You, Whom I Love (Loki x Reader)

Request: Loki x reader where the reader had suffered emotional trauma from a relationship and Loki helps them through it. (This is for my best friend, who adores Loki and needs to see that she can overcome this. ) thanks <3

A/N: Tell your friend Loki says she is worth so much more than the person she was in a relationship. I’m always here for you.

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“Du huem jeg elsker” Translation: “You whom I love”

“You’re worthless. You worthless piece of crap! You can’t even present yourself correctly! What makes you think that anyone will ever love you?!” I screamed at myself as I squeezed a pillow so hard that if it were a living thing it would have been dead long ago. Most of me wanted that living thing to be my ex boyfriend.

My self hatred and overall anger was interrupted by 5 knocks at the door. “Go away.” I croaked out.

“I’m coming in.” A male voice called through the door. I flipped over on my stomach and buried my face in the assortment of pillows on my bed. I heard the door open. “(Y/N)?” The voice asked.

“Loki.” I said. My voice was fading from a combination of the crying and screaming. I didn’t face the young god of mischief. Loki sat down on the edge of the bed silently. I brought my face out of the pillows to meet his eyes. Loki avoided my quiet gaze. I sniffed and wiped my eyes.

“So.” I said. Loki gave his attention back to me.

“So?” He questioned,  hinting for me to go on.

“So I’m assuming you’ve heard.” I said.

“Yes… It’s… all anyone is talking about…” Loki said hesitantly.

“Of course.” I said tossing my head back.

“How are you?”

“How do you think?” I asked. “It’s not like I was in a horrible relationship and I’m both emotionally and physically scarred from it.” Tears started to form in my eyes. “But other than that I’m completely fine!” I started breaking down again. Loki scooted closer to me. He rubbed my arm as my body shook from crying.

“H-hey… It’ll be okay.” Loki said awkwardly. I could tell he was actually trying to comfort me. He just… wasn’t good with people.

“How do you know?” I asked through sobs.

“I… because I’m here. I’m going to help you through this. You have friends that I am positive are more than willing to literally kill this guy.”

“I’m surprised they’re even friends with me…” I said as I began to calm down.

“What? Why?”

“I’m worthless.”

“No you’re not! Just because this know-nothing jerk told you that you are worthless does not make it true. Not by the slightest bit! Being in an abusive relationship does not demean you. It does not make you inferior to anyone.” I pursed my lips and gave a slight nod. “You still don’t believe me do you?” He asked. I shook my head. Loki took a deep breath. “(Y/N). I love you. I truly do. I have for a long time. I’ve never told you because I’m the outcast. The troublemaker. Naturally that’s what I’m suppose to be.You always seemed happy, but now I know you weren’t. I can’t express how upset it made me when I found out how he treated you. You. You who are so perfect. You who are the definition of beauty to me and so many others’ eyes. You who are nice to me. You who deserve so much better than me or that jerk.”


“If you’ll excuse me I have to go hunt someone down…” He began to walk out the door.

“Loki come back!” I said. Loki turned around with an attentive look on his face.

“Yes?” He asked walking towards me. I stood up.

“Loki… I love you.” I said placing my hands on his cheeks and kissing his lips. Loki wrapped me into a hug and kissed back.

“Du huem jeg elsker.” Loki said.

- AK