#TomWelling  New/Old pics  Andrea Marino´s Photoshoot #Smallville

Tom Welling shows off his sexy shirtless body in this newly released photo from Andrea Marino‘s new photography book.

The Italian photographer will be publishing a book of his work, both new and old of various actors and personalities from the past twenty years. He will also be publishing a book of portraits from his work in India.


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“Beauty and the Beast” at  “San Diego Comic Con 2013” (July 18)  [FULL RECAP]

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#TomWelling  Q&A Post Screening of #DraftDay , Denver (26-03-14) #Smallville

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Tom Welling Q&A recap (thanks to @tariel):

- Asking him to choose his favorite between acting, directing and producing is like asking him to pick a favorite child.

- Asked what’s on his bucket list of acting roles, Tom replied, all of them! Then he said a cowboy would be great. I agree!.

- Tom feels he has moved past Clark Kent and Smallville. No Smallville movie for him. Thrilled to hear it, love his new work!.

- Asked by a fan to get a lead role next time, Tom promises he’s trying! He wants that, too!.

- Asked what NFL team he’d like to play for, Tom said not the Seahawks. He lost too much on them in the Super Bowl. lol

- Tom still wants to act, direct, and produce, hopes to do all three at the same time sometime in the future.

- Asked what appealed to him about the Draft Day role, Tom joked he was unemployed and needed the work lol.

- Working with Kevin Costner was a big reason why Tom jumped at the chance to be a part of Draft Day.

- Tom and Kevin Costner bonded over having JFK projects in common, not their Superman connection.

- Tom Welling was wonderful at the Denver Q&A. Gracious, funny, entertaining, generous, happy to be there. And the hottest man I’ve ever seen!.

- Tom Welling said he will be doing press in LA after Denver. Can’t keep track of his insane schedule, he takes it one day at a time.

- Tom Welling enjoyed his guest appearance on Late Night with @jimmyfallon, would love to do it again on The Tonight Show. Yes, please!!

- Tom has made an effort to avoid Clark’s physicality in his acting, and to choose roles that are decidedly different.

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