.

Your date did start off on the wrong foot, but you thought it was cute that Neymar was being protective. It have you the sense that he only wanted himself to have you, no one else.

As you both walked through the park you saw a couple walk past you. You and Neymar started laughing hysterically, at first it was normal, but then Neymar started having these mini snorts in between his laughs.

“Neymar!” You smirked, while gently slapping his shoulder!

The couple turned around and had a disturbed look on their face. They then walked off quickly, weirded out by you and Neymar.

“Neymar you’re making a scene.” You smirked, while biting your lip to hold back the incoming laughs.

“He’s my Mickey, she’s my Minnie?!” Neymar smiled pointing his thumb back where the couple stood.

“I know it sounds really stupid, but we need to stop.” You whined holding your stomach. It aches from all the laughing. You and Neymar had been laughing nonstop, all because you saw those stereotypical couples wearing stupid shit.

“Babe I would never make you wear shit like that.” He smiled crossing his hands.

“Alright, let’s continue on.” You sighed smiling. You grabbed Neymar’s shoulder and wrapped your arms around his waist.

“Oh shit.” Neymar cursed under his breath.

“I don’t want build….” He paused

“A snowman!!” You yelled cutting him off. You spotted the frozen gift shop and ran to view all the merchandise.

“Babe please no, not this frozen shit.” He whined, dragging his feet into the store.

“Do you wanna build a snowman?” You sang, holding out a tiny Olaf.

“Yes… Ahem.” Neymar mumbled.

“I can’t hear you babe?” You joked holing your hand to your ear.

“Let it go, let it go, something something.” Neymar laughed.

You thought he looked so cute letting out that laugh. He hated frozen, and after you made him laugh, your heart melted. You loved the sight of a blushing Neymar.

“So is this what you want?” Neymar smiled. He was holding an oversized Olaf, a Frozen graphic t-shirt, soundtrack, and dvd.

“Yes all that is much needed.” You smiled, pretending to almost faint.

After you finished buying the merchandise you headed out holding Neymar’s hand and and a bunch of frozen shopping bags in the other. Neymar was holding the oversized Olaf in the other.

“Thanks for today.” You blushed, tucking a lock of hair behind your ear.

“Aww you’re so cute when you get sentimental.” Neymar said bopping your nose.

You have him a peck to the cheek. Today had been a pretty awesome date. You laughed, chatted, and managed to spend a good day with Neymar. Spending it at Disneyland was the right choice. Spending it at the place where dreams come true.

Fanfic: Dessert

So you all remember this post? So @sabbathghost requested Can you write a Sockathan Drabble that’s just pure fluffiness? Also Human AU.

I didn’t know enough about your headcanon/RP to guess about Sock becoming human again, so I went with my own imaginings, so sorry if it doesn’t fit with what you imagined. Thanks to @moneyofthemind for the brainstorming session.

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You groaned when you heard the irritating beeping of the smoke alarm blare from the other side of the wall, burying your head in annoyance at your stupid neighbor’s antics. It took you a few minutes of trying to fall back asleep despite the loud noise before you gave up and slid on a pair of shoes, grabbing your keys and walking out into the hallway to bang on your neighbor’s door. You heard the clinking of pots before the familiar lanky blonde was standing in front of you, a sheepish smile on his face as he looked back between you and the mess in his kitchen.

“Cooking again, Hemmings?” you teased, folding your arms over your chest as you raised your eyebrows at him.

Luke rubbed the back of his neck as he stepped aside to let you in, trying to hide the fact that in the last five minutes, he was secretly hoping you would come over and help him shut off his fire alarm. “All of the restaurants are closed, and I haven’t eaten in eight hours so-”

You waved him off, pulling the step stool out of his closet before climbing on top and relieving the alarm of its obnoxious outburst. “Why don’t I just teach you how to cook?” Luke pursed his lips at your suggestion, shifting his weight onto his right foot as you got down and retrieved a box of mac and cheese from his cabinet. “Let’s start with the basics.”

“I can make macaroni and cheese,” he huffed out, causing you to laugh as you started boiling the water. 

“That’s not what your smoke alarm told me, Hemmings,” you joked, causing Luke to roll his eyes before he walked over next to you. 

“There was barely any smoke,” he muttered, causing you to burst out laughing as Luke tried to fight the smile tugging at the corners of his lips. “You’ve always wanted to learn how to play the guitar, right?”

“Yeah,” you answered with a hint of suspicion in your voice. “Why?”

“Well,” he continued, his palms resting against the counter top as he faced you. “You can teach me how to cook, and I’ll teach you how to play.”

You smiled at his offer, sticking out your hand as Luke gladly shook it, his grip lasting longer than it should’ve before a shade of red rose to his cheeks, his head dropping down to look at the floor before coughing. “Hey, Hemmings,” you spoke up, his head snapping up to meet your gaze while his eyes widened as a result of his sudden fear of you calling him out. You smirked at how nervous he was before nodding towards the steaming pot of water that had been boiling for a few minutes now. “You might want to put the noodles in so, you know, your alarm doesn’t go off again.”

Luke cracked a smile before shaking his head, bumping his hip against yours so you would move out of the way as he opened the box and poured the contents inside, missing your urgent call to remove the flavoring packet first as you both watched it plop into the water. You both stood there in silence before you burst out laughing, Luke clutching his stomach as you wiped the tears from your eyes and tried to regain control of your breathing.

“Mac and cheese one, Hemmings zero,” you laughed, causing Luke to push you playfully before grabbing a long spoon and fishing out the packet. 

“I know this is cheesy,” Luke smirked as he successfully retrieved the white packet from the steaming hot pot of water, dropping it onto the counter before returning his attention to you. “But your beauty is mac-in’ me go crazy.”