huey and jazmine

I loved how Huey would always try and convince Jazmine that she had an afro even if she wouldn’t accept it… He just kept bring it back up and it made her mad but if you look past Huey’s rudeness and all his insult towards her, you’d just see that he was trying to help her. Help her embrace herself the way that she is, and not want her to constantly change herself into something she’s not. He was trying to get Jazmine to love herself, and I love that.

  • Jazmine DuBois: Huey, what does Eurocentrism mean?
  • Huey Freeman: Eurocentrism, it's when you eliminate the african perspective and marginalize or omit people of color, their contributions, their experiences, etc... Understand?
  • Jazmine DuBois: Not really...
  • Huey Freeman: Do you watch "Friends"?
  • Jazmine DuBois: Yes
  • Huey Freeman: Then you understand.