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Out of the Blue 02

Rated: M

Warnings: Explicit vulgar hybrid smut, knotting, dirty talk. 

Summary: Jungkook has only ever thought of his breeding clients as just that - clients, and he’s always quite indifferent to them since he only ever knows them for a short period of time. But then you come along, and he starts experiencing feelings that aren’t being manipulated by your heat. Real feelings, that he has never harbored before with anyone else.

Notes: in a world where shower sex is Effortless. LOLLL also plz enjoy the stereotypical dogs love peanut butter thing in this it brought me joy

Words: 5k

01 | 02

It was silent, save for the light clinking of the spoon Seokjin was using to stir his tea. Namjoon sat at the island in the middle of the large kitchen, staring down at his cup of tea which was untouched, worrying about one thing and one thing only.

“So what do you think they’re doing?”

Seokjin promptly stopped stirring his tea at the question and turned around away from the counter to look at Namjoon, his eyebrow raised and a small smile playing at his lips. “Do you really want me to answer that?” He sauntered over to the island where Namjoon was seated, taking a sip of his tea on the way over.

Sheepishly, Namjoon chuckled and ducked his head, cheeks turning red from the slight embarrassment and scratching the back of his neck. What a foolish question he had asked. “Oh- um, yeah, I guess not.”

“Yeah, they’ll be doing that for awhile,” Seokjin explained in amusement, taking a seat at the island across from him. “But later on, they’ll take a break.. Come downstairs, eat and drink something - recharge, perhaps. Don’t get it twisted though, you won’t be able to…. touch her, if you know what I mean. Not even a rub on the arm. Jungkook will be attached at her hip. He’s very territorial and possessive of his clients, I’m afraid. Well, I’m sure you know that well enough.”

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like ok

junkrat came up with the “you’ll hook em and i’ll cook em!” catchphrase when he first met hog, and he was so excited about how cool it sounded that he’s been repeating it non-stop

hog, not used to junkrat being junkrat, gets all huffy puffy about the damn line, because its so cornbally, and he cant stand listening to him say it over and over, and just tells him to shut the fuck up for fuck’s sake

one day, though, probably after months of teaming up with each other and getting to know one another better, they get in a real tough spot, and junkrat’s having a panic attack, not sure how to handle the situation, mumbling “i don’t know what to do???? what do we do??!?!? i dont have a plan for this!!!!”

then suddenly, a big hand rests on his shoulder, and roadhog is looking right at him

“I’ll hook ‘em…” he says, and then stops there.

junkrat’s still for what seems like forever, and then cracks the biggest smile he’s ever done his whole life, and just screams, “AND I’LL COOK EM!!!”

Imagine Thorin getting all huffy and puffy when you call him cute

You : you know, Thorin, you are very cute when you’re angry.
Thorin : I am no such thing! Dwarves are not cute, we are fierce warriors hardened by war.
You : you’re right, you’re not cute *kisses his cheek and whispers*…you’re adwarfable.
Thorin : ….get the fuck out

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imagine Hera making a veiled threat towards Annabeth when Aphrodite mentions her and Percy getting engaged and before Athena can say anything Poseidon is like “if you cause anything that harms one hair on that girl’s head I will start a war that will bring Olympus to its knees” and Zeus is like “watch yourself Poseidon, I am still King” and Poseidon’s like “Don’t test me, brother. If her or my son are victims of anything any of you start, you will incur my wrath like never before” and Zeus gets all huffy and puffy and is like “You would risk the world for these two demigods?” and Poseidon looks him square in the eye and his voice is still but shakes the room with his raw power when he says “If I can’t watch my son be happy with that girl, then let the Heavens fall” and all the other Olympians are shifting uncomfortably in their seats when Artemis and Apollo interject to get their dads attention and then Poseidon sits back in his chair and Athena makes eye contact with him and nods, and while they exchange no words about it he knows she is grateful for his defense of her daughter. 

Boyfriend Minhyuk
  • watching him dance in the studio then pulling you to the middle of the floor and making you dance with him
  • him grumbling but secretly liking it when you interrupt him dancing
  • “oo y/n, what are you doing here?”
  • “i missed you”
  • *pretends to be all huffy and puffy but smiles when his back is turned to you*
  • sleeping at the studio with him
  • ^ including cuddling for warmth
  • just smiling and observing him dance
  • carries things for you into the apartment like groceries and bags and stuff bc he doesn’t want you to get hurt
  • gets butterflies when he sees you walk into the room
  • “how are you?”
  • “g-good..!”
  • dongmin ends up doing it for him
  • “hey.. minhyuk wants to know if you want to go out with him”
  • “wha-”
  • his natural hands are  either always placed around your shoulder or your waist, there is no other place
  • when he warms up to you, he’ll start to randomly visit you and randomly surprise you with coffee and wRAP HIS ARMS AROUND YOUR TORSO AND CLASP HIS HANDS TOGETHER AND KISS YOUR NECK WHILE TELLING HIM HOW MUCH HE LOVES YOU
  • standing over your shoulder and watching your nimble fingers text him while he’s standing right there without your knowledge
  • likes to kiss your hand then your jawline
  • cleaning WITHOUT you having to ask
  • coming home to food already on the table
  • “you cooked?!”
  • “mmm” just as he slides out your chair for you
  • chivalry is absolutely not dead while dating minhyuk if you haven’t noticed
  • minhyuk always trying to pay for food when you two dine out
  • buying you balloons, stuffed animals, and toys when you two are at a carnival
  • “y/n, here!”
  • “hm?”
  • *he kisses you on the cheek*
  • he’ll always keep an eye on you even when you’re not together like texting your parents and your friends just to make sure you’re safe
  • him watching you sleep and thinking about how much he loves you
  • never taking it to the next step without your full understanding and permission
  • him messing with your hair like dragging it across your face randomly and playing with it
  • helping him style his own hair
  • minhyuk flipping through channels on the tv as you fall asleep laying on his chest
  • him then carrying you to bed and laying you down as softly as he can so he makes sure to not wake you up
  • waking up to him dancing in the living room
  • “good morning y/n!”
  • you just leaning against the doorframe of your bedroom in his oversized clothes and just smiling at how lucky you are to be with someone that cares as much as he does about you
You Have a Laughing Fit During Sex (EXO)

Requested by a lovely anon <3

*Don’t own the gif/s yo*

Author: Taebaby (sorry, won’t let me post with gifs)

SUHO 수호: It would throw him off a little (Am I doing something weird? Am I making that face again?), but he’d be so captured by your laugh that he’d forget what he was worrying about

CHANYEOL 찬열: I don’t think it would bother him all that much, but you might get him started laughing on accident

KYUNGSOO 경수: He would be a little put off,getting a little huffy-puffy, giving you a look and slowing down to let you calm down and ask you whats up

BAEKHYUN 백현: He’d just smile and shake his head at you, but wouldn’t slow down or stop, preferring to ask you about it at a more convenient time

JONGIN 종인: His self confidence would get cut in half hearing you laugh in such a heated moment. He’d stop and wait for you to calm down before you explained you weren’t laughing at him

SEHUN 세훈: Would certainly be irritated by it. This was a serious, passionate moment between the two of you and you start laughing. Would ask you if you’re interested in continuing

XIUMIN 민석: Would also take a hit to his confidence and would stop, but would continue right on happily when you tell him whats up

CHEN 종대: He’d would prob be the reason that you’re having the laughing fit, so I don’t see his ass minding at all

YIXING 이씽: Would be thoroughly confused, but not really bothered. Would give you a questioning look and slow down to let you explain


KRIS 크리스: Would def give you a ‘wtf’ look, but would say anything or ask you about it, would just continue on and let you ride it out *WINK*

TAO 타오: Would most certainly be the most irritated by it. Would stop completely and would ask if you’re ready to pay attention

LUHAN 루한: He wouldn’t stop or slow down, but would actually just get way more aggressive, making sure all you’re focus is set on him from now on

Having It Easy (Spencer Reid x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys! Sorry for my lack of posting, I have been really busy with school and whatnot but it’s almost over and I will get to post a lot more often due to all of my free time!
Warnings: none
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader
Prompt: reference to season 9 episode 18 where spencer and Garcia were training…. were you are a fitness trainer and the reader is training spencer and they are dating
Request: ✅
Upcoming Imagine: the reader is pregnant…
Spencer sat on the bleachers at the track, stretching his tight leg muscles.
He sat there waiting for Penelope, who agreed to meet him here at 6 and it was 6:15.
He let out a breathe of relief as I he saw someone familiar walking over to him.
But as he squinted and you got closer, he realized it wasn’t Penelope.
“YN?” He called out more to himself than to you.
“Hey Spence. You ready for training?” You asked peeling your top jacket off.
“What? I thought Garcia was coming to run with me?” He asked with a confused look on his face.
“Nope change of plans. Your training with me. Penelope is training with Derek.” You said giving him a hand and pulling him off the bleachers.
“Well I’ve got it easy if she’s with Derek.” Spencer said jogging in place.
“What was that?” You asked with your hands on your hips.
“I said I take it I have it easy. Derek works out like…”
“You think you’ll have it easy? Alright… alright. We’ll see what you think after today.” You said. “Let’s start with laps. Sprint a half jog the rest.”
“Wait what? I can barely jog one.” He said with wide eyes.
“Well you better get going before I lap you.” You said taking off.
Once you ran your lap, you had to wait an extra five minutes for Spencer.
When he finally approached you he leaned on you as he caught his breathe.
“Alright huffy puffy now we’re getting into the real stuff.” You said dragging him to the grass.
“Lay down in front of me.” You instructed as he happily laid on the soft grass.
“This isn’t a break, sweetie. 30 sit-ups, lets see how long it takes you.” You said standing on his toes.
“30?! We’re going to be here awhile.” He said tucking his arms underneath his head.
“This isn’t play time. You want abs like Derek?” You asked lifting up his sweatshirt and patting his stomach.
“Not necessarily.” He said.
You stayed quiet as you got out your stop watch.
“Go.” You said and Spencer started his sit-ups.
After 4 minutes passed he has all 30 done.
“Push up time, I’ll reduce the amount by half. So 15 push ups but I’ll give you a little extra motivation.” You said laying on your back and pulling him on top of you, making him very confused.
“Every time you come down you get a kiss.” You said making a smile creep upon his lips.
He got in position and lowered himself down, placing a kiss on your lips.
This went well until he his 8.
His arms trembled and he couldn’t come down low enough to kiss you.
“7 more sweetheart.” You said.
“I-I can’t.” He said falling
“Alright we’ll see if you improve over the week. Grab a jump rope.” You said picking yours up.
“Your so much nicer and less demanding at home.” He said limply picking up the jump rope.
“Well this isn’t home now is it?” You said with a giggle as you started to jump rope.
Spencer followed, taking much more time to do one jump as you did, but you decided to take it down a notch for him.
You watched Spencer as he breathed and jumped, on the verge of giving up.
“Come on baby. 10 more seconds.” You said not even keeping time.
“Okay done.” You said dropping the jump rope as Spencer fell to the ground gasping for air.
You grabbed your bag and pulled out a ‘riptide rush’ flavored Gatorade for him.
He immediately reached for it but you pulled back, tipping the bottle to his mouth as he drank it.
“You did so good today.” You said ruffling his hair as he smiled into the Gatorade bottle. “Are you having second thoughts about having it easy?” You asked standing up.
“Oh yeah… totally. When do you… even work out?” He asked still out of breathe.
“I don’t on a regular basis but if I do, its when your fast asleep at 5:30 in the morning.” You said packing up your equipment.
“Wow…” He said under his breathe.
“Come on slow poke lets go.” You said throwing your backpack over your back.
He stumbled over to you and you quietly chuckled to yourself.
Derek already had his fit test waved.

mullette headcanons cause im g a r b a g e

  • Laf really loves baking and herc likes to watch and they always end up having a make out session before laf is even close to finishing the recipe
  • Legit herc is a clean freak. Hes always cleaning and shit
  • Not to mention that the room he keeps all of his stuff for his tailoring business is organized af
  • Laf fucking loves it when herc plays with his hair
  • He’s snoozing before he even knows it
  • Herc never makes the bed and laf gets huffy and puffy about it
  • Laf is constantly buying books and has like no where to put them all
  • Herc also wears a ‘kiss the cook’ apron
  • And u kno laf the little shit comes from behind and whispers in herc’s ear
  • “J'adorerais baiser le cuisinier” (I would love to kiss/fuck the cook)
  • And herc is just standing there and the look on his face says holy fUCK CAUSE HE LOOOVES IT WHEN LAF TALKS IN FRENCH EVEN IF HE DOESNT UNDERSTAND A SINGLE WORD
  • Laf loves teaching herc how to speak in french
  • Like laf is so patient with herc its wonderful and even if herc has a hard time with pronunciation and stuff he ends up being SO proud of herc
  • Also
  • Herc loves it when laf speaks in english cause of his accent

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Hercules spends a lot of time w the cat and Laf gets a bit huffy puffy about it and so sometimes when Herc is w the cat they would just storm over and pull him into a filthy kiss to distract him and Laf just slowly drags him into their bedroom and John is just like "More time w the cat for me then :)"

Laf must be so jealous that is gREAT! Maybe that’s actually Hercs intention when he plays with the cat ahahah

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Hi! Can u do a headcannon where the princess accidentally kisses another suitor and their suitor ends up seeing them? You don't have to if u don't want to. Btw I really love your writing ^^

Hiiii! Ok so this took me a little while … because there’s so much - I kept it kinda short for each… its more funny and not so much angst? I changed things a bit… :)

Louis - Princess goes to formally kiss Sid on the cheek- he steals a kiss on the lips and Louis sees - flames immediately shoot from Louis’ ears and nose ….

Giles - catches the feisty butler sneaking a kiss from the Princess when he delivers her tea. He later tells her that if she needs some male attention, he’s far more experienced in knowing what a woman’s needs are.

Sid - saw Louis and the Princess dancing, which already gets him flustered, then they stumbled and were face to face bumping noses … he just interrupts them and says “Ya better let me handle this Howard.”

Nico - he sees Albert getting way to close to the Princess…. and it’s just really irking him. He sends Chirol in for revenge … chaos ensues.

Rayvis - he has a lot of respect for Byron, but he wants the Princess to himself. So he finds out everything he can about her from gossips like Leo and Nico, and then uses the information to invite her to all kinds of events she likes that Byron doesn’t know about.

Robert- sees the chamberlain giving the Princess a very sensual lesson, he snaps a few paint brushes in his studio and accidentally there’s a big ugly mustache that shows up on Giles’ portrait in the hallway.

Alyn - sees Leo give the Princess a kiss as a “reward” (she was not expecting the kiss though)… Alyn’s all huffy and puffy about it, so he goes out a cuts about 24 hedges down with his sword and spells out “I hate u Leo” with the trimmings

Leo - to keep the Princess from kissing Alyn, he tells her that Alyn lets Arthur lick his face.

Albert - has his eye on the Princess at a ball, he sees the king from Laurelia lean in to kiss her - he immediately swoops in like a hawk, places his hand between their faces and says “I heard everyone in Laurelia has the plague.”

Byron - sees that stupid jerk from Protea who just can’t take a hint that the Princess doesn’t like him. Byron catches him placing a kiss on her and he swaggers over and says, “Did you get my declaration of war?”
“What? No.”
“Consider yourself informed.”

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Today at work, a lady came up to me and asked me to check for a size for her in the back and I told her we don't have a lot in our back room right now and we don't have that top in any more sizes and she goes "so it's not even worth checking?" And I told her no and then she got huffy and puffy and threw everything in her hands at me and left the store like ok what did she want me to do we don't have it

Go to the back, stand there for a few seconds, check your phone, stare at the wall, come back and say you don’t have it.

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Some lady called about ordering 12 sandwiches, told her it'd be about $66 dollars (about 5.50 per sandwich) she gets all huffy and puffy and demands to speak to my manager for what reason I couldn't be sure. Turns out this lady really wanted a discount and even told my manager that she wanted a discount because she wanted food but didn't want to pay. And my manager told her there weren't any discounts she could give, so the lady yelled at her about poor customer service. She still ordered.

please, PLEASE, please, do not mistake the choice of writing a character heterosexual as the mun being a CLOSED MINDED person. this is a personal choice regarding portrayal and one’s own personal view on said character, and it should be obvious that choosing to do so is NOT an attack on your or anyone’s beliefs or sexuality. do not get all huffy puffy if you see that someone’s rules states their character is heterosexual. if you disagree with this choice, please move along. it was not meant to insult you, rather to prevent any confusion.

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Omg those seduction headcanons were nice, thank you! Can you do a jealousy headcanon for the S and M bros?

//lmao I didn’t do those but glad you liked what Admin Izzi did!

//again in age order lmao
//also I again cheated and copy pasted since someone asked me for these hcs on my blog whoops heh
–Admin Red

—him? Jealous? Nah, he’s not. This totally isn’t why he pulls you away from that guy who was flirting with you in music class, nope. He just wanted a kiss or two maybe.
—In denial of jealousy but not afraid to admit to being possessive, you’re his okay he doesn’t want anyone taking you away from his lazy self.
—Totally doesn’t have his brothers find blackmail material for him to use on said guy. Though that’s mostly because you told him not to.
—becomes kind of like an angry alpha wolf. Like you can hear him g r o w l a little if someone who’s clearly into you even puts their hands on you a little bit.
—Just be glad the guy isn’t dead or drained of blood. He may be possessive and jealous but he’s not going to step over that line.

—his jealousy is more quiet. Like he’ll try to get your attention off of who he’s jealous of but still retain his normal demeanor.
—one of the hardest to read to see if he is jealous unless the guy goes in to kiss you. Then Reiji is all hands. Grabbing you by the waist and pulling you to his chest. First thing the guy thinks is that he’s your overprotective sibling till Reiji tilts your chin up and kisses you.
—most likely will deny it at first but admit to it later once he’s not around people where Pride keeps rearing its awful head.
—one major factor if you look closely is his lips tend to form this frustrated little pout. Look for it and you’ll figure out he’s jealous.

—pretends not to care and says he’ll share but when you’re not looking he’ll throw a “she’s mine” glare at the poor soul.
—You only realize he’s jealous later once he seems to be showering you in affection more than usual.
—Imagine a puppy, now imagine it as a wolf puppy, and now make that puppy look frustrated. That’s what he looks like once he isn’t glaring at the guy.

—Pulls you away and screams at you
—he throws a tantrum until you assure him that you love him and not the other guy.
—still, give him candies and cuddles and kisses just to be safe. He’s the angriest bab when jealous.

—screaming internally when he spots the guy flirting with you. Gets all huffy and puffy and just generally goes and shows the guy up.
—cutest jealous face ever. You might just kiss him and then laugh.
—he’s very clingy and possessive even when the guy leaves, just cause “you’re Ore-sama’s not that dolts”
—give him lots of kisses and maybe let him bite you and have a bit of your blood, just so he can reinstate his little claim on you before you tell him there was no need to be jealous.

—straight up punches the guy and tells him to back off cause you’re taken.
—probably the only one that gets suspended because of his jealousy.
—it’s still cute as hell though. Just reassure him that you love him so this boy doesn’t start doubting you. He already has a bad enough image about himself thanks to his mama he doesn’t need to delve back into that.



—He’d be mature about his jealousy, more along the lines of simply watching the interaction continue, he knows your his, and knows you also know, he isn’t going to get too worked up over what is probably nothing.
—but, that doesn’t mean he isn’t at least going to move closer and maybe shorten the interaction up if it seems like the other guy is t o o interested in you.
—if a boy is particularly persistent he’ll step in with a light glare of his eyes and wrap his arm around you, making a bit of a show of pulling you to him and kissing you gently, just to be sure that the guy finally knows who you belong to.


—there is no not seeing he’s jealous. He will basically haul you away from the guy with some sort of excuse at hand to get you away, just to be sure he keeps his image as an idol up.
—he will smother you in affection in private, though he might just kiss you if he’s in public if his jealousy gets really hard to handle.
—He’s not cute when jealous. He’s terrifying. At least to the guys, to you it’s just minorly intimidating because his special eye tends to show a little more cause he’s pissed at the poor soul who flirted with you.


—he basically silently intimidates the guy just as he’s walking up to you. He’s huge, it’s sort of expected.
—he handles things physically like Subaru, just doesn’t get suspended for it because all he does is shove the guys away and carry you off somewhere else with a mutter of “she’s mine you idiot.” Under his breath


—basically glowers at the guy quietly till he backs off. Sadly this happens often. He’s only actually cut somebody with his knife three times, thankfully.
—often afterwards needs assurance that you still love him. As he’s easily swayed into seeing you don’t if you seem to like spending time with another guy other than his family

//boop that’s done. Hope you enjoy~
//also lmao can you tell the style difference between me and Izzi yet?
–Admin Red
Writer (Batfam headcanon)

Requested: Yes
Request: HC : Batboys & Bruce with an author (or just freelance writer) s/o mostly writes fiction

  • I think they all would be very supportive 
  • They’re always ready to put in their two cents
  • if you ask for ideas they have a handful 
  • They would love to read it for you
  • and tell you what to change or something  
  • Jason would be like super heart eyes all the damn time
  • Damian might be a bit huffy and puffy about the lack of realism 
  • Dick is super hype about it
  • everyone knows you’re a author 
  • they all give you time when you need it
  • They understand that when creativity hits there’s nothing that will stop it 


With love,


Emily: “She doesn’t take too kindly to the word no.”

Devlin: “I don’t get why that means you stop coming over and talking to me all together.”

Emily: “She always followed me home from school then she’d just crash at my house for days on end. She won’t leave me alone; I can’t get away from her.”

Devlin: “Then how are you here now? If she won’t leave you alone.”

Emily: “Her mom called her and she got all huffy and puffy and stormed out. This has been the first time I’m hanging out with someone other than her in over like, 8 months..”

There’s this one nerd on here who gets real huffy and puffy every time I make fun of frank javcee and i’d just like to say that I don’t feel bad whatsoever at all

“That is the most cliche thing I could have done” - Jared Kleinmen x Reader

Request: Prompt 54 with Jared

a/n: I am trying to write but I just keep listening to Michael in The Bathroom and Sincerely Me and I keep getting distracted. This is cute maybe? requests are open

warnings: ANGST, fluff, cute jared memeboy, swearing

You thought getting a private Instagram, or “finsta” as the cool kids called it, would be fun but it ended up being a place for all your coupled up friends to post the cheesiest, most disgusting, 5 paragraph essays about how much they loved each other. Not that you weren’t happy for your friends, of course you were! You just wished you had someone who loved you the way Evan loved Connor or the way Zoe loved Alana. You tried not to let it bother you on most days but today it seemed that your friends were posting every 5 seconds about their significant others just to annoy you. You groaned loudly and tossed your phone across the room before slumping face down on the bed. This action earned a very curious glance from your best friend Jared who happened to be over to do homework (that you both knew you really didn’t plan on doing).  

“Hey kunckle butt, whats got you all huffy and puffy?” he asked as he shot you an amused yet concerned look .

You slowly sat up, a scrunched up pout on your face, and looked at him for a few seconds contemplating what to respond. You didn’t want to sound stupid but you also knew it was Jared you were talking to, he was only pretending to judge you, “I just…I’m cute!” you blurted out earning a snort from the dork sitting on your floor, “and I’m nice and flirty and I don’t get why boys don’t like me,” you stated, looking down at your feet becoming suddenly fascinated with the giraffe socks you were wearing. 

“And…all of our friends are dating someone; Evan and Connor, Zoe and Alana, Michael and Jeremy! Literally every single person I know is dating someone or hooking up with someone and I’m…just. I don’t know it makes me feel like I’m alone and I know, I know I’m not but I just wish I had that person who loved me and who would make cute Instagram posts about me and…” you trailed off now extremely embarrassed. You didn’t mean to vomit out your thoughts like that. You avoided all eye contact with Jared as he moved from his spot on your floor to sit next to you. 

You sat in silence for a few seconds before Jared finally spoke, “Just because you aren’t dating anyone doesn’t mean that no one likes you, or that you’re not worth something.”

“Okay but Jared I’ve literally been single all of high school, don’t you think if someone liked me they would have said something by now??” you said exasperated. 

“I don’t know, maybe they’re scared? You’re funny and loud and you can be intimidating sometimes…” 

“How am I intimidating?!?! I am small and I’m not THAT loud!!” you practically yelled.

“I just, I think that maybe someone likes you and they don’t know how to tell you because they are scared it will mess things up???” Jared’s voice raised a few octaves at the end of his sentence and you gave him a look of confusion and annoyance. 

“Jared, you always say that, and you’re always wrong. Nobody likes me and I will continue to be alone until I die.” You stood up to get your phone from across the room, needing to move around.

“Y/n, listen to me,” you rolled your eyes, picked your phone up, and went back to your bed sitting next to Jared. You reluctantly faced him and looked into his eyes, “You’re the one who’s wrong,” he said, searching your face for any sign that you understood what he was trying to say. Jared was bad with feelings, which is why he hadn’t told you that he had liked you for the entirety of high school. He had wanted to tell you so many times, but he was afraid. He was afraid his beautiful, outgoing, best friend would reject him.

“I’m not though. Nobody likes me, everyone probably hates me because of how much I complain about this. It’s so stupid, I’m stupid….I just want to kiss some-” You were cut off mid sentence by Jared’s warm hands cupping your face before he brought his lips to yours. Your eyes went wide and your breath hitched as your thoughts ran a million miles a second. You were shook. You had never thought about Jared that way but in that moment you couldn’t think of anyone else you would rather be kissing. Jared pulled away a second later, looking at you nervously trying to gage your reaction.

“I, uh, I didn’t expect you to do that…” you said quietly, not breaking eye contact.

“Are you kidding? That’s the most cliche, most predictable thing I could have done in that moment. You literally said you wanted to kiss someone,” he chuckled, obviously trying to play this off in case you were upset or disgusted. His eyes shifted from yours to his hands, he wished he hadn’t done that. You probably didn’t like him at all and he just fucked everything up.

“Jared….” you whispered and Jared brought his gaze back to yours, “kiss me again.” Now it was his turn to go wide eyed as you gave him a soft, loving smile and leaned in to feel his lips on yours again.

4 hours later, after both your lips were red and swollen from kissing, you checked Instagram to find a picture of you, clearly taken when you didn’t know it was being taken. Underneath it, the caption said, “I don’t know about you guys but I just kissed the best kisser and cutest person at our school nbd.” The account? J_kleinmeme.

You smiled and looked over at your boy with the crooked glasses and lazy smile, “thank you,” you said kissing him on the cheek.

“Anything for you knuckle butt,” he responded, grabbing your face for more kisses.