Duck confit “cheese-steak” with Flemmmish sour ale and gruyere in a sourdough demi!

Yesterday, I came home with an amazing gift basket from Chef Jenny at #hudsonvalleyfoiegras after meeting these guys and a great tour of the farm. We made a quesadilla with goat cheese, foie trim, mushroom stock, onions and garlic. I wanted to take a different route today and bring American street food and European ingredients together in one sandwich.  Last week, Chef Jurgen Temme (CMB) brought loaves upon loaves of bread to our class to thank for the ceviche plate we put together for him the day before. The loaf pictured here was one of them. I saved it for a rainy day – in my freezer.  Yesterday, a couple colleagues from the Culinary Institute of America’s test kitchen came together and visited Chef Jenny at the Hudson Valley Foie Gras on an eye opening tour. We saw the comfortable life that the ducks led and found a very buttoned-up production line and process across the organization. Fascinating stories, perspective and long term goals for the organization.  Chef Jenny generously put together for us an amazing tasting of the products she processes at the facility. So generous, so kind, so amazing. Here’s the basket.  I had the day off today and here’s what I came up with.  French “cheese-steak” with duck confit and gruyere cooked in a Belgian sour ale
  • Sour dough demi 1 each
  • Caramelized onions ½ each
  • Duck confit (Hudson valley foie gras), picked 6 oz
  • Belgian sour ale 4 oz
  • Gruyere match sticks 2 oz
  • Mustard seeds 2 t
  • Fennel seeds 1 t
  • Crushed Urfa peppers to taste
  • S&P to taste
Add seeds to the pan and toast until fragrant. Add caramelized onions with half of the sour ale and reduce by half. Add the duck and simmer until all the liquid has evaporated and the duck and the onions further caramelize. Add the rest of the sour ale, reduce by half and add the cheese. Cover the pan and turn off heat.  Toast the bread and make the sandwich. Serve it with a Belgian sour ale. Sweet duck meat and sour ale, yea?
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So, let’s skip the torchon, the duck bacon, the salami and the rillette. Or the huckleberry jam on the torchon or the fiddlehead fern pickles. Let’s talk about that quesadilla with confit duck from #hudsonvalleyfoiegras’s Chef Jenny – cooked with onions and garlic and my shiitake stock, finished with foie and goat cheese. Homemade salsa verde, jabanero red onion pickles! Yea, let’s talk about that! (at Norrie Point)

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