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From photographer Garric Ray: “The spot Dan is skating is at an auto body shop on the outskirts of Portland. Dan had already filmed this Kickflip a few days prior, but I was out of town when he first skated the spot. So, I meet up with Dan a few days later and when I meet up with him, the auto body shop was open for business and unfortunately, this bump over fence was right in front of one of the employee’s office. Being that the fence was pretty much made entirely of glass, we got the boot pretty quick and got plenty of strange looks. But Martin Reigel and Dan starting talking to the employee and starting offering her some HUF shoes and some socks in exchange for us skating the spot.
At first, she thought we were all lying, but once she pulled up the HUF website on her computer and saw Dan’s picture on the team page, she went from frustrated to excited in a matter of seconds. It was pretty funny to see the change of attitude with the promise of free product, I remember her being pretty stoked on the weed socks too. Dan skated this spot for about 15-20 mins (all while running late for a flight back to the Bay Area) right after Dan rolled away from the Kickflip- he had an Uber arrive at the spot and take him to the airport- a flight that I believe he missed due to the lovely traffic we’ve been having in Portland lately.”