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voltron angst week- nightmares

It was dawn, and the sky was falling.

That was the first thing he noticed when he woke up, back pressed against the earth. Underneath him, he could feel the dirt and rocks against his back, and above him, he could see the wide yellow sky as it converged on itself. He watched for a moment, saw the yellow hues meet, then mix, then collapse. It was different to the pinks and blues he was used to, and he quickly realized that this was a different planet than the ones that he had woken up in before. Different setting, he noted, but same premise. He had gone through this enough to know the drill.

The world around him seemed to tilt as he stood up, the sky growing ever closer with each minute.
He held out his hands and braced himself as the sky reached down to meet him - closed his eyes, exhaled a breath - and then the universe was in his hands.

As the familiar weight landed on his shoulders, he found it funny that he had once thought, when he first took up this job, that it was the weight that was crushing him. Now, a veteran Atlas, he knew that the greater burden lay in his mind - the knowledge that one wrong move, one slip, and the sky would come crashing down.

Time passed - he had long since stopped trying to count the minutes as he struggled against the weight. The sky was coming faster now, yellow and strong and bright and somehow it was even worse than before, those bright colors, because all he wanted to do was stop and stare and break down and let it wash over and- and god, this was more than he could bear. He shuddered and raged, and pushed back against his weight, but it was too much for him, and he could see, even before he felt it, his hands falter.

There was a pause, and then it all rushed towards him in a blinding yellow light.

When he woke up, it was dark. He felt the soft mattress against his back and groaned as he sat up, faintly aware that his shoulder hurt despite having only a light training session the day before. Slowly, he remembered how to breathe. It would be a while before the others woke, but he knew by now that anything, even preparing breakfast two hours early, would be better than going back to sleep.

As he walked quietly through the castle’s halls, careful not to wake anyone, he happened to glance through a window at the vast space beyond. Although the solid darkness gave no sign that it was morning, Hunk knew, as his eyes flickered away from the window, that somewhere it was dawn, and the sky was falling.


💕💜🔮🍚PINK N PURPLE SUSHI RICE🍚🔮💜💕 heres the recipe:
-Steamed white rice - cooled -Purple cabbage - steamed for about 15 mins
👆🏽 any measurements for these will work.
-The juice of half a lemon
-toasted sesame seeds -rice vinegar (no exact measurement, all depends on the amount of rice you have, generally around a tbsp to 2 cups)
👉🏽 mix the rice with the vinegar and toasted sesame seeds. - split the cabbage into two parts, with the first half, stir it into the rice.
-pour the lemon juice onto the second part of cabbage .. It will turn a beautiful hue of pinky/purple! -mix the pink portion of the cabbage with the rice .. Be sure to use the liquids from the cabbage too!
Optional to add pickled ginger, but I really like it in there too! I use this rice for sushi bowls or simply for wrapping in nori as prep for lunches and dinners 🌟

Workout (wow this is unholy)

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“I don’t owe you anything. You’re my toy. Did you already forget that?”

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Pt. 2

Word Count: 800? lol no clue tbh

Summary: A good girl who thinks that it’s just another calm morning at the gym gets way more than she asked for when Junhoe walks in.

Contains: Rough Sex, Domination, Dirty Talk, (Limited) Bondage, Fellatio. 

{This is what I resort to when i’m bored and needy in Chemistry class. RIP.}


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Withering Wisterias (A Requiem of Wasted Feelings)

Fandom: BSD

Pairing: Soukoku


Summary: In Summer, he had fallen in love. In Autumn, the tainted curse of his own foolish making had been lifted by the coarse touch of a bandaged hand. In Winter, he had lost it all, flowers falling from his lips like a mockery of the lies he had deluded himself into believing.Spring borne the promise of hope…

Or Hanahaki Byou Disease AU twist of the Soukoku Dark Era backstory.


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This weeks tutorial is inspired by Rio Carnival, as it’s festival season! 
One of my subscribers kindly sent me a bunch of Colour Pop eyeshadows last year, and I’ve been wanting an excuse to use the marbled Mermaid eyeshadow. It’s neon Yellow marbled in with a bright Blue, which creates a beautiful Lime / Chartreuse hue when mixed together. So you get a 3-in-1 eyeshadow from one pan. 

All the products used are listed in the description bar of the video. 


Mark; i’m sorry, i’m sorry, i’m sorry

✉in which sorry is not enough 
❝ This is actually inspired by a prompt I read and also along with the words you gave so… it’s a bit of both??? (idk what this turned out to but, I hope you like it anyway ; u ;)
►1720 words | scenario
© (photo credit)

With a jar in your hand, an umbrella in your other, that’s all you really need for now. In case it was hot, in case it was raining, no weather could possibly rain down on your parade—not after what you’ve been through, God no. You sigh as you look up to the sky, noticing how it’s still a pretty shade of colors that ranged from the hues of red, a mix of orange, blended with yellow, a shade of blue, it’s beautiful and you know he’ll love it too.

Sitting down and putting the umbrella aside, you’ve opened the jar you have in your hold before you draw some of the content out, sprinkling out in the air as the wind blows by and it carries it around until it’s almost everywhere around in this park. With a contended smile, you close the jar because this is just the first stop and it’s when—

“Fuck me, really, raining now?!” You curse, about to go ape shit because tomorrow is your interview and there’s no way you can get sick now! You’re putting both hands over your head, hiding underneath the tree and you know if it’s your time to go, the thunder could strike and goodbye world but then a voice calls out for you and you’re startled, looking ahead in the midst of the dark, heavy downpour of rain and mist lingering in the air, “Hey! You over there! G-Get away from there!”

“I don’t have an umbrella!”

And despite the distance, you swear you hear him (you assume it’s a he because of his tone) mumbling a soft shit before you see his shadow disappearing and then a figure appears in front of you. Your eyes widen so wide but in the next, he’s scooping you to his chest and he pulls you close with the umbrella hovering above the two of you as he leads you away, his heartbeat rapidly beating against your cheek and you stumble a few times before he directs you to the pavement and then he asks, “What the hell were you doing there? It’s not advisable to be under a tree when it rains,”

He’s scolding you, can you believe that? A person you’ve never met before, never heard of and fuck, he looks handsome is nagging at you, “W-Well… I didn’t have an umbrella…”

He chuckles, his voice as deep as the night goes and you find yourself walking alongside him as he heads to where the bus stop is but he manages to say, “Well, you have one now,”

“Sharing, with you?”

“No shit,” He laughs and God, why does he look so attractive? The stars are nothing compared to his eyes, the glow on his skin can kiss the moon goodbye and when he smiles down on you with his name of I’m Mark, you find yourself being in a trance where you say your name, softer than his, more endearing and it reels him in and everything else is history from there.

“I just thought you’d like to have a part of you here,” You say to the air, of uncertainty and uninvited guests but even with that, you know he’s here.

I would… it’s where we first met…

“I’m sorry if you don’t but,” please, stop saying that, “I don’t know where else to go apart from here,”

Here is perfect, darling. This was the start of our love…

“Oh! I know where else to go!” You suddenly get up and grab onto the jar, the umbrella and just as you want to leave, there’s the warm feeling of a sun rising that you stop and notice how when you’re about to walk away, the certain glow of the sun seems to shine down on your shadow…and his face is appearing in front of you.

He smiles at you like things are fine, the look in his eyes are the home you’re searching for and he’s everything you’ve been missing for a year.

“Mark…” Is all you can say, in tiny bits of whisper in depths of your itty bitty heart and he shakes his head, his lips forming a frown when he says, “I’m sorry,”

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Summer Paint Palette: Fizzy Punch

Bright ice cream. Bright nail polish. Bright beach towels. Bright tropical drinks. Summer is a time to celebrate the most vivid hues. Mix them and match or anchor with a dark grey or metallic bronze.

The colors:

Behr Construction Zone | Ralph Lauren Paint Nobel Grey | Behr Glamorous | Behr Kiss and Tell | Glidden Juicy Cantaloupe | Home Decorators Collection Whisper White | Glidden Tropical Coral | Ralph Lauren Paint Specialty Metallic Golden Light

Astrid felt like going for a run that morning, but it quickly turned into something more akin to sightseeing. She was so preoccupied with staring up at the sky that she almost didn’t see the person she would have walked into otherwise. “Sorry! I was just staring at the sky. Isn’t it beautiful?” Purple and pink hues mixed with reds oranges and yellows. How could it not be?