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So this recent stuff has me a bit scared, and I wanted to see if anyone here does any training for self defense and if you had any routines to follow to prepare myself if something like this happens near me.

tbh, we’re all feeling a bit vulnerable right now.  Maybe it’s time for an Antifa Self-Defense Master Post!

General thoughts about antifascist self-defence

Martial Arts

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Getting In Good Shape

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Defending Against Knife Attacks

Basic Internet Security For Anti-Fascists

vice talked to a black woman who founded her own black women’s gun club after her experiences with the huey p newton gun club and

In an email, the co-founder of the Huey P. Newton Gun Club, Babu Omowale, said that because the alleged violence took place before Niecee was an official member of HPNGC, it wasn’t their problem. He questioned whether it had happened at all and added that his organization offered Niecee a tribunal with a council of elders to resolve the situation, an offer she refused. After her refusal, Niecee was excommunicated from the group. (Niecee told me her refusal was based on her wariness that the tribunal would be run predominantly by men who might not be sensitive to her concerns as a women. This is the same wariness that led her not to report the allegations to the authorities.)

After I reached out to Omowale for comment, he posted an irate note on Facebook that publicly criticized Niecee for talking to “craKKKas media.” Referring to the Defense League, he said that it is “unfortunate you have to fight your own before the enemy… you and your gay ass feminist group can burn in hell." 

fuck the huey p newton gun club lmao

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I joined the national guard to pay for school (one of the main recruiting tactics sadly enough) but I want to do what i can to help. Is there anything I can do to support Antifa that won't jeopardize my main source of income? (If I get booted before my obligated service is over with ill have to pay back my full 4 years tuition and, like a lot of folks who got coerced into service, I'm from a poor family)

We definitely feel you here.  Fortunately, we can think of lots & lots of things you can do to support anti-fascism and anti-racism without jeopardizing your service or your college.  

We’re going to break anti-fascist work down into four broad categories to help you think about what you personally could be doing.  We’ll also offer some examples & suggestions for you:

1) Protecting Our Communities From Bigotry

This one’s going to depend on where you live, who the bigots target for scapegoating & attacks where you live, and what’s been going on where you live.  Maybe reach out to organizations that work with groups like migrants, LGBTQ+ people, members of religious/ethnic minorities, etc. and ask them how you could help.  

Even a small act like putting up posters or distributing pins showing solidarity with these people and opposition to bigotry, sends a big message to them, to their attackers, and to other people in your community that feel the same way you do.

Example: one neighbourhood we know of in Toronto responded to a rash of alt right vandalism and racist harassment by creating lawn signs in the languages spoken there to show opposition to racist asshats.

2) Building An Authentic Anti-Fascist/Anti-Racist Youth Culture

Most anti-fascists we know got started when they were young.  Some of us started throwing “rock against racism” concerts or shows.  We’d meet up with crews from nearby.  We’d set up info tables at shows where we’d distribute information about the issues we were dealing with (and sell t-shirts & stuff to raise money).  We’d make sure that racists knew they were not welcome anywhere we hung out - in the parks, at shows, in the football terraces, etc.

Finding ways to promote an explicit and authentic anti-racist/anti-fascist youth culture is one of the most powerful things we can do because the ideas we put out there and the friendships that form in that youth culture will last for decades to come. It’s one of the best ways to counter attempts by white supremacists to radicalize youth.

You want a great example from Buenos Aires?  Check out the trailer for the upcoming documentary about La Cultural del Barrio. Maybe you could get involved in something like that in some way.

3)  Collaborating With And Supporting Other Anti-Fascists 

  In the past we’ve posted tips about joining an antifa group or starting your own.  The Anti Fascist Network has also published a good set of tips for starting an antifa crew.

You should also watch out for callouts for events or support from antifa crews - we regularly publish those right here on this tumblr.  When you see one and it’s near by you, back ‘em up.  If you’re not nearby but you know people nearby, get them out there!  At the very least, send them a message of support & solidarity.

As the antifa movement progresses, we’re collaborating more and more across borders.  Several crews hold antifa festivals like Manchester’s 0161 Fest or the anti-racist World Cup hosted by FC St. Pauli in Hamburg or The Torch Antifa Network conference in the U.S. or the anti-fascist MMA tournaments organized by Freedom Fighters in Poland.  Find something happening near you and go!  Or put your own thing together!

One of the best examples of cross-border collaboration and solidarity has to be The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund, which has helped dozens and dozens of anti-fascists and anti-racists all over the world.  We would highly recommend making a donation to the Defence Fund or holding some sort of fundraising event for it.   

You’re in the military and many anti-fascists are interested in getting familiar with the safe use of firearms - maybe you want to help set up an antifa gun club like the John Brown Gun Club or the Huey P. Newton Gun Club?  

4) Disrupting Fascist Activity - So this is the one that’s probably going to worry you the most.  It’s also antifa’s bread-and-butter - what we’re known for.
Fascism is an utterly illegitimate and dangerous ideology that is no longer up for debate or discussion after literally millions of people have died because of it or fighting to stop it.  So when it rears its ugly head once again, it is imperative to oppose, expose, and confront it immediately.

We can understand why you’d be hesitant to get involved in this aspect of anti-fascism, but there’s lots of way to do this without putting yourself at risk th tmuch.  This tumblr has been dedicated to recording and reporting on anti-fascist activity all over the world for almost the last three years.  There are over 4000 examples of anti-fascist activity in our archive that you could sort through to find ideas and inspiration for the kind of things you and your friends can pull off without putting yourself in hot water.

Fuck you Huey P Newton Gun Club, how dare you drag Huey’s name through the mud with this bullshit? Huey P Newton was pro-LGBT, you’re obviously a bunch of reactionary fucks. Did they think about how this sort of language affects trans WOC? They just removed this post but I screen capped it. Sorry if this is triggering for anyone but pseudo leftist organizations need to be called out


Black Open Carry: Why Gun Rights and Civil Rights Need Each Other

“We are proposing armed self-defense as it relates to the situation with black people here in America when it comes to dealing with police departments,” says Charles Goodson, founder of the Huey P. Newton gun club, an open carry group based in Dallas.

Reason TV attended a meeting of the gun club and spoke to Goodson and others about their goals and how they hope to accomplish them. And historian Thaddeus Russell talked about the long, intertwined history of the gun rights and civil rights movements, from slave revolts to Reconstruction-era resistance to the Klan to the Black Panthers.

“One of the great untold stories about the civil rights movement was that it required violent resistance from blacks to be effective,” says Russell.