Fruits in Nicaragua! 🌴☀️
As requested, here’s a look at the fruits I enjoyed in Nicaragua! So happy that many of you are curious to hear more about this😁I was very pleased to be down there during mango season!!! So many juicy ripe mango varieties, my favorite were yellow mangoes with a citrus taste (anyone know what type this is?)🍊 There was a huge mango tree in my hostel in Managua where the mangoes would fall every 15 mins and we could enjoy tree ripe mangoes on the spot! It was literally raining mangoes 😂 We picked up most of our fruits from the very orderly Robert Huembes Market, I saw the biggest papayas I’ve ever seen in my life there! Everywhere we stayed they served fresh white pineapples, watermelon and bananas for breakfast🍍 Sapodilla was the real treat! This fruit had a rich caramel/brown sugar taste❤️ I must move somewhere tropical, coming home to snow on the first day of spring is not ideal!💐❄️ Ready for warm weather & summer fruits!!!☀️