Draw, the witch of the New Moon 
Species: unknown
Broomstick: black wicker broom
Familiar: Sassy Crow
Magic: Summoning of crows

Lives in the deep woods hunting for unfortunate other’s special treasures. Draw keeps it all in a jar that she carries around with her. If she see’s an item of her fancy, she’ll stalk you around until she gets it.


So it’s completely cool that Beth of all figures is the one being advertised the most… It’s also completely cool that Bethyl is being milked to death (no pun intended) on the facebook page…

All this Beth emphasis is completely cool… I’m 100% chill, I swear.

And the “WE WANT YOU”…?

Just me? Or does that scream Negan? Erhem. Look at this if you don’t know what I’m talking about. And since we’re on the topic of the comics, you might as well look at this too.

Keep it up, amc. We know what you’re doing.

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