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akariamontgomery  asked:

If its going to take that long, can we get another comic or picture thing? Preferable with Set and Anubis. I wanna see then interact! ((and will Deities of Duat be a comic or a book))

^^^ Have a couple cuz I couldn’t decide which would be best ^ Q ^ )/ Granted that this is… barely… a glimpse at how they are in the actual story, but I intend to share more about their dynamic later for sure o)9

As for a comic, if you hadn’t seen them already, I did a few test pages for my coursework several months ago as a “first try” for the overall look. Hopefully I can do more practice pages or mini comics on the blog sometime, in b/w the other vis dev I plan to get thru o)7

And lastly, DEITIES is primarily planned to be published online, as a free-to-access webcomic. However, I would consider the opportunity to eventually have it in print, as a graphic novel, should the project gather enough interest! This would be the more ambitious goal of the project, but sharing the comic online will be my first priority when the story is ready to launch.


The Shed, Huff Projects, (2012)

The Shed is a simple and elegant shelter that celebrates waste-free building through the use of prefabricated components. Made from a standard steel frame, modular walls, roof trusses and battens, this clever building in Springfield, Missouri, was built by design collective Huff Projects from a minimal kit of parts.

The Shed is protected from the elements by a continuous cladding all through its roof and outside walls. Almost like a second skin, the protection is made from white oak taken from the property’s own surroundings. Featuring one translucent end, the Shed also lets in plenty of sunlight to lessen the need for artificial lighting.