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I love sketches. I always prefer my sketches to my coloured pieces, so here’s a couple of recent ones I’m particularly proud of.

If I could get away with it, everything I make would be a sketch, but there’s this stigma toward sketches, this false belief that they’re all unfinished and thus unworthy of praise.

Sketches aren’t just a stepping stone to “proper” art, they’re the very first contact with an artist’s vision, the first time an artist brings their hand to the paper and the picture in their head becomes manifest.

And I find that beautiful, to see an image form from nothing is to watch creativity at work, the rest, to me, is just window dressing.

I don’t purport to speak for all artists, I know for a fact there are those who adore painting, mixing hues like some wonderful scientist poring over his magnum opus, but as someone obsessed with lineart, as I expect any comic penciller would agree, sketches are the reason I love to draw.

Proud  [ T.D ]

Pairing: Tim Drake x Reader

Request: No lmao I just really wanted to write this.

Word Count: 961

Warnings: None just a whole lotta cute

A/N: This is kinda trash but I’d been trying to fit in the time to write this for weeks. Also, that’s thREE PIECES OF WRITING IN ONE NIGHT like that’s weird mate.

“Lie all you want, but I know what I saw.”

“It was a Halloween costume, I swear.” Tim runs a hand through his raven hair, pushing the stray strands out of his eyes. There were slight bags under his eyes that would have gone unnoticed by any other but they were more than just visible to you now. They made sense.

Of course Tim was a bloody superhero. That would explain the disappearances in the nights and in the evenings. It would explain why Tim is so tired all the time and it would explain all of the last minute cancellations of plans. It would also explain all the scars and bruises that littered his body.

At first, you had assumed that he was cheating on you. But even the idea was a disgrace to yourself let alone your relationship. Tim had been your boyfriend for a little over eleven months and you both knew that there is nothing on this planet more pure than your love for each other. The other assumption you had made was that he had joined some sort of top secret fight club, which, in its own way was kinda sorta correct.

If anything, when you had found the torn and no longer wearable Red Robin suits all collected into a box which was shoved under his bed you had been more excited than anything else. You’re boyfriend is a freaking superhero.


“Seriously, Y/N–”

“Why are you being so defensive, Tim?” You giggle, wrapping your arms around his neck. A smirk crosses your lips, your eyes meeting his. “It’s actually kinda hot.”

“You’re not mad?” Tim finally gives in as he blushes, placing his strong hands on your hips and pulling you closer into him. His eyes shine underneath the light peering in from the window of his bedroom, the blue hues of his iris’ mixing together to form their own ocean. His skin was almost flawless, a small pimple and a few scrapes and bruises were scattered around yet he was still seemingly the most perfect human being to have stepped foot on this earth.

“You’re Red Robin. If anything, I’m so proud of you.” You rest your head on his shoulder, nuzzling your face into the soft fabric of his shirt. A small smile lingers on your lips and your hands rest on his toned biceps. Each and every one of his muscles had become more evident to you now and you could never have known that it was possible for you to be even more attracted to him then you were before. His body aside, he had a heart of gold and bravery far beyond any other his age.

“Really?” He mumbles, nuzzling his nose in your hair. For so long he had been fretting, knowing that he would eventually have to tell you about his alias sooner or later and now that you knew it was as if a large weight had been lifted off of his shoulders. 

“Of course I am,” You say, “You’re so brave, Tim. You’ve saved so many lives and made so many people feel safer. People like you provide the hope that we all need to carry on. Red Robin and Batman and Nightwing and all the other people who fight to keep people like me or people like my neighbours or friends are the ones who give us that sense of security. It’s like–it’s like you’re a ray of sunshine in a windowless room, you know? And I don’t think there’s anyone else as proud of their boyfriend as I am of mine.”

Tim hums, his chest vibrating against your skin. His hold on you only grows tighter as you pull back slightly so that you can look at him. Your fingers tangle themselves in Tim’s soft hair, his eyelids fluttering at the feeling. A smile plays on his lips, one that made you weak at the knees. You could only hope that Tim didn’t notice your balance wavering.

“Thank you, Tim. For everything.”

“No. Thank you, for understanding.” Tim brings a hand up to cup your cheeks, his eyes adoringly gazing into yours. He closes the space between you, bringing his soft lips to yours. This was definitely not the first time you had kissed each other but it was definitely just as amazing. You both could feel the trust and the honesty that flowed through the kiss in soft waves as you held each other with such gentle yet strong touches.

You pulled away, your foreheads still touching. Tim mirrored your grin, his hand now resting underneath your chin. It still surprised him, how beautiful you are and just how lucky he was to be the one to kiss you whenever he felt like it. The scent of his cologne that filled your senses made you feel dizzy as it was and to add to that the aftermath of the kiss also had the same effect. At least you knew that if you fell, Tim would be right there to catch you.

“In all seriousness,” Tim smirks cheekily, his eyebrow slightly raised and his bottom lip between his teeth. “Do you know what my suit is made out of?”

“Don’t even.” You playfully glare at him, trying your best to suppress the smile that creeps onto your lips because of his dorkiness. His gaze was teasing and his smirk was as distracting as the scent of Alfred’s freshly baked brownies.

“Boyfriend material.” A playful grin is plastered onto Tim’s lips. You giggle as he chuckles, the vibrations of his chest sending tingles down your spine. You were both happier in this moment than you any other you could name. And Neither of you would change a single thing.

“What are you? Five?”

Mine | Josh Dun Imagine

Word Count: 1.3k
Warnings: sexual harassment a little??

A/N: requested!

You were twenty øne piløts’ makeup artist, and had been touring with them for a while. They had a concert in about an hour and a half. You’d already done Tyler’s makeup, and you were working on Josh’s as Tyler spread the black paint over his hands and neck.

“Hey, Ty?” you asked, turning around before setting a brush on Josh’s face. “Can I do Josh’s eyeshadow a little differently today?”

Tyler turned and raised a brow. “How different?” he asked.

“Instead of red,” you started, “can I do a galaxy-looking thing? I’ll still have red in it, but it’ll have a spacey look to it.”

Josh’s brown eyes lit up, a small, hopeful grin on his face as he stared at Tyler expectantly.

Tyler met Josh’s eyes, pressing his lips together. “Yeah,” he exhaled, “go nuts.” He went back to his paint.

You grinned triumphantly and began applying powder to Josh’s forehead and cheeks. You nodded once that was done, then opened one of your many makeup cases and swiped a finger in the eyeshadow primer and rubbed it lightly onto Josh’s left eyelid, then swiped your finger in the primer again and applied it to Josh’s right eyelid.

You grabbed one of your eyeshadow brushes and rubbed it into the red eyeshadow, dusting it over his eyelid, then repeating on the other eyelid. Then you applied purple, then a bit of blue, and blended it all together. You added a bit more red, some pinks, then blended. You then lightly tapped one of your brushes in the black eyeshadow and spread it across the outer edges of what was already on Josh’s face, then blended it thoroughly, so it gave off a purplish hue.

Then you mixed the red and purple on one brush and put it on Josh. You pulled out concealer, dotting it under Josh’s eyes, then pulled out a beauty blender and patting and rubbing it into his face, to get rid of the extra eyeshadow underneath his eyes. You grabbed a larger brush to apply a bit of blush, and then the fun part began.

You pulled out your “glitter brush” and rubbed it in the white glitter top coat, then lightly tapped it on his eyelids, spreading it across his eyeshadow to make it look like stars, then gently dusted it across his cheeks to represent fallen stars.

“Perfect,” you whispered, smiling at the finished product.

Josh spun around his chair to look at himself in the mirror. “Wow,” he breathed, “you did an amazing job, (Y/N). It really does look like space. The Clique’s gonna go nuts. You really need more recognition in the fanbase.”

You blushed and ducked your head. You and Josh were both interested in each other, and you both knew it (everyone in the crew did), but both of you were too shy to make the first move, so you’d just give slightly flirty remarks here and there.

“Thank you, Josh,” you mumbled, cleaning up your makeup kit.

He stood up and walked to Tyler, who was watching your makeup process intently.

“We gotta go, man,” Tyler said.

Josh nodded. “Yeah,” he said quietly, “we do.” He looked shyly over to you, blushing. “B-bye, (Y/N/N).”

“Bye, Josh,” you said back in a shy voice, continuing to put away your makeup.

Tyler left the room and Josh began to follow, but stopped, frozen. “So, um…” he said slowly.

“So…” you said back.

“We don’t have a show tomorrow…” Josh murmured.

“Yeah?” you said, packing away your brushes.

“So…I was wondering…” Josh continued, fiddling his thumbs, “you wanna get a coffee or something?”

You stilled, blinking. He finally did it. He asked you out. “U-uh, yeah!” you said, snapping back into reality. “Of course! That sounds lovely.”

“Awesome,” Josh nodded slowly, “does 12:30 work for you?”

“Well, I don’t have anything else to do tomorrow, so, yeah!” you grinned.

“Sick!” Josh suddenly became giddy. “I’ll take you out tomorrow.”

Josh exited the room and you were left in a peaceful, quiet happiness.

The next day, you decided to dress up a bit more, but still casual; you wore a nice, flow-y shirt with dark skinny jeans and you put your hair up in a ponytail, and did your makeup in a more pin-up style. You were waiting for Josh to come to your bunk and ask if you were ready to leave.

After a few minutes of sitting on the edge of you bed in the part of the bus you shared with a few female crew members, Josh knocked on the wall with his eyes closed.

“Is it okay?” he asked.

You chuckled. “Yeah, it’s safe,” you said and he opened his eyes. His mouth opened slightly when he took in the sight of you.

“Wow…” he said, looking you up and down, “never seen you even remotely dressed up before. You look nice, (Y/N).”

“Thanks,” you said, standing up and walking towards him, “you ready to head out?”

Josh nodded. “Of course!” he chirped, extending his arm for you to lock with. You locked your arm with his, and walked to the exit of the bus. “(Y/N) and I are going out!” he called to whoever was listening.

“Cool,” someone hollered back.

You and Josh left and took one of the smaller cars used to carry stuff that wouldn’t fit in the bus, and began to drive out to the nearest coffee shop.

You and Josh made small talk in the car, and it was quite awkward, since both of you hadn’t been on dates with anyone in some time.

Once you arrived at the coffee shop, Josh had whispered to you that he had to use the bathroom because he didn’t pee before you two left, so you were left standing awkwardly in line as he went to the men’s restroom.

A tall, slim guy slid up behind you. “Hey,” he said and you turned to face him, “what’s your name?” You could clearly smell alcohol and tobacco on his breath, and it made you want to hurl.

You looked him up and down and decided not to answer, turning back around.

“C'mon, baby,” he cooed, “I don’t bite. What’s your name?” This time he grabbed your shoulder and forced you to turn around.

You glared at him and swatted his hand away, turning back again.

“Baby–” he said, angrier this time, and you felt a hand grab your butt.

“HEY!” someone yelled, and you heard a door slam. It was Josh, storming out of the bathroom. “YOU GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF HER RIGHT NOW!” He marched up to the man until they were mere inches away from each other.

“And what’re you gonna do, shorty?” the man asked, smirking down at Josh (who is assumed to be 5"5), and everyone in the shop had stopped to watch.

Josh’s face turned red and he sucker-punched the man right in the face. He doubled over, groaning and holding his now-bleeding face in his hands. You gasped – everyone gasped – and looked between the man and Josh.

“Lay your hands on my girlfriend ever again,” Josh growled, pointing down at the man, “and I will hurt you even worse than that.”

“You need to leave,” one of the baristas said, hurrying out from behind the counter and waving you and Josh out of the cafe, “I’m sorry, but you have to leave.”

You and Josh obeyed, walking quickly outside and into the car.

“So,” you breathed, “I’m your girlfriend?” You furrowed your brows and folded your hands on your lap after buckling in.

Josh blinked, buckling himself. “Uhh,” he whispered, “do you want to be my girlfriend?”

You thought about it for a moment. “Y-yeah, actually,” you said, blushing, “yeah, I do.”

Our First and Last (Ch. 9)

Ch. 1 | Ch. 2 | Ch. 3 | Ch. 4 | Ch. 5 | Ch. 6 | Ch. 7 | Ch. 8 | Ch. 9 | Ch. 10 | 

Ch. 11 | Ch. 12 (Final)

  • Pairings: Jeon Jungkook x Reader (MAIN) | Park Jimin x Kim Taehyung | Jung Hoseok x Min Yoongi | Kim Namjoon x Kim Seokjin
  • Genre: angst and fluff, soulmate au, scifi
  • Words: 4,434
  • Description: “Whether we remember it or not, our love will always be there long after our physical bodies cease to exist. It’ll make a home in the colorful swirl of the gravitational field of gaseous stars; the image of the full moon on a clear night sky, representing the feeling of longing between distanced lovers; the pastel colors of the sky slowly lighting up at dawn and the warm hues of sunset mixed with the cool toned reflection of water. It’ll manifest in the sound and smell of rain, the strong, continuous flow of waterfalls, and perhaps in the stories that are passed down from generation to generation.”- Jimin

Days in lab were consuming most of your summer. Graduate classes would start in early fall, but that wasn’t until September. You had finally completed a successful attempt of the experiment Jungkook had assigned you, and were feeling much better about wasting so much material (aka convincing yourself it wasn’t all in vain).

Jungkook was always busy, and seeing him after that “visit to his apartment” was surprisingly not as awkward as you had originally prepared for. Granted you barely saw him around anyways, but when you did, the neurosurgeon had just acted like nothing out of the ordinary had happened and continued treating you the way he had before, but you were somehow less intimidated by his status.

It’s not until now, that you find yourself sitting in his office once again, discussing more theories and the next steps of the project.

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Color Chart: Tetrad

When I paint I like to make color charts like this.

This one is incomplete though because it does not include tones. Tones are what you get when you mix different grays into a hue. (I also intentionally left out mixing diagonals as well.)

Often people forget to think about tones. It’s counter intuitive to think about them because most artists improvise tones. Typically grays aren’t considered their own thing by a lot of people, painters don’t even bother to buy tubes of gray pigment. But managing grays well makes a world of difference.

It’s good to a note that adding gray to a pigment changes the color in a way that is different than mixing and white/black into a hue.

Grays are important because they can help with atmospheric depth and modeling forms. Also if you manage them well you get access to a lot of options for creating color variation while having more control over value. Sometimes a well planned tone can make a world of difference.

I didn’t make a tonal chart here because tetradic complementary scheme is already bit complex. But if I want to make tones, all I would do is mix a hue with grays of different values.

I hope I’m making sense here…

I just want to say to all the black women, no matter what shade, hue, mix, or contrast; no matter if the grade of hair is long, short, silky, coarse, thick, smooth, curly, spiked, or weaved: I Don't care. Y'ALL ARE THE SINGLE MOST POWERFUL, STRENGTHENING, RESILIENT, ALL-INSPIRING, TIMELESS, MOST PRECIOUS, LIFE GIVING, SOUL REVIVING, AND JUST OUT RIGHT THE SINGLE MOST GORGEOUS WOMEN EVER ! Y'all can't be mimicked, y'all can't be broken, and y'all could never be replaced. YOUR WORTH IS UNMATCHED IN THIS WORLD. Thank you for nothing more than simply being a black woman; PERFECTION.
Marichat May: Day 30; Scratch

Nathalie stood there patiently trying not to tap her foot as a sheepish Adrien fidgeted under her gaze. “Now explain to me exactly why you need a list of shops that sell the following,” She lifted up a list of things Adrien had given her when he called asking to be picked up as well as asking her to find shops that sold a whole list of items that she had no idea what use he could possibly have for them.

“High quality chocolates or baked goods containing chocolate but not from the Tom & Sabine Boulangerie Patisserie, which I know for a fact is one of your favorite places to get baked goods from considering the sheer amount of boxes with their logo on it found in the trash from your room besides Camembert containers.” She begins pushing up her glasses to read off the list.

Adrien scoffed his foot shyly a faint blush on his cheeks. Nathalie was good, like really good at figuring out his favorite foods especially if he wasn’t supposed to have them. “Note to self find a new way to dispose of Plagg’s cheese containers and any boxes from Marinette’s place. Nathalie knows all.” 

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An Saol Idir Linn

A/N: Okay a bit of an introductory chapter but things do start to get a bit more interesting. Do let me know what you guys think and if you’d liked to be tagged!

Chapter 1

One year later…

“There was a guy seeing the flat yesterday, he seems pretty interested in it” you say on the table top as Molly examined a body.

“Do you think he’ll buy it? Do they knew you died there?” She asked not removing her gaze from the body.

You shook your head “No, I don’t think they put it on the home report but if they do move in I’ll keep out the way and not show myself.”

Molly smiled to herself “Why do you go back? Isn’t it hard for you to be in the place where you were murdered?”
She curiously asked before realising how terrible the question sounded “Oh sorry! I didn’t-”

You cut her off “It’s alright and to answer your question its not hard to go back…something always drags me back to the house. I don’t know why” you admitted.

Molly placed down her scalpel and let out a sigh “Well I think-” she cut herself when you disappeared. Sherlock, John and Greg walked in moments later. ‘So that’s why she left’ Molly thought to herself.

“Hello Molly, talking to yourself again?” Sherlock raised a brow and the woman narrowed her eyes at him. The people in the room couldn’t see you so you took the opportunity to flick Sherlock’s ear and he flinched a little.

Molly tried to conceal her laughter with a cough fully knowing that was you that did that.

You noticed the other man, your jaw slacking slightly…he was the one that was interested in the flat. You slowly walked to stand in front of him and look at him.

Greg felt something off, goosebumps ran up his arms and a shiver went down his spine.

You looked straight into his eyes and it almost seemed like he was looking into yours. They were like being in some sort of transcendence. His eyes were bright and beautifully captivating, brown mixed with hues of gold with tinges of grey and green.

He walked right through you causing you to grimace at the sensation. Greg suddenly felt a shiver go through his body.

Sherlock, John, Greg and Molly hovered over the body on the table as Molly started to explain what had happened. You perched yourself on a tabletop and watched her with a smile. She was brilliant at what she did, so intelligent and kind, it made your heart swell with happiness.

Molly was your best friend since the day you 'came back’. You spent most of your day with her before returning home to your old flat where you died. Molly was the only one you could be around and talk to. You snapped back into reality when the three men left and you appeared again from behind Molly causing her to jump.

“Oh!” She yelled and clutched onto her chest “You need to stop doing that Y/N” she breathed out, lightly chuckling. You could disappear and reappear quickly, people could see you when you fully appeared, you looked just like any other human being but they couldn’t see you when you faded away. You could see them and this was a great advantage, especially to occasionally flick Sherlock’s ear or gently tug his hair when he said something that upset Molly.

“Sorry,” you mumbled “Who’s that man with John and Sherlock? I haven’t seen him around here before”

“That’s Greg! He’s a detective inspector at Scotland Yard” Molly told you and she started to transfer the body back to the fridge.

You nodded “He was the one who came out to see the flat” you told Molly who raised a brow. She put the body away and turned around to you with a small smile.

“Greg’s really nice, if he does move in I think you’ll enjoy his company. Must get pretty lonely for you” she sadly sighed and wrote down some notes. Your gaze fell to the floor, she was right. You didn’t have anyone else apart from her.

“In seven hours it will be one year…” You whispered, swallowing the lump away in your throat.

Molly froze and placed her full attention on you “I’m sorry…” She didn’t know what else to say.

You shook your head and sent her a thin lipped smile “It’s alright, I got a great friend out of it” Molly’s lips tugged upwards and she opened her arms to give you a hug which you gladly accepted.

“I should get back but I’ll see you tomorrow” you pulled away.

“Like every other day” Molly giggled before coming serious “But I’m glad you do, I get pretty lonely around here too, it’s good to have someone to talk to…even if you’re dead”. You rolled your eyes and playfully nudged her shoulder.

“I’ll see you later Molly” you began to walk away from her and fade away but she called you back.

Sending you a sad smile she gazed into your eyes with her own slightly watering “Happy anniversary”.

You sent her a thin grin “Thanks” and faded away into the air.

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Workout (wow this is unholy)

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“I don’t owe you anything. You’re my toy. Did you already forget that?”

  • *not my gif*

Pt. 2

Word Count: 800? lol no clue tbh

Summary: A good girl who thinks that it’s just another calm morning at the gym gets way more than she asked for when Junhoe walks in.

Contains: Rough Sex, Domination, Dirty Talk, (Limited) Bondage, Fellatio. 



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7 Letters

Chapter 2 - He who lived in Affluēns.

| Prologue | 1

Member - Taehyung x reader, Jungkook x reader

Genre - Angst, Fluff, (future) smut

Word count - 4,560

Summary -  A mysterious person who writes on your skin, an interesting co-worker who is making his way into your heart. A man whose past you need to know and a man who needs to understand your present. In a journey that takes you beyond the boundaries of time, sanity and love, you are left torn between choices to make and decisions to take.

And no. Not everything was about love. It was also about destiny.

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“Come on in and make yourself comfortable, I’ll get you a towel.”

You held the door of your house open for Jungkook, who shivered a little and smiled at you gratefully. He walked in, sliding his bag off his shoulders on to your dining table, leaving a trail of water which dripped from his clothes all over the small space you called your living room. You quickly grabbed a towel and handed it to him so he could dry himself then walked into the kitchen to whip up something nice and hot for him so you could ease your guilt.

The time was 8 now and you were supposed to be at work 2 hours ago to go through the presentation one last time before you showed it to your client later in the evening. But somehow yesterday your phone accidentally landed up in the toilet bowl and that in turn lead to two things - One, you oversleeping, because you didn’t have an alarm to wake you up. And two, you not being able to receive any of the hundreds of calls Jungkook made. He had been so worried sick that he rushed on his bike to your house to check on you, getting thoroughly drenched in the pouring rain, banging on your front door finally waking you up. You took a minute to quickly throw a sweater over you and change out of your shorts into pants before he almost broke down the door.

Jungkook walked into the kitchen, rubbing the towel at the back of his head through his damp hair. The wet strands that were falling in his eyes were dripping with tiny droplets of water that were catching the sun’s light. Dripping onto his already wet white shirt, that was sticking to his body in a dangerously attractive way. You tore your eyes away from the alluring sight and returned to the stove making some hot chocolate for him.

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Escort [PV] - Kato Shigeaki


@seungchuchuweek Day 3: Pining

Two hearts, bound by the soul, finally cross paths. Colors mix and hues fly as their world quickly blends into a rainbow of love.

The only question left is: who is the pursuer, and who is the prize?

What’s this? A Seungchuchu soulmates AU? Maybe… And who is pining here? Hmmmm….

Trying out a new coloring style with this ( ´ ▽ ` )

Unpopular Opinion:

I don’t think light-skinned or mixed people don’t have to “prove” themselves to be black. I just think they should prove themselves to be trusted by a lot of us like most people who have a history of oppressing others (intraracially or interracially) and displaying anti-blackness have to. Why? Because people have a reason to distrust those of a lighter hue or even mixed race background because of coming from an environment where those very people may have shamed them for being “too black.” 

 However, I don’t think a light-skinned person cooning or being ignorant should be looked at differently than a darker person unless it’s clearly about colorism. But sitting there and insisting a light-skinned person should be extra-woke because of how they look is lowkey…anti-blackness. No black person should have the burden and mental exhaustion of being political when they just want to live. Obviously many light skinned people get to live a little longer because of how they look, and not all mixed people experience that privilege, but no, I don’t think they need to “prove” that they’re pro-black if a darker skinned or monoracial person has the potential to be just as anti-black. I can name you many monoracial and darker people I find more problematic than light-skinned and/or mixed race people. But yes, most coons tend to be light skinned or mixed due to intraracism and colorism but like I said, all black people have the potential to be “self hating coons,” so we all need to prove ourselves by that logic.

What I Never Knew I Always Wanted

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Never was the kind to think about dressing in white

Wasn’t waiting on a prince to come riding into my life

Thought I was happy on my own

Till you came and proved me wrong

“Can you turn a little to the right Miss? The light enhances the lace on your dress better.” The photographer politely motioned for me to move, a smile on her face as she gleamed at the new angle. “Brilliant. Now Mr. Groom, just look down at that pretty lady who’s officially yours!”

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Teenage Nostalgia is Cliche [Listen]

The wonder years aren’t always that wonderful, but at least there is good music and John Hughes knew his shit when it came to movies.

Freaks - Surf Curse // Days - The Drums // Ain’t Scared - ScotDrakula // Ponyboy // Surf Curse // I Just Wanna Die - FIDLAR // Take Me To The Riot - Stars // This Charming Man - The Smiths // Can Change - LCD Soundsystem // Spitting Fire - The Boxer Rebellion // Why Won’t They Talk To Me? - Tame Impala // Awkward - FIDLAR // High School Blues - Surf Curse // Whatever - FIDLAR // Feels Like We Only Go Backwards - Tame Impala // The Theory of Relativity - Stars // Stuck on the Puzzle - Alex Turner // Wetsuit - The Vaccines // Heroes - David Bowie