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Then There’s You- An Isaac Lahey Imagine

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Summary: Isaac meets (Y/N) and takes a liking to this fiery girl.

Pairing:Isaac x Reader

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Author: @jeffdavisspawn

A/N:This is the fourth part of the Favorite Song Series! Hope you enjoy! Inspired by Charlie Puth’s | Then There’s You.

First Part-Scott McCall

Second Part-Theo Raekan

Third Part-Stiles Stilinski

Some girls walk in the room and everything remains

But when you opened up the door, my life completely changed

           You opened your eyes to the sound of voices conversing coming from downstairs. You recognized one of the voices to be your brother, Derek, but the other one sounded younger. Swinging your legs to the side of the bed, you tried to hear the second one’s heartbeat to pinpoint how heated the conversation. To confirm your initial thoughts, the conversation was very heated. Both heartbeats were increasingly faster by the second. You focused on the conversation only to pick up bits and pieces due your groggy state. Picking yourself up to your feet, you entered your bathroom. Turning on the sink, a pool of water increased size. You splashed the water on the face in an attempt to wake yourself up. In the background, you could still the angry voices and it had grown irritating. Annoyed,you stomped your feet down the spiral staircase. The two of them didn’t seem to notice the trudging footsteps for they continued they continued their heated argument.

“Derek, why are you up so early?”, you whined and rubbed your eyes.

             When you opened eyes, they landed on the second voice. A very attractive curly-haired blond adorned with piercing icy blue eyes. Both men shifted uncomfortably although the second seemed more confused.

“Who the hell is she?”, the boy questioned Derek, pointing to you. The boy was staring daggers at your brother.

“Calm down, Isaac.”

‘Isaac’, you thought ‘That’s a nice name.’

            “I’m his sister.”, you piped up, stepping off  the last steps of the staircase and walking towards Isaac. “I’m assuming Derek didn’t mention me because he, along with everyone, thought I died in Santa Monica 2 years due to a surfing accident, wasn’t it, Der?”, you offered the statement unsure of its genuinity.

“Yep. Certainly left me devastated for a long time.”,said Derek, remembering his tough time coming to grips with your death.

         “Well, sorry, big brother! Someone was being hunted by not one-not two, but three hunter trios soooo!”, you announced trying to lighten the mood. You could always do that. It was like your superpower. You could instantly sense if the situation had gone dark and recovered with laughter. You turned your attention to Isaac who was certainly taking a liking to the new Hale.

         “Anyways, I’m (Y/N) and I’m assuming you’re Isaac!”, you declared, putting a hand for Isaac to shake. Isaac take your hand and shook it gently, a grin appearing on her face.

“She’s fun, Derek, how come you never mention her?”,joked Isaac

Some girls be craving that attention to be seen

But the one I’m looking at is right in front of me

          Glancing in your long mirror, you observed your outfit for the zillionth. Flattening out your RUN DMC, you began to you’re overthinking.

          ‘It’s just school! Come on, (Y/N), you’ve frigging faced arrows and guns, but teens with lacrosse sticks and snide remarks still manage to scare you!’,you thought to yourself.

          “You ready?”, a voice startled you. Turning around, you revealed the culprit to be Isaac.

         “By ‘ready’, do you mean going back to bed and living a life without calculus homework?”,you derided, in hopes that Isaac would take mercy and let you off the hook.

         “No can do,sweetheart.”,you blushed at the nickname. “Derek’s already made me in charge of your whereabouts with school and everything.”

          There it was. Beacon Hills High. The huge school building was staring back at you. You had no idea why you were so nervous. You already knew Scott, Stiles, Allison, and Lydia. ‘Ughhhhh! Here goes nothing!’ Entering the hall, the gang soon spotted you out and guide you to your locker. You opened your locker only to see a plethora of books and a schedule. Your first class happened to be with Isaac and Scott. You all walked down the hall to get to your next class.

         A girl with brown hair and girly pink lipstick approached you and stopped right in front of you. “Hi Isaac!”, she greeted plastering an award-winning smile showcasing her perfectly white teeth. Her eyes landed on you and she scrunched her nose in disgust. “Who’s ‘RUN DMC’?”, she asked holding her hand out for effect.

“Only one of the sickest hip hop gangs.”, you stated.

“Like in the 80’s?”, she said, stifling in a giggle.

“It’s my brother’s shirt.”

        “Your brother’s shirt?”, she said shocked as if the statement was false. She started laughing.You had enough of this bitch’s attitude so you pushed your way to get to your classroom. She whined and murmured a ‘hey!’.

       “Hey!”, you declared, catching the girl’s attention. Once you did, you flipped her off and entered your class.

As Isaac and Scott walked behind you, Isaac whispered something to Scott.

“I swear I’m love with this girl.”

There’s no words to express

When you’re wearing that dress that way

         “Lydia, there is no way I’m coming out of there.”,you shouted in the dressing room at the mall.

          “Oh, come on, (Y/N)! We want to see you! I bet you look gorg!”,Lydia retorted. The entire pack was outside helping you decide on a dress for the winter ball. Huffing and gaining a titsy bit of confidence, you stepped out of dressing room.

            The dress draped over your legs partially hiding them with its soft silk material. The color matching perfectly with your eyes. You looked beautiful and Isaac certainly seemed to think so. You nervously tucked a piece of hair under your ear.

“So?”,you asked.

Isaac, straightening up and looking at you up and down.

“Got anything to say, Isaac?”,interrogated Lydia.

Isaac quickly became embarrassed and a stuttering mess

There’s no words to describe

Let me look in your eyes and say

            The winter ball was filled with teenagers dancing and making out and doing god knows what. You just arrived when Isaac instantly walked towards you and offered to dance with you.

            “Why are dancing with me? You could dancing with any of these other girls, you know, making a move.”, you giggled.

            “Well, there’s either all the girls in this school who I’m not even the least bit interested and then there’s you who I’m…highly interested in.”, he persuaded cocking his head to the side.  

“Really?”,you questioned cockily, not entirely believing his interest in you.

           “Really.”,Isaac confirmed looking into your (Y/E/C) eyes. Isaac leaned in and connected your lips pulling you into a passionate kiss.

There’s beautiful and then there’s you



It’s the first of December and Harry’s being a bit of a Scrooge because he’s a little bit poorly.

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The Winter Santa {Bucky X Reader}

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Characters:Bucky Barnes

Word Count:630


Request:SECRET SANTA! (For the Holiday thing)

Notes:I’m writing this as I cry over AmaLee’s anime covers.So check her out <3 Ryan

“Of fucking course…” You muttered as you peered down at the little piece of paper that read ‘Bucky Barnes’.Out of everyone you could have gotten for the Secret Santa service you got Bucky-without a doubt you were set up.Maybe it was one of those two-bowl-swaps that are always in childish movies and tv…and that would mean you got tricked…by Tony!

“That sneaky bastard” You whined as you crumbled the paper into a tiny ball,and tossed it to the ground as you stormed off down the hall.Tinsel decorated the sides,and all the festive cheer that was exuded of it just died in your gloomy aura.”Bah Humbug” You mummured as you barged into your room and buried yourself under the cover of your bed to forget your responsibilities.

“Y/N! You’re favourite colour’s black,right?” You felt a strong metallic finger prod at your leg-the only part of your body not under the covers.You just nodded your head and grunted in agreement.”Cool,See you later!” The Winter Soldier left in a hurry,leaving you confused.You drifted back to sleep,still curious about Bucky’s motives.

“Free-Rex I need you!” You called from the hallway,making your way into the living room.Steve stood waiting at the door frame,eager to see what service he could offer.”Ca-Kaw…Freedom calls…how can I help?” He deadpanned the response you asked of him whenever you needed help.That was his reminder to never make bets with you.

“Secret Santa help-List me some of Bucky’s interests” You gruffed,still annoyed at being set up.”Hmmm…let’s see hear:cooking,sports,you,me when he’s drunk,weapons and the occassional pop song.That cover it?” The American smiled,before walking away to return to his football watching.”Wait…I didn’t quite catch some of that!” You tried getting the blonde’s attention,but all you got was a quick dismmisal in a wave.”I see why they charge for healthcare over here you bastard…” You grumbled as you left,even more unsure of what to get Bucky.

“Bucky…Merry Christmas” You handed Bucky a small box,wrapped in striped green paper.Your face was scarlet in embarrassment,just the thought of Bucky opening your present was enough to make your blood boil.The smirk on his face made you seethe with anger.This really was the worst thing imaginable.”Aww thanks” He grinned a shit-eating grin.”And here’s your’s!” He handed you a box,wrapped in ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ paper,you started squealing at the site of it.You didn’t even hesitate to slowly start opening the gift-savouring the glorious paper.Bucky tore his paper to shreds to open his.

“You got me a Captain America figurine!?!?!?” Bucky shrieked upon inspection of his present.”Well Steve did say you like him when you’re drunk,so that means it’s a secret…and you’d enjoy it more then” You deadpanned as you focused on neatly removing the paper.”That was one time I tried to kiss him…give me a break! I had thirty shots of tequila that night-blame Tony” The Winter Soldier huffed as he went on the defensive.”Right…” You giggled,totally not beliveing him-he must have tried at least five times.

“Holy fuck!” You cried out in joy at the contents of the grand paper.A limited edition album,signed by each member of your favourite band,packed with a black beanie from their merch store.Actually the best gift ever.”Bucky I love you…” You laughed as you pulled the album close to your chest in a careful hug,gushing over it’s awesome covering.”Merry Christmas Y/N” He grinned.

foreverlovingdaryldixon  asked:

Oh my gosh I have missed your prompts! Please please please write a jealous Daryl over Carol and Tobin. Much love. x




“…Shit. C’mon!”


It was the sharp hiss of pain after twenty minutes of chopping and swearing that had Carl scrambling off the couch and heading into the backyard. Daryl’s working and cursing had been incessantly rhythmic enough to put Judith into a doze, so Carl left her in her playpen as he went to investigate.

Daryl was stomping around in a short circle in the yard, intermittently shaking his hand in the air and holding it close to rub the pain in his wrist. There was a pile of chopped wood to one side, a pile of wood yet-to-be-chopped on the other side, and in the middle was the chopping block, looking worse for wear where Daryl had embedded the ax head in it multiple times.

Currently, the head was a good few inches into the block, sticking up at a defiant angle. It wasn’t hard to put together that Daryl had yanked a little too aggressively and twisted something.

“What are you doing?” Carl asked bluntly, stopping at the bottom of the porch steps and not venturing closer.

Daryl spun on his heel, and his hot glare thawed a bit when he spotted Carl. There were a dozen colorful swear words just behind his teeth, but he settled for seething and sending an off-balance kick into the wood block.

“Keeps gettin’ fuckin’ stuck.”

“Well, that’ll happen when you swing like a lumberjack.” Carl folded his arms. “Planning a bonfire?”

Daryl averted his eyes, pacing twice in front of the stubborn ax. He almost looked embarrassed that someone had caught him. That thought was beyond confusing to Carl. He had literally watched this man fight a raccoon in hand-to-hand combat and lose before…

“Always heard winters up here were a bitch,” Daryl grumbled. “Don’t wanna waste gas or power on heat when it comes.”

The balmy seventy degrees in the air had Carl lifting an eyebrow.

Daryl didn’t offer any additional explanation, but he looked leery of going at it with the ax again. The way he was holding his wrist, it was still smarting pretty good. Carl sighed and glanced toward the house. He looked back to Daryl.

“Dude, what are you doing?”

“You deaf?” Daryl glared at him. “Just said—“

“I know, but there are about a hundred other things that need doing before we worry about winter.” Carl huffed. “Just seems like this is the chore farthest away from everybody else…”

Daryl’s neck straightened, and he squinted. “You tryin’ to be an asshole today? Because you’re doing a good job—“

“It’s Carol, right?” Carl interrupted. “Who you’re avoiding?”

Whatever Daryl had been about to say, it went mute, and he stared at Carl with his mouth open cartoonishly. He recovered quickly, blinked, and scoffed, going back to the ax.


“Bullshit,” Carl called out. “I’m not asking for the novel here, but that’s it, right? She’s moving on, and you’re—“

“From what?” Daryl tilted his head dangerously. “Moving on from what? Bein’ out there,” he threw a wild gesture to the wall. “Bein’ scared all the time, feelin’ like…”

Carl was unfazed. Daryl could huff and puff all he wanted; he didn’t intimidate Carl like he intimidated the Alexandrians. He wasn’t getting off that easily.

“She’s with Tobin,” Carl said flatly. “I don’t know what kind of ‘with,’ but it’s something.”

“Ain’t nobody’s business,” Daryl grumbled.

“Look, we all get it.” At Daryl’s comically shocked face, Carl smirked. “Dude, everybody in our group has known for a while about…You and Carol are close, at least you were until we got here…”

Daryl pointed toward the town. “She is doing her own thing. She deserves to be happy and for somebody to…to make her happy, and if it’s with him, then fine—“

“But she’s not happy. Of course she deserves to be, but she’s not okay, Daryl.” Carl frowned. “Tobin’s a great guy, but he’s not…”

He let the statement hang, but they both heard what he meant. Tobin wasn’t Daryl. Tobin didn’t know Carol the way Daryl did, know all her feelings and thoughts, couldn’t read her or help her like she needed. Maybe that was why she was getting with him. He was a blank slate, with no history to judge her by.

Daryl looked wrongfooted. “Whatever. Think we missed that window—“

“Fuck that,” Carl snapped hard enough that Daryl stared at him. “Only way that window is ever closed is if one of you is dead. So you can beat up on some wood blocks until you’re blue in the face, but you can’t stand by and do nothing and then get mad that nothing is happening.”

The fight seemed to sizzle out of Daryl, and he visibly deflated a bit.

Their group had never really had to define what Carol and Daryl were to each other. They just…were. None of them had ever anticipated a third party getting between them. The only person who ever attempted was Axel, and none of them had taken that seriously.

Now, there it was, and here they were.

Suddenly the tough, invincible Daryl that Carl had known for the past two years wasn’t so tough and invincible in the face of this. It was weird to see him this way. And again, Carl had watched him fight a raccoon with his bare hands.

“Hey,” he started, more gently than before. “If it means anything, we’ve all been rooting for you since the farm.”

Daryl’s eyes widened, then he snorted and looked away.

Carl relaxed a bit to see his friend finally crack a smirk.

This kind of stuff was scary. Carl was slowly realizing that things like feelings and relationships could be scarier than any walkers or enemies out there. He used to assume that the grown ups at least had their shit together and knew what they were doing. That illusion had been ripped apart pretty quickly after the Turn, but it was still strange to see adults like his mom, his dad, and Daryl struggle in such a relatable way.

Daryl shook his head and spoke to the ground. “Yeah, that helps a little.”

“Got a better idea of how to spend the afternoon than punishing a chopping block,” Carl prompted, nodding toward the stuck ax. “You could teach me to use the crossbow. I think my arms are long enough now.”

Daryl eyed him, snorted, and put his hands on his hips. “Reckon they are, but I’m gonna raincheck that. Gotta go…gonna go…take care of somethin’…”

He made a vague gesture and walked away, toward the front of the house. Carl watched him go, sighed, and eyed the impressive pile of wood, all ready for burning and keeping the harsh New England winter at bay.

…It was July for shit’s sake.