huehuehue meme

  • Hau: As you all know, in order to protect our identities, we will be using codenames. You may address me as Braviary One.
  • Sun is: Been There, Done That.
  • Gladion is: Currently Doing That! *high five his malasadas*
  • Ilima is: It Happened Once in a Dream.
  • Moon is: IF I had to pick a chick.
  • And Lillie is: ...Braviary Two.
  • Lillie: OH THANK ARCEUS.

Okay, but I think we all know what the best old commercial is.

GioGio Was tagged by @jonamama​ for the 8 facts about my muse thingi!

1) Mod is a fan of older anime’s! I actually reference Ranma ½ when i doodle up Giorno’s Braid.  (Just for fun but Ranma is a great anime if you love slapstick humor C: )

2) He is actually incredibly awkward when it comes to intimate affection.

He has no real interests in finding love, any admirers that may be trailing his tail he’d most likely let down politely or avoid contact with. He’s not the best at reaching out to new friends either, for the most part he prefers to keep to himself.

As the Don he avoids contacts with those who hold sentimental value to him (In this case, Jona!) in order to keep them from harms way. (The Mafia is tricky and there’s a lot of enemies that are willing to snatch up loved ones and murder family members to get what they want!) Giorno wants nothing more then to avoid Innocent lives getting involved in his dangerous charades. 

3) Giorno is incredibly cool headed and gentle, he doesn’t hold Grudges nor does he have anyone he particularly despises. He is definitely a forgiver to an extent (of course) and He doesn’t pass judgement based on how someone treats him but more so on how they act in all as an individual.

4) (I’m sorry but I’m gonna stress this) (Also gonna tag the fave mista)

Giorno and Mista are incredibly close on this blog, He puts immense trust in Mista, exclusively sharing any secrets or crucial past experiences that affect his character to him without question. He’s granted him position as the Underboss but has no desire to become anything more then Friends or co affiliates with the other. (No beautiful gay love sorry boss)

5) Talk to him about Biology!! It’s the best intellectual conversation starter for this boy! He has a vast knowledge for biological animal and plant species. He could probably give you an entire A grade teaching session on the subject. (Way better then the ol’ public school lmao)

6) There’s a lot of talk about whether or not Giorno would hate Fugo for leaving the team behind. Personally I believe he wouldn’t because the choice to stay or leave was a choice given to the entirety of their group, the only difference being in everyone’s finale decision to stay aside from Fugo, whom of which also had valid reasonings for not moving on ahead. So as a FACT of this blog, Fugo’s my dudes, you’re still cool with my GioGio.

7) He’s incredibly curious yet Indifferent about his birth father. He’d love to learn more about Dio and his past but not very keen on meeting him in person- Even less likely that he’d accept Dio as any kind of father figure.

8) He’s very observant to the people and events happening around him, he can pick up on strange actions and seek out potential dangers easily. He’s also pretty darn charismatic, He’ll charm you to deceive you.~

Now for the victims: (If you’ve done the thing already, I am sorry my pal)

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last sentence meme!

the lovely @gutgemacht tagged me to do this, and uh, i’ve been cookin’ y'all, so here goes:

Otabek watches as the next message pops up on his phone and smiles.


U up?”

I know that @sylvermyth is cookin’ right now, but I’m not too sure where you are, gurl. I know a few of my lovely writing friends are working, but I don’t know exactly where you are in your progress, SO if you’d like to do this, please do and tag meee!