huey dewey and louis duck


So I was kind of sceptical about this new reboot of the Ducktales, seeing the trailers and the first minutes of the episode made me believe that the animation is kind of poor compared to modern 2017 animation series, however delving deeper into the episode I realised that it was very good and it did had it’s shining moments.  The episode went very well and I liked it very much…but it was not until that HELL OF AN ENDING (Spoilers) that I REALLY-REALLY-Really FELT-IN-LOVE with it,  Scrooge McDuck is my top favourite character of them all, and “The Life and Times of SMD” (Don Rosa) is my favourit Comic-Book.  So having information about the McDuck family but also having Della (the Triplet’s mom) into the show was extraordinary for me,  I couldn’t stop screaming and fangirling at 2:00 a.m.  Right before the revelation of Della, I was thinking about a Fan-Plot of havng Della sacrificing herself in order to protect her family and her loved ones and Scrooge and Donald felt resposible for her death that their relationship fell apart and none of them wanted to see the other again because of the memory of their deceased relative.  An then like an exploding bomb, it is revealed that Scrooge, Donald and Della were a team.  and I cannot stop thinking of my theory.  Ten years ago, right after Della gave birth to the triplets, she went into one more expedition with her uncle and brother, however things got bad and she had to sacrifice herself to save the lives of her family.  Then Donald and Scrooge were alienated from each other because they felt both resposible for her death.  I might be wrong about this theory, but for now I want to believe that it’s true.  What do you think about it?             

Louie x Webby is the Best Ship. Here’s Why.

To explain this thesis of mine, I’ll breakdown Webby’s current stance with each one of the Duck brothers.

First let’s look at Webby and Huey. So far, we’ve seen that Huey likes to maintain order. He’s a natural peacekeeper with a big heart. A lot of people ship him with Webby for this reason but as clearly shown in The Daytrip of Doom, Webby can derail quite a bit. Her rambunctious behavior and quirky attitude can sometimes intimidate Huey. Hell, he’s probably having dart-related nightmares at this very moment.

Long story short, I see Huey as a big brother figure to Webby. He’s always there to break things up, solve disputes, organize and plan. He’ll be there when you’re sad and help when you’re in need of it. Bless your big heart, Huey.

Next up, Dewey and Webby. Or should I say, the Mystery Twins. Let’s be honest, the only reason people ship them is because they both like adventures or because of The Great Dime Chase. I can get this ship. All Webby wants is an adventure. All Dewey wants is to be a part of something big. To know everything and see everything. Webby acts the same way with her dedication to finding out everything about Scrooge’s family. Dewey and Webby seem to propell their friendship with adventure. More specifically, over Della Duck.

I think the ship works but Dewey is interested in finding out about his mother and I find it weird to have two characters develop feelings for eachother over the search for information about Dewey’s mom. What I’m trying to say is that I see Webby as a helping hand to Dewey. A partner to help Dewey find out about his mom.

As of right now in the series, Dewey hasn’t told Louie or Huey about his discoveries about Della Duck but maybe he will in one of the next episodes.

Finally, Louie and Webby. This is my reasoning for why I think their ship would work the best. At first they don’t seem compatible at all. Louie is lazy, he’s a slacker for sure but he’s a pretty good schemer. He knows how the world works and he can be up for almost anything at times. But it seems he’s criminally overlooked by his brothers and peers. At first he seems like a weird pairing with Webby. However, there’s something about Webby’s character that plays a big role in her arch. This is the fact that she’s severely sheltered. She has a hard time interacting with people and doesn’t usually get out of the house. Louie is quite the opposite. He’s charming and outgoing in public. For this reason, he could break Webby out of her shell. Maybe even buy her a hamburger.

On the other hand, we can see Webby getting Louie off the couch. Louie has shown that he’s willing to get work done and to be more active with the right kind of push. Louie tends to get things done when he has the motivation and he’s always pleased when he completes his goals. This was shown in The Great Dime Chase when he shares the same kind of enthusiasm after he finally got the dime.

This kind of enthusiasm can be brought out through Webby’s ambitious behavior. This adds depth to their relationship and actually really brings out their characterarchs.

In conclusion, I’m gonna summarize this a bit. Huey has always been more of a peacekeeper and brotherly figure to Webby and can’t handle her rambunctious behavior sometimes. Dewey and Webby’s relationship is mainly focused on Della Duck and finding out what happened to her. Once again, the Mystery Twins. Then, Louie and Webby. An unexpected yet perfectly contrasting pair. With Louie helping Webby come out of her shell and Webby motivating Louie into adventure, they seem to bring out another demention in each of their characters.

I think my civic duty is done. Sorry if I made you salty. Feel free to ship whoever you want. You do you.