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~If Tom didn't exist~

*In the morgue*

Sherlock: So, Molly, I was wondering if you’d like to be my date to John’s wedding on Saturday?

Molly: *looks up from her post mortem* …Are you asking me out next to a dead person?

Sherlock: Yes…but I thought it would be okay since it doesn’t really smell.


“… how ardently I admire and love you” - 5/25

Rock Hudson

36 Seconds

Pairing: Sherlock x reader, John (platonic) 

Requested: Yes

Warnings: ANGST

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 "(Y/N), what are you doing?“ John asked 

curiously holding a bag of groceries in his arms. You were huddled behind a sitting chair in Sherlock’s flat, just barely peeking your eyes over the side to glance at Sherlock standing frozen by the fire place. “Hiding.” John sighed shifting his weight as he stood in the door way. “And why are you doing that?" 

You shot him a quick glance before returning your eyes to Sherlock. "He got frustrated with a case and started shooting at the wall, he gave no warning though and I was sitting on the couch underneath.” You explained nodding your head to the new bullet holes. John sighed loudly, entering the flat and shuffling to the kitchen with his bags. “I’m surprised Mrs. Hudson hadn’t come up here to yell at him.” He called as cupboards slammed shut. “She’s been out all day, otherwise she would’ve.” You replied leaning your head onto the seat beside you. 

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S. Holmes   156 Montaguest.   LONDON

MRS HUDSON: Anything he can’t find the answer for: … bang! … it’s up there. I keep telling him: if he was any good as a detective, I wouldn’t need a new mantel.

The Lying Detective

Just wanted to bring this ‘old’ letter back (thanks @callie-ariane for the scripts).

That’s Sherlock’s adress before he moved with John to Baker Street 221.

Someone decided to put a letter with that adress on the mantlepiece. Surely a canon reference …. but why in this episode? Why in TLD? The only other episode featuring a serial killer who likes to kill … anyone ….

Four series, 12 episodes and more then 2 years of Sherlock’s hiatus away from the beginning in ASIP …. 

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Sherlock Challenge Day 15: Favourite Character Evolution

Everyone of my beloved Characters had his own great Evolution. Mycroft who was just the worried, carring big brother in the end, Molly who was strong enough not to put up with everything… to stand up for herself, Mrs. Hudson who wasn’t only the housekeeper or the landlady…without her england really would fall, Mary who fights all her life to be happy and saved Sherlock and John in the end, John who was able to forgive others and himself, Lestrade who was a real friend with all of loyalty he could give, Eurus who was strong enough to fight her demons and Moriarty who was so much more than just a good old fashioned Villain… I love them all and I‘m proud of them all. But in the end I had to choose Sherlock. My beloved Sherlock Holmes who learned to show feelings, believe in things he couldn’t even imagine and to be selfless by thinking of others first ♥️ I am proud of you, Baby.

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Doc Hudson doesn’t like the fact that Lightning’s so full of himself and over dramatic but honestly Doc Hudson’s the biggest drama queen I’ve ever seen???

It’s been 50 years and he’s still absolutely marinated about how they didn’t welcome him back to the racing scene but that’s not even it

this guy has a framed paper from his crash hanging on his wall and he even has a spot light shining directly on it

and then when he shows up to the race, he’s all decked out in his FHH paint job and doesn’t even tell lightning he’s coming he just appears