huey, dewey, and louie

the boys trapped in an office with a flashlight, text book, hammer, and sandwich

Huey: uses reason and logic to find a safe and comfortable way out 

Dewey: uses his own inventions to get out, no matter how long it takes

Louie: just fucking smashes the door/window open with a hammer and sells the remaining shit fuck your rules

I’ve made Youtube Playlists for the tripplets

Here’s Huey’s playlist -

Here’s Dewey’s -

And here’s Louie’s -

PD: I wanted to add to Louie’s List “In nomine Satanas” by Bathory but that would be cliché cause he “is the Evil tripplet” and I alredy added to him “Evil Morty’s Theme”.

PD2: Dewey wants to dance (?)

PD3: Huey’s has the most pop-catchy list of the three.


Speculation time: While Donald is indeed a loving, kind-hearted and protective parent as many fans know, this is a little bit different. I know parents who are literally like this. Their whole life revolves around their kids to the point that they’re all they talk about. 

Donald may have spent long periods in between jobs, whether willingly or unwillingly, and all that time was spent with the boys. To the point that being away for literally less than a day already makes him feel guilty about having to work and be away. He wouldn’t have gone if they didn’t need the money.

Donald is also very family/group-oriented, as many stories portray him to be. Notice the use of the ‘we’. This outlook also makes for interesting tension with Scrooge’s more individualistic and independent personality.