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Rachel Dolezal Responds To Ethnicity Questions: ‘Yes, I Do Consider Myself To Be Black’

NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal had choice words Friday for those questioning her ethnicity: “I don’t give two s**ts about what you think.”

For nearly a decade, Dolezal, who heads the NAACP chapter in Spokane, Washington, has claimed to be African-American. However, her parents, who appeared on HuffPostLive Friday, have revealed that she is white.

Watch Huff Post Live’s exclusive interview with Dolezal’s parents here. 

David Tennant on Huff Post Live, 16/11/15
  • Interviewer: Are you a binge-watcher? You know that expression, 'Netflix and chill,' do you indulge in a bit of 'Netflix and chill?'
  • David: It sort of depends what else is going on, you know, but there is something delicious about finishing an episode of something, and being so desperate to see the next one and thinking, well what's one more hour. There is something quite fun about that
  • Interviewer: I've just been...I do have to say, I didn't realise - my producer just said [points to her ear] that means fucking! Sorry to imply -
  • David: !!!! Are we allowed to say that on the internet?
  • Interviewer: Oh yes! You can say whatever you want
  • David: Can you really?
  • Interviewer: I didn't realise -
  • David: So that means - does it really?
  • Interviewer: I just thought it meant binge-watching!
  • David: So did I!
  • Interviewer: But apparently it means fucking. [clearly embarrassed] God!
  • David: What - how does that -
  • Interviewer: So I just asked you if you indulged in fucking
  • David: How does that interact with your Netflix watching I don't understand - I'm confused. We need an expert on the Urban Dictionary to come and explain this to us
  • Interviewer: Have someone round on false pretenses I suppose?
  • David: Ooh it sounds rather dark and sinister suddenly!
  • Interviewer: Kilgrave-y!

For those that just want regular YT vids ;)

Tony Goldwyn and Marin Ireland - talking about The Divide and Scandal

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I was enjoying the Huff Post Live interview until the host deemed it necessary to read something from that website that so obviously made Mr.Hiddleston incredibly uncomfortable.

I am not in a cult. I do not worship him.

I am in a community. I admire him.

I am a functioning, positively contributing member of society. I am intellectually curious. I am educated. I have a career. I enjoy healthy relationships with others. I am informed about a variety of topics and can discuss them with both logic and passion.

I am tired of being misrepresented and shamed for my enthusiasm.

Shame on YOU, @huffingtonpost, for perpetuating the negative and harmful stereotype of what it means to be a “fan,” especially in an interview that included important topics such as the wage gap. I hope that you invite Mr.Hiddleston to appear again and rather than embarrass him and his fan base, inform him of how many wonderful friendships and shared experiences he is responsible for and discuss the significant power that public figures possess to impact the world and unite people across geographic and cultural barriers. That is what Mr.Hiddleston has done and that is what deserves air time.

anonymous asked:

curious. what are your top 5 tennant-related things? :')

top five tennant-related things?? tv shows/films, or things to have happened ever? tv/film is easy: jessica jones, doctor who, broadchurch, 2012/w1a, FISH WITHOUT BICYCLES, it counts, it’s not even been filmed yet but it counts, i’m gonna love it, can feel it in my bones

but! top five tennant-related things to have ever happened are as follows:

5) david tennant attending conventions

exhibit a: discussing tentoo & rose’s sex life

exhibit b: being totally in love with his wife

4) david tennant: the shipper

3) i have many favourite david/georgia-related moments but the fiveish doctors was pretty special

2) the like 90 minute interview we got earlier this year where he looked peak af

1) the huff post live interview MY GODDDDDD i’m still blushing 

BONUS FAVE: NTAs 2015 <333