hue shifting


Here she was. In the Underground and going through the snow-filled landscape that she thought she had left. The soft crunches of her shoes in the snow was apparent as she was alone. The cold breeze of this place cut through her exposed legs and blew through her albino hair; she had been out here for a little while and already it’s freezing, however, she insisted to continue on no matter how chilly it was.

Even in this silence, she couldn’t help that she wasn’t alone. In fact, the monsters that she had met has proven that logic. However, it’s almost felt similar to her as if she is undergoing the same loop again.. and she stopped in place to look around. Despite the cold, her blue hues shifted around slightly to see if there’s anyone about..


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          “who was that?” micah questions as his green hues shift over to the other, watching them enter the room. he’s curled up on the couch underneath a mountain of blankets and pillows, to which he burrows into with a little crease formed between his brows. there’s a twinge of jealousy in his chest, simply because it’s supposed to be their movie night and here he is, feeling ignored in favor of other people. he’s always been clingy, always needing someone’s attention. it’s like.. twelve am, why would anyone be calling you at this hour?”

I watched you beneath the shifting hues of the colored lights. The way your body twisted and bent beneath the cracks of our reality. Every step you took turned the floor into diamonds like stepping stones. You cradled the pyramids and whispered something the other shadows seldom stopped to hear.

I wish you were patient with who you are. I wish you would lift your head up now and again and join me beneath the nocturne and share those whispers with me. You’re a lot like them, and they’re a lot like you. A lot of that heart of yours having given up. “ This is the way it is. ” what a terrible set of words you must tell yourself.

They say with every new age we ascend our minds grow sharper and keen. The only part they don’t seem to tell you is that we always carry the old fears and dusted struggles. They can swap the body and show a new face but that old cage is still floating over our heads. We’re told to keep in place, stay off the grass, only wear this color, only have this and that and this…and that…

They don’t deserve to have that power over you. They don’t say for you. You say for you. They don’t decide what you love. They don’t decide how you express yourself. They don’t decide what life you will have. Please listen to me.

Breathe a little. Prop the cage off if you can every once in awhile. Talk to me. Talk to all of us. We want to hear those whispers.

This work was inspired by Home’s “ New Machines ” which can be found here

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The fresh air after a long flight always bestows a sensation of vividness and relaxation, especially when future plans include plenty of rest. Just how long has it been since her mind wandered away from the horrors of battlefield and its outcomes? Even the ever-so crowded airport seemed better than the most places she had the luck to find herself into during her staying in Iraq. At the very least, things ended well in a sense, for now.

Speaking of which, her azure hues shift their focus on her surroundings, scanning with the hope that she shall not have to blend in a long line in order to leave.

Her attention falls upon a rather—peculiar physical appearance. A little bit out of time, considering the fact that the man is dressed like some sort of a cowboy.

Hold on a moment—

“This cannot be-…?” Thin eyebrows furrowing in disbelief, the very possibility of him being a face she has not seen for years, gradually filling her with unusual contentment.

brown hues shift around the room before falling on to evelyn. she leans forward, her elbows resting against the table, and tilts her head ever so slightly. a small smirk graces light shaded lips before she speaks. ❝ listen. ❞ a breath is taken, her voice drops to a hushed whisper, ❝ so i have an ex boyfriend… ❞ does she need to say more?