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Does Flynn Ryder Have A Death Wish?

Part 2 of this Disney Park Nalu AU 

Summary: Working for Disney and dressing up as the characters AU, or more specifically, Lucy Heartfilia really wants to be a princess. 

a/n: it was getting too long so I had to split it up into two more parts, but Part 3 should hopefully be up soon!

Lucy had just wanted to be a princess, and instead she’d been handed a hot, itchy, heavy suit of a character that she didn’t even like all that well, if she was being honest.

And damn, did it smell.

A week of working in the park had now passed, however, and she was slowly getting the hang of things.

“Where the hell is Juvia?” Erza demanded, hopping on one foot around the locker room as she struggled to pull up the mermaid tail that always gave her trouble. Lucy had learned quickly that the fiery redhead cherished the days when she was given Ariel’s human dress opposed to the tail, but those days seemed far and few in-between.

The kids really loved the tail.

Erza huffed, ditching the heavy accessory for the moment as she continued, “Elsa was supposed to show up at the Frozen character breakfast twenty minutes ago, and Lisanna just called saying she’s a no-show.”

“Juvia wants to be Ariel!”

Lucy poked her head around the lockers when she heard the tearful voice coming from the entrance, and saw an unamused Gray with a petite Elsa latched to his arm.

“I found her,” the boy sighed, struggling to straighten his sash while Juvia appeared to only tighten her grip.

Lucy couldn’t contain her smirk. Despite his cool exterior, she saw right through the boy’s flushed cheeks. If she didn’t know any better, she’d say Gray didn’t exactly mind the attention.

“It’s no fair that Erza gets to be married to Gray!”

“Oh my God,” Erza pinched the bridge of her nose. “Juvia, we’ve been over this a thousand times. Just because Ariel and Eric are together does not mean that Gray and I are a-”

“Don’t even say the words!” Juvia finally relinquished her hold on Gray’s arms so that she could clap her hands over her ears. “Juvia doesn’t want to hear the words out loud!”

Mira poked her head around the corner, her hair half-up with only one earring in as she waved her phone in the air. Mira was the designated Cinderella of the park, but Lucy had found it amusing that she heard that the girl sometimes stood in for Maleficent’s character as well. The blonde couldn’t imagine the sweet girl in such an evil role, but the others had informed her that Mira could pass as a very convincing villain when she wanted to.

“Sorry to interrupt you guys,” the woman said, “but Lisanna just called again and she’s frantic. Apparently the kids really want to see Elsa.”  

Lucy smiled at the thought of Lisanna as Anna, and decided that the girl’s sweet, innocent personality fit the character rather well.

Then, the blonde’s happy mood turned sour as her eyes fell in the direction of her locker. She all but deflated at the thought of that stupid, made-up duck’s face that was waiting for her there.

It didn’t help that she was currently sharing the locker room with nearly all princesses as they prepared for their time slots. While they were all prepping their hair for their gorgeous wigs, Lucy was stuck tying hers into a knot on the top of her head to keep it off of her neck once she put the suit on.

As she stepped into said, cotton nightmare, she thought of the wig from Tangled and it’s long, beautiful braid. It was decorated with so many flowers it could be considered its own garden…

Lucy sighed dreamily as she pulled the Daisy head from her locker, too caught up in picturing herself as Rapunzel, all but swooning when she began imagining her Flynn Ryder.

He’d be strong and handsome, the perfect prince for her. She knew she’d swoon for real when his pink hair would- wait.

Pink hair?

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